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#95 Lukas Eipert - All time
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4340c26 2018-10-09 Remove security report summary from pipelines view
d1d6b26 2018-10-04 Dedupe yarn dependencies
1e6ed74 2018-10-04 Fix `babel-messages` dependency
145b460 2018-10-01 Add yarn integrity hashes
4552a9f 2018-10-01 Improve performance of LazyLoader by using IntersectionO...
685d579 2018-09-29 Danger check for ignored eslint rules
4df24e5 2018-09-28 Danger check for unprettified JavaScript
a50d5db 2018-09-28 Backport styles for report_section
aa6ffbe 2018-09-25 Dedupe frontend dependencies
269e39e 2018-09-25 Fix merge request header margins
276c4ae 2018-09-17 Backport EE changes to `app/assets/javascripts/filtered_...
40f8145 2018-09-14 Fix typo in Danger message
835733a 2018-09-14 Fix karma junit reports on CI
6d076dd 2018-09-08 properly wrap LICENSE file
7381672 2018-09-07 update karma: 2.0.4 -> ^3.0.0
2a27f97 2018-09-07 Dedupe frontend dependencies
b0e92f3 2018-09-07 de-duplicate gitlab-svg
b743c35 2018-09-07 adjust test fixture for favicon with overlay
8327413 2018-09-07 forward build image to Chrome 69
c939003 2018-08-06 fix `/failures` JS init in pipelines view
273515b 2018-08-03 backport changes from
46a2c70 2018-08-03 Adds a css class for mr reports to render them correctly
8cd80da 2018-08-02 remove unneeded `before_action`
86d2950 2018-08-02 remove unnecessary if clause and move logic to optional ...
069b2a8 2018-08-02 move mandatory vue entry point from optional path
d4749f7 2018-08-01 backport CSS from
30aa901 2018-07-31 ensure that merge request widget serializer exposes `can...
58cff01 2018-07-26 Make report_issues.vue easily extendable
e35f8d9 2018-07-20 backport code from EE
0bb1009 2018-07-19 allow for testAction to wait until all promises are reso...
4ff134d 2018-07-18 Proper icon validator
be56f2f 2018-07-12 Vuex test helper improvements
0ddedab 2018-07-11 improve log output of jasmine `toEqual` with nested obje...
a7ed65f 2018-06-20 Backport code from gitlab-ee!6182
6d86115 2018-06-20 ensure that `import/no-unresolved` does not trigger for ...
0e64411 2018-06-20 remove all unused eslint-disable rules
a0a05a0 2018-06-20 report unused disabled eslint directives
a631208 2018-06-16 use eslint config parameter instead of sed
762c623 2018-06-11 set max_old_space_size to 3.5 GB for compile-assets job
306cd78 2018-05-31 Cleanup code for General Project Settings
234f176 2018-05-31 Cleanup code for General Project Settings
e9c5e57 2018-05-30 Convert spec/javascripts/.eslintrc to yml format as well
6e1a790 2018-05-29 fix last lints
5777057 2018-05-29 disable no-multi-assign
c98212e 2018-05-29 fix `spaced-comment`
9a9f758 2018-05-29 remove unused createComponentWithMixin from vue spec hel...
99c4e46 2018-05-29 fix `no-unused-vars`
ef849c6 2018-05-29 use the old indent-rule for now
0692be4 2018-05-29 disable no-restricted-globals
ee9974b 2018-05-29 disable prefer-destructuring for now
76082ce 2018-05-29 disable rules that might be conflicting with prettier
a626675 2018-05-29 disable `function-paren-newline` as it conflicts with pr...
2858ea8 2018-05-29 Upgrade to eslint `~4.12.1` which is the last known vers...
c0f3bd9 2018-05-29 convert eslintrc to yml
8f1dd45 2018-05-29 Resolve "Merge request spinner spins forever after loadi...
7a0f15e 2018-05-29 Resolve "Operations navigation menu renders empty menu w...
27c0bb3 2018-05-28 Dedupe yarn dependencies
94235cb 2018-05-28 backport EE version of
c404497 2018-05-28 Update bootstrap to 4.1.1
8f57de8 2018-05-27 Update Frontend documentation regarding Vue and Icons/Il...
1637faa 2018-05-27 Update unicode-display_width from 1.3.0 to 1.3.2
6fb35c8 2018-05-25 backport changes from
b5821e5 2018-05-18 Add Keyboard shortcuts for "Kubernetes" and "Environments"
762672f 2018-05-16 Project Sidebar: Split CI/CD into CI/CD and Operations
9cdbb96 2018-05-14 Correct skewed Kubernetes popover illustration
2034cec 2018-05-11 Support `js-close` as a removal class in UserCallout
5e436de 2018-05-07 Make deploy keys table more clearly structured
6c1a12e 2018-05-03 ensure users are signed out properly in user_uses_slash_...
49518bc 2018-04-20 Dedupe yarn dependencies
11108f0 2018-04-17 fix regression in new merge request screen
bd1b2c6 2018-04-10 use commander for safer cli argument parsing
6b8f1a1 2018-04-10 remove `instanceof Array` test
7f2244e 2018-04-10 move TEST_FILES variable to `process.env`
a8bf6a3 2018-04-10 remove unnecessary webpack plugins assignment in karma c...
029180f 2018-04-10 add documentation for karma testing with specific files/...
267602f 2018-04-10 fix single-run option usage for karma
1941b44 2018-04-10 prettier
35d754f 2018-04-10 read which testfiles to run from CLI
8e66411 2018-04-10 Merge branch 'master' into winh-single-karma-test
78ff68a 2018-04-06 Polish design of domain verification for Gitlab Pages
d023244 2018-03-26 Make use of the prettier ignore file during our save script
1c9f354 2018-03-22 Prevent overflow of long instance urls during Project cr...
8103bcc 2018-03-21 Issuable list: add tooltips to icons
c242c77 2018-03-19 Make issue boards height calculation clearer and remove ...
91e87ab 2018-03-12 Resolve "Hover style for sidebar dropdowns is wrong"
3004fb3 2018-03-05 Set margins around dropdown dividers to 4px (based on grid)