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#13 Lin Jen-Shin - All time
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Hash Date Message
30442f6 2018-03-19 Remove oj as we're not using it
31b0097 2018-03-16 Setup Faraday middleware before adapter
9cd5735 2018-03-14 Merge branch 'project-redirects-rspec' into 'master'
0917e81 2018-03-07 Unify deployment_platform interface with EE
7de317d 2018-03-06 Unify lib/api/job_artifacts.rb with EE
3814edf 2018-03-06 So that it's consistent with other entries and EE
156cc98 2018-03-05 Unify lib/api/merge_requests.rb with EE
bb4fcb7 2018-03-02 Move constants and update for feedback
6c5a7d5 2018-03-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 4257...
5928b0c 2018-03-02 Update incoming emails documents
36c76ec 2018-02-14 Indent as Rubocop like
305c875 2018-02-13 Fix the use to Git::Location
58d1ad5 2018-02-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-c...
ab4f803 2018-02-13 Inline helper methods
2e9b6b5 2018-02-13 Add a comment about why @ is picked for ssh
de484c6 2018-02-13 Just use initialize and remove scheme we're not using
59d49f7 2018-02-13 Rename Git::Repository::Location to Git::Location
565fdd6 2018-02-12 Rearrange the test structure and introduce
2f34ef3 2018-02-12 Make wait return the value we yielded when
338bb2a 2018-02-12 Remove unused codes and address feedback
bc2739a 2018-02-12 Adopt Git style URI
7598453 2018-02-09 Cleanup codes and address feedback
578a98f 2018-02-09 Save host-verification test against SHA1 checksum
4061d29 2018-02-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-a...
5f62a93 2018-02-09 Move all ENV to Runtime::Env
09a3b8f 2018-02-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-c...
d4e232a 2018-02-08 Added 'clear' button to ci lint editor
133b3f2 2018-02-08 Allow using a different sandbox group for QA
461ecbc 2018-02-07 Update peek-performance_bar which doesn't hold env
5309d44 2018-02-07 Put controller in its separate file
31f1ec5 2018-02-07 Release the entire env
bbfce29 2018-02-07 Use a controller to hold request values
d4d564c 2018-02-07 Try not to hold env and release the controller
1264e2b 2018-02-05 WIP
bd132df 2018-02-05 Make find_user_from_sources extensible for EE
470e83e 2018-01-30 Make those files as close as EE to reduce conflicts
07557a9 2018-01-30 Merge branch 'master' into 'qa-define-selectors'
bf01452 2018-01-29 Define selectors and remove EE only code
ac3d56e 2018-01-26 Pass BUNDLE_PATH to install to the same path for test
02a3f62 2018-01-26 Update gitlab-styles and update .rubocop.yml
e7115a3 2018-01-26 Remove bin/upgrade.rb as we don't seem to refer it
a261831 2018-01-26 Use Process::Status rather than an integer
0bf918f 2018-01-26 Fix rubocop offenses. It's not checked before when
e042bae 2018-01-26 Eliminate the last warning for redis wrapper
99784d7 2018-01-26 We need Rails in order to use Gitlab.config anyway
1f4c406 2018-01-26 Eliminate the warnings for database
8e87ecb 2018-01-26 Eliminate the warnings from task helpers
cb7974b 2018-01-26 Convert parser warnings to stdout in haml_lint
b0b6abd 2018-01-26 Ignore flay warnings
a65fa2c 2018-01-26 Avoid loading rspec-parameterized to avoid warnings
df2c47b 2018-01-26 Don't print stdout in case we're just printing warnings
b226df1 2018-01-26 Generate secret first to avoid warnings later
54ca8d0 2018-01-26 Fail static-analysis if there's output to stderr
348cccf 2018-01-26 Pick EE for qa/qa/page/menu/side.rb
e35be13 2018-01-26 Pick the EE version for this file
b54beca 2018-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa/e...
253c2a3 2018-01-26 Just don't expand if it's already expanded
ae7b176 2018-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-s...
7d26edd 2018-01-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-s...
3d4a7f6 2018-01-25 Prefer local variables over given/let
f5efeeb 2018-01-25 Try to restore page's state
73e3215 2018-01-25 Add more views check
8586391 2018-01-25 Respect the latest changes from master
209c4c5 2018-01-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-s...
5fd950d 2018-01-25 Cache rubocop cache for CI
5e911c5 2018-01-24 Prefer local variables instead
a17f4c2 2018-01-24 Add an test for QA::Runtime::RSAKey
cc02eef 2018-01-24 Move initialize method later.
ada39be 2018-01-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into qa-d...
b33e728 2018-01-23 Make sure we're passing ASCII-8BIT to Gitaly
ca7e105 2018-01-22 Add a scenario for adding secret variables
4b1da85 2018-01-22 Also test if the fingerprint is correct
05d9860 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'qa-deploy-key-factory-product' into qa-dep...
ccceb26 2018-01-22 Generate ssh key on the fly for QA
09e9a50 2018-01-19 Add .qa-project-deploy-keys to locate it
39a659a 2018-01-19 Scrap the deploy key title and match it in test
d56f059 2018-01-16 Try to match more aggressively
e268575 2018-01-15 Add view elements to deploy keys pages
a68ba48 2018-01-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 4173...
d6c6937 2018-01-12 Make sure it's not offending to use local ||= val
fd54d7a 2018-01-12 Add some more docs to doc/development/
cfd7510 2018-01-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 1819...
