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#109 Mark Fletcher - All time
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4865a7a 2017-04-05 Enable creation of deploy keys with write access via the...
4597654 2017-03-16 Fix archive prefix bug for refs containing dots
3a6c7a2 2017-03-15 Display full project name with namespace upon deletion
b5b4489 2017-03-07 Don't show links to tag a commit for non permitted users
4c3412c 2017-03-02 Update profiles/account view to display new username
3ac54d2 2017-03-02 Ensure archive download is only one directory deep
61baf35 2017-03-02 Enable filtering milestones by search criteria in the API
d342593 2017-02-22 Add housekeeping endpoint for Projects API
87fe6a2 2017-02-22 Document when current coverage configuration option was ...
ba374a5 2017-02-15 Specify that only project owners can transfer a project
7a8d0aa 2017-02-15 Ensure only commit comments relevant to target project a...
1fc6f6c 2017-02-14 Execute web hooks for WikiPage delete operation
a616b47 2017-02-14 Add tests for WikiPages services
109e8ef 2017-02-14 Make WikiPage comparable according to StaticModel interface
72c68b9 2017-01-11 Fix Users API to accept confirm parameter
b5f4fc8 2017-01-03 Fix groups API to accept path when transferring a project
63fcf13 2017-01-03 Fix Commits API to accept a Project path upon POST
9f97fa4 2016-12-16 Ensure issuable state changes only fire webhooks once
3c476ee 2016-10-13 Maintain "force_remove_source_branch" options on Merge R...
58d0252 2016-09-19 Ensure validation messages are shown within the mileston...
7a83df7 2016-08-25 Link to the issue templates in Contributing guide
b1add60 2016-08-24 Reflect template addition in the contributing guide
4b40767 2016-08-23 First pass for community issue templates
2835688 2016-08-09 Clarify the features for generating default label sets
2e8f039 2016-06-03 Document the API endpoint for gathering a build log