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#27 Luke "Jared" Bennett - All time
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Hash Date Message
63fc393 2017-07-07 Fix filters.scss trailing spaces
f28cd19 2017-07-07 Fix MR and issue specs
c7f23e2 2017-07-07 Fix close_reopen_report_toggle_spec.rb path helpers rubo...
78dd2f0 2017-07-07 Added issuables_helper.js, tidied up droplab-dropdown JS...
f0f9427 2017-07-07 Tidy up close_reopen helpers and fix filtered-search-tok...
848d868 2017-07-07 Fixed issue_spec and merge_request_spec for report toggl...
d7c383a 2017-07-07 Fixed MR single button submit failure and attempted to t...
c53f2d8 2017-07-07 Revert parent param removal
55dd0d7 2017-07-07 Dont show toggle if only one action is available and do ...
b8deafd 2017-07-07 Removed merge_request/issue state_event param parent and...
001c904 2017-07-07 Remove inclusive JS imports
421e41c 2017-07-07 Added specs
fa82736 2017-07-07 First UX review changes
e5100c3 2017-07-07 First FE review changes
cc1e51e 2017-07-07 Added report issuable feature
a080aa1 2017-07-03 Resolve "Issue Board -> "Remove from board" button when ...
2d52a62 2017-06-30 Resolve "More actions dropdown hidden by end of diff"
64b0a79 2017-06-27 Resolve "Submitting reply to existing diff discussion us...
e2ea3e5 2017-06-27 Resolve "Unable to access edit comment from dropdown men...
1dc3d70 2017-06-21 Resolve "Protected branch dropdowns cut-off in Repositor...
0f62f31 2017-06-20 Resolve "User customize callout has no top-margin on pro...
1f9fb9e 2017-06-20 Remove PersonalSnippet case for reportable_note specs
f50a806 2017-06-16 Fixed reportable_note_shared_example for the reportable_...
0bfe78d 2017-06-16 Pass more_actions_dropdown vie spec locals to render cal...
2ef19a2 2017-06-16 Add view spec for more_actions_dropdown render branches
20dcf5f 2017-06-16 [ci skip] Correct rendering more actions dropdown when t...
0feb166 2017-06-16 Correct 'report as abuse' nesting in _more_actions_dropd...
4cc175f 2017-06-16 Update _more_actions_dropdown.html.haml to only show 'Ed...
2622b47 2017-06-14 Improve conflict message in _merge_params.html.haml
d837e14 2017-06-14 Improve conflict message in _merge_params.html.haml
8c602a3 2017-06-14 Backport merge_params.html.haml conflict comment
8035ea9 2017-06-13 Port _merge_params.html.haml conflict message
32cac59 2017-06-07 Added more actions and report as abuse to all notes
b2d577a 2017-06-02 Fix up merge issues
5a4a082 2017-06-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fix-re...
e591401 2017-06-02 Removed unneeded newline in issuables_helper_spec and re...
b888ed5 2017-05-31 Fixed issuables_helper_spec and added a test for issuabl...
632d0c0 2017-05-31 Remove EditableHelper and move method to IssuablesHelper
33d66a4 2017-05-31 Correct editable_helper spec and format issuable_app_dat...
aa1d87b 2017-05-31 Fix helper methods returning wrong data types for vue
d537a9a 2017-05-31 Move issuable_app_data to helper
ab0374f 2017-05-31 Review changes, improve editable helper spec and add has...
07c984d 2017-05-31 Port fix-realtime-edited-text-for-issues 9-2-stable fix ...
2869d09 2017-05-30 Disable sub_group_issuables_spec.rb for mysql
9bb4c08 2017-05-30 Update `# Frontend Testing` to include integr...
13dd82b 2017-05-26 Add rubocop:disable to gon_helper.rb
870005c 2017-05-26 Added specs for handleNotifications in mr_widget_options...
71d03e7 2017-05-26 Move gon ref to the index to avoid depending on gon in a...
b172ef2 2017-05-26 Restore notifications to MR widget
3fa739a 2017-05-26 Set emoji-menu z-index to 200
688bf7a 2017-05-26 Resolve "Resolved discussions icon is misaligned"
56797a8 2017-05-25 Remove shared example and improve sub_group_issuables_sp...
e048304 2017-05-25 Remove 'should' from scenario in has_subgroup_title_spec.rb
d3655fe 2017-05-25 Add review comments to compare_spec.rb
4497ca8 2017-05-25 Fix transient error clicking dropdown items in compare_s...