72c489e 2018-01-12 Add changelog entry
a93ccf0 2018-01-12 Properly cleaning up memoized values
4f00a05 2018-01-12 Introduce PredicateMemoization cop and fix offenses
8d569f9 2018-01-11 Document that we need rsync for backing up
fb2ca26 2018-01-05 Remove unused push_code_to_protected_branches
8b3b28b 2018-01-05 Just try to detect and assign once
e24e0c9 2018-01-03 Use heredoc for long strings so it's easier to read
60fc392 2018-01-02 Use heredoc so it's more clear
1e79ebf 2018-01-02 Put all menus under menu module
7945878 2018-01-02 Introduce common project settings and just put
9f7fe67 2018-01-02 Introduce Factory::Resource::DeployKey
f851f13 2018-01-02 Introduce expand_deploy_keys
bc5552b 2018-01-02 Introduce Menu::Side
a265ac2 2018-01-02 Add documents for GitLab utilities
e202fe8 2017-12-28 Warm up the app so it's fast for the 1st request
c917183 2017-12-28 Just add a new class to locate the expand button
45d0be8 2017-12-28 Update descriptions and names based on feedback
2078cb4 2017-12-28 Rename DeployKey to DeployKeys
7377b97 2017-12-28 QA: Add a scenario for adding a deploy key
f94df42 2017-12-26 Just use the tests from EE
f4bd9c0 2017-12-26 Skip sha_attribute if we're checking statically
8139895 2017-12-26 Use `Gitlab::Utils::Override` over defined?(super)
cc7a7aa 2017-12-26 Require our own custom cops; Remove missing cops
12df7e2 2017-12-20 Specify how we're utilizing rspec here
e7b0fe3 2017-12-20 It should escape spaces to %20 rather than +
73f615a 2017-12-19 Make sure two except won't overwrite each other
873bc3a 2017-12-19 Preserve gem path so that we use the same gems
c94f417 2017-12-18 Use queue_namespace rather than enqueue_in
02994fb 2017-12-15 Backport changes from EE
59ac184 2017-12-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-i...
4925ec5 2017-11-30 We could simply count the commits
85be6d8 2017-11-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-i...
d6fcdec 2017-11-23 Make sure we're using git installed in gitlab-build-images
5951320 2017-11-23 Make sure repository is restored
7df1cb5 2017-11-23 Move identical merged branch check to merged_branch_names
6896584 2017-11-22 Cache allowed_ids
418947b 2017-11-22 Fix a few layout error
663593e 2017-11-22 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-i...
166a2d7 2017-11-22 Make it clear that this is an acceptable use
89f2939 2017-11-22 Reword Instance variables in views
07d3d44 2017-11-22 Move ModuleWithInstanceVariables to Gitlab namespace
15edf74 2017-11-22 Explain how to disable it in the doc
0b6d01e 2017-11-22 Just define allowed_ids and override it with empty value
45568be 2017-11-21 Updates based on feedback
ffec300 2017-11-17 Remove codes from bad merge
7441c7a 2017-11-17 Allow initialize method and single ivar
9ac0c76 2017-11-17 Use StrongMemoize and enable/disable cops properly
0af35d7 2017-11-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-i...
7bacf94 2017-11-10 Merge branch '10-1-stable' into 10-1-stable-patch-2
c64effb 2017-11-10 Merge branch '10-1-stable' into 10-1-stable-patch-2
b0974a4 2017-11-10 Merge branch '10-1-jivl-fix-cancel-button-file-upload-ne...
1f2cdf6 2017-11-10 Merge branch '10-1-stable' into 10-1-stable-patch-2
6925477 2017-11-09 Update for 10.1.2
c00fde6 2017-11-09 Make sure all pipelines would go to pending once
b3344b7 2017-11-08 Update VERSION to 10.0.6
ea24d7a 2017-11-08 Update for 10.0.6
127ad92 2017-11-08 Update for 10.0.6
af60a6c 2017-11-08 Update VERSION to 10.1.2
a29acff 2017-11-08 Update for 10.1.2
567d8a6 2017-11-08 Update for 10.1.2
f8b681f 2017-11-06 WIP
fc6aad0 2017-11-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-i...
3c454b8 2017-10-30 Add docs for backing up to Google Cloud Storage
6ea7132 2017-10-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/10-1-stable' into...
8acb6b7 2017-10-27 Merging EE doc into CE
0310628 2017-10-17 Update VERSION to 10.1.0-rc2
ff3e5fa 2017-10-16 Update VERSION to 10.1.0-rc1
02fc18b 2017-10-16 Those tests were tested under authenticated
a548a9f 2017-10-12 Update licenses
1220039 2017-10-12 Update templates via:
62f61c8 2017-10-12 Update doc accordingly to:
b0ba158 2017-10-11 Backport EE change for setting up forked project
e25abf5 2017-10-05 Use simple path for tmp ref, avoiding extra dir
0a6925c 2017-10-03 Remove those tests as they're not needed anymore
9e42df3 2017-10-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into gem/...
e9ffa33 2017-10-02 Freeze the constant array
9401c13 2017-09-29 Just allow the scheme we want!
f7fd36f 2017-09-29 Adapt to the latest addressable behaviour
cffc28e 2017-09-28 Strip before passing to addressable, otherwise it's invalid
87328fa 2017-09-28 Make sure we didn't blow up if URI is invalid
e9060da 2017-09-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into gem/...
114b160 2017-09-26 Only update gems we need
028712f 2017-09-26 Only update gems we need
239332e 2017-09-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-i...
f67c2ea 2017-09-22 Don't show it if there's no project.
c65cbff 2017-09-22 Reserve refs/replace cos `git-replace` is using it
7e62ad0 2017-09-21 Fix rake gitlab:incoming_email:check and make it
961b084 2017-09-19 Fix grammar: judge -> judgement
6a4ee9a 2017-09-18 Allow simple ivar ||= form. Update accordingly
9ae92b8 2017-09-18 Add cop to make sure we don't use ivar in a module
8281865 2017-09-15 Update ee_compat_check for community contributors
6be736a 2017-09-14 Enable ee_compat_check for forks, but not EE
ba3376f 2017-09-13 Add changelog entry
5720bce 2017-09-13 Also treat newlines as separator, as people would do that
82f18ea 2017-09-11 Reset all connection schema cache after migration tests
1107464 2017-09-01 Update translation for zh-TW to remove percents
c6371ae 2017-08-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3680...
c5553ce 2017-08-30 Use `git update-ref --stdin -z` to delete refs
86149a8 2017-08-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3680...
