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#33 Matija Čupić - All time
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Hash Date Message
48c911b 2018-10-02 CE Resolve "Refactor code quality similar to JUnit tests"
eac01d4 2018-09-28 Reorganize background_migration specs
c071642 2018-09-28 Refactor pipeline id ordering
0b7ff7c 2018-09-28 Restyle background_migration spec
3e309ea 2018-09-27 Refactor migration specs using ActiveRecord models
4de93b6 2018-09-27 Refactor external_pipelines query
6075a93 2018-09-27 Update all pipelines in single query
2122a77 2018-09-25 Add frozen string literal comment
926be90 2018-09-25 Add CHANGELOG entry
a6ffefc 2018-09-25 Schedule background migration
c2fbd86 2018-09-25 Add background migration to fill pipeline source
97fbc2e 2018-09-25 Add index on pipelines to project id and source
e358ae1 2018-09-12 Inline initialize_yaml_processor
7600a64 2018-09-11 Stack rescue blocks for Gitlab::Ci::Config#initialize
b470f97 2018-09-11 Add missing frozen string literal comments
2fafcf6 2018-09-11 Add link to CE move MR
5b2c873 2018-09-08 Fix references to ee .gitlab-ci.yml spec fixtures
a560465 2018-09-08 Add CHANGELOG
b293034 2018-09-08 Reconcile differences in spec/models/blob_viewer
df16969 2018-09-08 Reconcile differences in lib/gitlab/ci
776bca5 2018-09-08 Reconcile differences in doc/ci/yaml
5e0ce23 2018-09-08 Reconcile differences in lib/gitlab/ci/external
797046e 2018-09-08 Reconcile differences in lib/gitlab/ci/external/file
6a8133b 2018-09-07 Stub http request on specs intead of mocking HTTParty
3af363e 2018-09-07 Replace gitlab-ci.yml for .gitlab-ci.yml on yaml doc
c6f4647 2018-09-07 Update yaml documentation examples
1e816a9 2018-09-07 Address MR suggestions
49598c5 2018-09-07 Update YAML include doc to make it more specific
3149b5c 2018-09-07 Improve external architecture
1a53f01 2018-09-07 Make Repository#blob_data_at public
eca73d2 2018-09-07 Address MR comments
95b296f 2018-09-07 Change ExternalFile to retrieve local file from reposito...
cd72189 2018-09-07 Import external files in Gitlab CI config
5f33690 2018-09-07 Load external files in config
c3e33f0 2018-09-07 Build barebones for ExternalFiles libraries
1d3dbe4 2018-06-29 Add CHANGELOG
c8e20d6 2018-06-29 Check for correct builds collection
7e5bbc0 2018-06-29 Use associated build pipeline
52fe50b 2018-06-08 Add brief technical explanation for deploy strategies va...
6ca8668 2018-06-07 Link option descriptions
e4027a7 2018-06-07 Add option descriptions
f60da41 2018-06-07 Add deployment strategy docs
2bc1835 2018-06-07 Use 0 continuous default for deploy strategy
637b90d 2018-06-07 Add spec for continuous deploy strategy
616dd00 2018-06-07 Add trait for manual deploy strategy
e68b541 2018-06-07 Change database deploy strategy default to continuous
9efb187 2018-06-06 Merge branch 'master' into 38542-application-control-pan...
44be588 2018-06-06 Use add_column_with_default in migration
78ae230 2018-06-06 Reverse logic of manual and continuous deploy strategies
9738b0a 2018-06-06 Make deploy_strategy zero based
291dc5a 2018-06-05 Use nullcheck operator instead of checking for null
5403a4a 2018-06-02 Add deploy_strategy to safe model attributes
39412d0 2018-06-01 Add deploy strategy related predefined variables
5e9687a 2018-06-01 Add deploy_strategy to ProjectAutoDevops
ca1d6d2 2018-05-28 Add CHANGELOG entry
aac8d1f 2018-05-28 Add check for nil auto_devops in Projects::UpdateService
8d7e0bd 2018-05-28 Check the GCP cluster form for the GCP token
1e43146 2018-05-28 Move token_in_session to helper method
55e2ce7 2018-05-18 Revert "Improve cacheable module"
17c4e53 2018-05-17 Remove rails5 specific tests for #cast_value_from_cache
13298bb 2018-05-17 Add test for #cast_value_from_cache
a63ada5 2018-05-17 Include class name and argument name in argument error
51f5ee3 2018-05-16 Use Gitlab.rails5? for checking if on rails5
eeb955a 2018-05-16 Revert "Move argument check to cached getter definition ...