710e353 2017-05-25 Use non-global jQuery reference within raven bundle
ef73fe3 2017-05-21 Use Gitlab::REVISION over reading HEAD sha from git
a9a603e 2017-05-21 Revert webpack.config.js
fa04b50 2017-05-19 Read HEAD commit and use as releases value
2f4cdca 2017-05-19 Resolve header.scss conflicts
9afa668 2017-05-19 Replaced duplicate z-index with index of 400
1f9a962 2017-05-18 Fix clicking disabled clipboard button toolip
afcfbda 2017-05-18 Resolve merge_requests.scss conflict
e6a4b8c 2017-05-18 Add current_user_avatar_url to gon
9f965dc 2017-05-17 Delete merge_request_widget.js
bcd4ef2 2017-05-17 Update fe_guide
3accc58 2017-05-17 Snippet include Editable
a827457 2017-05-17 Added editable concern spec
dc857ab 2017-05-17 Added editable concern
6dd8847 2017-05-17 Remove unneeded media query hiding the edited timeago
1f9c701 2017-05-16 Update fe_guide/ to use readable ascii tree
8727779 2017-05-16 Add test.js and test.css to disable animations during te...
b3da5e1 2017-05-16 Update ee_compat_check.rb to include `git apply --reject...
7e7f266 2017-05-15 Add test.js and test.css to disable animations during te...
13176ad 2017-05-15 MR zindex regression
b504b09 2017-05-15 Added balsamiq jasmine integration test
3efb606 2017-05-13 Rename all references to rendered_title to realtime_changes
179e3e5 2017-05-13 Added ci-error class and applied a right margin to the c...
dfe3ca5 2017-05-12 Added specs to test for subgroup titles on issue and mr ...
c47dfc9 2017-05-12 Check for filtered-search before constructing filteredse...
0a86eba 2017-05-12 Removed all instances of Object.assign by using es6 clas...
ce714d4 2017-05-12 Fix wait_for_ajax in describe block
1885b56 2017-05-12 Fix form_spec.rb failure relating to wait_for_ajax and u...
4c9264b 2017-05-12 Fix milestone_filter_spec.rb by using wait_for_ajax and ...
05278b2 2017-05-12 Import export users select
55b6232 2017-05-11 Removed unneeded false from poll_spec mockServiceCall call
2d7b945 2017-05-11 Fixed promise action binding and simplified callbacks spy
dbab076 2017-05-11 improved mockservicecall and fixed up a settimeout
4a4b586 2017-05-10 Removed vue and vue-resource from poll_spec in an attemp...
8480118 2017-05-10 Fix `send_key` to `send_keys` and add EOF newline
ca9033b 2017-05-10 Find the nothing-here-block before asserting page conten...
262876a 2017-05-10 Remove balsamiq module from common_vue bundle
938b5bb 2017-05-10 Find dropdown-menu before asserting active item in sideb...
18ae074 2017-05-10 Added @annabeldunstone vertical-align fix
ffb05ea 2017-05-09 Remove related issue ci icon top margin
4c25701 2017-05-08 Just assert the existence of the timeago element
7854824 2017-05-08 Add index_redirect_routes_path_for_link migration to set...
cb38a85 2017-05-08 Center related merge request items horizontally
17fc18e 2017-05-08 Check for all possible timeago strings that can be rende...
e6f008b 2017-05-07 Cast ENV['RSPEC_PROFILING_POSTGRES_URL'] to symbol in es...
b1f753f 2017-05-07 Correctly stub application settings in signup_spec.rb
bef42d9 2017-05-05 Fallback localstorage cases
d32e0b3 2017-05-05 Trigger click instead of actual click to make sure the r...
de59bab 2017-05-05 Another attempt at access_control_ce_spec
e5a7ed3 2017-05-05 Review changes
12fbce2 2017-05-04 Merge branch 'master' into 'add-sentry-js-again-with-vue'
1bf694f 2017-05-04 Removed clientside_sentry ref in settings.rb
41d0f23 2017-05-04 Resolve "Web GUI: Unable to create new branch from commi...
dac3b6a 2017-05-04 Review changes, removed api/v3 updates as its frozen, re...
944ed8d 2017-05-04 clientside_sentry migration and schema changes commit
1a8dc20 2017-05-04 Reset migration to head
d34f676 2017-05-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into add-se...
77bbc1c 2017-05-04 Reset schema and migration
b6a1658 2017-05-03 Remove focused kamra test
1faf398 2017-05-03 Fixed schema diffs
6c9534b 2017-05-03 remove debug code
42b5dec 2017-05-03 Try waiting for previous dropdown to definitly close bef...
