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9d88152 2018-10-01 Merge branch 'be-more-agressive-cleaning-up-review-apps'...
4ce9f2f 2018-09-24 Merge branch 'upgrade-eslint' into 'master'
8acbb7d 2018-09-20 Merge branch '51201-document-review-apps-docs' into 'mas...
550eeff 2018-07-18 Merge branch 'docs-update-chart-docs' into 'master'
1f6b569 2018-07-18 Point to charts docs for beta limitations of the gitlab ...
080cbda 2018-06-28 Drop the spec in YamlProcessor that reads current .gitla...
c82b577 2018-06-27 Merge branch 'doc-exception-request-links' into 'master'
dd72134 2018-06-14 Move the trigger-build script into one location to serve...
99dfb12 2018-06-14 Merge branch '11-0-stable-prepare-rc12' into '11-0-stable'
4970c8c 2018-06-13 Merge branch 'add-documentation-to-freeze' into 'master'
09d0dbb 2018-06-12 Merge branch 'mk/remove-unnecessary-and-broken-example-d...
8df2e8c 2018-05-30 Merge branch 'docs/broken-link-code-review-guidelines' i...
c6140b0 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'docker-backup-restore-doc' into 'master'
83660e5 2018-05-18 Merge branch 'docker-backup-restore-doc' into 'master'
fe21dfc 2018-04-23 Merge branch '45433-upgrade-doorkeeper' into 'master'
c0eabb8 2018-04-23 Merge branch '45433-upgrade-doorkeeper' into 'master'
87e592d 2018-04-20 Merge branch 'sh-redis-cache-persistence-ha-docs' into '...
923f5af 2018-04-18 Merge branch 'fix/security-docs-link' into 'master'
8feab94 2018-04-17 Merge branch 'security-dev-docs' into 'master'
8e26fbf 2018-04-12 Merge branch 'fix/gb/fix-pipeline-statuses-illustrations...
b9d868e 2018-04-12 Merge branch 'fix/gb/fix-pipeline-statuses-illustrations...
6df03ea 2018-04-11 Merge branch 'revert-e9e800f5' into 'master'
fd35eb8 2018-04-11 Merge branch 'revert-e9e800f5' into 'master'
e4c8a84 2018-04-10 Merge branch 'revert-e9e800f5' into 'master'
1bca36b 2018-04-05 Merge branch 'master' of
c48a9c7 2018-04-05 Merge branch 'security-fixes-to-master' into 'master'
7d15764 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'cherry-pick-058dd1' into '10-6-stable'
4380c0e 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'cherry-pick-ab8f13c3' into '10-6-stable'
80f7232 2018-03-26 Merge branch 'jej/fix-grape-protected-branch-fallback-re...
9fd2d9e 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'toon-master-patch-57286' into 'master'
86e95c4 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'pages-6-1-gitlab-10-5' into 'security-10-5'
6276eab 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'pages-6-1-gitlab-10-5' into 'security-10-5'
c95d531 2018-02-27 Merge branch 'pages-6-1-gitlab-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
e7d9e25 2018-02-27 Merge branch 'pages-6-1' into 'security-10-4'
7389ccf 2018-02-27 Merge branch 'pages-6-1-gitlab-10-5' into 'security-10-5'
3eaabc0 2018-02-15 Merge branch '10-5-stable-prepare-rc7' into '10-5-stable'
3ea923a 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'process-update' into 'master'
b2d6824 2018-02-14 Update Process document with changes to the exception re...
1f46500 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'bump-gitlab-shell-version-to-6-0-3' into '...
f69d6a7 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'bump-gitlab-shell-version-to-6-0-3' into '...
06a66b6 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-update-dependencies-license-list' int...
7e26c59 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-update-dependencies-license-list' int...
152ca9f 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-update-templates' into 'master'
1ae41ac 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-ce-update-guides' into 'master'
ed6743d 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-update-source-install-guide' into 'ma...
1587e33 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'sh-fix-rebase-in-progress-nplus-one' into ...
b2761d1 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-update-templates' into 'master'
f0f9891 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-ce-update-guides' into 'master'
3da5673 2018-02-08 Merge branch '10-5-update-source-install-guide' into 'ma...
6ea755f 2018-02-08 Merge branch '2018-02-08-ce-cut-off-to-10-5-stable' into...
297b075 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'sh-fix-rebase-in-progress-nplus-one' into ...
2d5f10b 2018-02-06 Merge branch 'zj-protobuf' into 'master'
b2c2d10 2018-01-25 Merge branch 'revert-9f5390d8' into 'master'
49dfcd0 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'vendor-10-4-auto-devops-template' into 'ma...
ea14c1e 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'vendor-10-4-auto-devops-template' into 'ma...
418cb37 2018-01-19 Merge branch '10-4-stable-prepare-rc8' into '10-4-stable'
a18f292 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'add-opensuse-to-supported-list' into 'master'
e124d79 2018-01-12 Merge branch '10-4-stable-prepare-rc4' into '10-4-stable'
df4afa1 2018-01-11 Merge branch '10-4-stable-prepare-rc3' into '10-4-stable'
c550034 2018-01-11 Merge branch '10-4-stable-prepare-rc3-with-missing-commi...
c3debf1 2018-01-08 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-41735' into 'master'
64ef3bf 2018-01-07 Merge branch '10-4-licenses-update' into 'master'
4ddc5db 2018-01-07 Merge branch '10-4-templates-update' into 'master'
59b11c3 2018-01-07 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-41735' into 'master'
fced41b 2018-01-03 Merge branch 'align-chart-docs' into 'master'
a17fad9 2018-01-02 Merge branch 'change-asset-sync-env-variables' into 'mas...
2932373 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'docs/omnibus-2452-tidy-gitlab-application'...
1bc9fe3 2017-12-15 Merge branch 'bump-git-2-14-3' into 'master'
e7278b9 2017-11-21 Merge branch 'master' of
8bb4285 2017-10-21 Remove empty lines. [CI skip]
ac731ca 2017-10-21 Change location of the maintenance policy document. Add ...
8834fa9 2017-10-12 Remove empty lines. [CI skip]
06d4448 2017-10-11 Change location of the maintenance policy document. Add ...
4d23da6 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'po-lint-require' into 'master'
28060ca 2017-09-01 Merge branch 'master' of
bf51ab8 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'google-protobuf-' into 'master'
7d38df3 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'master' of
5c13c73 2017-08-14 Revert "Merge branch 'zj-fix-charlock_holmes' into 'mast...
0430007 2017-08-01 Add code review guidelines related to Build [CI skip].
d95e6da 2017-07-25 Merge branch 'update-external-registry-documentation' in...
6c8ea9f 2017-07-19 Merge branch 'trigger-only-on-official-repo' into 'master'
97a6ec4 2017-07-10 Revert "Merge branch 'update_bootsnap_1.1.1' into 'master'"
f225cc9 2017-07-09 Merge branch 'dm-routing-helpers-fix' into 'master'
58359f2 2017-07-07 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-pre.
80da1a5 2017-07-06 Merge branch 'helm-runner-doc-certs' into 'master'
07f6ab2 2017-06-26 Merge branch 'master' of
270ca89 2017-06-22 Merge branch 'patch-17' into 'master'
632b992 2017-06-15 Merge branch 'fall-back-to-gzip-when-missing-optional-de...
5478ff6 2017-06-12 Merge branch 'fall-back-to-gzip-when-missing-optional-de...
8a9e241 2017-05-29 Merge branch '32918-enable-ee-trigger' into 'master'
78de1c0 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'zj-faster-image-trigger-builds' into 'master'
13c228b 2017-05-09 Merge branch 'improve-trigger-docs' into 'master'
709d70a 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'manual-build-trigger' into 'master'
9ec0380 2017-03-03 Merge branch '3440-remove-hsts-header-from-rails-app' in...
9c3d21e 2017-02-27 Merge branch 'balu-update-container-registry-docs' into ...
7c8033e 2017-02-06 Merge branch '27685-update_ha_docs' into 'master'
707ce83 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' of
a8b4c75 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' of
213d55d 2017-02-06 Map configuration to directory locations and add default...
3f01f05 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' of
b22838e 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'master' of
58786a7 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'disable-automatic-login-on-email-confirmat...
3fc91a3 2017-01-11 Merge branch 'backup-restore-documentation-tips' into 'm...
8aba0b0 2016-12-28 Update for 8.15.2
790035f 2016-12-28 Update for 8.15.2
e09c6df 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'update-git-version-in-doc' into 'master'
c61a9b0 2016-11-16 Correct the idle_timeout in the docs for installation fr...
c44a778 2016-11-16 Add mail_room idle_timeout to the Changelog.
04f2dd6 2016-11-16 Add idle_timeout to reply by email doc.
aa9a289 2016-11-16 Make mail_room idle_timeout option configurable.
de52b57 2016-10-17 Merge branch 'bug/rst-forked-gem' into 'master'
36dafbb 2016-10-13 Merge branch 'bug/rst-forked-gem' into 'master'
346e677 2016-08-22 Update VERSION to 8.11.0
03e3dd5 2016-08-22 Remove unreleased from 8.11.0 section of CHANGELOG.