4e1bb1d 2018-05-16 Move argument check to cached getter definition class me...
a4b0876 2018-05-16 Add attribute check in cached getter
42ab6f8 2018-05-16 Move attribute casting to #cached_attribute
6cc3a07 2018-05-15 Dynamically cast value from cache
2c29e80 2018-05-14 Check for exact time matches
13f68f5 2018-05-14 Expect calls to read_attribute depending on cache presence
f96552c 2018-05-13 Extract shared components from Clusters::CreateService spec
90dd1a7 2018-05-13 Add missing spec line from EE
c2cf618 2018-05-13 Backport cluster factory changes from EE
f481064 2018-05-12 Add RedisCacheable specs for memoization correctness
b1fcac8 2018-05-12 Make #cached_attr_reader and #cached_attr_time_reader sp...
f884d59 2018-05-11 Add CHANGELOG
b22959c 2018-05-11 Remove redundant GoogleApi::CloudPlatform::Client methods
20cfc3f 2018-05-11 Clear memoization after caching new values
4c2b568 2018-05-11 Add specs for #cached_attr_reader and cached_attr_time_r...
8d49ec6 2018-05-10 Use symbol instead of string in RedisCacheable attribute...
4fd77b3 2018-05-10 Update CHANGELOG description
fd1c1f9 2018-05-10 Backport CE changes from gitlab-ee#518a29073a9
d4ff5ee 2018-05-10 Stub deployments in Clusters::Platforms::Kubernetes spec
d80c371 2018-05-10 Backport KubernetesHelper deployment related changes
3fba8c3 2018-05-09 Backport EE runner spec changes to CE
9d7599d 2018-05-09 Merge branch 'master' into 46082-runner-contacted_at-is-...
0f4aa65 2018-05-09 Add CHANGELOG
fb301b5 2018-05-09 Revert "Partially revert ebcd5711c5ff937bf925002bf9a5b63...
71be7a1 2018-05-08 Move Runner#contacted_at to RedisCacheable#cached_attr_t...
7be65f5 2018-05-08 Add cached_attr_time_reader to RedisCacheable
3417221 2018-05-04 Add pipeline variables feature spec
c6e394b 2018-05-04 Improve variable comparison
24e3b33 2018-05-04 Rename status JSON schema to ci_detailed_status
54dbdf2 2018-05-02 Add Pipeline stage, status and job JSON schemas
a5f43b3 2018-05-02 Remove project billing context from controller spec
a1e1bbe 2018-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into 38759-fetch-available-paramet...
15bb2f9 2018-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into 44059-specify-variables-when-...
5c79256 2018-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into 33697-pipelines-json-endpoint
a6866fb 2018-05-02 Align elements of the hash literal parameter
3c81b62 2018-05-02 Remove GCP Project list stub from GCP feature spec
534bb0b 2018-05-02 Remove list_projects action from Google API check
ae6a37d 2018-05-02 Remove list_gcp_projects queue
6472025 2018-05-02 Remove Projects::Clusters::GcpController#list_projects
1e8dbd5 2018-05-02 Remove ListGcpProjectsService
45f5223 2018-05-02 Remove ListGcpProjectsWorker
d03cd7b 2018-05-02 Search for "Create for" in feature spec
e21aa89 2018-05-02 Add CHANGELOG
00328ab 2018-05-02 Update feature spec to search for Create pipeline button
fc42ba6 2018-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into 44059-specify-variables-when-...
7a1ce56 2018-04-24 Handle nil state in ListGcpProjectsWorker#read_projects
444cee5 2018-04-23 Use ListGcpProjectsWorker#read_projects instead of get_p...
e9f31c9 2018-04-20 Remove double before block from GcpController spec
45dadee 2018-04-20 Remove the GCP billing verification step
e4c661a 2018-04-20 Merge branch 'master' into 38759-fetch-available-paramet...
e3176c2 2018-04-20 Store projects in ListGcpProjectsWorker
3b16125 2018-04-20 Rename CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker to ListGcpProjectsWo...
cffc889 2018-04-20 Rename CheckGcpProjectBillingService to ListGcpProjectsS...
d105228 2018-04-20 Merge branch 'master' into 38759-fetch-available-paramet...