555a3cf 2017-05-03 Updated schema.rb with patch mode
f3732e1 2017-05-03 [ci skip] Update migration to be reversible and use add_...
4fed703 2017-05-03 [ci skip] Moved the required restart message to only bac...
b0dfc74 2017-05-03 [ci skip] Removed substring
36c6447 2017-05-03 [ci skip] remove accidental debug print
d6f07ce 2017-05-03 Revert to real click seeing as that was a bug with only ...
308e2d3 2017-05-03 Fixed issue_sidebar_spec.rb click as true click cannot h...
7788118 2017-05-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into add-se...
f327bf0 2017-05-03 find and match first dropdown before clicking
ea849ee 2017-05-03 Find an actual list item
e377010 2017-05-03 Added find for collapsed sidebar before asserting
dc3febc 2017-05-03 Added find before clicking the access_type_name within t...
165bcec 2017-05-02 [ci skip] added changelog entry
e27c720 2017-05-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into balsal...
5ed2465 2017-05-02 Fixed tests
5f33903 2017-05-02 [ci skip] Added changelog entry
ef7001c 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into 'balsalmiq-support'
5412020 2017-05-02 Better Explore Groups view
42e0a8c 2017-05-01 Renamed notfound favicon name
dc3d778 2017-04-30 Fix failing specs
e2c3f44 2017-04-30 Fixed transient failure related to dropdown animations
759f102 2017-04-30 Merge branch 'master' into balsalmiq-support
adff792 2017-04-28 Removed unneeded spec
637ed8a 2017-04-28 Added migration downtime tag
ca17e25 2017-04-28 Removed debug message
6b6296e 2017-04-28 Reverted false schema diffs
2ef7c6f 2017-04-28 Fixed specs
1e2246e 2017-04-28 Removed Spinner usage
f13a688 2017-04-28 Removed puts
f6ebb90 2017-04-28 Deleted spinner and spec
9c15822 2017-04-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into add-se...
eacf8b7 2017-04-28 Applied schema update with patch
89eaeb1 2017-04-28 Revert schema.db to master
3a3cf07 2017-04-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into add-se...
97633d5 2017-04-28 Fixed specs
0e8afe1 2017-04-28 Remove unneeded helper include
8e8be5d 2017-04-28 Fixed view to correct property
cb4b2e3 2017-04-28 Added migration
284d4f7 2017-04-28 Attempted adding separate clientside_sentry settings
77d9240 2017-04-28 add issues and merge-requests classes and use to find in...
fc95474 2017-04-28 Corrected styling, less hacky
a67a648 2017-04-28 Moved partial
817aa1b 2017-04-28 added balsamiq blobviewer class
cde3760 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'master' into balsalmiq-support
f74d0ba 2017-04-27 Fix webpack config conflicts bad resolution
abde62b 2017-04-27 [ci skip] Add comment to regex
18455d7 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'master' into balsalmiq-support
55fd112 2017-04-27 [ci skip] added changelog
cc248f3 2017-04-26 Swapped flex out for grid system
c3633db 2017-04-26 Merge branch 'master' into 'balsalmiq-support'
ca6cc60 2017-04-26 Merge branch 'master' into 'add-sentry-js-again-with-vue'
6a6a672 2017-04-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dropla...
597c5c7 2017-04-26 Fixed being behind
27317d5 2017-04-26 Added test
aa36438 2017-04-26 Correct the resource counted for MR collapsed info
a582ee2 2017-04-25 Merge branch 'master' into droplab-templating-xss-fix
a14e28a 2017-04-25 Added test
f5e8d6b 2017-04-25 updated to new favicons
b34534b 2017-04-24 Fixed dodgy merge
7dabca1 2017-04-24 Merge branch 'master' into droplab-templating-xss-fix
e8f6356 2017-04-21 Fix broken link
4179bff 2017-04-21 Added new discussions docs
26e7c5b 2017-04-21 Started on resolvable discussions docs
aa29bd4 2017-04-20 Include droplab-item-ignore in droplab docs
16e291b 2017-04-19 Resolve "start discussion toggle clicking divider causes...
0fc1e04 2017-04-19 Add renderNote animation and added spec
daf0592 2017-04-19 Added and updated droplab docs
4622ae1 2017-04-18 Resolve "Mini pipeline graph + status badge, when updati...
af6e3e5 2017-04-18 Added sampling function and blacklisted common urls and ...
a695b85 2017-04-17 Merge branch 'master' into droplab-templating-xss-fix
b544d8f 2017-04-17 Review changes, used eq instead of match
9ccab7e 2017-04-17 Added break-word wrap
86b4f49 2017-04-15 Removed rewire and fixed tests
69e49a0 2017-04-15 Only rewire in dev
9fe127f 2017-04-15 Merge branch 'master' into droplab-templating-xss-fix
2f35ba9 2017-04-15 Merge branch 'master' into 'add-sentry-js-again-with-vue'
e22bd96 2017-04-15 Updated specs, added rewire, updated layouts to move con...
