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#72 Michael Kozono - All time
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Hash Date Message
c715936 2017-08-14 Exclude existing offenses
9beef18 2017-08-14 Add SaferBooleanColumn cop
255be6c 2017-08-09 Prevent user from changing username with container regis...
3d58e30 2017-08-09 Fix style
f4ecbf1 2017-08-08 Remove unnecessary work for MySQL
4f71c55 2017-08-08 Add changelog entry
fccd64b 2017-08-08 Fix conflicting redirect search
7b5a96b 2017-07-31 Fix LDAP documentation and example config
f5fc912 2017-07-28 Exclude keys linked to other projects
a459e45 2017-07-28 Fix Rubocop offense
6123958 2017-07-28 Add changelog
bab49fd 2017-07-28 Protect backups from stale cache for repo exists
c485442 2017-07-26 Fix project wiki web_url spec
6f5f805 2017-07-26 Add net-ldap explicitly since we use it directly
26ee3a2 2017-07-26 Mention how to test LDAP connections
7f92a36 2017-07-26 Fix plain LDAP (no encryption)
951bd2a 2017-07-26 Update more examples
8bc20a8 2017-07-26 Add changelog entry
857dcd6 2017-07-26 Change encryption description
e0fe347 2017-07-26 Copy comment improvements from documentation
fdaa49c 2017-07-26 Update LDAP SSL config options
0b4eb7f 2017-07-26 Fix code style
71c36c5 2017-07-26 Add warning about certificate verification on load
72d8b1e 2017-07-26 Move backwards compatibility logic out of the code
2d7d1fa 2017-07-26 Pass configured `ssl_version` to `omniauth-ldap`
c8dd77d 2017-07-26 Pass configured `ca_file` to `omniauth-ldap`
cd13e4a 2017-07-26 Verify certificates in `omniauth-ldap`
612b386 2017-07-26 Set `Net::LDAP` `ssl_version` option
dcc1250 2017-07-26 Set `Net::LDAP` `ca_file` option
b67c007 2017-07-26 Set `Net::LDAP` encryption properly
94b4c9f 2017-07-26 Use encryption instead of method
6dbff96 2017-07-26 Add LDAP config options
8ab29d5 2017-07-26 Upgrade omniauth-ldap gem (and some dependencies)
6263ecd 2017-07-25 Add lower path index to redirect_routes
912613c 2017-06-30 Reduce 28 test runs to 4
53c409c 2017-06-29 Rspec/AroundBlock doesn’t know about rspec-retry
790c740 2017-06-29 Increase CI retries to 4 for these examples
e3cb619 2017-06-23 Fix 500 on create group failures
466adee 2017-06-23 Add changelog entry
daef408 2017-06-22 Fix breadcrumb order
ec7b3a8 2017-06-22 Fix MySQL schema dump for `timestamp`
b367b78 2017-06-22 Fix PostgreSQL schema dump for `timestamptz`
0a863c8 2017-06-22 Add `datetime_with_timezone` to table definition
32b3d09 2017-06-16 Add specific test case
8ef3bc5 2017-06-16 Add “Project moved” error to Git-over-HTTP
af784cc 2017-06-16 Add “Project moved” error to Git-over-SSH
ef4e913 2017-06-05 Remove unnecessary variable
ad16e1b 2017-06-05 Add changelog entry
d7eee73 2017-06-05 Extract and memoize `user_access`
0e3cfc7 2017-06-05 Remove GitAccessStatus (no longer needed)
b50a228 2017-06-05 Refactor construction of response
0a0f66c 2017-06-05 Refactor to remove a special case
7d469cf 2017-06-05 Fix would-be regression
e8972c1 2017-06-05 Clarify error messages
23d3738 2017-06-05 Refactor to let GitAccess errors bubble up
957edb1 2017-06-05 Refactor to let `GitAccess` check protocol config
9d78f83 2017-06-05 Specify new Git-LFS-over-HTTP behavior
bad08fb 2017-06-05 Move CI access logic into GitAccess
b387429 2017-06-05 Refactor
a738a44 2017-06-05 Check disabled commands in GitAccess instead
2d6cafa 2017-06-05 Render GitAccess message if authorized
ff8a053 2017-06-05 Fix Git over HTTP spec
49697bc 2017-05-19 Refactor to more robust implementation
f9785dc 2017-05-18 Fix ensure_canonical_path for top level routes
11f82de 2017-05-18 Add test that fails without the fix
52aba70 2017-05-18 Fix #32506
8d4cc9c 2017-05-18 Fixes #32474
ab98f8b 2017-05-11 Fix redirect message for groups and users
b0ee226 2017-05-05 Reduce risk of deadlocks
e1c245a 2017-05-05 Resolve discussions
f05469f 2017-05-05 Resolve discussions
9e48f02 2017-05-05 Dry up routable lookups. Fixes #30317
e4bcc90 2017-05-05 Add “project moved” flash message on redirect
0c866f4 2017-05-05 Resolve discussions
fc061c2 2017-05-05 Fix Rubocop failures
03144e1 2017-05-05 Index redirect_routes path for LIKE
4da848e 2017-05-05 Add index for source association and for path
e8f2a70 2017-05-05 Fix or workaround spec failure
ca5c762 2017-05-05 Refactor
72872ee 2017-05-05 Delete conflicting redirects
a0368e9 2017-05-05 Create redirect routes on path change
7d02bcd 2017-05-05 Redirect from redirect routes to canonical routes
f4a2dfb 2017-05-05 Add happy path feature tests for redirect behavior
d82f2d0 2017-03-02 Add MR and author to changelog
a2670ee 2017-02-28 Show public RSS feeds to anonymous users