317477f 2018-04-18 Extend Gitlab::Ci::Pipeline::Chain::Command with variabl...
80cc9df 2018-04-18 Use variables_attributes intead of variables
2a9a01b 2018-04-18 Add variables option to Ci::CreatePipelineService
0d70dd6 2018-04-18 Accept nested Variables in Ci::Pipeline
b32eabb 2018-04-18 Alias value to secret_value in Ci::PipelineVariable
3a5773c 2018-04-18 Accept variable params in create_params
6d0c9c9 2018-04-06 Add missing trace artifacts to jobs in spec
99edc15 2018-04-05 Put Erased empty state at the beginning
f379e1b 2018-04-05 Rename success to erased empty state spec
00b4534 2018-04-04 Fix job setup in success empty state specs
d883fe1 2018-04-04 Add success CI Build empty state status
ff1383f 2018-04-03 Properly set up job trace in user_browses_job_spec
5af0030 2018-04-03 Properly set up jobs in mini pipeline graph spec
8ac7ea4 2018-04-03 Set up traces in build show spec
8a4ec84 2018-04-03 Add action_button_title Core status method
b26913a 2018-03-30 Extract cluster installed query to scope
f6fa842 2018-03-29 Extract installed cluster application scope to concern
e36b203 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'master' into 44291-usage-ping-for-kubernet...
6fccd9d 2018-03-29 Change order of queries for gcp cluster usage data count
8c1cfcb 2018-03-29 Use cluster scopes to deflate usage data implementation
982e543 2018-03-29 Add installed scope to cluster applications
a5f9e49 2018-03-29 Add user_provided and gcp_provided cluster scopes
427eeb4 2018-03-29 Query GCP provider table instead of selecting clusters
3447d71 2018-03-29 Add specs for empty states .matches? methods
ddabac4 2018-03-29 Move action button titles to respective statuses
490d186 2018-03-28 Merge branch 'master' into 42568-pipeline-empty-state
bb0483d 2018-03-28 Move the empty state extended status to be the beginning
d650927 2018-03-28 Fix tests for build empty state statuses
b57fcbe 2018-03-28 Separate the manual empty state from the action empty state
c48f33c 2018-03-28 Move action link to build extended status illustration
0969f19 2018-03-28 Move illustration to build specific statuses
3e3e7d5 2018-03-27 Check cluster usage datapoint counts
8853e18 2018-03-26 Make cluster usage datapoints more specific
4478103 2018-03-26 Rename cluster datapoint names to be more specific
6df1eb1 2018-03-26 Use Gitlab::Ci::Status#illustration in job empty_states ...
4b0cbf6 2018-03-26 Set up traces in jobs feature spec
d034936 2018-03-26 Extend Gitlab::Ci::Status#illustration to include metadata
d696194 2018-03-24 Add illustrations to build statuses
e46950f 2018-03-22 Disable rubocop Metrics/AbcSize on UsageData#system_usag...
92d51da 2018-03-22 Use actual repo instead of stubbing method
78cee2c 2018-03-22 Refactor AutoDevops pipeline logic into method
05103f0 2018-03-22 Make Variable key not secret
b80388c 2018-03-21 Add CHANGELOG
0bf79bf 2018-03-21 Add additional cluster usage metrics
ca3b299 2018-03-19 Revert "Filter secret CI variable values from logs"
67fc0a2 2018-03-17 Check for secret_key and secret_value in CI Variable nat...
68c6e41 2018-03-17 Use secret_key and secret_value in Pipeline Schedule var...
30d685b 2018-03-17 Add CHANGELOG
ddeefbd 2018-03-17 Filter secret CI variable values from logs
2b4e5c9 2018-03-17 Use secret_key and secret_value in CI variable frontend
53915c5 2018-03-17 Alias secret_key and secret_value to key and value
e911a0f 2018-03-16 Expose CloudPlatform::Client#projects_list as GcpControl...
45b3bcc 2018-03-16 Add zones_list and machine_types_list to Google Cloud AP...
763c82f 2018-03-16 Use secret_key and secret_value in variable form field n...