0673613 2017-04-14 Updated units
0636320 2017-04-14 Add expirations to CA and user callouts
115d1af 2017-04-14 Only add newlines for multiple uploads
8619042 2017-04-14 Merge branch 'master' into droplab-templating-xss-fix
fb20dcf 2017-04-14 Remove unneeded format block
13b60eb 2017-04-13 [ci skip] Index and singleton improvements with some mor...
cfd3d0f 2017-04-13 [ci skip] Remove loadscript class in favour of backend c...
b24cb99 2017-04-13 Updated specs
c0af1fc 2017-04-13 Remove helper
deb56f2 2017-04-13 [ci skip] Use favicon full path
1591400 2017-04-12 Separate examples for each other
7e52501 2017-04-12 Collapse similar sibling scenarios
3d227e2 2017-04-12 Use empty_project for resources that are independent of ...
0453d6d 2017-04-12 BE review changes
6d2db33 2017-04-12 Merge branch 'master' into 'balsalmiq-support'
606275d 2017-04-12 Update specs
04eaed8 2017-04-12 Used underscore to template list children to utilize the...
66cf90f 2017-04-12 Review changes
ccba2f4 2017-04-12 Spec review changes
37a4f50 2017-04-11 Fix resolve spinner and add test
cf67894 2017-04-11 Finished feature specs
18751fb 2017-04-11 Only import template function from underscore
fbed290 2017-04-11 Removed prepend in favour of clean and appendChild
897d8d5 2017-04-11 Further review changes
b72e18b 2017-04-11 Added feature test
40e2be2 2017-04-10 Added unit tests
75d3ed9 2017-04-10 Added Spinner class
80745bc 2017-04-10 Revert schema.db
440ff83 2017-04-10 Tidy balsamiq viewer and remove unused Vue
c8cea68 2017-04-07 alfredo review changes
1ebfcf9 2017-04-07 Revert yarn.lock changes
8b98ca5 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'master' into new-resolvable-discussion
501d403 2017-04-07 Rever yarn.lock changes
06e7de4 2017-04-07 Review changes
8325d3f 2017-04-07 Fix firefox overflow css bug
0533951 2017-04-07 Add link to list items
b70d828 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'master' into new-resolvable-discussion
99918be 2017-04-07 Added variable button fix
dab6047 2017-04-07 Update droplab
18e2388 2017-04-07 Fixed issue button state bug
2f22890 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'update-droplab-to-webpack-version' into ne...
fb7b0d6 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'master' into update-droplab-to-webpack-ver...
907b754 2017-04-07 Fixed bugs and added tests
bb4bc21 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'update-droplab-to-webpack-version' into ne...
f2f4457 2017-04-07 Renamed spec files
153531f 2017-04-07 Finish up feature spec
31c51c8 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'update-droplab-to-webpack-version' into ne...
993c207 2017-04-06 Update inputsetter
de3e083 2017-04-06 Further fixes for feature spec
4ddf208 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'new-resolvable-discussion' of
a33aacd 2017-04-06 Further fixes for feature spec
1065ba4 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'new-resolvable-discussion' of
1df9ac2 2017-04-06 Fix feature specs, still some to be done
397b9c8 2017-04-06 Add feature specs
abefedf 2017-04-06 Correct dropdown width
99e4431 2017-04-06 Update unit tests
9cee280 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'update-droplab-to-webpack-version' into ne...
66d03aa 2017-04-06 Fixed error handling
98f59fc 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'master' into update-droplab-to-webpack-ver...
2a18425 2017-04-06 phil review changes
75ac269 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'update-droplab-to-webpack-version' into ne...
7db45ca 2017-04-06 Added droplab back to static assets
7083d38 2017-04-06 Added feature specs
a9186d0 2017-04-06 Fixed close button text
a6c6159 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'master' into update-droplab-to-webpack-ver...