7fba1e8 2017-08-30 Add changelog entry
9d3ee1f 2017-08-29 Further break with_repo_branch_commit into parts
e6630d7 2017-08-29 Make sure inspect doesn't generate crazy string
6d9fb6b 2017-08-29 It doesn't seem that rubocop is complaining for me
110d7fb 2017-08-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into perf...
9954daf 2017-08-29 Just use a block
3a4da8c 2017-08-28 Fix tests
ed4f5b9 2017-08-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3564...
45aa23a 2017-08-28 Remove duplicate update for owner
081e2fc 2017-08-25 Try to make reserved ref names more obvious
d1054bd 2017-08-25 Resolve feedback on the MR:
2d4744c 2017-08-25 Make default trigger factory generate an owner
932d325 2017-08-24 Move to Projects::HousecleaningService
5c31c72 2017-08-24 Use block rather than just b
cc2c737 2017-08-24 Just use @project directly
bea2932 2017-08-24 Just use methods over constants, so that we could
140ac8d 2017-08-23 Add changelog and tests
5f81189 2017-08-23 Remove unwanted refs after importing a project
d6515aa 2017-08-15 Make sure MySQL would not use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
d7e95d7 2017-08-14 Use with_repo_branch_commit instead of fetch_ref directly
d1b4770 2017-08-14 Add comments about why we're stubbing them
349db48 2017-08-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3608...
ba8321a 2017-08-11 Skip creating the merge request if repo is empty
4f0fa13 2017-08-11 Show error message for API 500 error in tests, and
3b0dcbf 2017-08-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3608...
34741e9 2017-08-11 Just use repository would fix the test
ca685f8 2017-08-11 Since now fetch_ref is reliable, we could just rely on it
501be36 2017-08-11 Just use the repo. Not sure why master could pass
e04c1ae 2017-08-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3608...
ae7c52a 2017-08-11 Fix more tests
41a5adc 2017-08-10 Don't try to create diffs if one of the branch is missing
8730cd8 2017-08-10 Try to show exception information in the test
c772464 2017-08-10 Introduce MergeRequest#write_ref and Repository#write_ref
64e13d1 2017-08-10 Avoid ambiguity, which happened in a single test run
023d674 2017-08-10 Just detect exit status rather than check ref
412db18 2017-08-09 Fix some tests and report the error message
a85eed6 2017-08-09 Fake out Repository#fetch_ref for merge request if
029fb98 2017-08-09 Detect if we didn't create the ref sooner
77f10d5 2017-08-08 Properly set the expectation on the main object
5d963fc 2017-08-08 We shouldn't include utility methods everywhere
e26acdb 2017-08-08 Just extend main, rather than include to Kernel
75096f9 2017-08-08 Make sure that we have author and committer
d831e8e 2017-08-08 Add a test to show that threshold 40 would corrupt
b8ba0ef 2017-08-08 Add changelog entry
8e2350a 2017-08-08 Raise encoding confidence threshold to 50
4d7c072 2017-08-07 Reset only migration models
64aa9e2 2017-08-07 Rename user_can_admin? because it's more accurate
fa5575c 2017-08-07 Add changelog entry
b9a8147 2017-08-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-...
ad838ea 2017-08-04 Since mysql is not a priority anymore, test it less
b7547ad 2017-08-04 Backport to CE for:
bb5f79d 2017-08-03 Don't include EmailHelpers manually, pick with rspec
86e1f41 2017-08-03 Check against "Auto-Submitted: no" instead
f097e4d 2017-08-02 Don't send rejection mails for all auto-generated mails
b3e0589 2017-08-02 Cleanup tests and add admin_container_image to
a210dda 2017-08-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-...
b720c22 2017-07-31 Avoid expect_any_instance_of because it doesn't work
f35563b 2017-07-28 Make access level more compatible with EE
25e44ed 2017-07-25 Allow admin to read_users_list even if it's restricted
8a44448 2017-07-21 Extract validations
de01b86 2017-07-20 Add a note that schedules could be deactivated
43aa886 2017-07-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
e9862a9 2017-07-20 Use struct instead of hash
c9c715c 2017-07-19 Make permission checks easier to understand
a05bc47 2017-07-19 Use hash to return multiple objects
d035d73 2017-07-19 Fix tests and fine tweak permission error message
a397a0e 2017-07-19 Eliminate N+1 queries on checking different protected refs
561bc57 2017-07-19 Add a test for checking queries with different ref
b84eb34 2017-07-19 Try to merge permission checks into one
7bd5e57 2017-07-18 Instead of adding master, stub_not_protect_default_branch
1ed6d15 2017-07-18 Rename :user_cannot_update to :protected_ref
a27cf28 2017-07-18 Unify build policy tests and pipeline policy tests
679789e 2017-07-18 Rename can_push_or_merge_to_branch? to can_update_branch?
c86e74b 2017-07-18 Restore some tests from master
3c34a0b 2017-07-18 Remove old request store wrap
3c7cb6a 2017-07-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
f69c0f8 2017-07-18 Remove unneeded asserts and add tests for inactive Reque...
3922b80 2017-07-18 Rename the methods to make it fit with current name
ffc5b29 2017-07-18 Follow feedback on the merge request
7426e61 2017-07-18 Make sure it checks against the tag only when it's a tag
042cf15 2017-07-17 Cache Note#notable for commits and fix tests
4d03873 2017-07-17 Add changelog entry
76c9f07 2017-07-17 Update the comments for the new functionality
aada527 2017-07-17 Use RequestStoreWrap for Commit#author
143fc48 2017-07-17 Add RequestStoreWrap to cache via RequestStore
65e722e 2017-07-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
ef2e987 2017-07-17 Add changelog entry
c82a642 2017-07-17 Protect manual actions against protected tag too
0fd4a6b 2017-07-14 Introduce have_gitlab_http_status
c0e6801 2017-07-06 Just draw :legacy_builds
dbb313c 2017-07-06 Encode certificate-authority-data in base64
550ccf4 2017-07-06 Make message and code more clear
d9435d6 2017-07-06 Backports for ee-2112
e7acc88 2017-07-06 Rename KUBECONFIG_FILE to KUBECONFIG
ef7deb1 2017-07-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3336...