28a5f8c 2018-03-16 Use secret_key and secret_value in Variables controller
1ff339f 2018-03-11 Add CHANGELOG
92d361c 2018-03-11 Add empty repo check before running AutoDevOps pipeline
e4bb25f 2018-03-01 Update Projects::Settings::CiCdController#reset_cache specs
7fc88fd 2018-03-01 Make Projects::Settings:CiCdController#reset_cache a jso...
f2695aa 2018-02-23 Include CI Variable Key in its uniqueness validation err...
c7dac22 2018-02-22 Add CHANGELOG entry
c65529e 2018-02-22 Skip variables duplicates validator if variable is alrea...
4319b15 2018-02-22 Condition associated variable validation in Project and ...
44fed81 2018-02-22 Do not validate individual Variables when saving Project...
99cd4ac 2018-02-22 Add CHANGELOG entry
7c59687 2018-02-22 Do not persist Google Project Billing Failure errors aft...
55c89d5 2018-02-14 Add instance-wide domain info
48db60e 2018-02-14 Refactor variable duplicates error message
9a5ba5c 2018-02-13 Add more information in variable_duplicates validator er...
a4b843e 2018-02-13 Refactor outer anonymous function into a do block
e5d9f4a 2018-02-13 Add specs for VariableDuplicates validator
c047fb8 2018-02-13 Disable public send cop in variables duplicates validator
b413a82 2018-02-13 Extend variable JSON Schema with optional environment_scope
cb295ba 2018-02-13 Validate project variables by scope
532a966 2018-02-13 Extend variables_duplicates validator with scope handling
f95d9fd 2018-02-12 Count all billing_state transitions with labels
5553524 2018-02-12 Fix GCP cluster feature spec
808ad12 2018-02-12 Log billing state changes in CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker
0215435 2018-02-12 Refactor CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker
bafab35 2018-02-12 Use Prometheus counter instead of redis
c00a17f 2018-02-12 Add missing newline in CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker spec
7f430a9 2018-02-12 Add specs for billing_enabled change counter
0dd2020 2018-02-12 Implement billing_enabled change counter
e27ea80 2018-02-06 Fix RedisCacheable#cache_attributes spec
b75fa80 2018-02-06 Check return value in RedisCacheable#cached_attribute spec
2d2a4ed 2018-02-06 Use double instead of runner in RedisCacheable spec
efcdc26 2018-02-06 Fix static_analysis failure
5291c0b 2018-02-06 Use domain.presence instead of domain to avoid empty str...
d05cc9c 2018-02-05 Reload project before checking variables in project_spec
aab953d 2018-02-05 Update RedisCacheable#cache_attribute_key
5f127ba 2018-02-05 Fix API variable specs
0ccbc65 2018-02-05 Fix duplicate CI variable feature spec failure
1098355 2018-02-05 Add missing padding to CI variables protected item
79570ce 2018-02-05 Fix validation of duplicate new variables
f7ed096 2018-02-05 Extract Variables controllers specs to shared_examples
45a14b4 2018-02-05 Refactor Variable controllers specs
18232d7 2018-02-05 Extract Variable into separate JSON Schema
434a615 2018-02-05 Fix Variable JSON Schema
5580570 2018-02-05 Extract variable parameters in VariablesController specs
c95c3ff 2018-02-05 Switch emphasis from controller format to update
e2c8a22 2018-02-05 Remove usage of VariablePresenter in controller
04263b9 2018-02-05 Add GroupVariableSerializer for Ci::GroupVariable
9be519c 2018-02-05 Add VariableSerializer for Ci::Variable
b48d8c8 2018-02-05 Return all variables after UPDATE
9eb3bb5 2018-02-05 Change POST to PATCH requests in the controller specs
13f0e18 2018-02-05 Fix a typo in Groups::VariablesController spec
a8887a0 2018-02-05 Use `resource` in Group Variables routing scheme
0bfcdd6 2018-02-05 Use `resource` in Project Variables routing scheme
6b82a9e 2018-02-05 Format validation errors as human readable messages
bf2a040 2018-02-05 Pass validation errors in JSON endpoint
1292c15 2018-02-05 Update CI Variable presenters paths
2592aec 2018-02-05 Use all parameters in VariablesController specs
dcc2353 2018-02-05 Remove redundant routes in Groups::VariablesController
cc2bed9 2018-02-05 Port #save_multiple to Groups::VariablesController
edbe911 2018-02-05 Remove redundant routes in VariablesController
5de8570 2018-02-05 Use nested attributes for updating multiple variables
ba07784 2018-02-05 Add destroy functionality to save_multiple
c64181c 2018-02-05 Move variable loading into before_action
b91539d 2018-02-05 Refactor VariablesController#save_multiple
121d84d 2018-02-05 Implement multiple variable handling action
fe96a1f 2018-02-05 Stub multiple variable controller method
8f55720 2018-02-05 Save runner attributes only if there's changes
aa60c7a 2018-02-05 Extract attribute caching to RedisCacheable concern
c92e1d7 2018-02-05 Improve runner attribute cachine
f247052 2018-02-05 Add CHANGELOG
5976410 2018-02-05 Refactor UserCalloutsController enum check
a85b85e 2018-02-05 Refactor .show_gke_cluster_integration_callout?