9c4a06a 2017-04-05 Fix close buttob bug when toggling dropdown
0085592 2017-04-05 Move CommentTypeToggle use from gl_form to notes
5e3fa02 2017-04-05 Added resolvable discussion frontend
2b92f91 2017-04-05 Added droplab to yarn.lock and package.json
8bdfee8 2017-04-05 Prep for moving droplab to npm
c2cb2fb 2017-04-05 update droplab
06a20b8 2017-04-05 Updated droplab version to webpack version
fefd5a0 2017-04-05 Merge branch 'master' into update-droplab-to-webpack-ver...
d197347 2017-04-05 Added droplab to yarn.lock and package.json
7c51982 2017-04-05 MR empty state
ccca73d 2017-04-04 Merge branch 'master' into add-sentry-js-again-with-vue
c5eb5aa 2017-03-30 group links select2 infinite scroll
8db88bd 2017-03-29 Prep for moving droplab to npm
06df12e 2017-03-25 update droplab
c8afe43 2017-03-25 Merge branch 'master' into update-droplab-to-webpack-ver...
8a6becc 2017-03-19 Merge branch 'master' into update-droplab-to-webpack-ver...
f2be76f 2017-03-17 Added labels to the issue web hook
1f7c665 2017-03-15 Updated droplab version to webpack version
2cc6485 2017-03-05 Improved team selection
ba9bb4f 2017-03-02 Merge branch 'master' into 'zj-create-mattermost-team'
1fbc488 2017-03-02 Corrected JS for new master js build updates [ci skip]
f624760 2017-02-28 Review changes
9f322f2 2017-02-22 Added double newline after file upload markdown insert
bb48323 2017-02-22 added specs for version check image
ad88cf3 2017-02-22 updated ci skip regex to accept underscores and hyphens
173e27d 2017-02-22 Finished up mattermost team creation
872ac22 2017-02-16 Change toBe to toBeLessThan to account for flakey timers...
6bf0449 2017-02-10 Added env external link and light web terminal spec
a0d0ffe 2017-02-07 added inline pipeline graph
78709bb 2017-02-07 Added small improvments to the chat slash command services
8c5d55e 2017-01-30 Ensure rake is called within the correct bundle context
bfbdc62 2017-01-30 Added labels empty state and priority label empty state
ff4a632 2017-01-30 Corrected docs href's
bd5245d 2017-01-30 Updated test for new error result
57cf85d 2017-01-26 Initial fix proposal for u2f not working
112e2ab 2017-01-26 Fixed flexbox and wrap issues
8bcc911 2017-01-24 Added error message and test
c252c03 2017-01-23 Added raven and raven-vue plugin, updated gon_helper wit...
fed94dc 2017-01-20 remove ba-resize
2d2fe2c 2017-01-18 Add first shared examples to a helper and updated teaspo...
ac322d3 2017-01-18 Fixed highlightFirst and added specs
c1dd08e 2017-01-14 fixed commit diff linking and added specs
4548594 2017-01-13 Improve disabled state select
7c47cc9 2017-01-10 Swapped out teaspoon for karma
3eb8569 2017-01-10 Correct merge conflicts
37bbdb6 2017-01-07 Added spec for testing the issuable count
ebdea37 2017-01-04 Fix remove template
932bcb4 2017-01-04 Added isAuthenticate to differentiate between ineligible...
c0f4fe0 2016-12-27 Remove unneeded prevention code
b285abe 2016-12-27 Improved the u2f flow
0ad88cb 2016-12-22 Increase left padding of filter row labels
b552f2b 2016-12-22 Removed color-label overwrites
a9f85d1 2016-12-21 Fix space issue and add test
cfcefa1 2016-12-21 Removed hack
8d3ed21 2016-12-20 Pedro copy changes
ccfbbf7 2016-12-20 Fix tests
05d04d0 2016-12-19 kamil frontend review changes
b67ad2d 2016-12-19 Added integration tests
9d77445 2016-12-19 zj frontend review
8df4a41 2016-12-19 Remove mock emoji comments
6a43111 2016-12-19 Removed UI to show the registered team as its not yet po...
9ee6e52 2016-12-19 UX review changes
53aeb33 2016-12-19 Correct views for first iteration agreement
3f60a27 2016-12-18 Added slack slash commands frontend help well
a701b1f 2016-12-17 Started on new slash commands edit view
b23f32a 2016-12-17 Fix configure route
24dd957 2016-12-17 Change code font size to 12px
9a2eaec 2016-12-15 Correct slack slash commands pretty path
1356e40 2016-12-15 Changed autocomplete_sources into an action that returns...
62f8717 2016-12-12 Added hiddenInterval and immediateExecution settings, fi...
