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#134 Markus Koller - All time
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Hash Date Message
904b6dd 2018-06-28 Don't hash user ID in OIDC subject claim
b7cd99c 2018-02-08 Allow including custom attributes in API responses
693a6c1 2017-12-07 Use Markdown styling for new project guidelines
b8a3931 2017-12-04 Add custom brand text on new project pages
257fd57 2017-11-23 Allow password authentication to be disabled entirely
1f773a8 2017-11-06 Support custom attributes on groups
6902848 2017-11-06 Support custom attributes on projects
fab06c9 2017-11-01 Update gitlab-markup and PlantUML docs
5e4bf3d 2017-10-12 Upgrade mail and nokogiri gems due to security issues
e9eae3e 2017-09-28 Support custom attributes on users
0c46598 2017-09-20 Upgrade gitlab-markup gem
26eadca 2017-09-20 Upgrade doorkeeper-openid_connect
f5c38ec 2017-09-19 Add link to OpenID Connect documentation
b2178c1 2017-08-31 Upgrade mail and nokogiri gems due to security issues
21cf3d2 2017-08-29 Add documentation for PlantUML in reStructuredText
e6adc50 2017-08-28 Upgrade brace-expansion NPM package due to security issue
dbfe4c5 2017-08-16 Add badge for dependency status
d27dec8 2017-07-27 Support custom directory in gitlab:backup:create task
a49c5d1 2017-04-06 Rename skip_tfa session variable to skip_two_factor
8e66514 2017-04-06 Rename check_2fa_requirement to check_two_factor_require...
7140e09 2017-04-06 Extract 2FA-related code from ApplicationController
a3430f0 2017-04-06 Support 2FA requirement per-group
57374fe 2017-04-06 Move AuthHelper#two_factor_skippable? into ApplicationCo...
b2ca28d 2017-03-07 Add specs for Doorkeeper resource_owner_authenticator
972678b 2017-03-07 Remove whitespace in Gemfile
8699c83 2017-03-07 Require explicit scopes on personal access tokens
eefbc83 2017-03-07 Only use API scopes for personal access tokens
93daeee 2017-03-07 Don't allow blocked users to authenticate through other ...
789db2c 2017-03-07 Make sure scopes are loaded in admin OAuth application form
6bf7037 2017-03-07 Remove duplicated code in Oauth::AuthorizationsController
c498289 2017-03-07 Implement OpenID Connect identity provider
09a0410 2017-02-08 Update API docs for new namespace format
3ef4f74 2016-12-21 Add more storage statistics
6fd58ee 2016-12-21 Remove rake task update_commit_count
b8d8fd7 2016-12-21 Remove unused ProjectsHelper#round_commit_count
d5c4977 2016-12-21 Consistently use current_user in API entities
d05dd81 2016-12-21 Don't expose all namespace fields in API
bd0c171 2016-12-20 fixup! Log messages when blocking/unblocking LDAP accounts
9bdbf84 2016-12-20 fixup! Log messages when blocking/unblocking LDAP accounts
e87e280 2016-12-20 Log messages when blocking/unblocking LDAP accounts
68364fe 2016-09-28 Log LDAP lookup errors and don't swallow unrelated excep...