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#132 Mark Chao - All time
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Hash Date Message
a63bce1 2018-07-11 Resolve "Rename the `Master` role to `Maintainer`" Backend
2be54f1 2018-07-11 Fix doc for large table column rename
389a22e 2018-07-06 Backport of EE changes in
4f795ed 2018-07-04 Backport from EE !5954
d907b89 2018-07-02 Fix notify_conflict? raising exception when branches do ...
ea25fbb 2018-06-25 Notify conflict only for opened/locked merge requests
e7e4122 2018-06-25 [11.0] Notify only merge request unmergeable due to conf...
937bd9e 2018-06-20 Fix possiblilty of branch not found
5b994b8 2018-06-20 Notify only when unmergeable due to conflict
00c68e1 2018-06-16 Fix xss for Markdown elements where [[_TOC_]] is enabled
53131e6 2018-06-14 Flush cache for project list
68cb1c2 2018-06-08 Revert rename allow collaboration column
dd42cab 2018-06-06 Update gitlab flow doc
9980869 2018-06-06 Update readme
faf0073 2018-06-06 add changelog
9fa7046 2018-06-06 fix lock spec
1c7ab76 2018-06-06 doc
a0b6784 2018-06-06 policy
5ee56c9 2018-06-06 lock permission
748f8fe 2018-06-06 group runners
a6c15c5 2018-06-06 change wording
15469fe 2018-06-06 doc
8c24e78 2018-06-06 wording
dc28ef0 2018-06-06 View update
d5a303c 2018-06-06 Doc update
7c965a2 2018-06-06 Fix spec
cfcc704 2018-06-06 Rename “Developers + Masters”
a8b570d 2018-06-06 Rename master to maintainer
4f20bf9 2018-06-04 Backport EE SlashCommand Refactor
0d44f4d 2018-06-01 Rephrase "maintainer" to more precise "members who can m...
180685b 2018-05-31 Fix merge request unmergeable notification email plural ...
13aa6f6 2018-05-24 Add spec
d839b88 2018-05-21 Add created_by_me and assigned_to_me scopes
b1ab160 2018-05-18 Avoid race condition of re-triggering mark_as_unchecked
a660f54 2018-05-18 Plural reason(s)