2c9bb13 2016-12-10 Fixed tests
63c3ba7 2016-12-10 Created shared/visibility_select and merged with feature...
bc31040 2016-12-10 Fixed lint warning and propose fail or warning
a8cfb85 2016-12-08 Added special char test to the default beforeInsert call...
c341587 2016-12-04 Instantiate ImageFile for diff-files in Diff
c434568 2016-12-02 re-apply MR !6285 "Added forceLoad ability to singleFile...
63e2d65 2016-12-02 Added element extensions spec for .matches and .closest
c145413 2016-11-29 Remove JSX/React eslint plugins.
ddf288f 2016-11-29 Moved groups above projects
c47d8ab 2016-11-26 Removed leave buttons from settings dropdowns
260749e 2016-11-25 Add `.find` poly
6892293 2016-11-23 Use default `closest` if available!
ba21b8f 2016-11-22 Moved todos icons to new folder
de21cfd 2016-11-21 Swapped buttons for checkboxes
334347f 2016-11-21 Frontend review changes
cf94db7 2016-11-21 Removed button styling from restricted visibility levels...
e74e53a 2016-11-21 Pass @service using subject
8e5ad7c 2016-11-21 Added new .help-form styling and implemented with matter...
aed42cc 2016-11-19 Add node_modules cache to npm related builds
a08fba6 2016-11-18 Added empty state svg and set up blank conditional
7cefaea 2016-11-15 explicitly disable eslint inline
bbf7033 2016-11-12 Updated CHANGELOG
f02f08f 2016-11-10 Account for merge request fixed affix bar
7730f5f 2016-11-09 Removed soon-to-be un-needed project title additions fro...
dcd2023 2016-11-08 Refactored JS
147e33a 2016-11-07 Update with new supported web browsers text
4f37736 2016-11-04 Added new .eslintrc for jasmine tests and corrected buil...
e517da3 2016-11-04 Created wait_for_turbolinks and added test for refs drop...
ac7efb2 2016-11-04 Removed inline JS and added new affix declaration
7c84037 2016-10-31 Added Element extension with .matches and .closest
4efaeb5 2016-10-27 Replaced jquery.cookie with js.cookie
18bf882 2016-10-25 Fix horizontal padding for highlight blocks
3ea3a6a 2016-10-24 invoked the pipelines class when builds are dynamically ...
b4a9247 2016-10-24 Replaced deprecated use of document.body.scrollTop
eed4b2c 2016-10-23 Remove encode from the project-refs-dropdown renderRow m...
d2ee380 2016-10-21 Added forceLoad ability to singleFileDiffs, added callba...
7664c76 2016-10-21 Removed append logic
33f3c37 2016-10-20 Added dyanmic position adjustment
a2f6461 2016-10-20 Added tooltip with jobs full name to build items in graph
599f1cb 2016-10-20 converted last method to jQuery
c1be12d 2016-10-20 Tidied up pipelines.js.es6 and removed jQuery where acce...
f744a5c 2016-10-19 Added dyanmic position adjustment
4e028d3 2016-10-19 Return the title for id of 'No label'
baa3d0b 2016-10-18 Added tooltip with jobs full name to build items in graph
9ff64b2 2016-10-17 Swapped button text manipulation outcomes for the toggle...
6aca8b5 2016-10-17 Added download-button class and applied button margin
aa76fa5 2016-10-17 Remove carriage returns from commit description as summa...
93e464f 2016-10-17 Added logic to handle a revision input that does not exi...
b9f351e 2016-10-14 Rename pipeline.js.es6 to pipelines.js.es6
9ec3c32 2016-10-14 Improved specifity of toggleable file headers
6e509ae 2016-10-14 Added safety check for formatted values
4b40027 2016-10-14 Fixed conflict and corrected teaspoon test
58368fb 2016-10-14 Moved ci_status environments logic to new action ci_envr...
ae851ed 2016-10-13 Added no-template functionality
0f7cc21 2016-10-10 Formatted all app/assets/javascripts to underscore namin...
274ac4e 2016-10-10 JS review changes and fixed conflicts
a57b3fc 2016-10-10 Corrected my correction for turbolinks -.-'
6a7b673 2016-10-10 JS review changes - Removed window from in dis...
5defad2 2016-10-10 Finished up margin JS logic
eb55ac7 2016-10-10 Added final changes from handover
4fff9d2 2016-10-10 Changed 'Compare branches, tags or commit ranges' to 'Co...
42a6f5c 2016-10-10 Changed placeholder to 'Commit hash'
4436193 2016-10-07 Added `issuable_filters_present` to check for active fil...
680efd4 2016-10-07 Added subnav to labels edit+new and milestones edit+new+...