c1e1f80 2018-02-05 Bump UserCallout feature_name enum index
3366f37 2018-02-04 Merge branch 'master' into 38265-stuckcijobsworker-wrong...
0abce36 2018-02-04 Update list of allowed attribute updates in Runner
053b9d2 2018-02-04 Fix runner cache update stub in API spec
35e04fa 2018-02-04 Expect instead of allow Redis get stub for online? spec
38c2421 2018-02-04 Refactor runner attribute caching implementation
56bcb3e 2018-02-03 Use Gitlab::CurrentSettings instead of current_applicati...
88c9199 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'master' into persistent-callouts
bf278f7 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'master' into 38175-add-domain-field-to-aut...
20714ee 2018-02-02 Change UserCallout feautre_name to enum
79efb9d 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'master' into persistent-callouts
effb96b 2018-02-02 Refactor AutoDevopsHelper.missing_auto_devops_domain?
6488267 2018-02-02 Rename Callout to UserCallout
838cc09 2018-02-02 Remove timestamps from Callouts
1dbcd5e 2018-02-02 Refactor CalloutsController
4075302 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'master' into 38175-add-domain-field-to-aut...
cc20951 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'master' into 38175-add-domain-field-to-aut...
3443f3e 2018-02-02 Rename AutoDevopsHelper helper methods
8f942a0 2018-02-02 Use policies instead of role checks in ClustersHelper
ad38e12 2018-02-02 Remove dismissed_state from Callout model
c120b7a 2018-02-02 Fix AutoDevOpsHelper helper methods
e5ee1d6 2018-02-01 Build AutoDevops instead of using ProjectAutoDevops#new
e648716 2018-02-01 Read the AutoDevOps instance domain in ProjectAutoDevOps
a315398 2018-02-01 Add specs for .auto_devops_warning_message
4ff0cfe 2018-02-01 Add callout priority enum
5126b1c 2018-01-30 Update auto_devops_domain help block with i18n
4cfe66a 2018-01-30 Fix CalloutsHelper spec subject
4157cad 2018-01-30 Extract feature name into constant
f2253d4 2018-01-30 Show GKE cluster callout for project owner as well
2cd71eb 2018-01-29 Add safe navigation for users without callout state
977996d 2018-01-29 Add check for guest user
28fd49c 2018-01-29 Fix Redis leakage in Runner API specs
126b6bb 2018-01-29 Use faster model updates in #update_runner_info spec
63ecb57 2018-01-29 Handle updating only contacted_at runner cache
3be6f68 2018-01-29 Make Ci::Runner#online? slightly more performant
b88103e 2018-01-29 Expose Ci::Runner#cached_contacted_at as Time
df25545 2018-01-29 Generelized cached attribute usage in runner
bdd3e39 2018-01-29 Move info update implementation to Ci::Runner model
92ac2b9 2018-01-29 Add CHANGELOG entry
397442a 2018-01-29 Update runner info on all authenticated requests
0be8b3c 2018-01-28 Check cache in Ci::Runner#online?
b1c4059 2018-01-28 Extend Runner API helpers with cache info storage
6fb59ff 2018-01-28 Merge branch 'master' into 38175-add-domain-field-to-aut...