0f2ffb7 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'gitlab_shell_version_update' into 'master'
a16ac37 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'gitlab_shell_version_update' into 'master'
65c2599 2016-08-20 Update gitlab-shell to v3.4.0
85f324c 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'custom-registry-storage-docs' into 'master'
8436125 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'custom-registry-storage-docs' into 'master'
18dddc0 2016-05-22 Initial docker container registry configuration docs.
9393d6b 2016-05-12 Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master'
2f5394f 2016-04-26 Merge branch 'master' of
c746046 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'external-omniauth-providers' into 'master'
af8df7e 2016-03-29 Merge branch 'master' of
90c10f4 2016-03-14 Merge branch 'master' of
b2c641d 2016-02-26 Fix syntax error in autosave coffeescript.
4f946f0 2016-02-23 Merge branch 'uploads-700' into 'master'
f317d5f 2016-02-23 Merge branch 'uploads-700' into 'master'
9d0065f 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'hotfix/ruby-21-broken-update' into 'master'
34a12e8 2016-01-28 Update sentry-raven gem.
f8ed531 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'changelog_fix' into '8-4-stable'
a4a4643 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'changelog_master' into 'master'
1b1c0ba 2016-01-22 Version 8.4.0
56adae8 2016-01-21 Version 8.4.0-rc3
99393cd 2016-01-13 Version 8.4.0.rc1
fbb8b6e 2015-12-29 Version 8.3.2
450ea19 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'recaptcha_to_stable' into '8-3-stable'
6245be0 2015-12-08 All for you rubocop.
ea5b462 2015-12-08 Stub the calls to disk and check what send_file returns.
9bf51ae 2015-12-08 Fix specs caused by update of gitlab-test repo.
bf17609 2015-12-07 Rename blob helper, bump version of gitlab_git to 7.2.21.
e53b350 2015-12-07 Add specs for showing lfs object in UI.
0c377a7 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'fix_mailer_queue' into 'master'
b2c4675 2015-12-04 Recursivity needed if a fork is a fork of a fork.
b9a0f96 2015-12-04 Don't show diffs for lfs pointers.
ea52a81 2015-12-03 Move the file serving to Raw controller, add a few ifs t...
0a081e7 2015-12-03 If a user clicks on the LFS object, it should be served ...
5c0be31 2015-11-25 Remove some repetition in notify spec.
5613592 2015-11-25 If action link is not found, return nil.
7da750c 2015-11-25 Specs for links in email notifications for Gmail Actions.
0985032 2015-11-24 Also fallback to a default value if none is set.
01bd7ba 2015-11-24 Spell out commands for omnibus-gitlab packages.
9595ec0 2015-11-24 Maybe rescue session_expire_delay by setting a default v...
899807f 2015-11-20 Update required version of lfs client and separate the d...
807c1a9 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'lfs-batch-download' into 'master'
89dec03 2015-11-20 Error 501 when client is using deprecated API.
dbc0be1 2015-11-20 Error 501 when client is using deprecated API.
6fe8c22 2015-11-20 Add lfs to backup specs.
a2001ee 2015-11-20 Backup LFS objects same as any upload.
03442eb 2015-11-20 Lfs on by default.
225bbf8 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'update-lfs-docs' into 'master'
2219743 2015-11-19 Add lfs to backup specs.
3cc2b48 2015-11-19 Backup LFS objects same as any upload.
060e59f 2015-11-19 Lfs on by default.
bf3c0aa 2015-11-18 USe reject.
d9c4625 2015-11-18 Specs that failed before the fix.
f5e3d93 2015-11-18 Check which folders and archives should be packed before...
6c62f18 2015-11-18 Updates to the lfs doc.
d27e400 2015-11-17 LFS doc, first draft
84c71e5 2015-11-16 Add unique to oid index for lfs object.
f445d3d 2015-11-16 unique is for indexes.
14032d8 2015-11-16 Add support for git lfs.
3c3e577 2015-10-22 Add builds to the docs as a valid skip option for backups.
144eef3 2015-10-05 Update ci to ce doc to make it clearer when you are done...
d0e7498 2015-09-25 Merge branch 'unicorn-listen-8080' into 'master'
241ec7a 2015-09-23 Merge branch 'fix-mr-missing-source-branch-error' into '...
e2be419 2015-09-22 Add to migration on what to do if you don't want your data.
a65aa45 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'ci-migration-doc-improvements' into 'master'
3980922 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'ci-migration-doc-improvements' into 'master'
d70c051 2015-09-22 Version 8.0.0
bdb19ae 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'fix-ci-migration-docs' into 'master'
548b7ce 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'fix-ci-migration-docs' into 'master'
2c846bb 2015-09-21 Version 8.0.0.rc3
619f469 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'ci-migrate-version-fix' into 'master'
f9befb2 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'ci-migrate-version-fix' into 'master'
b2b6a17 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'optimize-ci-tags-migration' into 'master'
d2c90d7 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'optimize-ci-tags-migration' into 'master'
4e33b47 2015-09-17 Update the link in integration readme.
1247076 2015-09-17 Remove double png.
8379a1c 2015-09-17 Add Gmail actions button for GitLab doc.
0306112 2015-09-17 Version 8.0.0.rc1
0ecc57f 2015-09-15 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-emoji' into 'master'
8bd419d 2015-09-07 Merge branch 'upgrade-redis-required-check' into 'master'
308c642 2015-09-01 Merge branch 'use_db_for_application_settings' into 'mas...
3a8773f 2015-09-01 Added USE_DB env var to allow loading fake settings with...
aa1c321 2015-09-01 Merge branch 'master' of
232422f 2015-08-27 Add omnibus-gitlab configuration example.
eb86e3e 2015-07-30 Merge branch 'fix-rake-import-check' into 'master'
25d9a7f 2015-07-29 Merge branch 'backup-archive-permissions' into 'master'
0fc5c80 2015-07-28 Remove docs and rake task for gmail actions to prevent p...
6e5209b 2015-07-28 Use mdash to prevent breaking html emails.
0e8dd61 2015-07-23 Check if session_expire_delay column exists before addin...
6e08e7a 2015-07-22 Check if session_expire_delay column exists before addin...
ca45136 2015-07-22 Remove docs and rake task for gmail actions to prevent p...
aee579e 2015-07-22 Use mdash to prevent breaking html emails.
39dc39e 2015-07-22 Merge branch 'master' of
da039ed 2015-07-20 Merge branch 'master' of
8fa9da4 2015-07-20 Merge branch 'set-omniauth-full-host' into 'master'
77f325a 2015-07-17 Do not disappoint rubocop.
c7daa5f 2015-07-17 Add specs for gitlab ci service validity.
302c525 2015-07-17 Fix failing specs after adding format verification for t...
c3e3591 2015-07-17 Validate format of project_url and token for GitLab CI s...
9b6f1c5 2015-07-16 Merge branch 'master' of
f502a83 2015-07-16 Merge branch 'master' of
057d45f 2015-07-13 Use password field default password masking.
64c5750 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'hsts-check-port-443' into 'master'
e745b9e 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1939' into 'master'
83c2abc 2015-06-29 Add a troubleshooting section for backup restore docs, e...
d835b20 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'SAML_1888' into 'master'
c342a9a 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'SAML_1888' into 'master'
82b21a8 2015-06-19 Set build preparation script as executable.
0abd565 2015-06-18 Use correct name for the script.
2b49706 2015-06-18 Move prepare_build script to scripts dir.
b6688f8 2015-06-17 Add a build preparation script, modify to ...
c6c3577 2015-06-16 Use explicit if.
4c31753 2015-06-15 If kerberos is enabled require it.
86d35ed 2015-06-15 Update SSL ciphers per logjam vulnerability recommendati...
168d5ea 2015-06-15 Merge branch 'master' of
cb980c0 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'update-install-docs' into 'master'
df346e9 2015-06-11 Add a note that changing example configuration files req...
7af2fbb 2015-06-03 Add a changelog item.
a1be236 2015-06-03 Trigger hooks-create on gitlab backup restore.
7044d64 2015-06-03 Add autocrlf back to installation docs, add a check for it.
5f7d6c7 2015-06-03 Remove gitlab:env:check task.
c4cb563 2015-06-02 Merge pull request #8730 from drunkard/master
5498811 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'chlg-update' into 'master'
492249f 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'rs-no-killers-in-development' into 'master'
1dbfecb 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'master' of
7758a56 2015-05-19 Merge branch 'jirutka-shell-secret-path'
37e94e3 2015-05-19 Move the changelog item to 7.12
509a32f 2015-05-19 Merge branch 'shell-secret-path' of
fbc6ea5 2015-05-14 GitLab shell version to 2.6.3.