33a5157 2017-07-05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3281...
56ea7a0 2017-07-05 Merge allowed_to_create? into CreatePipelineService
9f5ac17 2017-07-05 Rename ci_config_file to ci_config_path
9f7e5e4 2017-07-05 Add back Pipeline#ci_yaml_file_path due to all the troubles
60b8156 2017-07-05 Fix cycle analytics tests by making pipeline valid
d89277c 2017-07-05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
2afa90b 2017-07-04 Don't extend from struct as rubocop suggests
090f034 2017-07-04 Add test for RequestStoreWrap
a4dd3ea 2017-07-04 Make sure that retryable_builds would preload project
216bf78 2017-07-04 Introduce Gitlab::Cache::RequestStoreWrap
28553db 2017-07-04 Update tests due to permission changes
84e3768 2017-07-04 Make sure we remove null characters
4d9c2ba 2017-07-04 Fix config path
005870d 2017-07-04 Fix bad conflict resolution
39573c6 2017-07-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
23bfd8c 2017-07-03 Consistently check permission for creating pipelines,
8a0cd7d 2017-07-03 Also remove null character
63bf245 2017-07-03 Follow feedback on the merge request
d7c32c5 2017-07-03 Fix various descriptions given the feedback
1cecc28 2017-07-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-...
d8ab0d6 2017-07-03 Give project to the dummy pipeline
fb897f5 2017-07-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3281...
cf996b4 2017-06-30 We don't need to disable transaction in this case
057c3c4 2017-06-30 Introduce CI_CONFIG_PATH
829aed0 2017-06-30 Add changelog entry
17ba052 2017-06-30 Update wordings, allow only full path, add tests
62fdbbe 2017-06-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3281...
2c74e73 2017-06-29 We no longer test the presence of the key
ac089ba 2017-06-29 Only indent if the subsequent line is a subquery
3f89d9c 2017-06-29 Update changelog entry to reflect that we're renaming
147939b 2017-06-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-...
24a1f0d 2017-06-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
c6bed06 2017-06-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
0d5e653 2017-06-28 Fix the test and implement missing update
02ff438 2017-06-28 Try to report where the file should be
468e8b5 2017-06-28 Fix doc, test, and form
6e0cf08 2017-06-28 Inline what it was before for the regexp and message
35674fc 2017-06-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 1504...
42a9eea 2017-06-27 Better indent the SQL
7f3f053 2017-06-27 Rename the migration test to match the migration path
93c0729 2017-06-27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-...
10e732d 2017-06-27 Rename instead of delete, feedback:
f8de6d6 2017-06-27 Add changelog entry
01960fc 2017-06-27 Fix optional args for POST :id/variables
6ff162c 2017-06-23 Add back project_id index for MySQL if reverting
d34e878 2017-06-23 Remove old project_id index and make sure mysql work
5eb4a47 2017-06-22 We cannot delete the index for MySQL, because fk
411bd9c 2017-06-22 Add changelog entry
5725b37 2017-06-22 Remove duplicated records and add unique constraint
d9ad56f 2017-06-21 Add environment_scope column to ci_variables table
2a7f1ee 2017-06-21 Memorize the value in methods rather than local
98b60ee 2017-06-21 Expand with all the variables so that things like
0d3631a 2017-06-21 Move expanded_environment_url to CreateDeploymentService
df095d7 2017-06-21 Add comments to explain some culprit; Add changelog
1a193d0 2017-06-21 Don't expand CI_ENVIRONMENT_URL so runner would do
8902568 2017-06-20 Add rails-i18n for some common translations
6fe2b79 2017-06-16 Fix rubocop offense
6eaec94 2017-06-16 Changelog entry, doc, and only pass KUBECONFIG_FILE
07a65da 2017-06-16 Generate KUBECONFIG in KubernetesService#predefined_vari...
c791ca7 2017-06-15 Use the same way to invalidate cache in EE
f5b97e8 2017-06-14 Fix other renaming
931ab01 2017-06-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3314...
f99cee8 2017-06-14 Fix other renaming
edc46ce 2017-06-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3314...
95a9b1e 2017-06-12 Fix a few translation for zh_TW
25f930f 2017-06-06 Fix other tests which tested against error message
f05bf4d 2017-06-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
6d17dda 2017-06-06 Still allow legacy triggers, feedback:
bf6961c 2017-06-06 Just let the user to create the namespace
c81db24 2017-06-06 Fix raw_path with the new job path, rename to job
d919f92 2017-06-06 Backport
e86e1e5 2017-06-06 Try to report why it's failing and fix tests
9984f07 2017-06-06 Disallow legacy trigger without a owner
d44305e 2017-06-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 3063...
47b93fd 2017-06-05 Don't check permission, only protected ref if no user
3c71c12 2017-06-05 Add changelog entry
4408da4 2017-06-05 Move the check to Pipeline.allowed_to_create?
9ecb85a 2017-06-05 Forbid creating pipeline if it's protected and
2fa766e 2017-06-02 Only deploy if environment exists; Update tests accordingly
4968f22 2017-06-02 Make sure that environment was created before deploying
3731ae0 2017-06-02 CreatePipelineBuildsService would have created env
b01bc0a 2017-06-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2568...
f626032 2017-06-01 Fix other use of CreateDeploymentService and make
e9a98d3 2017-06-01 Fix a typo: not -> no
7193108 2017-06-01 Merge all environment url methods, introduce ensure_pers...
7da8827 2017-06-01 Make sure protected can't be null; Test protected!
0ab8c85 2017-06-01 Just mention which GitLab version is required
db17e6a 2017-06-01 split tests for expanded_environment_url
a0990ff 2017-06-01 Simplify CreateDeploymentService so that it uses
66edbc5 2017-06-01 Introduce ci_environment_url which would fallback
4f8a1c0 2017-06-01 Just use the url from options, not saving it as a column
20dcd52 2017-06-01 Don't make this change for now to reduce conflicts
99b142b 2017-06-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2568...
fb70cf0 2017-06-01 Merge two items into one in the doc
17c9263 2017-05-31 Add test for Project#protected_for?
