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#116 Mark Pundsack - All time
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531bdd6 2018-09-10 Update
ecb1516 2017-11-09 Simplify Feature Proposal template
6f136ba 2017-04-12 Add link to environments on
a5d0459 2017-02-16 Fix job status -> pipeline status
293a54a 2017-02-10 Add image description
2338aa6 2017-02-06 Add image titles
4a38a3b 2017-02-06 Add development workflows
e278feb 2017-02-06 Update image
6a2eda9 2017-02-06 Add image
345e94f 2017-02-06 Document types of pipelines
3032e97 2016-07-27 Update
5495166 2016-07-25 Clarify CI script needing to quote colons
4e321b0 2016-07-21 Explain CI_PROJECT_NAMESPACE better
fa8d3ac 2016-07-21 Improve grammar of manual actions documentation
c98475f 2016-07-21 Document when Docker Registery manifest v1 support was a...
9379d0b 2016-07-20 Clarify artifacts:name default value
e9305ca 2016-07-18 Update documentation for build artifact dependencies
81a34f2 2016-07-13 Cleanup feature proposal template
82b32c2 2016-06-22 Fix link
4693b74 2016-06-21 Clarify artifact expiry
0582c08 2016-06-20 Add 'and builds'
a03cadc 2016-06-20 Move Pipelines and Builds definitions to their own page
41af86b 2016-06-20 Move Pipelines and Builds definitions to their own page
edfe2e2 2016-06-20 Add CD
a1c2b16 2016-06-20 Add pipeline image
a0fefc2 2016-06-20 Add definitions and tweak some docs. Partially fixes #17733
e45372b 2016-06-18 Grammar and typographic changes to artifacts documentation
20a0679 2016-06-18 Tweak grammar
5de95d4 2016-06-17 Update GIT_DEPTH wording
4e0f9ee 2016-06-17 Clean up TOC
da6d148 2016-06-17 Add to TOC
ec444e0 2016-06-17 Add GIT_STRATEGY and GIT_DEPTH
846c659 2016-06-17 Turn note into normal text
5f98c99 2016-06-17 Document environments and deployments
fb2b1ae 2016-06-17 Tweak grammar
6d9ed76 2016-06-15 Document CI_BUILD_TOKEN
6ed7fca 2016-06-14 Remove our
8df7d90 2016-06-14 De-note-ify
aefb08c 2016-06-14 Clarify dind example
4c57104 2016-06-14 Make minor grammar change
f95791d 2016-06-14 Make Achilleas' suggested changes
a7caea9 2016-06-14 Use docker:latest
35ce04e 2016-06-14 Move registry CI example to CI docs
6f834ec 2016-06-14 Reformat notes
b0cbeb1 2016-06-14 Remove unnecessary message
b393478 2016-06-14 Refactor notes
1c02ef9 2016-06-14 Drop some 'however's
46114ed 2016-06-14 Add more pros and cons for each docker approach
e97af05 2016-06-14 Fix docker volume
db656a3 2016-06-14 Fix more references to old gitlab-runner
6ca1370 2016-06-14 Fix more instructions
9b30f26 2016-06-14 Fix runner CLI instructions
8412844 2016-06-14 Fix instructions
d9cbe01 2016-06-14 Moar commas
6841e76 2016-06-14 Add notes
d7664c7 2016-06-14 Add example using GitLab Container Registry
4209212 2016-06-14 Add docker bind-mount as an option
17eb515 2016-06-14 Fix some grammar
4a61c05 2016-04-21 Update
315d875 2016-03-16 Fix typo in