7b90f2c 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'master' of
700e511 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'code-defreeze' into 'master'
3883cca 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'master' of
6fdc51f 2015-05-10 Merge branch 'bug/fix-duplicate-deploy-keys' into 'master'
15909d6 2015-05-08 Move project visibility from clone bar to repository det...
d9b6b92 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'master' of
0fc6f0b 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'new-issue-after-release' into 'master'
8b25ff6 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'master' of
5dc84fa 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'master' of
e7dc9ca 2015-05-07 Add yanking pkg example to the release documentation.
5959315 2015-05-04 Merge branch 'improve-external-issue-tracker-config-doc'...
62117f2 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'add_count_to_state_filters' into 'master'
219cbf3 2015-04-24 Check if project before calling count on issuable.
6977810 2015-04-24 Add issue and merge request count for state filters.
ec350f0 2015-04-23 Merge pull request #9042 from skburgart/fix/jira-link
cc8de0e 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'master' of
aac2755 2015-04-23 Merge pull request #8996 from vinkla/patch-1
8b4d1b7 2015-04-23 Move the upgrade document to the correct location.
45025fe 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'missing-upgrade-doc' into 'master'
9ba85ff 2015-04-22 Update gitlab-grack to 2.0.2.
8d9c730 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
193f905 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
e883aae 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'master' of
225b43d 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'master' of
5456b00 2015-04-17 Merge pull request #8212 from dmedvinsky/fix-url-field
e988cdb 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'master' of
ed94cde 2015-04-15 Merge pull request #9089 from dsander/fix-merge-request-...
5f78601 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'fix-gitorious-test' into 'master'
254698d 2015-04-02 Update CHANGELOG.
897fb55 2015-04-02 Update changelog for 7.9.2.
16a6ea2 2015-04-01 Merge branch 'master' of
d77f333 2015-04-01 Merge branch 'master' of
96d093e 2015-04-01 Merge branch 'email-full-url'
bfc36ff 2015-03-27 We've moved external trackers to service, remove from gi...
3d4c2d0 2015-03-27 Merge branch 'master' of
b322344 2015-03-27 Add a note about not adding new setting options to gitla...
bbf6019 2015-03-24 Milestones and labels can be used even when issues are d...
c91162c 2015-03-24 Update changelog.
3b1842f 2015-03-20 Fix typo.
d9415bf 2015-03-20 Change the name of the key used for bitbucket importer.
603b88a 2015-03-20 Fix typo.
b722935 2015-03-20 Change the name of the key used for bitbucket importer.
c6dd117 2015-03-20 Revert "Merge branch 'new_branch' into 'master'"
00607d4 2015-03-20 Merge branch 'new_branch' into 'master'
189dc4d 2015-03-20 REaadme. Issue #1
ec74636 2015-03-20 Remove mention of branch to commit to.
a879d93 2015-03-20 Remove mention of branch to commit to.
68dcfab 2015-03-19 Version 7.9.0.rc3
9e0715c 2015-03-19 Merge branch '7-9-stable' of
d793de7 2015-03-19 Commits in push data should always be an array.
5aa97ce 2015-03-19 Show test settings as disabled when service cannot be te...
09657f1 2015-03-18 Move application setting to separate variable.
7ed6da5 2015-03-18 Merge branch 'master' of
63f7129 2015-03-18 Move application setting to separate variable.
50b6c66 2015-03-18 Merge branch 'more-nil-visibility-fixes' into 'master'
245f03c 2015-03-18 Fix the order of signin and signup on features page.
ce8359c 2015-03-18 Fix the order of signin and signup on features page.
2fd9f1c 2015-03-17 Version 7.9.0.rc1
c6f57d7 2015-03-17 Merge branch 'update_install_documentation' into 'master'
9a0c992 2015-03-17 Update upgrade and installation docs for 7.9.
02f6164 2015-03-17 REadme.
ba0d2a4 2015-03-16 Merge branch 'dependency_to_documentation' into 'master'
5c88c8e 2015-03-16 Merge branch 'remove_rubyracer' into 'master'
b70e5c5 2015-03-16 Add nodejs dependency to upgrader and upgrade from 7.7 docs
5c9a924 2015-03-16 Add nodejs to installation doc.
89d3028 2015-03-14 Update monthly doc to mention wip blogpost for next rele...
e8dbd69 2015-03-14 Remove rubyracer
3aded9d 2015-03-14 Update changelog with change to unicorn workers number r...
8c2655b 2015-03-14 Remove rubyracer gem.
06439fd 2015-03-14 Merge branch 'master' of
2d3a0f6 2015-03-14 Merge branch 'master' of
141168a 2015-03-14 Change default number of unicorn workers to three.
1c3997a 2015-03-12 Merge branch 'replace_passwords_with_asterisk' into 'mas...
a1f5ae9 2015-03-12 Show asterisks instead of password in service edit form.
5d27b23 2015-03-12 Merge branch 'master' of
35124fd 2015-03-12 Merge branch 'emoji_cheatsheet_fix' into 'master'
ec1c30c 2015-03-12 Merge branch 'hover_toggle_sidebar'
3f82306 2015-03-12 Add deploy to to release documents.
66384d7 2015-03-12 Add a note about building AMI to security doc
019ffd9 2015-03-11 Version 7.8.4
88e4aed 2015-03-11 Update changelog for 7.8.4.
e500b43 2015-03-11 Update changelog for 7.8.4.
2c7565e 2015-03-11 Merge branch 'release/7-8-4' into '7-8-stable'
1647994 2015-03-11 Merge branch 'fix-code-preview' into 'master'
957a0e4 2015-03-11 Merge branch 'issues-tracker-id' into 'master'
6d0ff0a 2015-03-11 Remove placeholder methods to prevent calling methods ra...
82bb3ec 2015-03-10 Merge branch 'issues-tracker-id' into 'master'
abea070 2015-03-10 Version 7.8.3
294a03c 2015-03-10 Update changelog for 7.8.3
9b6dde0 2015-03-10 Merge branch 'release/7-8-3' into '7-8-stable'
41913fc 2015-03-09 Merge branch 'smtp_example_update' into 'master'
d6c13ec 2015-03-09 Merge branch 'button_changes' into 'master'
dbdc1a6 2015-03-05 Version 7.8.2
00778c0 2015-03-04 Move items to the correct version in the changelog.
02f17ce 2015-03-04 Update changelog.
46f9417 2015-03-04 Update the Changelog.
67eb6e9 2015-03-04 Merge branch 'changelog-fix' into 'master'
79aed7c 2015-03-04 Merge branch 'release/7-8-2' into '7-8-stable'
56f75bd 2015-03-04 Update changelog.
63e74ce 2015-03-04 Update the Changelog.
890f147 2015-03-04 Add link to smtp documentation.
8be36a2 2015-03-04 Merge branch 'autosave-new-issuables' into 'master'
8e7e77e 2015-03-04 Merge branch 'commits_statistic' into 'master'
094f489 2015-03-04 Merge branch 'build_page_text' into 'master'
3d6d0e1 2015-03-04 Merge branch 'fix-namespace-merge-request-url' into 'mas...
1be453d 2015-03-04 User correct name for reject_blocked
66fa4b0 2015-03-03 Merge branch 'fix-edit-note-with-votes' into 'master'
a7fad44 2015-03-03 Merge branch 'go-import' into 'master'
c5b6653 2015-03-03 Merge branch 'master' of
e6a0fb1 2015-03-03 Merge branch 'master' of
dae8f2f 2015-03-02 Merge branch 'create_issue_header' into 'master'
238455a 2015-02-27 Mention audit events ee feature in logs documentation.
3e6b342 2015-02-27 Remove CI sections related to release tool, update steps...
62a8149 2015-02-27 Update project_milestone_path update route.
5bf492f 2015-02-26 Merge branch 'filter_icons_btn' into 'master'
fc7f3bf 2015-02-26 Merge branch 'small_profile_changes' into 'master'
6146e29 2015-02-26 Merge branch 'event_tooltip_addition' into 'master'
449cf43 2015-02-26 Add z index for diff header so sticky header stays on to...
82483f9 2015-02-25 Merge branch 'master' of
4aeb916 2015-02-25 Update changelog for 7.8.1
e2d785c 2015-02-24 Version 7.8.1
7561b1c 2015-02-24 Merge branch 'profile_tooltip_addition' into 'master'
2feaa69 2015-02-24 Update version of gitlab-shell in the installation and u...
ac918a5 2015-02-24 Merge branch 'ldap-need-no-password' into 'master'
24c8381 2015-02-24 Merge branch 'improve-services-migration' into 'master'
b0dfe43 2015-02-24 Using gitlab url to build links for gitlab issue tracker...