554426d 2017-05-31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2419...
8a1a73a 2017-05-31 Make sure we're loading the fresh variables
65563c7 2017-05-31 Now secret_variables_for would return the variables
6122739 2017-05-31 Rename the other jobs
afb1bf0 2017-05-31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rena...
76e738f 2017-05-31 Fix doc table of contents
c4dded5 2017-05-31 Update docs and use protected secret variable as the name
258cdd1 2017-05-31 Update jobs_spec for changes from builds_spec
afc1fac 2017-05-31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2419...
6c72d8a 2017-05-31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rena...
b7c3c55 2017-05-31 Use another scope to add the - prefix, feedback:
9e60d57 2017-05-26 Move the condition to persisted_environment_variables
2197ad5 2017-05-26 Update changelog to reflect the new scheme
8f44bc4 2017-05-26 Rubocop makes more sense with this
366cf1f 2017-05-26 Should escape the routes because we added -
2785bc4 2017-05-26 Merge secret and protected vars to variables_for(ref)
c94db0c 2017-05-26 Use - as the prefix so we don't conflict with namespaces
70eb0c6 2017-05-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rena...
9cc918a 2017-05-26 Use be_truthy and add back missing link
88ba7a0 2017-05-25 Pass external_url from environment if job doesn't have one
86cd09f 2017-05-25 Add another test to make sure url would be passed
b74b730 2017-05-25 Add tests for CI_ENVIRONMENT_URL
7f01167 2017-05-25 Fix tests and rubocop offense
ef10f4c 2017-05-25 Add docs for protected variables
bd66bf0 2017-05-25 API and doc for protected variables
efebdba 2017-05-25 Frontend implementation, tests, and changelog
9f6dc8b 2017-05-25 Add tests and also pass protected vars to protected tags
3e190d8 2017-05-25 Fix tests for adding environment_url
96956d4 2017-05-24 Backend implementation for protected variables
cafe62b 2017-05-24 Implement $CI_ENVIRONMENT_URL for jobs
ec525ef 2017-05-24 Routing helpers are no longer needed
524c947 2017-05-24 Add checks before redirect, remove status/trace
4398125 2017-05-23 Use controllers to redirect
b309525 2017-05-22 Make sure that Arel.sql would work for update_column_in_...
53f18d8 2017-05-22 Update VERSION to 9.3.0-pre
27cff7d 2017-05-22 Update VERSION to 9.2.0
fbe9f13 2017-05-22 Update for 9.2.0
6118b3d 2017-05-22 Update for 9.2.0
e516b97 2017-05-22 Run MySQL tests on *-stable as well
c2bd48f 2017-05-22 Resolve conflicts, using changes from master
cbafe24 2017-05-22 Respect the typo as rubocop said
5d63a39 2017-05-22 Add a test to ensure this works on MySQL
1aa6724 2017-05-19 Add temporary partial index to speed up the migration
876acc7 2017-05-19 Separate artifacts from builds, reusing artifacts_action...
fb3077e 2017-05-18 Complete all legacy builds URL. Tests are added
ad0a501 2017-05-18 Use a single route, reducing duplication
b8ff4b2 2017-05-18 Disable rubocop hash check for blocks
513c853 2017-05-18 Fix JS dispatcher for job trace
566b37c 2017-05-18 Add backward compatible routes for builds
283bff3 2017-05-18 Add changelog entry
54a8cbd 2017-05-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rena...
226b517 2017-05-17 Add migration to rename projects named jobs
71777a4 2017-05-17 Rename BuildsController to JobsController
20ece0a 2017-05-15 Disable transaction for updating the table
e386d28 2017-05-15 Add missing newline in schema
fd463b3 2017-05-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-...
b5bffbd 2017-05-15 Move to post_migrate and use update_column_in_batches
dbd034b 2017-05-15 Disable auto_cancel_pending_pipelines in PostReceive test
45f66c8 2017-05-15 Make auto-cancelling pending pipelines on by default
2e4e522 2017-05-05 Update for 9.1.3
b09460d 2017-05-05 Update for 9.1.3
4b585a2 2017-05-05 Update for 9.1.3
6a655bf 2017-05-05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/9-1-stable' into 9-1-s...
7dd5ec1 2017-05-05 Update VERSION to 8.17.6
715cdc1 2017-05-05 Update for 8.17.6
5900680 2017-05-05 Update for 8.17.6
810cc51 2017-05-05 Update VERSION to 9.0.7
444df93 2017-05-05 Update for 9.0.7
4f72e7c 2017-05-05 Update for 9.0.7
ac1050c 2017-05-05 Update VERSION to 9.1.3
f1f8835 2017-05-05 Update for 9.1.3
879bb27 2017-05-05 Update for 9.1.3
ae5d4cf 2017-05-05 Backport rake downtime_check otherwise it's not passing
82a18ad 2017-05-05 Don't need to check this old migration
6fbc96b 2017-05-04 Fix test error
0e1b535 2017-05-04 Fix the other failure
61ad580 2017-05-04 Fix test error
90382a6 2017-05-04 Fix test failure
0a29bde 2017-05-02 Rename latest_pipeline to last_pipeline
e69a7b9 2017-05-02 Always show latest pipeline info in commit box
739e797 2017-05-02 Add indices for auto_canceled_by_id for PostgreSQL
d3123f6 2017-04-26 Update VERSION to 9.1.1
85299bf 2017-04-26 Update for 9.1.1
93a698f 2017-04-26 Update for 9.1.1
68fa16a 2017-04-26 issues_for_nodes => issuables_for_nodes
9f7c29b 2017-04-25 Follow feedback on the review
ede9afb 2017-04-25 Remove description for build_events, add pipeline_events
4ded8b1 2017-04-25 Skip issuable without a project in IssuableExtractor#ext...
67d3801 2017-04-21 Add a changelog entry
31ea72b 2017-04-21 Also test against external-issue for deleted projects
b43caba 2017-04-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into sh-f...
