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#150 Lukas Eipert - All time
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b5821e5 2018-05-18 Add Keyboard shortcuts for "Kubernetes" and "Environments"
762672f 2018-05-16 Project Sidebar: Split CI/CD into CI/CD and Operations
9cdbb96 2018-05-14 Correct skewed Kubernetes popover illustration
2034cec 2018-05-11 Support `js-close` as a removal class in UserCallout
5e436de 2018-05-07 Make deploy keys table more clearly structured
6c1a12e 2018-05-03 ensure users are signed out properly in user_uses_slash_...
49518bc 2018-04-20 Dedupe yarn dependencies
11108f0 2018-04-17 fix regression in new merge request screen
bd1b2c6 2018-04-10 use commander for safer cli argument parsing
6b8f1a1 2018-04-10 remove `instanceof Array` test
7f2244e 2018-04-10 move TEST_FILES variable to `process.env`
a8bf6a3 2018-04-10 remove unnecessary webpack plugins assignment in karma c...
029180f 2018-04-10 add documentation for karma testing with specific files/...
267602f 2018-04-10 fix single-run option usage for karma
1941b44 2018-04-10 prettier
35d754f 2018-04-10 read which testfiles to run from CLI
8e66411 2018-04-10 Merge branch 'master' into winh-single-karma-test
78ff68a 2018-04-06 Polish design of domain verification for Gitlab Pages
d023244 2018-03-26 Make use of the prettier ignore file during our save script
1c9f354 2018-03-22 Prevent overflow of long instance urls during Project cr...
8103bcc 2018-03-21 Issuable list: add tooltips to icons
c242c77 2018-03-19 Make issue boards height calculation clearer and remove ...
91e87ab 2018-03-12 Resolve "Hover style for sidebar dropdowns is wrong"
3004fb3 2018-03-05 Set margins around dropdown dividers to 4px (based on grid)