6327dd0 2015-02-24 Fix links to issues if instance is using relative urls.
d5437c4 2015-02-23 Merge branch 'git_clone_holder_btn' into 'master'
bcc8dbd 2015-02-22 Version 7.8.0
a75d369 2015-02-22 Version 7.8.0.rc6
556f183 2015-02-21 Version 7.8.0.rc5
ec1c71d 2015-02-21 Merge branch '7-8-rc5' into '7-8-stable'
ccac5c9 2015-02-21 Merge branch 'static-middleware' into 'master'
829d72d 2015-02-21 Merge branch 'static-middleware' into 'master'
626f5ba 2015-02-20 Merge branch 'mattes-go-get-workaround-nginx'
51349ca 2015-02-20 Merge branch 'go-get-workaround-nginx' of https://github...
dd9d17a 2015-02-20 Merge branch 'upload-xss-access-control' into 'master'
8ae3112 2015-02-20 Merge branch 'upload-xss-access-control' into 'master'
f5888bd 2015-02-20 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
0fbf5e1 2015-02-19 Version 7.8.0.rc2
a9d9f94 2015-02-17 Version 7.8.0.rc1
b6a678e 2015-02-17 Use correct shell version in update doc.
317e8cf 2015-02-17 Merge branch 'update-guides-7-8' into 'master'
d76c582 2015-02-13 Update oauth documenatation with examples for omnibus pa...
7474b1b 2015-02-13 Add assignees in mr page to the CHANGELOG.
01c6806 2015-02-13 Text changes recommended by Job.
eccf695 2015-02-13 Explained in the integration documentation how to enable...
8a37435 2015-02-12 Fix rubocop error.
1a89db5 2015-02-12 Try to test settings added in the service.
e827122 2015-02-12 Use the service_name.
378520b 2015-02-12 Add a test for service template.
9f33898 2015-02-12 All services can have templates.
f7e9024 2015-02-12 Remove unecessary icon.
b3f944a 2015-02-12 Annotate services. Add a link to service template.
6b4ddf2 2015-02-12 Add admin services templates.
09d3d35 2015-02-11 Remove not null constraint on project_id in services.
5515366 2015-02-11 Add template boolean to services.
29e606d 2015-02-11 Add ExternalIssue base model to make issue referencing m...
653be1f 2015-02-11 Merge branch 'issue-closing-pattern' into 'master'
00c7d53 2015-02-09 Default issue tracker fix for creating default issue ser...
631bbe5 2015-02-06 Add openssl_verify_mode option to the smtp configuration...
6ca2335 2015-02-04 Merge branch 'master' of
d685d45 2015-02-04 Merge branch 'consolidate_ssh_docs' into 'master'
56a456b 2015-02-04 Merge branch 'doc_cookbook_uses_omnibus' into 'master'
1bdd3ce 2015-02-02 Merge branch 'search-group' into 'master'
68f7302 2015-01-28 Add a scope for visible services, code styling changes f...
c6c7552 2015-01-28 Build the urls inside of the service.
537cd66 2015-01-28 Add gitlab internal issue tracker service.
95db00c 2015-01-27 Still need the javascript on the project edit page.
ededa98 2015-01-27 Shorter check in services controller.
0da59cb 2015-01-27 Merge branch 'master' into move_external_issue_tracker_a...
33913f9 2015-01-27 Make issue tracker service fields required.
00a0d5a 2015-01-27 Move repetition to the parent.
9b5b334 2015-01-27 Remove unused feature steps.
4641514 2015-01-26 Update rspec tests to the new external issue logic.
65e7004 2015-01-26 Update the issue tracker attribute on issue tracker change.
c70dcd2 2015-01-23 Merge branch 'master' into move_external_issue_tracker_a...
a720dde 2015-01-23 Remove configuration option from project settings page f...
041bad0 2015-01-23 Manipulate external tracker issues urls generated from s...
7c701ac 2015-01-23 Do a check which issue tracker is used inside the project.
103a1bb 2015-01-23 Use service settings instead of config file settings to ...
737f651 2015-01-23 Update new services with initialization based on existin...
ab2a611 2015-01-21 Fix the sentence on notification page.
e9d6d1e 2015-01-21 Custom issue tracker service.
09de0bf 2015-01-21 Redmine doesn't require title and description change
62c0066 2015-01-21 Allow creation of the jira and redmine services.
9371c6b 2015-01-21 Add issue tracker services.
465f416 2015-01-19 Merge branch 'database-fix-setting' into 'master'
99647a1 2015-01-17 Update documentation to specify correct direct...
e348af1 2015-01-14 Rescue database error in application settings if the dat...
5140bd8 2015-01-13 When anchor is clicked set the correct condition.
b1792d9 2015-01-13 Scroll the readme anchors below the navbar.
0a08966 2015-01-12 Rename the checkbox css class to prevent it from being o...
ef0cf7b 2015-01-12 Fix the api project ordering spec.
8689ce1 2015-01-12 Add search filter option on project api for authorized p...
1fbeaa0 2015-01-07 Merge branch 'master' into update_api_messages
fd100e3 2015-01-07 Add returned API messages updates to changelog.
8dd6727 2015-01-07 Fix failing tests due to updates on the return messages.
cd0aed3 2015-01-07 Add a message when unable to save an object through api.
0da5154 2014-12-30 Fix api tests.
7240150 2014-12-30 Forward the messages in api response.
ed464ed 2014-12-30 Message for api files and groups.
d4b613d 2014-12-30 Clearer message if adding comment to commit via api fails.
7fa80b5 2014-12-30 Update branch api not found messages to 'Branch not found'.
eb29648 2014-12-30 Fix the ssh keys test.
607ea7c 2014-12-30 Share the key table between admin and profile resources.
82829ed 2014-12-30 Move user key manipulation in admin section to a separat...
c1e57b4 2014-12-29 Add feature spec for user ssh keys on admin page.
f0085d0 2014-12-29 Reuse show page for user keys.
492f3a4 2014-12-29 Add user key actions to admins.
e005d41 2014-12-29 Merge branch 'master' into developer_can_push_to_protect...
43c2d5a 2014-12-29 Add documentation about protected branches.
42fb42a 2014-12-29 Merge branch 'master' into developer_can_push_to_protect...
1c089a8 2014-12-29 Use shorter search for protected branch status.
78865a0 2014-12-26 Move styling to css.
9fd0618 2014-12-26 Update on the correct checkbox.
16ebeed 2014-12-26 Update branch status with ajax call.
2cbfc51 2014-12-26 Move protected branches list to a partial.
84af3ce 2014-12-26 Add spec for developers can push to protected branches.
92eb397 2014-12-26 Add option to disable/enable developers push to already ...
770b2a5 2014-12-26 Move protected branch actions into a method.
61b4214 2014-12-26 Allow regular code push for developers if the protected ...
b7eb0d1 2014-12-26 Add checkbox for protected branch developer can push to.
6ce3b1a 2014-12-26 Add migration for developers can push to protected branc...
8be0c60 2014-12-22 Remove extra css class markdown-area which prevented att...
dcd773c 2014-12-22 Use a different name of the method to check if sanitize ...
18d9172 2014-12-22 Use a different name of the method to check if sanitize ...
e5951cf 2014-12-12 Don't forget to splat.
bd43cf0 2014-12-12 Use system where only return result is needed.
cd4c65c 2014-12-11 Use shell invocation according to the shell commands gui...
eceda17 2014-12-10 Markdown dropzone image icon should not be clickable.
1d0dfd5 2014-12-10 Do not check for format on blob diff path.
22368fb 2014-12-10 Add a failing route spec for file named diff.
3f1fad5 2014-12-05 Add an avatar_url spec when relative url is set.
db58500 2014-12-05 Revert "Merge pull request #7349 from srna/patch-1"
69e8b0e 2014-12-05 Merge branch '512mb-memory-description' into 'master'
90a308e 2014-12-05 Update release docs to deploy to before publi...
cdc62cf 2014-12-04 Add rake task for google schema whitelisting.
79912d6 2014-12-02 System with 512MB of RAM can be used but swap size must ...
bff0034 2014-12-02 Revert "Remove the lowest memory requirement of 512MB."
10d3647 2014-12-01 Merge branch 'master' of
7bf50c8 2014-12-01 Merge pull request #8376 from bbodenmiller/7-6-upgrade-g...
e38d4ac 2014-12-01 Merge branch 'master' of
394364e 2014-11-27 Merge branch 'master' of
8a0abbb 2014-11-24 Merge branch 'security-release-ownership' into 'master'
e7a3e35 2014-11-24 Merge branch 'master' of
e4af2b3 2014-11-21 Merge branch 'milestones_labels' into 'master'
3a58cc1 2014-11-19 Sanitize branch name and ref name
9fb4724 2014-11-19 Add branch controller test.
1d53d9c 2014-11-19 Clean the string with commit author and email.
ced2438 2014-11-14 Clean the string with commit author and email.
334fe86 2014-11-13 Sanitize branch name and ref name
9eb571f 2014-11-13 Add branch controller test.
5cf6d59 2014-11-12 Remove the lowest memory requirement of 512MB.
