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#245 Marco Wessel - All time
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48eeb00 2015-02-23 Correct spelling of 'a project avatar'
d4bfdd3 2015-02-23 use update_column and set to created_at like elsewhere
b19b8c6 2015-02-23 Give last_activity_at a default value so it will always ...
ac7af45 2015-01-31 Add test for default branch protection configuration
20e269c 2015-01-29 Merge branch 'master' of
05b6bb4 2015-01-26 Don't require omniauth to be enabled, to use github impo...
2a45021 2015-01-25 Spelling error
afce479 2015-01-25 actually fix indentation
c821412 2015-01-25 indentation
b20fc14 2015-01-25 Fix indentation
aad6cea 2015-01-25 Allow configuring protection of the default branch upon ...