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2dc2538 2017-07-26 Docs new topic "user/index"
6fe5ddc 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'docs-trello-power-up' into 'master'
eaceee0 2017-07-21 Merge branch 'docs-trello-power-up' into 'master'
e97d105 2017-07-20 add screenshots
84c96b4 2017-07-20 review troll powerup doc
fad9e4b 2017-07-20 Merge branch '35129-update-prometheus-docs' into 'master'
3a0482d 2017-07-20 Merge branch '35175-update-prometheus-admin-documentatio...
15851aa 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'docs/update-health-check' into 'master'
1540cc4 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'bjk/metric_versions' into 'master'
7ee7d3f 2017-07-18 Merge branch '35129-update-prometheus-docs' into 'master'
64aec37 2017-07-18 Merge branch '35175-update-prometheus-admin-documentatio...
c7b2662 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'docs/fix-link-styleguide' into 'master'
899c290 2017-07-16 Merge branch 'docs/update-health-check' into 'master'
e63d7fb 2017-07-16 Update issue-related docs
af39e4b 2017-07-16 Refactor groups docs
7d5e827 2017-07-16 Add subgroups limitations to Pages docs
9511fe6 2017-07-14 add changes from EE-updates
f75ee48 2017-07-03 add image - issue boards - moving card
326c1b5 2017-07-03 copyedit == ee !2296
ed503c9 2017-06-29 fix spelling
93bf426 2017-06-29 Axil's review
eb175d5 2017-06-29 Merge branch 'docs/pat-expiration-date' into 'master'
025aca0 2017-06-29 explain that use-cases are just examples
4a5eef9 2017-06-28 copyedit
07b9f48 2017-06-28 remove multiple IB part
93646ac 2017-06-28 capitalize feature name, add overview and use cases w/ m...
78c52a3 2017-06-28 improve site search for "issues"
84c4d2d 2017-06-27 adjust EE landing page to unify CE and EE docs
b2d2a1b 2017-06-26 Merge branch '34264-replace-settings-ci-cd-pipelines-wit...
f088691 2017-06-24 Merge branch '34264-replace-settings-ci-cd-pipelines-wit...
91faa11 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'feature-checklist' into 'master'
d1a23c3 2017-06-20 Merge branch 'docs/subgroups-mysql' into 'master'
e5d416a 2017-06-20 Merge branch 'docs/subgroups-mysql' into 'master'
5f42009 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'docs/branches' into 'master'
a783108 2017-06-09 Merge branch 'add-note-renaming-moving-registry-containe...
0f0af7a 2017-06-06 change headings to improve SEO
010a9c6 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'notification-settings-doc' into 'master'
2696206 2017-05-20 Add to docs: issues multiple assignees
1f00c74 2017-05-19 adds "comments on snippets" to doc
18a2928 2017-05-18 Add "API" to all respective headings (h1s)
0fd196a 2017-05-15 fix broken link
a302ab1 2017-05-15 add article - how to install git
9e8ed54 2017-05-11 Complement tech articles guidelines
62c93ab 2017-05-10 Merge branch 'docs/hide-gcp-install' into 'master'
d5eb666 2017-05-10 update API doc with +API (h1 heading)
b13b22d 2017-05-08 New doc topic: issues
0c87d9f 2017-05-02 update article date
0664a58 2017-05-02 link ldap-ee article from auth index
9675771 2017-05-02 add ldap article and changes from !10299
c205973 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'docs/ldap-clarify-uid' into 'master'
5234d18 2017-04-26 Reorg CE Docs landing page
5173baa 2017-04-22 Merge branch 'backup-restore-docs-update' into 'master'
0ccb012 2017-04-17 fix relative urls
6333f1f 2017-04-17 link articles list from writing docs pages
371436b 2017-04-17 add directory `articles` to hold all tech articles
bdaf3df 2017-04-17 Merge branch 'fix/github-doc-link' into 'master'
03dfbe2 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'docs-add-auth-to-topics-page' into 'master'
d065915 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'docs-topic-auth' into 'master'
fe36a9c 2017-04-12 Merge branch 'docs-add-auth-to-topics-page' into 'master'
bea64d4 2017-04-12 fix broken link