857852c 2014-11-12 Set action on issue/mr creation mail.
d65f2ba 2014-11-11 Add documentation about buttons in gmail.
3dcb5f8 2014-11-11 Include the helper for mailer, add links to emails.
af15447 2014-11-11 Create emails helper for actions links.
70f30ab 2014-11-10 Merge pull request #8273 from bbodenmiller/nginx-updates
36f9224 2014-11-07 Merge branch 'nginx' into 'master'
1d337de 2014-11-07 Merge pull request #8168 from cirosantilli/dev-fixtures-...
2bb8e93 2014-11-07 Merge pull request #8246 from dluchinienoc/master
6d775dd 2014-11-05 Fix tests after change to regex validation message.
cb7db6d 2014-11-05 Merge branch 'master' of
d59f8ab 2014-11-05 Fix tests after change to regex validation message.
2ee1ec4 2014-11-05 Do not allow cross reference note in a mr if a mr contai...
5a8ec1f 2014-11-05 Create a failing test where commit in mr creates a mr me...
42a1d80 2014-11-05 Merge pull request #7516 from cirosantilli/update-regex-msg
fe610ff 2014-11-03 Merge pull request #8156 from stevenosloan/update_slack_...
50ee0b8 2014-10-28 Leave the project name field editable, fix the test.
d08bb4b 2014-10-27 Add project name to rename repository section
28c0877 2014-10-27 Add a comment in interceptor spec.
3b6737f 2014-10-27 Add interceptor test.
d78e80f 2014-10-27 Add email interceptor to prevent mail sending if email s...
d504ca8 2014-10-27 Add settings to disable email sending from GitLab.
d3bdd3b 2014-10-27 Do not filter out issues and merge requests related to u...
5e017a4 2014-10-27 Assigned merge request should show on dashboard mr overi...
9353243 2014-10-27 Failing feature for dashboard merge requests when user h...
d747612 2014-10-27 Failing feature for dashboard issues when user has autho...
8a7b864 2014-10-24 Merge branch 'fix_public_snippets' into 'master'
8157c6b 2014-10-24 Merge branch 'fix_ldap_config_lookup' into 'master'
1c1d9f7 2014-10-23 Merge branch 'master' of
568d608 2014-10-23 Merge branch 'ldap_http_access' into 'master'
ba76dbc 2014-10-22 Version 7.4.0.
ed00ab7 2014-10-22 Merge branch 'fix-500-login-disabled' into 'master'
5e2a1c1 2014-10-22 Merge branch 'fix-500-login-disabled' into 'master'
536f61e 2014-10-21 Add test for allowed team name of slack.
9f54397 2014-10-21 Use allowed slack team name.
ce61de6 2014-10-21 Use allowed slack team name.
cccfede 2014-10-21 Add test for allowed team name of slack.
af60980 2014-10-15 Use clearer description.
76cde5c 2014-10-15 Add links to the migration doc, make it clear import is ...
2803d9e 2014-10-15 Git is a distributed vcs.
adb64dc 2014-10-15 Clearer what to contribute.
fb05fa8 2014-10-15 Add a doc on how to migrate from SVN to gitlab.
57b38f6 2014-10-15 Describe who can trigger builds and where, add no red te...
8e7da64 2014-10-14 Fix spelling mistakes in notifications document.
30b803f 2014-10-14 Add notifications documentation.
1d432e9 2014-10-14 Add a link to libravatar doc in gitlab.yml.example.
f174800 2014-10-14 Different wording for notification note.
920eb7a 2014-10-14 Add a note about notification for a project.
9abe5d3 2014-10-14 Add libravatar documentation.
2ea166f 2014-10-10 Make sure relative url and asset_host are honored, specs.
4149fc2 2014-10-10 Bump html-pipeline-gitlab gem version
be14c7a 2014-10-10 Add a comment on why we are using backward compatible ci...
8ddb2be 2014-10-10 Revert "update ssl_ciphers"
488081c 2014-10-10 Merge pull request #8004 from mr-vinn/rm-task-method
fc2adfb 2014-10-10 Add a comment why this is done.
1d14676 2014-10-10 Substitute right single quote back with apostrophe.
a912308 2014-10-09 Add a test for apostrophe in code blocks.
64e72af 2014-10-09 Replace apostrophe with right single quote to avoid mark...
099cf35 2014-10-09 Failing test for apostrophe at the end of user mention o...
b4828f4 2014-10-09 Enable markdown pipeline filters from inside gitlab.
f7dc15c 2014-10-09 Revert "Up version of html-pipeline-gitlab."
17835f0 2014-10-08 Up version of html-pipeline-gitlab.
bbc52b0 2014-10-07 Use double quotes because we are inserting password now.
0fd06ad 2014-10-07 Merge branch 'master' of
90cb56f 2014-10-07 Merge branch 'master' of
70776c7 2014-10-07 Merge branch 'remove-annoying-i18n-deprecation' into 'ma...
0fed1b5 2014-10-06 Merge pull request #7964 from mr-vinn/task-lists
eceef54 2014-10-06 Add slack service migration.
9535ce2 2014-10-06 Preventing some duplication in MR feature tests by addin...
1db8d31 2014-10-06 Add missing comma.
1e7e1d5 2014-10-06 Changes to slack service structure added to changelog.
e5998ad 2014-10-06 Accommodate new webhook url format.
216fb6e 2014-10-06 Fix slack service speck.
2017977 2014-10-06 Use only webhook for slack service integration.
86d5a63 2014-10-06 Fix failing api specs.
bb929c2 2014-10-05 Merge pull request #7933 from mr-vinn/cross-project-mark...
f74dba8 2014-10-03 Merge pull request #7595 from bbodenmiller/patch-4
910d5cf 2014-10-03 Merge pull request #7748 from yglukhov/clickable-source-...
d97a9d4 2014-10-03 Merge branch 'master' of
b82d401 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'Razer6-feature/zen_for_gfm'
cc2d777 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'feature/zen_for_gfm' of
30c447e 2014-10-02 Try signing in the user after user confirmation is corre...
51bc636 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'master' of
630dadd 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'master' of
b420ab7 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'fix_selecting_them_upload' into 'master'
2c2c192 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'fix_selecting_them_upload' of
f092e53 2014-10-01 Version 7.3.2.
3dde6bb 2014-10-01 Update changelog for 7.3.2
2ac1f95 2014-10-01 Update guides to use gitlab-shell 2.0.1.
0ca8505 2014-10-01 Update gitlab-shell to v2.0.1.
1112565 2014-10-01 Update changelog for 7.3.2
e21b762 2014-10-01 Update guides to use gitlab-shell 2.0.1.
8dedd11 2014-10-01 Update gitlab-shell to v2.0.1.
6fd0082 2014-09-30 Fix attachment upload link bug caused by introduction of...
ae88a9b 2014-09-30 Add readme tab to changelog.
65cb51a 2014-09-30 Add a feature for readme on project show page.
4915724 2014-09-30 Save if user prefers readme or activity tab.
31e50ed 2014-09-30 Add tab for readme and load readme in tab.
ff2b0bf 2014-09-30 Merge branch 'speed-upgrade' into 'master'
7d45d8a 2014-09-30 Merge branch 'master' of
f7aba27 2014-09-30 Add option to gitlab config to specify if LDAP server is...
75eacf4 2014-09-30 Update email templates for email on push service with li...
ab6459a 2014-09-29 Add a simple spec test.
fbc6f95 2014-09-29 Protect default branch by default.
5c908ba 2014-09-24 Add fixes to changelog
1660aa2 2014-09-24 Version 7.3.1
9912a74 2014-09-23 Add fixes to changelog
e5fb2ad 2014-09-23 Merge branch 'search-wiki-keyword' into 'master'
2bb7a5b 2014-09-23 Merge branch 'fix-diff-500' into 'master'
80b5818 2014-09-23 Merge branch 'fix-mr-commit-comment' into 'master'
e81fa0e 2014-09-23 Merge branch 'fix_git_access' into 'master'
a33d7a4 2014-09-23 Merge branch 'master' of
0f7cad0 2014-09-23 Add to monthly doc that reverting a feature is an option.
441237e 2014-09-22 Update doc that 7.3 is released.
8244ce8 2014-09-22 Update doc that 7.3 is released.
c108839 2014-09-22 More updates to release doc.
7d7ba11 2014-09-22 Issue name of QA.
68bb170 2014-09-22 Update monthly release doc that we are not using travis ...
3a9c294 2014-09-22 Add steps for building and deploying packages...
0b85e2a 2014-09-22 Order of tasks in monthly release doc.
acf4d03 2014-09-22 Time for 7.4.0-pre.
a04f0e5 2014-09-22 Merge branch 'shell_install_socket'
457caaa 2014-09-22 Update manual installation guide for the correct shell v...
88d3da1 2014-09-22 Version 7.3.0.
2fc6f8f 2014-09-22 Merge branch 'revert_sticky_headers' into 'master'
f0231e4 2014-09-22 Revert "Diff headers made sticky."
e8c2c62 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #7810 from bbodenmiller/patch-27
b43e918 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #7815 from Razer6/zen/fix_scroll_posi...
