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#130 Martin Wortschack - All time
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Hash Date Message
7696128 2018-10-08 Focus project slug on tab navigation
337b2c8 2018-10-04 Resolve "Add new "Overview" tab on user profile page"
02bf354 2018-10-03 CE port Resolve "Create a generic event listener for tra...
5d709e7 2018-10-02 Resolve "Selecting an autofill suggestion for project na...
1a815e7 2018-10-01 Resolve "Private profile help url should not toggle chec...
26225e7 2018-09-19 Utilize expanded_by_default
df9cb93 2018-09-19 Add empty controller actions and utilize referer_path he...
0df1184 2018-09-18 Groups test cases by context
a7071de 2018-09-18 Parse request.referer properly
68ac430 2018-09-18 Rename helper method
cecb0fd 2018-09-18 Adds translations
2699579 2018-09-17 Removes the 'required' attribute from the 'project name'...
7cbda61 2018-09-14 Adds 'Snowplow' section to Integrations
5aa5593 2018-09-14 Moves 'External Authorization' before 'Web terminal'
4f5f14a 2018-09-14 Removes duplicated sections
0daee83 2018-09-14 Resolve "Username alignment issue on MR page"
378242d 2018-09-14 Adds empty methods for 'geo' and 'templates'
08a52c4 2018-09-13 Removes divider in flyout menu
8c70700 2018-09-13 Resolve "Choosing “Initialize repo with a README” breaks...
48ee697 2018-09-11 remove 'Geo' and 'Templates' template from CE and displa...
b4c7e72 2018-09-11 load usage ping script on admin settings subpage only
a2f7936 2018-09-11 merge master and resolve conflicts
bfd2181 2018-09-10 use referer for redirect instead of hidden field param f...
03ab130 2018-09-08 Resolve "Create new project: Re-add project name field"
bf5972e 2018-09-07 fix test for usage statistics
27319d5 2018-09-07 fix broken path
92bbcf9 2018-09-06 merge master and resolve conflicts
d92b7f7 2018-09-06 add breadcrumb and page title for sub pages on admin set...
276e78e 2018-09-06 handle redirect properly
3b8994d 2018-09-06 add 'redirect_path' parameter to forms
379c313 2018-09-06 Resolve "Update presentation for SSO providers on log in...
e3d48eb 2018-09-05 remove trailing whitespaces
02b86d3 2018-09-05 fix tests
c3be5cf 2018-09-05 fix qa selector
e11053d 2018-09-05 fix tests
be41338 2018-09-05 redirect to the relevant sub page after updating applica...
7a69806 2018-09-05 update PO file
cc05ab0 2018-09-05 adds 'Geo' sub page to application settings
3bb720e 2018-09-04 split application settings into multiple sub pages
6b6afa1 2018-09-04 Conditional partial rendering for EE in application sett...
290512d 2018-08-26 set margin for user status emoji globally
77ca5b4 2018-08-21 resolves MR discussions:
17697e9 2018-08-17 keeps margin for user status emojis consistent
3e51c5e 2018-01-02 Clears visual token on second backspace