70f7d24 2016-09-30 Review changes
61afa65 2016-09-30 Added soft wrap logic and button to editor
e81f89e 2016-09-30 Added CHANGELOG entry
a095a3a 2016-09-29 Removed blocks-first declaration that was added to fix c...
c70db58 2016-09-29 Added temporary responsive design
f73eb01 2016-09-29 Update CHANGELOG
6bca3a3 2016-09-28 Review changes
ee02856 2016-09-28 Added soft wrap logic and button to editor
634d003 2016-09-27 Changed to hash rocket and string 'true'
9c74af1 2016-09-27 Rearranged commit tabs and changed commit `Commit` colum...
d4444c5 2016-09-27 Commit status icon now links to pipelines tab of commit ...
0d1fa87 2016-09-27 Changed compare dropdowns to dropdowns with isolated sea...
9c29acc 2016-09-27 Removed stages loop for a single 'Stages' header
51c04a2 2016-09-26 Added v-cloak to resolve disc button
454bb14 2016-09-26 Added `@zeiv`s changes to fix awards search, including C...
ae341be 2016-09-23 Changed links that wrap the icon svg to `display: block`...
089ac50 2016-09-22 Changed mr widget build status to pipeline status with p...
2c4fe74 2016-09-20 Added checks for field before field.length and removed u...
2e11cdd 2016-09-19 Merge branch 'master' into '21961-issues-filtering-issue...
bc08960 2016-09-18 Changed `Commit` to `Build` header
9abd871 2016-09-18 Added full-width new snippet button on mobile and correc...
3297980 2016-09-14 Replace single quotes with escaped single quotes and wri...
265dbb1 2016-09-12 Removed horizontal overflow from collapsed issuable sidebar
f162dde 2016-09-09 Now anchors to the top or bottom of the build trace with...
b5d74be 2016-09-09 trace step buttons now scroll 50px up or down at a time
0dcfc89 2016-09-09 Used flexbox to force related merge request list items i...
f099e36 2016-09-08 Change username full name back to only username on xs vi...
dbd6b2d 2016-09-08 Changed build header username area to use the full name ...
0794f7f 2016-09-07 Removed media query declaration relating to merge-reques...
56461e0 2016-09-07 Reordered dropdown options
328fba3 2016-09-06 Changed `.commit-row-title` `line-height` to `1.35` from...
40c7ba0 2016-09-03 Updated spec with next click targets
ffdccaa 2016-09-03 Updated diff toggle targets and added icon
eb6a598 2016-09-02 Added `.term-bold` declaration.
28db37d 2016-09-01 Added todo filter tests
e67a483 2016-09-01 Fixed project filtering
0ccdb41 2016-09-01 Review changes, simplified dropdown init
bd595eb 2016-09-01 Removed select2 from todos feature spec
922b38a 2016-09-01 Removed inline JS and improved dropdown labels
f157a9e 2016-09-01 Added type and action dropdowns, need to finalize by rem...
0e2dd06 2016-09-01 Completed project filter dropdown, still need to move it...
beff8b9 2016-09-01 Swapped out author dropdown and started on swapping out ...
c5524a1 2016-08-28 Updated CHANGELOG
831fc81 2016-08-24 Moved `.option-hidden` to exist only in `SELECTABLE_CLAS...
5ddb51b 2016-08-24 Update abuse_reports.js.es6 with prettier `` as...
6692bca 2016-08-23 Added CHANGELOG
a60c1fc 2016-08-23 Added unfold test to parallel and added 'diff discussion...
2473dad 2016-08-23 Better first match on this MR also
c369738 2016-08-23 Review changes
8a07b45 2016-08-23 Changed `retry` link to blue
84d2cab 2016-08-23 Moved builds panel to the bottom of the builds sidemenu
ed94b9b 2016-08-23 Updated to optimized specs from !5864
66a6dfb 2016-08-23 Added 'with an unfolded line should not allow commenting...
7d654c0 2016-08-23 Added addtional 'renderable' validator to check 'data-no...
5906cca 2016-08-21 Fixed timing issue with selecting parallel or inline vie...
884baf2 2016-08-21 Replaced all `first` with `match:` equivalents
8ade825 2016-08-19 review changes
2f8fada 2016-08-18 Fixed conflicts
e74d12a 2016-08-18 Fix failed tests
affdf20 2016-08-18 Further review changes and removed large ammounts of ref...