560c41c 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #7812 from bbodenmiller/7.3-upgrade
8446f37 2014-09-22 Merge pull request #7809 from bbodenmiller/patch-25
3a4ad05 2014-09-19 Version to 7.2.2
d1be585 2014-09-18 Merge branch 'fix_rake_gitlab_check' into '7-2-stable'
01c1017 2014-09-18 Merge pull request #7765 from bbodenmiller/patch-6
630d042 2014-09-17 Version 7.3.rc1.
2b35c88 2014-09-17 Updates to the update/install docs for 7.3.rc1
71e0554 2014-09-16 Merge branch 'order_mr_api' into 'master'
685754b 2014-09-16 Fix typo in comment.
f37b4cc 2014-09-15 Different created_at and updated_at time in api merge_re...
b99b2e6 2014-09-15 Ordering and sorting for MR in api.
9b59570 2014-09-12 Fix diff_helper spec.
75fbca8 2014-09-12 Add one feature test.
9945e8c 2014-09-12 Move organizing of comments to helper.
e84861d 2014-09-12 Remove unecesarry array operations.
7d3daa4 2014-09-12 Merge branch 'master' of
1fd58c8 2014-09-12 Merge pull request #7741 from Razer6/refactor/remove_dup...
4bf24d2 2014-09-12 Merge branch 'master' of
5564fe3 2014-09-12 Add comments on the side-by-side diff.
09e64ae 2014-09-11 Add an option to supply root password through an environ...
4e6d0da 2014-09-10 Wrap text that overflows the description field.
11eec88 2014-09-10 Wrap should always be enabled for parallel diff.
83e5211 2014-09-10 Merge pull request #7724 from gitlabhq/revert-7252-master
976eb7a 2014-09-10 Revert "Delete mailer queue"
c091e6c 2014-09-10 Merge branch 'master' of
8ebb26f 2014-09-09 Add diff_helper spec.
2ff83aa 2014-09-09 Fix typo.
ac6a107 2014-09-09 Add line code to parallel diff for linking.
9c3935c 2014-09-09 Use the new path to the partial, move the diff related m...
be4359e 2014-09-09 Merge branch 'refactor-diff-yeild' into 'parallel_diff_r...
67c956e 2014-09-08 Link the doc in installation document.
3131d06 2014-09-08 Merge pull request #7147 from zzet/patch-12
dac5e6d 2014-09-08 After comment is added, button should go back to Close b...
e59b372 2014-09-08 Move custom Omniauth directions to omniauth doc.
205358b 2014-09-08 Cleanup
2370671 2014-09-08 Now refactor all to work properly.
13cfa49 2014-09-08 Color the lines correctly.
7d45624 2014-09-08 Don't show the line numbers if the lines were removed.
721b757 2014-09-08 Take the next type into consideration
dc7554d 2014-09-08 Coloring.
75b04a1 2014-09-08 Take added or removed file into account.
357bf00 2014-09-08 File mode changed note.
f827482 2014-09-08 Remove duplication, expand for next_line.
1067b00 2014-09-08 Duplicate the behaviour and refactor for use with parall...
b54f239 2014-09-08 Parallel diff in two columns.
52e903e 2014-08-22 Change rack attack example.
85cf063 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'doc/update/cmake' into 'master'
3ed8fbc 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'explain_migration' into 'master'
7f84601 2014-08-21 Make sure the test fails in year 2114.
5b99b6f 2014-08-20 Update changelog.
b421750 2014-07-22 Call store_location_for once.
9714061 2014-07-21 If the referer is not set, use fullpath.
c0a9594 2014-07-17 Update the note for admin user.
188b6f4 2014-07-16 Use a better name for token.
8968f6d 2014-07-16 Update specs.
44b8198 2014-07-15 Do not set password expiry.
56398ea 2014-07-15 Do not sent a generated password via email for admin cre...
b916bf4 2014-07-15 Fix test for no milestone description.
dcc6302 2014-07-15 Show milestone state on group milestone show page.
275a528 2014-07-14 Milestone is closed only if all milestones are closed.
7435b87 2014-07-14 Error message needs to be correct.
207bc8a 2014-07-14 Branches without parent commit cannot be merged.
3b80d68 2014-07-11 Add in the tests.
07b9d80 2014-07-11 Use devise stored_location to redirect after signing for...
55efb2d 2014-07-11 Revert "Merge branch 'redirect_after_login' into 'master'"
60cc1d8 2014-07-10 Override strong params for sign up.
108be8a 2014-07-10 Update to accomodate devise deprecations and backward in...
1e3fce1 2014-07-10 Check for the correct param for token.
018602b 2014-07-10 Merge branch 'fix/notes_reply_click_issue401' into 'master'
4a505f3 2014-07-10 Update the tests with milestones descriptions.
0f80ffd 2014-07-10 Use heading instead of strong and line breaks in descrip...
d4e7db4 2014-07-10 Add milestone descriptions on the group show page.
4024aa8 2014-07-09 Try to keep token authenticable compatibility
34cfd84 2014-07-09 Upgrade to devise 3.2.4
d606729 2014-07-09 Active link based on controller rather than action.
91e0127 2014-07-09 Add tests to check for correct browse link name.
6b121aa 2014-07-09 Move the links decision to helper.
5d25f3d 2014-07-09 Differentiate between dirs, files and general code.
de22913 2014-07-09 Check if blob is requested.
4e0afce 2014-07-09 Show browse file if we are browsing file history.
e87f238 2014-07-08 Add tests for redirects.
005752e 2014-07-07 Check if blob or tree and redirect to the correct one.
cb4d8ef 2014-07-07 Add sanitize option to documentation.
553f3ab 2014-07-07 Remove duplicated calls.
4c68d23 2014-07-07 Add sanitize option to gitlab check rake task.
87f89bc 2014-07-04 Redirect to sign in page after signup, this will show th...
ddb8c8e 2014-07-04 Link to permissions doc using relative path.
3b5722b 2014-07-04 Improve performance, ordering and pagination for group m...
cb69e76 2014-07-04 Use correct controller name, namespacing ignored.
16068f3 2014-07-03 Test if reopen notifications are sent.
310231d 2014-07-03 Reopen mr email notification.
1208c6c 2014-07-03 Notification for reopened issue.
b048c7d 2014-07-03 Do not notify project owner on project creation.
c3533de 2014-07-03 Don't notify the user that triggered the mr notification.
f50c7ec 2014-07-02 Remove new lines.
bc7656a 2014-07-02 Do not notify person who merged the MR.
12f696c 2014-07-02 Remove unecessary return.
8a365f5 2014-07-02 Fix tests because previous assignee didn't exist.
39f82b7 2014-07-02 When assigning an unassigned issue send notification wit...
815fbbb 2014-07-01 Add title html option to issue and mr links in milestone...
751d267 2014-07-01 Create required issue param for new action.
3e52517 2014-06-30 Add feature tests for group milestone.
eb5182a 2014-06-30 Add group service spec.
fdbf77e 2014-06-30 Fix styling issues.
d3796b8 2014-06-30 Show all issues and merge requests that could be conside...
d145f09 2014-06-30 Correct authorization for group milestones.
e66a8b4 2014-06-30 Move milestone link in group head, 2 column milestone fo...
c223fb1 2014-06-30 Start building group milestone show page.
b6425f3 2014-06-30 Get one group milestone based on milestone title.
f0af302 2014-06-30 Close and reopen group milestones.
4ca8a17 2014-06-30 Filter group milestones.
0723bf1 2014-06-30 Move group milestone processing from service to model.
8e8c074 2014-06-30 Reuse existing milestones counting.
5857088 2014-06-30 Create group milestones service.
e1afea7 2014-06-30 Show title of milestone.
aaba993 2014-06-30 Skeleton of the group milestone index page.
ca6fd88 2014-06-30 Add group milestones routes and controller.
d45b627 2014-06-25 Remove unused group filter
308b11a 2014-06-24 Error page.
49c9e8e 2014-06-24 Use an error page when oauth fails.
f40e87a 2014-06-24 Return better error when account exists when attempting ...
4c575b7 2014-06-23 Move checking of recepients to a service.
8f0051e 2014-06-23 Test @all mentioning notifications.
185da5f 2014-06-23 Make sure that at mentioning all properly notifies.
63c1cdc 2014-06-23 Show @all in autocomplete list.
d12c1e9 2014-06-23 Test secondary user email removal.
3742561 2014-06-23 Add option for admin to remove users secondary emails.
c83004a 2014-06-20 Remove milestone observer from db fixture.
db88797 2014-06-19 Fix test
26d1bd7 2014-06-19 Set return url as param.
2c36268 2014-06-19 Test the redirect after sign in.
a1eb1ad 2014-06-19 Redirect back to current page after sign in.
8301557 2014-06-18 Add tabindex -1 to skip on tabbing.
