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#181 Mario de la Ossa - All time
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Hash Date Message
02741ca 2018-05-07 Backport 5480-epic-notifications from EE
5c20788 2018-05-04 Backport of 4084-epics-username-autocomplete
4cb3b71 2018-03-19 Always notify new mentions even if explicitly unsubscribed
f9d6171 2018-03-06 Gitlab::Utils - backport `.ensure_array_from_string` fro...
158514b 2018-03-02 SlackService - respect `notify_only_default_branch` for ...
3581a78 2018-02-07 Updating `HelpController` spec to use an existing image
eaada9d 2018-02-02 use Gitlab::UserSettings directly as a singleton instead...
233a986 2018-01-29 Fix grape-route-helper route shadowing
23a20c2 2018-01-17 Initial work to add notification reason to emails
75cf5f5 2017-12-30 User#projects_limit remove DB default and added NOT NULL...
f88d597 2017-12-27 Add pause/resume button to specific project runners
e1f5c2b 2017-12-21 Do not show Vue pagination if only one page
9410fbe 2017-12-19 Fix tags in the Activity tab not being clickable
d02059d 2017-12-19 BlobViewer::PackageJson - if private link to homepage
b037893 2017-12-19 Do not generate links for private NPM modules in blob view