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#109 micael.bergeron - All time
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Hash Date Message
2cf80d1 2017-12-14 Add docs for commit diff discussion in merge requests
daf9357 2017-12-07 fix the missing reference to #references_per_project
360b94c 2017-12-07 adding view and feature specs
17075a0 2017-12-07 cache the Note#commit method
16c8b91 2017-12-07 revert the `#all_pipelines` method to use the pluck
cb6f51e 2017-12-07 add support for the commit reference filter
716f9cb 2017-12-07 tidying up the changes
3d8fbd1 2017-12-07 add support for commit (in mr) to reference filter
6b3f0fe 2017-12-07 corrects the url building
142edf0 2017-12-07 diff notes created in merge request on a commit have the...
c900c21 2017-11-21 add `#with_metadata` scope to remove a N+1 from the note...
9ed9147 2017-11-20 add the missing spec
869fc05 2017-11-16 fix the linting error
71b2cc1 2017-11-16 reverting to the simpler approach
160324d 2017-11-15 try to fix the failing spec on external refs
4374a38 2017-11-15 fix the commit reference pattern from matching other ent...
0b4a7d6 2017-11-14 rework the logging to be simpler and add a threshold
bae6385 2017-11-13 add simple logging to UpdateMergeRequestsWorker#perform
7fd3ce4 2017-11-08 Revert "add metrics tagging to the sidekiq middleware"
d934d65 2017-11-06 updated the ignore_column concern to support multiple co...
5ab3ed7 2017-11-06 align with the comments
bb0543e 2017-11-06 ignore the column before the migration
6c1c64d 2017-11-03 fix the failing spec
84b9343 2017-11-03 make the migration reversible
5c367a2 2017-11-03 add changelog and move migration to post_migrate
cd88fa8 2017-11-03 removed the #ensure_ref_fetched from all controllers
d5859bb 2017-11-01 rework the UpdateMergeRequestsWorker#metrics_tags
2b7e03c 2017-10-31 reword `targets` to `metric tags`
7799a9b 2017-10-31 add metrics tagging to the sidekiq middleware
fc451b7 2017-10-13 remove spec for non-existent endpoint
486da72 2017-10-12 fix a wrong method call in the refactor
371a77c 2017-10-11 [ci-skip] add changelog
6eeff4c 2017-10-11 fix the merger override to remove source branch
845b2f1 2017-10-11 add spec
38f0f7e 2017-10-10 [ci-skip] add changelog
e5ed2e4 2017-10-10 fix multiple notifications from being sent for multiple ...
de025ad 2017-10-06 fixing group label import
a0b8275 2017-10-06 adding the new spec file
a8d9dbc 2017-10-05 fix the project import when an issue has a group milestone
09a733b 2017-10-04 fix the spec so it fails before applying the fix
5d6e16d 2017-10-03 fix the import :milestone from adding the group_id
b376e5c 2017-09-12 fix another N+1 query for label priorities
53e632c 2017-09-12 add changelog entry
4494559 2017-09-12 add association preloading for issue boards
46e4e8f 2017-09-12 changed InlineDiffMarker to make it html_safe its output
a91101d 2017-09-11 rework the html_safe not to use haml's auto escaping
d70c3bb 2017-09-11 make diff file header html safe when file is renamed
46f6092 2017-09-06 [ci-skip] spec for an instance method
c1f66cc 2017-09-06 remove useless comment
44bcacb 2017-09-06 added changelog entry
a6af552 2017-09-06 renames ambiguous methods and add spec
dbaed90 2017-09-06 fix refactoring error with Blob.binary?
5625b0e 2017-09-06 add .json_safe_diff spec
c9aa793 2017-09-06 revert to using a simple representation
bca72f5 2017-09-06 wip: fake its a binary diff
7d23026 2017-09-06 fix the failing spec
d828932 2017-09-06 fixup whitespace
65bcd14 2017-09-06 add controller spec
4130552 2017-09-06 remove lint
643ed0f 2017-09-06 fix note-role alignment
b44a1bc 2017-09-06 rework the contributor badge
45b83ed 2017-09-06 round of fixes after code review
966b112 2017-09-06 WIP: refactor the first-contributor to Issuable
8fe1aa5 2017-09-06 add changelog entry
5e600db 2017-09-06 fix #35161, add a first-time contributor badge