8be4f3e 2018-01-27 Move Callouts route to - path
ec6c583 2018-01-27 Implement CalloutsHelper
d77181d 2018-01-27 Merge branch 'master' into persistent-callouts
44c2f80 2018-01-27 Merge branch 'master' into fix-cache-clear-windows
860c7c4 2018-01-26 Update database schema
bca1038 2018-01-26 Add CalloutsController specs
c4667f8 2018-01-26 Implement Callouts controller
0dab083 2018-01-26 Add Callout specs
89ea6a9 2018-01-26 Add Callout model
87c4e87 2018-01-26 Add CHANGELOG entry
ca05c3a 2018-01-26 Replace : with _ in cache key versioning
62b7c3b 2018-01-22 Short-circuit Project#auto_devops_variables
6028f9e 2018-01-22 Refactor auto_devops_domain setting specs
f5591e4 2018-01-22 Add CHANGELOG entry
8f0a148 2018-01-22 Expose instance AutoDevOps domain in Project
5706029 2018-01-22 Expose auto_devops_domain in admin settings view
147f042 2018-01-22 Add validation for auto_devops_domain
28fd7b6 2018-01-22 Add auto_devops_domain to ApplicationSettings model
feb3449 2018-01-15 Use preload instead of includes to avoid joins
8cef1f4 2018-01-15 Add missing newline in Jobs API spec
a4d7f15 2018-01-15 Extend N+1 Builds and Jobs API specs
87cc037 2018-01-14 Fix N+1 builds query in Jobs list API
0911879 2018-01-14 Add N+1 query spec for Jobs API
c984084 2018-01-14 Eager load user, runner, pipeline and its creator
c9a1a15 2018-01-13 Fix N+1 in v3 builds API
7e08498 2018-01-13 Add n plus one spec for v3 builds api
e6012d3 2018-01-11 Change failed GCP billing check wording
cf95756 2018-01-11 Refactor GCP redirect test suite
0b294fc 2018-01-11 Use new tab for link in flash
6ef28ac 2018-01-11 Add API requirements to docs
1f0a4fe 2018-01-11 Add missing user agent header to GCP client
8ba3e47 2018-01-11 Fix GCP Controller spec
b8b2f5f 2018-01-11 Fix CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker spec
e52bae3 2018-01-11 Fix CheckGcpProjectBillingService spec
b44583e 2018-01-10 Extract GCP billing check as method
e7a8564 2018-01-07 Refactor GCP session token exchange scheme
15b5b91 2018-01-07 Separate let and subject line in spec
044064b 2018-01-06 Add CHANGELOG entry
1fd8d30 2018-01-06 Merge branch 'master' into 39957-redirect-to-gpc-page-if...
d13be3c 2018-01-06 Store OAuth token in Redis for worker to pick up
a180306 2018-01-06 Use token from redis in gcp project billing worker
2885dc0 2018-01-06 Remove check_gcp_project_billing queue from sidekiq
ff5124e 2018-01-06 Use anchor instead of form for reset caches button
b058af1 2018-01-05 Merge branch 'master' into 39957-redirect-to-gpc-page-if...
21a713f 2018-01-05 Change reset_cache action from get to post
d66c48b 2018-01-05 Merge branch 'master' into 41249-clearing-the-cache
12984a7 2018-01-05 Move worker to gcp_project namespace
17b44dc 2018-01-05 Use token hash for redis key
f403733 2018-01-05 Add CHANGELOG entry
2b00c91 2018-01-05 Fix jobs cache reset functional spec
b27b1e6 2018-01-05 Rename cache_index in safe_model_attributes
571db1a 2018-01-04 Return list of billing enabled projects
27a590f 2018-01-04 Fix jobs_cache_index migration class name
1785375 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'master' into 39957-redirect-to-gpc-page-if...
92a72ce 2018-01-04 Change CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker lease to 15s
b4e9e07 2018-01-04 Remove polling interval from GcpController
ccfd8a1 2018-01-04 Remove GCP cluster check page placeholder
1859dc8 2018-01-04 Add back bottom margins for integration form
9c9f7dc 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'master' into 41249-clearing-the-cache
6fb4a53 2018-01-04 Add feature test for resetting runner caches
0f137d8 2018-01-04 Fix faulty Ci::Build#cache spec
2682966 2018-01-04 Refactor Ci::Build#cache
8cc14dd 2018-01-04 Rename Project#cache_index to jobs_cache_index
7d7d289 2018-01-04 Add missing empty line in #reset_cache
f834e29 2018-01-04 Move cache reset to ci_cd_settings controller
ab7382f 2018-01-04 Update Remove cluster subtitle and alert
5d3ade5 2018-01-04 Update Advanced cluster settings subtitle
7b52a34 2017-12-24 Add cache_index to list of safe Project attributes
771b973 2017-12-22 Use Project.cache_index in Build#cache
0a002e2 2017-12-22 Implement ResetProjectCacheService
f58cc2e 2017-12-22 Remove default value from cache_index migration
705022d 2017-12-22 Add cache_index migration
b3f27ae 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'master' into 41249-clearing-the-cache
3f9b3d5 2017-12-22 Add url to link in new GCP cluster header partial
9416193 2017-12-21 Fix clusters/gcp feature spec
ad1357d 2017-12-21 Fix use of pending decorator in spec
55f4016 2017-12-21 Add CheckGcpProjectBilling worker to all_queues
e395a2c 2017-12-21 Implement GCP billing check in cluster form
59c7f46 2017-12-21 Remove actions for async GCP project billing check
ab2326f 2017-12-21 Make GCP billing check mock more specific
97b4e76 2017-12-21 Mark the gcp check page feature spec pending
305bce8 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'master' into 39957-redirect-to-gpc-page-if...