1ac5f76 2016-08-18 Fixed test turbolink condition
40d869e 2016-08-18 Review changes and final formatting
85cd73c 2016-08-18 improved turbolinks.visit conditional
3e1e9b6 2016-08-18 Fixed specs
49c7ca2 2016-08-18 Fixed spec and improved formatting
f91fd18 2016-08-18 Improved spec, waiting on sprockets-es6 to work with rsp...
dcf09a5 2016-08-18 Moved changes across to es5 and changed spec to es6
b4398de 2016-08-18 Added new non-selectable selector exclusions to fix arro...
32060d4 2016-08-18 Moved truncation method chain to utility method
8691561 2016-08-17 Now waits for All issuables to load when clicked
c0a722a 2016-08-17 Removed sleep calls introduced in !5740
7212322 2016-08-13 Added new but unaccepted design pattern, it is only push...
d1da8ef 2016-08-13 Updated collapsible
ff3dc13 2016-08-13 Review changes
6b7c0a9 2016-08-13 Final table styling changes
f5cff06 2016-08-13 Started on abuse reports message truncation
cbae07d 2016-08-13 Altered abuse report UI
d8f88aa 2016-08-13 Review changes
673806a 2016-08-13 Some more styling tweaks and added jasmine test
1e6d8a3 2016-08-13 Reverted collapsible design for Hazels
2030886 2016-08-10 Review changes
0013e59 2016-08-05 Moved notes scenarios to 'diff_notes_spec.rb'
42352d4 2016-07-28 Removed coffee matchers
a71db02 2016-07-28 Added es6 regex to teaspoon matchers, still doesnt fix i...
c36d1b1 2016-07-25 Added '*.js.es6 gitlab-language=javascript' to .gitattri...
f9806bd 2016-07-25 Finished css replacement of xpath selectors and tidying ...
59ddf72 2016-07-25 Fixed failing tests with WaitForAjax
dd79472 2016-07-25 Finished up intial version that uses XPath extensively
10b8c62 2016-07-25 Added new spec descriptions and scenarios
ef5a5d0 2016-07-25 Tidying up spec for new implementation of css ID selectors
c11e4d1 2016-07-19 Added diff comments feature test
a0838cd 2016-07-15 Refactored to use SASS vars for color
1b83fa7 2016-07-15 Added custom no_avatar icon
e4a90e3 2016-07-15 Updated fork page
e0f3b66 2016-07-11 Review changes
359ec42 2016-07-11 Added shortcut to focus all search tags apart from the t...
32e593c 2016-07-08 review changes
b8d3016 2016-07-08 Added frontend collapsible behavior
ec37d95 2016-07-08 Refactored .prev and .next methods
1f73afd 2016-07-07 Registered FilesCommentButton as a jQuery plugin and mad...
d925aea 2016-07-07 flattened button attributes obj set to build comment button
5ab95ba 2016-07-06 review changes
50dfdf0 2016-07-06 fix up tests
b4676c3 2016-06-30 _Hacked_ in a better error message
8cdee2b 2016-06-29 Exposed 'onToggleHelp() to window object so showHelp() c...
8a27e8b 2016-06-28 Disabled native autocomplete for dropdown filter inputs
9571433 2016-06-28 Wiped old page and started on new UI
0b33f90 2016-06-22 forced filter input to process inputs after data has loaded
611bc00 2016-06-21 Added bottom padding to label color suggestion link
acde2e3 2016-06-21 Added 100% width to open dropdown menus on mobile
544ad08 2016-06-17 restricted note edit shortcut to only up key
e7221ad 2016-06-17 Added shortcut to help shortcuts view
46f659b 2016-06-17 Corrected top area css media query params
c252b52 2016-06-17 Started fixing, not found dropdown button yet....
5c35915 2016-06-16 Updated '.event-item a' color
8191acc 2016-06-16 Pipeline artifacts download button wording improved
f866af7 2016-06-13 Fixed notes action buttons
30bf8dc 2016-06-10 Pipeline artifacts download button wording improved
479ecba 2016-06-10 Tidied dispatcher switch and added shortcuts to project ...
20a6111 2016-06-10 Added ability to skip the Mousetrap binding reset
1ede0af 2016-06-10 added hover state to top nav links
52e1e03 2016-06-10 Updated '.event-item a' color
a9d14dd 2016-06-10 added whitespace toggle to diffs page and set it to retu...
b36d84b 2016-06-10 Moved private forks notice to projects-list so its above...
853435d 2016-06-10 .tree-controls stacking context now above .tree-holdr
483e457 2016-06-10 Fixed search form padding
200bbbc 2016-06-07 Fixes issue search form hiding when current_user is nil ...
ae736d8 2016-06-07 Added a line to find the currently saved text and replac...
05e62ba 2016-05-31 Fix MR widget mobile styling