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#63 Mayra Cabrera - All time
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6f0b7a3 2018-09-17 Do not persist errors from Kubernetes calls
2f46c90 2018-09-17 Vendor Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci from gitlab-ci-yml
eb146e9 2018-09-13 Prevent ADO failing prematurely
5cfdcce 2018-09-07 Introduce class methods so CE constants can be easily ov...
177d847 2018-09-06 Automatically disable Auto DevOps for project upon first...
d6fa678 2018-09-06 Displays banner to notify users ADO is implicitly enabled
25c66c5 2018-08-20 Adds documentation stating ADO will be gradually enabled...
33311cb 2018-08-10 CE Port of Protected Environments backend
fc13409 2018-08-07 Resolve "Mutual SSL Auth For Helm TIller"
b217301 2018-07-31 Revert "Merge branch '48098-mutual-auth-cluster-applicat...
f2c4667 2018-07-23 Resolve "Deploy Tokens failed to clone LFS repository"
8cc2c08 2018-07-08 Include wget in apk add command
005ad8a 2018-06-26 Merge branch '11-0-stable-patch-2' into '11-0-stable'
81b6c37 2018-06-25 Merge branch '11-0-stable' into 11-0-stable-patch-2
2efc4fd 2018-06-25 Merge branch '47488-remove-unmergeable-notification-for-...
c0fb319 2018-06-21 Merge branch 'security-security-rd-do-not-show-internal-...
e919ca6 2018-06-21 Merge branch 'security-html_escape_usernames-11-0' into ...
eb51fe6 2018-06-21 Merge branch 'security-fj-bumping-sanitize-gem-11-0' int...
fe2c425 2018-06-21 Merge branch 'security-2682-fix-xss-for-markdown-toc-11-...
78e53a7 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-security-rd-do-not-show-internal-...
6657929 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-html_escape_usernames-10-7' into ...
c72c17b 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-fj-bumping-sanitize-gem-10-7' int...
3d1ce82 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-2682-fix-xss-for-markdown-toc-10-...
b20e781 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-html_escape_usernames-10-8' into ...
4c835a4 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-fj-bumping-sanitize-gem-10-8' int...
d691292 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'security-2682-fix-xss-for-markdown-toc-10-...
5841e92 2018-06-20 Resolve "Unable to install Prometheus on Clusters: 'Erro...
d312c27 2018-06-19 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc14-revert-19501' int...
662276b 2018-06-13 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc11' into '11-0-stable'
2d671f7 2018-06-12 Merge branch 'update-licenses-11-0' into 'master'
69e5847 2018-06-12 Merge branch 'update-11-0-templates' into 'master'
3668ae0 2018-06-12 Merge branch 'docs-11-0-installation-from-source-guide' ...
88b2203 2018-06-11 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc9' into '11-0-stable'
128b3a8 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'sh-relax-project-import-spec' into 'master'
493adfa 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'sh-relax-project-import-spec' into 'master'
aba6f19 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'sh-expire-content-cache-after-import' into...
421957c 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'sh-expire-content-cache-after-import' into...
1de36a6 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'docs-11-0-installation-from-source-guide' ...
ebdc7f1 2018-06-08 Merge branch 'update-11-0-templates' into 'master'
1690009 2018-06-08 Merge branch 'update-licenses-11-0' into 'master'
99e95f0 2018-06-08 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc7' into '11-0-stable'
0746714 2018-06-07 Update VERSION to 11.0.0-rc6
5370c44 2018-06-07 Resolve "Automatically provide a Deploy Token to project...
a73ff59 2018-06-07 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc6' into '11-0-stable'
5dfec1c 2018-06-06 Merge branch '10-8-stable-patch-4' into '10-8-stable'
c3c14be 2018-06-06 Update VERSION to 11.0.0-rc5
08b3ee8 2018-06-06 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc5' into '11-0-stable'
2a2f605 2018-06-05 Update VERSION to 11.0.0-rc3
a9d6d02 2018-06-05 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc3' into '11-0-stable'
da535fa 2018-06-04 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc2' into '11-0-stable'
cfcc471 2018-06-04 Revert "Merge branch 'per-project-pipeline-iid' into 'ma...
0b63e17 2018-06-01 Update VERSION to 11.0.0-rc1
09f4104 2018-06-01 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc1' into '11-0-stable'
564c342 2018-05-30 Update VERSION to 10.8.3
37a7b59 2018-05-30 Update for 10.8.3
e565c7e 2018-05-30 Update for 10.8.3
ee88910 2018-05-30 Merge branch '10-8-stable-patch-3-fix-conflicts-19125' i...
89747d1 2018-05-30 Merge branch 'gitaly-0.100.1-for-10-8-stable' into '10-8...
bb68a89 2018-05-30 Merge branch 'fix-gitaly-ci-10-8-stable' into '10-8-stab...