fea009b 2017-12-21 Rename enabled partial to integration_form
9e2febf 2017-12-21 Environment pattern -> Environment scope
d2d4941 2017-12-21 Match updated clusters/show in feature specs
9812d8c 2017-12-21 Add environment_scope to enabled partial
47e0a6c 2017-12-21 Remove environment_scope in user/gcp show partial
f8c044b 2017-12-21 Fix clear/reset wording in nav_controls_spec
e17f0e9 2017-12-21 Add reset cache button to pipelines view
1eb207f 2017-12-21 Add tests for projects#reset_cache
a8c016d 2017-12-21 Stub ResetProjectCacheService
d69f0fe 2017-12-21 Stub out project#reset_cache
ecba48b 2017-12-18 Inverse the has_multiple_clusters? helper usage
2b45ae0 2017-12-18 Hardcode clusters helper in CE
dd66c6a 2017-12-18 Use helper for feature check in cluster partials
56f719f 2017-12-16 Revert save button caption change
614c0e0 2017-12-16 Update GCP feature spec with check page flow
8a13ef4 2017-12-16 Add environment scope field to cluster forms
9616e70 2017-12-16 Allow environment_scope in cluster controllers
886fd13 2017-12-16 Add Worker rerun action to GcpController
6385941 2017-12-16 Add CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker to sidekiq queue
c98238f 2017-12-16 Inluce projects namespace when checking billing
6c0fd3c 2017-12-16 Handle html format in addition to json
9142609 2017-12-16 Expand controller test suite matrix
935a27c 2017-12-16 Use 1 minute for status polling interval
99043d2 2017-12-16 Add lease to CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker
78f85f3 2017-12-16 Add check step for creating GCP clusters
1de0261 2017-12-16 Isolate CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker specreturns
68b95cd 2017-12-16 Add CheckGcpProjectBillingWorker
291480f 2017-12-16 Properly CamelCase service name
87f0150 2017-12-16 Add CheckGCPProjectBillingService
84d8ca1 2017-12-15 Change link for creating a new Google account
957bedb 2017-12-15 Add Google Cloud client project billing info
596ea9e 2017-12-15 Add Google Cloud client project list
497a0cd 2017-12-13 Fix cluster OAuth feature spec user flow
cc9b609 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'master' into 39957-redirect-to-gpc-page-if...
5a1ebf1 2017-12-11 Remove Add Cluster button in clusters/index
d606062 2017-12-11 Add CHANGELOG entry
eae1b82 2017-12-11 Remove tab navigation from clusters/index
4882c79 2017-12-11 Remove cluster scope from ClustersController#index
eb9f883 2017-12-10 Use special new account link
0ef16b2 2017-12-05 Remove redundant empty line in CreateService spec
dbb8644 2017-12-05 Refactor Clusters::CreateService spec
0ac2d8a 2017-12-05 Remove Add Cluster button from clusters/index
b6e3250 2017-12-05 Update externalized strings pot
2d9670b 2017-12-05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into list-m...