b95989c 2017-04-12 fix ee links
9486021 2017-04-12 add line to the end of the file
450362a 2017-04-12 add auth to topics page
a62ae94 2017-04-12 Merge branch 'docs-topic-auth' into 'master'
b6d52b5 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'new-git-index' into 'master'
40991fc 2017-04-11 fix conflict
17bcf25 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'new-git-index' into 'master'
991cb91 2017-04-11 Axil's review
335d746 2017-04-11 remove unnecessary line
e2dd305 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'master' of
85cfde8 2017-04-11 typo
f7cafe1 2017-04-11 fix typo
0b3da49 2017-04-10 fix links
c60ee7c 2017-04-10 add topic: authentication
00e8753 2017-04-07 Doc: Search through GitLab
5b53b28 2017-04-05 Reorganize CI examples, add more links
9fa06ab 2017-03-30 replace relative urls - html to md
e0fba6e 2017-03-30 fix heading
4e1d1b8 2017-03-30 add intro, move version control to getting started
3581476 2017-03-30 add general info, fix links
199bd04 2017-03-30 add Git index
66bb4f4 2017-03-30 add Git topic, reorder topics alphabetically
a2f37f8 2017-03-29 oops - remove html element
4f9d279 2017-03-29 capitalization
3e5ea1c 2017-03-29 Merge branch 'new-guides-guidelines' of
df9fb04 2017-03-29 add link to "writing docs" , fix typo
dd48935 2017-03-29 improve wording, move "see also" to "dev docs"
b7690b2 2017-03-29 better intro to topics
4582f38 2017-03-29 fix URL
f63bae4 2017-03-28 Revert "Add license to CE/doc"
dde56f8 2017-03-28 Merge branch 'master' of
cde35cb 2017-03-28 Add license to CE/doc
d7b002f 2017-03-28 add existing links to topics/
6fdd595 2017-03-27 improve wording, update links
38f092d 2017-03-27 link to comm writers page, add what is a tech overview +...
e70ed3a 2017-03-22 add pipeline symbols
9338759 2017-03-22 remove linked indexes (examples)
bbd5493 2017-03-22 add instructions on subtopics
c7b4b15 2017-03-16 add the "special format" to the only guide we already ha...
f94b656 2017-03-16 add examples of guide vs tutorial
c6a091d 2017-03-16 grammar fix
fa079af 2017-03-16 add link
60a0984 2017-03-16 add distinction between guide and tutorial
2edd3c0 2017-03-16 describes what a tech article is
b3abbe1 2017-03-16 link to tech articles description
f6d06ad 2017-03-16 rename remaining experession
dda8896 2017-03-16 rename "documentation articles" to "technical articles"
e4cd6c6 2017-03-16 add topics dir to doc_styleguide
c95125e 2017-03-16 add intro to indexes per topic
108a1e9 2017-03-16 update readme - add doc articles and indexes per topic
a1f5eaf 2017-03-16 add writing docs page
95286ef 2017-03-06 Docs: update GL Pages IP on
889f270 2017-03-01 Restructure Pages docs index and getting started guides
324260c 2017-02-22 remove html comments
1a802b8 2017-02-22 remove <>
6ec9e31 2017-02-22 wrapping text - part 3
08e9d2b 2017-02-22 wrapping text - part 2 [ci skip]
ce5420a 2017-02-22 fix link
f9079cb 2017-02-22 wrap text - part 1 - [ci skip]
20009ca 2017-02-22 typo
3dcc2ca 2017-02-22 fix spelling, add intermediate cert link
e5e7fb5 2017-02-22 remove link to unfinished video
dde136a 2017-02-21 add images
4d6d5ce 2017-02-21 add quick start section to user docs
e27da0f 2017-02-21 link index-guide to pages user doc
1e73657 2017-02-21 add video to admin docs
cf7386f 2017-02-21 Merge branch 'master' of
69b2bc4 2017-02-21 minor change [ci skip]
334f328 2017-02-21 add link to video: pages quick start from forked repo
b90a165 2017-02-21 update link
2807caf 2017-02-21 add video tutorial - Pages admin
625fc65 2017-02-20 add link to Matija's video
0b1636d 2017-02-20 add part 3: creating and tweaking CI for Pages
2a7e2a6 2017-02-20 fix links
0aa6856 2017-02-20 add part 2: quick start guide
6d9edfa 2017-02-20 add closing section: further reading
a2b7f8d 2017-02-20 add pages guide part 1 - static sites, domains, DNS, SSL...
6c373e7 2017-02-20 add index file to Pages docs
fe833ad 2016-07-01 adding link to .gitlab-ci.yml templates - closes #18998