575701b 2017-04-20 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-rc5
fb60c61 2017-04-18 Use &. because rubocop. Seriously I don't think this mak...
ed8afea 2017-04-18 Add a changelog entry
b07da07 2017-04-18 Just enforce the output encoding for Ansi2html
700857f 2017-04-17 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-rc3
9350b90 2017-04-17 Set the encoding in c'tor and explain why it's fine
bb10b23 2017-04-17 Add changelog entry
f05ab97 2017-04-17 Restore nil for stream
e7d3fe4 2017-04-17 Only set the encoding before passing to Ansi2html
dac23fa 2017-04-17 Don't try to read if there's no trace
c26b126 2017-04-17 Make sure @stream.each_line would tag Encoding.default_e...
ee3b0c3 2017-04-17 Make sure we're giving Encoding.default_external
b30e006 2017-04-14 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-rc2
0a3c98a 2017-04-13 Update tests for the fact that we would skip one line
b07b8a5 2017-04-13 Don't seek at all if the log is small anyway
ef33b7f 2017-04-13 Add changelog entry
faa5dff 2017-04-13 After Trace#limit, we seek to the next line in case
075d2ba 2017-04-13 Properly use $BUNDLE_INSTALL_FLAGS
11ef315 2017-04-13 Always use . and add more comments to
2263ce9 2017-04-12 Add changelog entry
39d0779 2017-04-12 Use preload to avoid Rails using JOIN
e1bc757 2017-04-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into test...
467576d 2017-04-12 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-rc1
d6c4545 2017-04-12 Remove duplicated line
3302925 2017-04-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into test...
b753dd4 2017-04-12 Fix token test by specifying a static token
d614a9c 2017-04-11 Fix bad conflict resolution
a050fc8 2017-04-11 Revert "Merge branch 'optimise-pipelines' into 'master' "
2deef3f 2017-04-11 Update documents according to:
f139d12 2017-04-11 Update licenses.csv via:
0c62208 2017-04-11 Update templates via:
cc3725a 2017-04-11 Update documents according to:
e7b11d5 2017-04-11 Update licenses.csv via:
d41eb62 2017-04-11 Update templates via:
eeb89a6 2017-04-11 Avoid Rails generating complicated query, see:
c31c70b 2017-04-10 Move variables back to where they are
5e6d09e 2017-04-10 Just set GITLAB_DATABASE in the script
1b14a8d 2017-04-10 Add # host for development and test as well
c78f03a 2017-04-10 We cannot use array in yaml variables
76e7d25 2017-04-10 Set profiler only for postgresql not mysql
f1e2387 2017-04-10 Use GITLAB_DATABASE: $CI_JOB_NAME[1] so that we
a9945a6 2017-04-10 Replace on host rather than socket, feedback:
75ded1c 2017-04-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into test...
3aed06c 2017-04-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into test...
38796f5 2017-04-07 Fix bad conflict resolution
f8fe64a 2017-04-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 8998...
e28fc7b 2017-04-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 8998...
5a4aee3 2017-04-06 Make sure that's canceled
beedfc8 2017-04-06 Fix test by ignoring auto_canceled_by for jobs
4f435c6 2017-04-06 Reload pipeline to make sure it's updated
a39ff61 2017-04-06 Fix token test by specifying a static token
b85ddc8 2017-04-06 Fix typo
503f882 2017-04-06 Fix rubocop offenses
553c784 2017-04-06 Ignore those optimization associations in import/export
7547e86 2017-04-06 Use preload because we don't want join here
ce55999 2017-04-06 We no longer has has_command? method
1ac4491 2017-04-06 Bump schema version
cdfa17c 2017-04-06 Use before_transition
1bed2c8 2017-04-06 Add missing tests and update test description
38c324b 2017-04-06 We don't have to save, transition would save for us
057c0d7 2017-04-06 Also track auto-cancelling in jobs, detail:
98a4aca 2017-04-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 8998...
06b4ea2 2017-04-06 Fix a view test by using presenter
4a03032 2017-04-06 Fix rolling back for MySQL
ec3a50f 2017-04-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 8998...
f7014cd 2017-04-05 Add a test to make sure it's not auto-canceling
e258e6f 2017-04-05 Add test for presenters
6bf1780 2017-04-05 Add tests for relations and scopes, and setting
016e1a2 2017-04-05 Restore schema
33deaaf 2017-04-05 Remove tooltip from API and vue, follow up:
34eea29 2017-04-05 Fix test and only show job status title if it's
964814e 2017-03-29 Only upload/download knapsack reports from pg
f6f6e2f 2017-03-28 Switch back to original repository
1badaaf 2017-03-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into test...
a236e41 2017-03-27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into test...
99294e0 2017-03-24 Do nothing if ci_builds.job_id isn't there
03cb793 2017-03-24 Test all on EE, only master on CE, and -mysql branches
d0c44ee 2017-03-23 Note that install knapsack later than bundle install
3e1bd55 2017-03-23 Test both PostgreSQL and MySQL for the win.
62423f2 2017-03-23 Fix project tag order because we assume so in test
6a6fd75 2017-03-20 Merge branch '9-0-stable' into 9-0-stable-dev
46287f3 2017-03-17 Make sure alias email would never match:
f451f77 2017-03-17 Make the test less time sensitive by extending 0.2
08d3a40 2017-03-16 Expect @issuable_meta_data to be set, feedback:
509282f 2017-03-15 Update VERSION to 9.0.0-rc1
ea7d139 2017-03-15 Revert "Bump VERSION to be 9.0.0-rc1"
a9b896e 2017-03-15 Bump VERSION to be 9.0.0-rc1
668a5b9 2017-03-15 Fix projects without repo and wiki
83e3606 2017-03-14 Split to two commands, feedback:
af8cc2e 2017-03-14 Use `remove_foreign_key :timelogs, name: '...'`
f67d8eb 2017-03-14 Drop the index only for postgresql, because
c9fbbb3 2017-03-14 Disable rubocop for down method
0b20d85 2017-03-14 Fix for postgresql
67729ce 2017-03-13 Add a test which would rollback db and migrate again
22ff9b7 2017-03-10 Try out the monkey patch to fix the middleware
2319832 2017-03-07 Make cache:key bold, feedback:
fb16778 2017-03-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into set-...