314e473 2014-06-11 Strip apostrophe from email generated usernames.
f43e419 2014-06-11 Test for the apostrophe in the email
e57fdc1 2014-06-11 Remove email_validator gem and allow apostrophe as a val...
f451a69 2014-06-10 Merge branch 'master' of
3b27736 2014-06-10 Merge branch 'https-docs' into 'master'
fa9c395 2014-06-10 Extract gitlab-shell configuration note to gitlab-shell ...
b980ab4 2014-06-10 Update installation doc to mention using https.
dca6c49 2014-06-10 Update check task and add to monthly release doc lines a...
3affaa9 2014-06-10 Add python-docutils to dependency list.
6384344 2014-06-10 Add gitlab shell version file.
4147fc7 2014-06-04 Update patch release document.
18b1f17 2014-06-04 Rename snippets scopes to plural names.
da37a25 2014-06-03 Add ch width.
84dc9cd 2014-06-03 Update mysql2 gem.
ef7cfdc 2014-06-03 Update jasmine.
2097269 2014-06-03 Fix the system_hook test.
ecfd33c 2014-06-03 Add acts-as-taggable-on-patch for gem version 2.4.1 and ...
e18d5be 2014-06-03 Remove active_record.auto_explain_treshold_in_seconds, r...
7bf64b2 2014-06-03 Convert to array since Relation no longer returns an array.
1dca950 2014-06-03 Fix failing submodule test.
9abee4e 2014-06-03 Add a state_machine patch for rails 4.1.
79f8abc 2014-06-03 Replace snippets scopes in view and controller.
90c2e0d 2014-06-03 Replace now forbidden keywords public and private for sn...
51d5e4c 2014-06-03 Bump to Rails 4.1.
a727d25 2014-06-03 Merge pull request #7062 from williamherry/fix_add_smtp_...
d2851b0 2014-06-03 Do not show a 72 times.
c8460c4 2014-06-02 Update the one-liner.
379299a 2014-06-02 Add bash one liner in updater doc due to change of updat...
4a03bbe 2014-05-30 Add nofollow to all internal links.
7ba1853 2014-05-30 Add to changelog v6.9.2
e46b644 2014-05-30 Version to 6.9.2.
08bd91a 2014-05-30 Add to changelog v6.9.2
d5ae2bf 2014-05-30 Merge branch 'fix_ldap_user_filter' into '6-9-stable'
3910b59 2014-05-29 Extend default link_to helper to add noreferrer html_opt...
17a696a 2014-05-29 We need shortcuts route.
dfaf1a0 2014-05-29 Add deprecation to changelog.
2dbf1a0 2014-05-29 Ruby 2.0+ is a requirement.
0879bab 2014-05-29 Fix feature.
c1551c6 2014-05-29 Fix routing tests.
f79a300 2014-05-29 Replace existing links to help pages with the new ones.
a9580a1 2014-05-29 Use the correct links, replace in search.
59797b2 2014-05-29 Remove list items styling in show render.
54ff9d9 2014-05-29 Scan the text and add the help path.
666260b 2014-05-28 Add changelog for version to 6.9.1.
82855e0 2014-05-28 Keep the lowest requirement for git in the documentation.
dc158af 2014-05-28 Add org-ruby for rendering .org files.
2341cef 2014-05-27 Move from script to bin directory.
cb4b504 2014-05-27 Merge branch 'merge-patch-changelog-back-into-master' in...
cee8850 2014-05-27 Fix typo in text.
046647a 2014-05-27 Add directions on how to upgrade gitlab-shell in the upg...
f22c709 2014-05-27 Add titles to doc pages.
e101369 2014-05-27 Use newer version of git in installation doc.
3553e36 2014-05-27 Merge branch 'review-changelog' into 'master'
13202d8 2014-05-27 Version to 6.9.1.
bfc561e 2014-05-27 Add missing lines in update guide.
de41e7a 2014-05-27 Replace jquery deprecated .live with .on
f4889f5 2014-05-27 Add entry to changelog.
281643a 2014-05-26 Add feature spec.
603e04b 2014-05-26 Make sure slashes are handled properly.
52c3179 2014-05-26 Do not replace links inside code blocks, less code for t...
9b2a134 2014-05-26 Need txt file in test.
43e7b8f 2014-05-26 Remove empty space
f8a6d34 2014-05-26 Add image_service spec.
3b2b3cf 2014-05-26 Move logic to image_service.
8bec6b0 2014-05-26 Make existing tests test something, return correct errors.
2a8aa74 2014-05-26 Merge branch 'monthly_doc_update' into 'master'
68942db 2014-05-23 Merge branch 'master' of
6990f8a 2014-05-23 Replace jquery deprecated .live with .on
ab126c8 2014-05-22 Add proposed email for mailchimp.
3296fb9 2014-05-22 Add missing lines in update guide.
b6a88c7 2014-05-22 Update casing of
0957f34 2014-05-22 Updates for the monthly release document.
f0a32c6 2014-05-22 Version to 6.9.0
38d0e00 2014-05-22 Version to 6.9.0
dc7158a 2014-05-22 Merge branch 'master' of
4d095c3 2014-05-22 Required shell version is now 1.9.4.
b019c06 2014-05-22 Required shell version is now 1.9.4.
971dc47 2014-05-19 Fix typo.
aacd43d 2014-05-19 6.9.0 RC1
39d95b1 2014-05-19 Update installation guide, create update guide.
f0b3092 2014-05-19 Recommend issue name.
dbd88d4 2014-05-16 Update the examples to
a107776 2014-05-14 Merge branch 'update_grit_version' into 'master'
c4c2655 2014-05-14 Bump grit version.
636ec6d 2014-05-13 Update warnings about relative url support.
d41fba4 2014-05-13 Add warning to gitlab.yml related to gzip assets and rel...
69577b5 2014-05-13 Merge branch 'improve-jira-linking' into 'master'
bb89661 2014-05-13 Better name for config variable.
6b04a5f 2014-05-13 Add support for Jira ticket mentions in format JIRA-123.
ad5a982 2014-05-08 Update sass-rails with newer version of rails.
5f74f05 2014-05-08 Update gitlab-grit to 2.6.6.
99e0d0d 2014-05-07 Unstub after the test is done.
00cd3ec 2014-05-06 Use stub in testing.
fac2257 2014-05-05 A bit clearer naming for gollum_wiki.
5a949e6 2014-05-05 Add tests for wiki files showing.
4146e88 2014-05-05 Fix styling issues.
cb69bae 2014-04-30 Remove empty line.
c4b1a5f 2014-04-28 Allow nested files in wiki.
0050c07 2014-04-24 Serve a file if in wiki.
fe1ca61 2014-04-24 Make sure that tests pass when aws group is used.
7c5b612 2014-04-23 We are at 6.9.0.pre.
19438af 2014-04-22 Update installation guide with new shell version.
00aa5c1 2014-04-14 Version 6.7.5.
c927f06 2014-04-14 Update security document with the link to patch document.
aa6426f 2014-04-11 Satellite will exist when doing automerge_check.
8724826 2014-04-11 Speed up loading and add pagination to wiki pages page.
f7d2f36 2014-04-10 EE changelog note.
05eb224 2014-04-10 Add patch release document.
2f5b6e1 2014-04-10 Version to 6.7.4.
c6ed523 2014-04-10 Revert "Merge pull request #6720 from thmo/6-7-stable"
63ba983 2014-04-09 Dont raise an error with satellites, make sure it exists.
944ebb8 2014-04-09 Add to clean archives to changelog.
b2959c4 2014-04-09 Remove archives older than 2 hours.
e617cf9 2014-04-08 Add issue to an empty repo, test.
4df1a10 2014-04-08 Update development steps.
af5ea92 2014-04-07 Merge branch 'master' into login_page
aea3712 2014-04-07 Add option for disable standard signin.
17bb700 2014-04-04 Only show diff it exists.
a3af64b 2014-04-04 Merge branch 'add-one-line-upgrader-command' into 'master'
0432490 2014-04-04 Add to update guides satellites group permission.
eca269f 2014-04-03 Fix user_project observer test.
0e7665e 2014-04-03 Only send email when project access level changes.
f88d30f 2014-04-03 Bump version to 6.7.3, update changelog.
b2de30c 2014-04-03 Merge branch 'patch/6-7-2' into '6-7-stable'
fcbebcb 2014-04-03 Do not require modernizr.
51bc2c0 2014-04-03 Remove modernizr gem.
7ab46b9 2014-04-03 Do not require modernizr.
14ac074 2014-04-03 Remove modernizr gem.
03b8dcc 2014-04-02 Change the satellites directory permission in the instal...
1ad7939 2014-04-02 Add print.css to asset precompile array.
b06f432 2014-04-02 Pass the required parameters on search submit.
f732e6c 2014-04-01 Pin sidekiq version to 2.17.0.
109ab1a 2014-04-01 Add comments, fix style, better names for notification m...