7a7a435 2018-05-30 Moves script_failure conditional over lambda
4aae86f 2018-05-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/master'
0033e57 2018-05-29 Merge branch 'security-fj-import-export-assignment' into...
b41fe9b 2018-05-29 Merge branch 'security-dm-delete-deploy-key' into 'master'
33f4f16 2018-05-29 Merge branch 'security-users-can-update-their-password-w...
5ebe2eb 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'security-fj-import-export-assignment-10-8'...
27afc05 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'security-dm-delete-deploy-key-10-8' into '...
57ed13f 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'security-fj-import-export-assignment-10-7'...
8012012 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'security-dm-delete-deploy-key-10-7' into '...
d728ea8 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'security-fj-import-export-assignment-10-6'...
670de24 2018-05-25 Merge branch 'security-dm-delete-deploy-key-10-6' into '...
0bc9e0b 2018-05-24 Removes redundant error message for script failures
21a8d61 2018-05-23 Update VERSION to 10.8.1
9badc60 2018-05-23 Update for 10.8.1
6c51e22 2018-05-23 Update for 10.8.1
07fc650 2018-05-23 Merge branch '10-8-stable-patch-1' into '10-8-stable'
85167d2 2018-05-23 Merge branch '10-8-stable-patch-1-fix-conflict' into '10...
d9734c2 2018-05-22 Merge branch '46381-dropdown-mr-widget-backport' into '1...
c6f72ac 2018-05-21 Update VERSION to 11.0.0-pre
87d2c77 2018-05-21 Update VERSION to 10.9.0-pre
55e4a0b 2018-05-21 Update VERSION to 10.8.0
1c23c3f 2018-05-21 Update for 10.8.0
b928d97 2018-05-21 Update for 10.8.0
90be216 2018-05-18 Merge branch '10-7-grpc-1.11' into '10-7-stable-patch-4'
dbe0839 2018-05-18 Fixes deploy tokens build variables
09c4c06 2018-05-17 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc12
3706cdc 2018-05-17 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc12' into '10-8-stable'
cc4f7ef 2018-05-17 Merge branch 'sh-remove-deprecation-warnings-from-com' i...
399996c 2018-05-17 Merge branch 'sh-remove-deprecation-warnings-from-com' i...
82fbbe4 2018-05-17 Merge branch '10-8-stable-revert' into '10-8-stable'
22d3e90 2018-05-17 Add changelog
f494f27 2018-05-16 Respect the inheritance chain between Ci::Build and Comm...
8d8e97f 2018-05-16 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc11
8733994 2018-05-16 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc11' into '10-8-stable'
3bd98f0 2018-05-15 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc10
d336680 2018-05-15 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc10' into '10-8-stable'
86ef822 2018-05-15 Makes CommitStatus and GenericCommitStatus respond to pr...
898fff9 2018-05-14 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc9
26adef2 2018-05-14 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc9' into '10-8-stable'
2111b0e 2018-05-14 Changes Ingress RBAC value to be false as default
6350cb5 2018-05-10 Update schema version
50f630f 2018-05-09 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc6
d9b42c2 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc6' into '10-8-stable'
db23695 2018-05-08 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc4
c92f1d8 2018-05-08 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc4' into '10-8-stable'
0eb7442 2018-05-08 Merge branch 'vendor-auto-devops-template-in-10-8' into ...
7f71533 2018-05-04 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc2
fb38c4e 2018-05-04 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc2' into '10-8-stable'
1998f62 2018-05-03 Include documentation about STAGING_ENABLED variable for...
2555d6c 2018-05-02 Update VERSION to 10.7.3
8bf0307 2018-05-02 Update for 10.7.3
5b7b165 2018-05-02 Update for 10.7.3
d36753c 2018-05-02 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-rc1
b01221c 2018-04-30 Merge branch '10-7-stable' of
4628694 2018-04-25 Update VERSION to 10.7.2
749f3f4 2018-04-25 Update for 10.7.2
66449fc 2018-04-25 Update for 10.7.2
c3a8df6 2018-04-24 Update VERSION to 10.6.5
f7d74d2 2018-04-24 Update for 10.6.5
0653f5c 2018-04-24 Update for 10.6.5
40e1258 2018-04-24 Update VERSION to 10.5.8
98ed20c 2018-04-24 Update for 10.5.8
5f9e50c 2018-04-24 Update for 10.5.8
0d49bb8 2018-04-23 Update VERSION to 10.7.1
c4ccd77 2018-04-23 Update for 10.7.1
a0afd76 2018-04-23 Update for 10.7.1
3569294 2018-04-23 Merge branch 'master' of
82d66ac 2018-04-23 Increases specs examples regarding projects & deploy tokens
3327bf6 2018-04-22 Removes 'no job log' from trace action
4745361 2018-04-20 Ensure an autodevops instance exists for pipelines settings
cdac54e 2018-04-20 Refactor deploy token methods on Ci::Build
800ee75 2018-04-20 Ensure deploy tokens variables are not available in the ...