7c9cff3 2017-03-06 Update for document feedback:
0fe0b04 2017-03-03 No need to set cache:key if no path was specified
cce1792 2017-03-03 Update cache:key document
aa5b9b1 2017-03-03 Only test against the default key, feedback:
a00520b 2017-03-03 Restore Unspecified and we could discuss later
dc3a41f 2017-03-02 Fix tests for added default cache key
1275204 2017-03-02 Add changelog entry
6e032d7 2017-03-02 Set default cache key for jobs, detail:
728b0a5 2017-02-24 Introduce DurationValidator, feedback:
ac531c0 2017-02-24 Test against default to '0', it should not set
83418ad 2017-02-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2776...
91965ce 2017-02-22 Remove syntax help link and update screenshot
2b0426a 2017-02-21 Fix tests due to error key changed
9e6b2c5 2017-02-21 We actually want to clone project and remove gl_project_id
1f24428 2017-02-21 Fix build attributes test, see:
aae7118 2017-02-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2776...
0d0842a 2017-02-20 Update doc according to the new syntax
ad44252 2017-02-20 Add screenshot for default artifacts expiration,
962f9ef 2017-02-20 Update error message and check with presence: true
a538b0d 2017-02-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2776...
22d6f96 2017-02-20 Add index for ci_commits for gl_project_id, ref, status
3750b06 2017-02-20 Consider the case where we don't specify ref for pipeline
d38fb94 2017-02-20 Optimize Ci::Pipeline.latest query
eede4ab 2017-02-16 0 for unlimited, disallow blank, feedback:
37cc3aa 2017-02-16 The exception was no longer used
9096647 2017-02-16 Wordings change, feedback:
36afa43 2017-02-16 Use squish to also compact the string
46082f4 2017-02-16 Use static error message and don't give booleans
3acf4fb 2017-02-16 Update schema
4789fe2 2017-02-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into 2776...
60288d6 2017-02-15 Use expect { }.to change { }
3856a3d 2017-02-15 Add some tests for admin/project runners page
a065ee3 2017-02-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into use-...
b72f00c 2017-02-15 Update docs to reflect current behaviour
cfd839d 2017-02-15 Fix tests and disallow 0 to make it consistent with .git...
602f3b8 2017-02-15 Add a few more tests and make sure empty value sets to nil
4eff5eb 2017-02-15 Check default_artifacts_expire_in only if existed
a1b06a8 2017-02-15 rubocop: Align the operands of an expression
53c94f9 2017-02-15 Use the same syntax for default expiration
ac87207 2017-02-15 Test build API if expire_in not set, set to app default
3e158be 2017-02-15 Add changelog entry
696a5da 2017-02-15 ApplicationSetting.current doesn't work well in tests
d2d30cf 2017-02-15 Initial implementation for default artifacts expiration
ca65982 2017-02-14 Use Gitlab::Database.with_connection_pool from !9192
ae93d08 2017-02-14 Disconnect the pool after done
8aa1055 2017-02-14 Use threads directly, introduce pool later:
1d8db66 2017-02-14 Revert "Bump schema to pass `rake db:setup`"
7ecee7a 2017-02-14 Introduce ThreadedConnectionPool for customized pool
0c2f4a3 2017-02-14 Bump schema to pass `rake db:setup`
521a7ca 2017-02-14 Try this way to provide database connection
887aeef 2017-02-14 Use IS FALSE for both pg and mysql; Handle connections
25cd5aa 2017-02-14 Run two threads to improve migration running time
a770227 2017-02-14 Remove inactive default email services
03f1abf 2017-02-14 Only ensure against yield so that pool should be available
136dc79 2017-02-13 Have some simple way to create connection pool
188c231 2017-02-13 Add a test to make sure the queue ticks when updating ru...
9eb8133 2017-02-10 Make sure our current .gitlab-ci.yml is valid
c1a37c6 2017-02-08 Use UpdateRunnerService to update runner in API:
80bc665 2017-02-06 Only tick queue if anything is updated
105154a 2017-02-06 Just pass :services, feedback:
11e7573 2017-02-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into use-...
bec10d5 2017-02-06 No strong reasons to freeze them
1ee8381 2017-02-03 No need to tick the queue when creating the runner
985c68a 2017-02-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into use-...
ad59f12 2017-02-03 Test both execute and async_execute
1868b8a 2017-02-03 Move the tests to spec/services/projects/destroy_service...
aaf382d 2017-02-03 Skip or retain project while deleting the project:
2f80cbb 2017-02-03 Freeze regexp and add a comment
849d09c 2017-02-03 Use references variable
f30e2a6 2017-02-03 Use message_id_regexp variable for the regexp
0786894 2017-02-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
54fca95 2017-02-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
8fd926f 2017-01-31 Project#ensure_pipeline changed the args order
c3e483b 2017-01-31 Stub to enable it so that we could test this
0763b5e 2017-01-31 Add a test for checking pages setting
e6a7eb4 2017-01-31 If no pages were deployed, show nothing. Feedback:
0168a24 2017-01-31 Only show the message if user is not the owner
eb242fc 2017-01-26 Make sure different project gets a merge request
406dfd6 2017-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
8f3aa6a 2017-01-26 Try to check if branch diverged explicitly
d475fa0 2017-01-26 We don't care about the return value now
05f4e48 2017-01-26 Make GitHooksService#execute return block value
9bb4cd7 2017-01-26 Use commit rather than branch, and rename to avoid confu...
acda0cd 2017-01-26 @tree_edit_project is no longer used
050103f 2017-01-26 Make sure TraceReader uses Encoding.default_external
ac6e202 2017-01-26 Revert "Make sure TraceReader uses Encoding.default_exte...