fc4f316 2017-12-05 Remove trailing whitespace from Clusters spec
83648f2 2017-12-05 Move can_toggle_cluster? from helper to presenter
2eb41b5 2017-12-05 Mock Kaminari paginates_per instead of setting it
4d75901 2017-12-05 Use ClustersFinder for setting counts
f81503a 2017-12-05 Fix overwritten project.cluster replacement
6a33726 2017-12-05 Fix empty state partial check
d9819cb 2017-12-05 Fix rpsec all matchers in ClustersController specs
fbe130e 2017-12-05 Test for empty state partial instead of index view
8530506 2017-12-05 Remove redundant view_clusters assignment
daceafc 2017-12-05 Replace Exception with ArgumentError
c407d61 2017-12-05 Remove redundant return in Clusters::CreateService
f1357a1 2017-12-04 Remove references of project.cluster from specs
a42b43c 2017-12-04 Remove cluster from Project model
9710015 2017-12-04 Add CHANGELOG entry
bb80d43 2017-12-04 Refactor GCP Client#user_agent_header to use #tap
68b43f4 2017-12-04 Test usage of custom user agent in GCP Client
04c6d10 2017-12-04 Use RequestOptions in GCP Client user_agent_header
50c8bd6 2017-12-03 Generate user agent header for GCP Client
363c574 2017-12-03 Raise error when trying to create second cluster
7691e01 2017-12-03 Refactor clusters feature spec unused variable
bc874a6 2017-12-02 Add check for cluster change after toggle
dc1ba68 2017-12-02 Remove stray pry binding in spec
c2bf452 2017-12-01 Refactor ClustersController pagination test
9199d30 2017-12-01 Add can_toggle_cluster? helper
ce704a9 2017-12-01 Add created? to Cluster model
b7f3536 2017-12-01 Add specs JSON PUT #delete for ClustersController
5fb8b2f 2017-12-01 Refactor disabled cluster testing to use trait
f605743 2017-12-01 Rename spec local variable to avoid shadowing
42d87f9 2017-12-01 Refactor pagination check into separate context
ea16479 2017-12-01 Remove redundant to_params
74bdaae 2017-11-30 Add link to create Google account in clusters page
976e22e 2017-11-30 Use strings for @scope in ClustersController#index
85e4e70 2017-11-30 Fix Cluster index view @scope logic
062f011 2017-11-29 Default to :all scope for ClustersController#index
a4a389a 2017-11-28 BE for automatic pipeline when enabling Auto DevOps
6e46df3 2017-11-28 Update ClustersController to match new scope logic
3de1ba6 2017-11-28 Move cluster sourcing from before_action to #index
899a809 2017-11-28 Use attr_reader instead of instance variables
6f72039 2017-11-28 Expose scope to view in ClustersController#index
8796e72 2017-11-28 Refactor ClustersFinder
63b08da 2017-11-27 Fix redundant newline in clusters functional test
0ac6cad 2017-11-27 Show specific cluster page when testing Ingress
b70718f 2017-11-27 Expect the correct link after destroying cluster
c2d9d5d 2017-11-27 Change click_button to click_link occurence
061b496 2017-11-27 Fix symbolization error in #clusters
e1f9219 2017-11-27 Add specs for scoping in ClustersController
374347f 2017-11-27 Add pagination specs for ClustersController
f2727ba 2017-11-27 Add specs for cluster counters
aec7bbf 2017-11-27 Use current_user in ClustersController#clusters
d1ba15c 2017-11-27 Add specs for ClustersFinder
554bf24 2017-11-27 Add cluster pagination to ClustersController#index
01c9d8f 2017-11-27 Use global project variable in ClustersFinder
48b2563 2017-11-27 Fix mixup with enabled/disabled in ClustersFinder
efc610d 2017-11-27 Use ClustersFinder in ClustersController#clusters
0af5ae9 2017-11-27 Create ClustersFinder
52bc826 2017-11-27 Add cluster counts to ClustersController#index
36d24c3 2017-11-24 Simplify Clusters::CreateService cluster check
afcfe18 2017-11-18 Check behaviour when adding more than one cluster
1a9cef7 2017-11-18 Limit projects to just one cluster
cc0c611 2017-11-16 Move cluster loading to ClustersController#index
c544266 2017-11-16 Use new logic in project/clusters functional test
98653ba 2017-11-16 Check cluster listing logic instead of redirects
b0a8840 2017-11-16 List multiple clusters on ClustersController#index
9809e1d 2017-11-16 Find cluster by id in ClustersController#cluster
5423e54 2017-11-05 Harcode project visibility
576f0a5 2017-11-04 Expose project visibility as CI variable
48fcb06 2017-07-29 Bump google-protobuf to 3.3.0