0dd6d25 2018-04-20 Rename special deploy token to make it more descriptive
f17e836 2018-04-20 Enhances documentation on gitlab-deploy-tokens
a6fb079 2018-04-20 Add changelog and docs
0903456 2018-04-20 Expose deploy token to CI/CD jobs as environment variable
93780da 2018-04-19 Resolve "Show `failure_reason` in jobs view content sect...
3bd5d53 2018-04-13 Add missing documentation about failure reason
3e35f65 2018-04-10 Verify that deploy token has valid access when pulling c...
dee2c87 2018-04-09 Update VERSION to 10.6.4
ffc9a47 2018-04-09 Update for 10.6.4
c222286 2018-04-09 Update for 10.6.4
8c62f88 2018-04-09 Merge branch '10-6-stable-patch-4' into '10-6-stable'
5bc58ba 2018-04-07 Handle limit for datetime attributes on MySQL
d645071 2018-04-07 Modifies index on DeployTokens to use id
18a1569 2018-04-07 Handles default expires_at date directly into DeployToke...
8c27658 2018-04-07 Removes deploy tokens presenter
2991381 2018-04-07 Addresses database comments
c4f56a8 2018-04-07 Increase test suite around deploy tokens behavior
a475411 2018-04-07 Fixes broken schema and minor changes
8315861 2018-04-07 Include ProjectDeployTokens
171b262 2018-04-07 Addreses backend review suggestions
7deab31 2018-04-07 Removes logic from Jwt and handle different scenarios on...
726f5bb 2018-04-07 Fix i18n on deploy_token views
46a6036 2018-04-07 Addreses frontend review
560ed92 2018-04-07 Add documentation for DeployToken
aaa6d80 2018-04-07 Implement read_registry for DeployTokens
345ac03 2018-04-07 Address UX review
370fc05 2018-04-07 Implement 'read_repo' for DeployTokens
db18993 2018-04-07 Create barebones for Deploytoken
d54cf86 2018-04-05 Resolve "Show `failure_reason` and upgrade tooltips of j...
bab1760 2018-03-26 Move project ci lint under '-' scope
6767dd9 2018-03-26 Update documentation regarding Ci Linter
56c95fb 2018-03-26 Changes ci/lints controller to use authorize before action
b5b41d3 2018-03-26 Remove unused css class
3921d0c 2018-03-26 Removes lint scss file
5ad7378 2018-03-26 Change ci/lint page to use a template structure
02bc899 2018-03-26 Build ci/lint page
80f9aff 2018-03-26 Make ci/lint page context aware:
1a79bef 2018-03-26 Re-arrange deployment_platform to avoid cop complainments
ca59bfd 2018-03-22 Rearrange DeploymentPlatform methods
e2e0a4d 2018-03-14 Include feature spec for realtime pipeline
f01ca6d 2018-03-09 Add a note about persistent images for auto devops deplo...
43fc430 2018-03-08 Update VERSION to 10.6.0-rc2
3d4cfad 2018-03-07 Ensure orphaned rows are deleted before adding the forei...
e9657ac 2018-03-07 Ensure foreign keys on Clusters Applications
d5b599a 2018-03-07 Resolve "Add a mention and link to doc for security impl...
7237ed5 2018-03-06 Resolve "Enable privileged mode for Runner installed on ...
c607008 2018-03-01 Extend Cluster Applications to install GitLab Runner to ...
3364d5f 2018-02-26 Resolve "Error 500 on route "/admin/application_settings...
0875a31 2018-02-26 Change RBAC value to false on Prometheus values.yml
14978dd 2018-02-22 Modify cluster creation API method to enable legacy_apac...
68a419c 2018-02-06 31885 - Ability to transfer a single group to another group
a1f878b 2018-01-23 Resolve conflict for secret management on Auto-DevOps
a3923a0 2018-01-18 Fixes incorrect resolution for applications.vue file
1827f39 2018-01-15 Resolve "Managed Prometheus deployment installs a lot of...
b312ced 2018-01-11 Fixes minor aspects on Prometheus description
93e9793 2018-01-04 Create Kubernetes based on Application Templates
e028d79 2018-01-04 41054-Disallow creation of new Kubernetes integrations
127cedd 2018-01-03 Update Kubernetes service documentation
c44d72a 2017-12-28 Updates documentation for prometheus and kubernetes inte...
0d45480 2017-12-22 Extend Cluster Applications to allow installation of Pro...
1bdbff2 2017-12-13 Updates doc for user, group & project transfers
562fb46 2017-12-08 Allow git pull/push on project redirects
28fcf77 2017-11-07 Addresses frontend comments.
bb112f0 2017-11-07 Ensure enough space between branch links
a438231 2017-11-07 Address discussions on the ME
7ebf033 2017-11-06 Addresses front & backend comments
70b8f42 2017-11-06 Modifies commit branches section
4585f35 2017-11-03 Add styles for branch & tags boxes
244bec9 2017-11-01 Add UI/UX improvements