528a641 2014-04-01 Use group notification settings while honoring project s...
ce30a56 2014-04-01 Add or remove watchers from list based on their notifica...
f4f0a7e 2014-04-01 Add a failing test.
c34186f 2014-03-28 Refactor project watchers collecting.
4af3888 2014-03-28 Merge branch 'documentation/update_mr_contribution_sect...
1f988a2 2014-03-27 Merge pull request #6553 from tehZeno/patch-1
0c5c115 2014-03-27 Merge branch 'master' of
7d0438a 2014-03-27 Merge branch 'fix_architecture_img' into 'master'
0f05519 2014-03-27 Merge pull request #6610 from Datacom/feature/parallel_d...
7bf92b3 2014-03-26 Ldap check recognize ldap user filter.
043c9f8 2014-03-26 Change Diff to Changes in views.
466203e 2014-03-26 Additional check in the test.
1aabfcb 2014-03-26 Change the user search query to be case insensitive.
961d879 2014-03-26 Add the tests for user search.
78a7a9b 2014-03-26 Merge branch 'master' of
1fca26c 2014-03-26 Merge pull request #6626 from andreausu/add-slack-username
acb03f1 2014-03-26 Add gzip asset compression to the changelog.
9dd58c3 2014-03-25 Add to changelog.
d263022 2014-03-25 Correct identation, default value if note doesn't exist.
12c3962 2014-03-25 Search within project.
0a4283b 2014-03-25 Extract sorting into a method.
eda2c0c 2014-03-25 Include commits.
0285021 2014-03-25 Allow referencing an existing user.
01ec6c7 2014-03-25 At mention participating users.
8af94ed 2014-03-24 Add gzip compression for assets to nginx example.
5e985a7 2014-03-24 Use emoji assets on autocomplete.
6bb474a 2014-03-21 Version 6.7.0
80236d6 2014-03-21 Version 6.7.0
895c913 2014-03-21 Use the latest tag, 1.9.1 for gitlab-shell.
6d9dccb 2014-03-21 Checkout gitlab-shell v 1.9.0
9afd048 2014-03-20 Update Changelog
4dc09e5 2014-03-20 New bindings to vote on notes.
5f595be 2014-03-20 Use new gems methods.
817f5ff 2014-03-20 Use gitlab_emoji gem instead of gemoji.
a740e2d 2014-03-18 Do not allow password reset for ldap user.
11f2057 2014-03-17 Merge branch 'master' of
1c6e93e 2014-03-17 Add change to changelog.
656d954 2014-03-17 Update markdown documentation, fix wiki spec.
3f818a3 2014-03-17 Update wiki tests.
f04d5bf 2014-03-17 Wiki will show relative links related to the wiki gollum...
55e2f35 2014-03-17 Link to blob instead of linking to wiki.
ccc14fa 2014-03-14 Add to changelog changes for markdown.
f3ceeba 2014-03-14 Ignore newlines per md standard.
e8466a2 2014-02-20 Merge branch 'case_sensitivity' into 'master'
fcdcb1a 2014-02-20 Move database setup guide inside the installation.
a7a2100 2014-02-20 Doc syntax highlighting.
acdb808 2014-02-20 Update database documentation.
c1dddf8 2014-02-20 Uniqueness check should be case insensitive for username...
bccc272 2014-02-12 Update minor version upgrade guide get latest code section.
441e6dc 2014-02-11 Update api project documentation to include project name...
2ffa03a 2014-02-06 Replace context with service in development seed data.
6a87dae 2014-02-03 Filter items by project.
4b0fb02 2014-02-03 Do not load all projects all the time.
70fb26a 2014-02-03 Extract projects and mr into methods in features.
75cecf3 2014-02-02 Scenarios for checking if MR are shown for internal and ...
d40a7de 2014-02-01 Feature for visit issues page for internal project as au...
72d25a2 2014-02-01 Feature visit issues page for public project as auth and...
468c9ce 2014-01-31 Allow issues to be viewed for authenticated user when pr...
4f3876a 2014-01-29 Show images as raw and update the documentation.
580db8d 2014-01-29 Merge pull request #6183 from Undev/fix_links_in_markdown
54bcb6c 2014-01-24 Merge branch 'master' into reference_relative_links
d819d0d 2014-01-23 Use the correct paths.
3bcfdf0 2014-01-23 Update last sha of the commit in the test seed repository.
c6b9767 2014-01-23 Test if the views behave correctly with reference style ...
462161a 2014-01-23 Markdown helper spec for reference style relative links.
5e08f81 2014-01-23 Replace context with service in development seed data.
16ba8fa 2014-01-22 Display correct paths in markdown for reference style li...
8a0bfa4 2014-01-03 Do not include subtomains in STS header.
94c96cd 2013-12-30 HTTP headers protect against MIME-sniffing, force https ...
c447a21 2013-12-25 Enable secure option if https is used.
f537e4c 2013-12-24 Confirmation url throttle.
72e2fe2 2013-11-29 Change the mysql user to git from gitlab.
bb71c5d 2013-11-21 No limits when testing.
4e9284a 2013-11-12 Clear state in test satellite dir.
e16eb91 2013-11-12 Merge branch 'master' into relative
e130e2f 2013-11-08 Check on fs.
979ca7d 2013-11-08 Correct check.
da238bb 2013-11-07 Remove separate installation of charlock_holmes.
3c8c067 2013-11-06 Enable rack_attack by default.
728f0c2 2013-10-18 Add smtp settings override in smtp_settings sample file.
1712406 2013-10-18 Add an example.
7c3fd69 2013-10-17 Update project api doc.
5273951 2013-10-17 Make clearer use of the check.
78e591c 2013-10-17 Use more descriptive name for config check.
ff046c7 2013-10-17 Fallback to internal issue tracker if config is invalid.
f3d77a7 2013-10-16 Add invert match to sidekiq match.
a271570 2013-10-15 Show explanation .
4886d8f 2013-10-15 Show sidekiq running processes in the background_jobs page.
e649ea2 2013-10-14 Links in Readme in tree view.
97cf31c 2013-10-14 Update user access level when adding to group.
9ed59ee 2013-10-14 Include project_id in webhook payload.
ad3defa 2013-10-11 Skip relative links render in help page.
f40e017 2013-10-11 Test if markdown is rendered properly.
c072518 2013-10-11 Merge branch 'master' into relative_links_in_documentation
4654999 2013-10-10 Merge branch 'master' into relative_links_in_documentation
5b23a7b 2013-10-10 Cover a special case.
5277ac1 2013-10-10 Added comments and split the methods further.
7dbbb6d 2013-10-09 Rename method to avoid clashes.
70f828c 2013-10-09 Split.
1eabd9d 2013-10-09 Merge branch 'master' into relative_links_in_documentation
3682a08 2013-10-08 Match the brackets so we don't replace the regular text.
06d6f44 2013-10-08 Check for wiki.
817399e 2013-10-08 Show links with correct ref.
810d90d 2013-10-08 Search and replace relative links in tree/readme
a817993 2013-10-04 Remove outdated comments.
fa7d757 2013-10-04 Fix failed merge when filename is the same as target bra...
da54a1e 2013-10-02 Update group access levels in docs.
d7ec7c7 2013-10-02 Removed user teams api docs.
5588075 2013-10-02 Update deploy keys, groups and system hooks api docs.
f1253fa 2013-10-02 Update issues, milestones, notes api docs.
5e96d07 2013-10-02 Update snippets and merge request api documentation
f22e6c9 2013-10-01 Update project api docs.
1b205cb 2013-10-01 Update user api documentation
775aa5b 2013-10-01 Update install/update docs.
055b60d 2013-09-30 Add documentation to help section, rack_attack as example
c562d29 2013-09-25 Enable rack attack and add a throttle.
66c7eed 2013-09-24 Add rack attack gem.
3f0f30d 2013-09-22 Merge branch '6-1-stable'
dcf9abc 2013-09-22 Version 6.1.0
c606df8 2013-09-13 Test.
91e112f 2013-09-13 Replace remote url on selection.
cb6d7e5 2013-09-12 Rescue an error if group doesn't exist
1734611 2013-02-18 Count owned projects, not just personal
483f720 2013-02-11 UPdate field name.
f339af8 2013-02-11 Test the delete acount option.
1b4ba3e 2013-02-06 Add user delete option.
296cdd5 2013-01-18 Add optional signup.
19e8473 2012-11-16 Cannot remove user that owns a project.
d75cc7e 2012-10-21 Display https as repo clone indicator and prevent modifi...
927d0cc 2012-10-08 Do not allow removal of a project owner user.
a58d311 2012-09-26 Secure and httponly options on cookie.
5928388 2012-09-26 Protect users projects_limit from mass assignment.
7284c58 2012-09-25 Don't test if invalid key is valid.
012dc22 2012-09-25 Valid key for deploy keys spec test.
81ffb0a 2012-09-25 Add valid looking key to test.