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#181 mhasbini - All time
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Hash Date Message
ccac05d 2017-04-26 Fix 404 when upstream has disabled merge requests
327e344 2017-04-12 Add issues/:iid/closed_by api endpoint
f1f9578 2017-04-11 Fix issue's note cache expiration after delete
3a33a79 2017-04-09 Fix email not being sent after project export
e52b1df 2017-04-04 Remove useless queries with false conditions (e.g 1=0)
2332bf3 2017-04-02 Remove unnecessary ORDER BY clause when updating todos
af0c08b 2017-04-02 Fix redirection after login when the referer have params
ed5d59d 2017-04-02 Fix symlink icon in project tree
0a09925 2017-04-02 Enable Style/Proc cop for rubocop
dc15aba 2017-03-30 Remove unnecessary ORDER BY clause from `forked_to_proje...
6e6da4b 2017-03-26 Optimize labels finder query
6add19a 2017-03-24 add changelog for !10053
df0603c 2017-03-22 simplify projects, mrs search queries
666c20c 2017-03-18 Remove repeated routes.path check for postgresql database
985af1a 2017-03-13 take nonewline context into account in diff parser
ac669df 2017-03-09 link issuable reference to itself in header
9bcd054 2017-03-07 whitelist style attribute in event_note
9f949d4 2017-02-28 add /award slash command
0a53a3d 2017-02-21 change todos counter position & format ( for large counts )
7362fd6 2017-02-17 add a :iids param to IssuableFinder