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#168 Mehdi Lahmam - All time
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8a53a0f 2018-09-09 Add `duration` attributes to Jobs API docs
e39962b 2018-09-06 Prefer `sign_in` over `gitlab_sign_in` as its faster
9feb145 2018-09-06 Use un-namespaced project issuables path helper in specs
e830cc0 2018-09-06 Rename `slash_commands` ~> `quick_actions` in specs files
60bf554 2018-09-06 Add /lock and /unlock quick actions
08bc2f9 2017-11-05 Expose `duration` in Job API entity
f696b04 2017-09-26 Expose last pipeline details in API response when gettin...
9d7971c 2017-08-24 Remove unused `IssuesHelper#merge_requests_sentence`
39b313b 2017-08-24 Removed unused `IssuablesHelper#issuable_state_scope`
fd51163 2017-08-24 Remove unused `IssuesHelper#due_date_options`
cbd81b0 2017-08-24 Remove unused `IssuesHelper#bulk_update_milestone_options`
55f4dda 2017-08-24 Add an option to list only archived projects
d184f27 2017-08-24 Refactor Admin::ProjectsFinder by extracting finders as ...
6be89f2 2017-08-20 Remove unused `Project#new_default_branch` attr_accessor
63456cf 2017-08-20 Remove unused `User#projects_limit_percent`
c186a88 2017-08-20 Remove `User#projects_sorted_by_activity`
6e3ca79 2017-08-11 Add a `Last 7 days` option for Cycle Analytics view
4e8a2fe 2017-08-11 Add feature specs for Cycle Analytics pipeline summary
e66dcf4 2017-08-11 Remove an unnecessary `let` in spec/features/projects/us...
5b7be3f 2017-08-11 Fix minor typos in views
0048fbe 2017-08-10 Remove unused `redirect_to_external_issue_tracker` method
74f8b5c 2017-08-07 Move `let` calls inside the `describe` block using them
5ad9d94 2017-08-07 Add `/assign me` alias support for assigning issuables t...
d8f99a1 2017-08-06 Add a missing whitespace in "private forks you have no a...
03d199f 2017-08-03 Ensure `JIRA::Resource::Issue` responds to `resolution` ...