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7a5b5f1 2018-07-18 Update _form.html.haml (deploy tokens) to improve displa...
dd3011f 2018-07-18 Update to add link to reducing repo size doc
649f97c 2018-07-17 Merge Templates updates
1ff63be 2018-07-11 Update to port contribution flow section...
ca4eb44 2018-07-10 Update to fix typo and small grammar touchups.
8aac79b 2018-07-10 Update time_helper.rb to fix output for exact minutes.
1285135 2018-07-03 Updated products links to pricing
a0f3c58 2018-06-30 Update to fix link
95a111c 2018-06-26 Update _scopes_form.html.haml to remove duplicate inform...
48787a5 2018-06-25 Docs broken links
66d17c5 2018-06-22 Update to fix link and description
10ff163 2018-06-18 Update with language edits
a1cc0c6 2018-06-14 Update to fix links