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#195 Mark Lapierre - All time
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Hash Date Message
5944ff5 2018-10-10 Add test to add a new project member
a9f6d55 2018-10-10 Retry registration 3 times before failing
d36055c 2018-10-09 Add tests of adding file templates
03ee488 2018-10-08 Allow the registration e2e test to be skipped
5919c8f 2018-10-02 Revisit the login page when attempt to retry login
3317c4b 2018-10-01 Don't check for the groups list before filtering
8589fa8 2018-09-28 Optimize groups filter
1bc9e60 2018-09-27 Set initial password if prompted
38b95a4 2018-09-26 Update selectors for QA::Page::Group::Show
98db20f 2018-09-25 Assert successful sign in after registration
633c712 2018-09-24 Allow registration when LDAP is enabled
b9dde18 2018-09-20 QA: Fix failure in merge_merge_request_from_fork_spec.rb
0337208 2018-09-17 Fix: set initial password even if using admin credentials
6cf55e5 2018-09-15 Add an SSH key and use it to clone and push
28e80db 2018-09-10 Enable signing in as admin when adding a license
a212055 2018-08-17 Add Test plan issue template
18ded5f 2018-04-25 Change language to be more inclusive of those with acces...