e9d8fc9 2017-01-26 Make sure TraceReader uses Encoding.default_external
4587c78 2017-01-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
7a4d723 2017-01-20 Remove the key from the queue when runner is deleted
7a10940 2017-01-20 Prefer service object over after_save hook
15f8642 2017-01-20 Add changelog entry
7fcbe37 2017-01-20 Specify that iOS app would also do this
d15b7db 2017-01-20 Fix References header parser for Microsoft Exchange
0a1d887 2017-01-09 we're actually not using issue finder here
f7f9e58 2017-01-09 Make sure we could query against no one
23d4324 2017-01-09 Fix various styles for rubocop
464dddf 2017-01-09 Show no issues if author/assignee cannot be found
866bb20 2017-01-09 Check if it's not NONE too
b0d8d74 2017-01-09 Pass the arguments from where we render the partial
a639454 2017-01-06 Fix renaming
ccc73c4 2017-01-06 Rename from base to start because base could mean merge ...
e3c3685 2017-01-06 Detect if we really want a new merge request properly
358501d 2017-01-06 Properly fix the edge case!
a4b97b2 2017-01-06 Rename source to base to avoid confusion from MR
593228f 2017-01-06 Don't set invalid @mr_source_branch when create_merge_re...
dea589d 2017-01-05 Prefer leading dots over trailing dots
a30f278 2017-01-05 Fix for initial commit and remove unneeded args
ae86a1b 2017-01-05 Just trust set_commit_variables to set everything!
5e12b3d 2017-01-05 Prefer leading dots over trailing dots
0b3b56b 2017-01-05 Merge request terms are reversed for GitOperationService
ce7c632 2017-01-05 Introduce EXCLUDED_WATCHER_EVENTS to exclude events
365cdd8 2017-01-05 Make successful pipeline emails off for watchers
9244c81 2017-01-04 I think I am really confused, should be @tree_edit_project
e01c692 2017-01-04 Remove tag with git hooks
99ac093 2017-01-04 Introduce Repository#with_repo_branch_commit
05d742a 2017-01-04 Indent the way rubocop likes
ecac2f1 2017-01-04 Update the comment:
c1a75c3 2017-01-04 Prefer leading dots over trailing dots
14c4db2 2017-01-04 Add a comment to explain why newrev should be updated
104bac3 2017-01-04 Merge branch 'master' into fix-git-hooks-when-creating-file
8c9a4ed 2017-01-04 WIP: Add tests and make sure that headers are set
e60bf0d 2016-12-26 Add a test for latest_successful_for
655289d 2016-12-26 Order only for latest_successful_for
332b85d 2016-12-23 Update the description because it's more broader
1c275a7 2016-12-23 Update description stating that ordering is important
13d009c 2016-12-23 Prefer oneline and Rubocop prefers ternary operator
b63f279 2016-12-23 Ci::Pipeline.latest order by id DESC
c1d11bf 2016-12-20 Rubocop prefers to indent this way
884f57c 2016-12-20 Use consistent names and move checks to the method,
0f0738e 2016-12-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
18c9fc4 2016-12-19 Use a block to insert extra check for authenticate_build!
4d8a2bc 2016-12-19 Fix tests because now we don't convert values
a0690c4 2016-12-19 Spaces around literal hash
8e2ea26 2016-12-19 Spaces for literal hash
e6c83b1 2016-12-19 Just set the status rather than calling event
1e2e0de 2016-12-19 Define actions in let so that it could be overridden
3ea8d98 2016-12-19 Keep the value type for YAML variables
f2afdc9 2016-12-19 Test if expanded_environment_name could expand var
ec003d9 2016-12-19 Prefer unless over if not
fb23153 2016-12-19 Delete the project when building the build
64d7772 2016-12-19 Use a separate method to skip validation
4bf59f8 2016-12-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
8607383 2016-12-19 Just implement it in the block
5cb63f9 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'master' into fix-yaml-variables
1b4a244 2016-12-16 Rename to Gitlab::Serialize::Ci::Variables
cc1eb7f 2016-12-16 Use described_class
7b66485 2016-12-15 Add docs for pipeline duration
bcc09ca 2016-12-15 Just use YAML.safe_load and assume the format
e682e2f 2016-12-15 Strictly check the type loaded from YAML
d900018 2016-12-15 Add explicit status test, feedback:
b4a7e7c 2016-12-15 Don't call anything on a block, use simple if
cc6f578 2016-12-15 Use described_class and update description
f463ef5 2016-12-15 Also use latest_status, feedback:
05bc71c 2016-12-15 Convert CI YAML variables keys into strings
e485b3f 2016-12-14 Give forbidden if project for the build was deleted
7cced60 2016-12-14 Introduce latest_status and add a few tests
3ce6ba7 2016-12-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
367024f 2016-12-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
99b5569 2016-12-13 Try to use those @mr variables for full correctness
56d131d 2016-12-13 Use ArgumentError error instead because it's a bug
944a8fa 2016-12-13 Use branch_exists? to check branches
d03c605 2016-12-13 Unify parameters and callback after hooks
46d752c 2016-12-13 Use a regular class for GitOperationService
dc4b3dd 2016-12-13 Fix source_project and also pass source_project
26af4b5 2016-12-13 Also check blob path from source branch
07d69d8 2016-12-13 Fix Slack pipeline message by API
e5acebd 2016-12-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
c0dfa0c 2016-12-12 Not sure why, but apparently SHA works better
f726dfb 2016-12-12 Use btn-inverted for New Deploy Key
6269f52 2016-12-09 Fix tests and also add tests for non-existing repo
f979653 2016-12-09 Use consistent words, feedback:
8ac50d7 2016-12-09 Check project existence for push too, and
57e3e94 2016-12-09 Don't pass the actor for deploy key, feedback:
e0df1b5 2016-12-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
3e01385 2016-12-09 Should pass branch name, not commit object!
bb9d305 2016-12-09 Pass source_commit so that we save a few lookups
5a11567 2016-12-09 Use rugged.references.delete to delete reference
56f6974 2016-12-09 Introduce git_action and normalize previous_path
e7599eb 2016-12-08 Should pass repository rather than project
f071e3d 2016-12-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
9c6563f 2016-12-08 rubocop prefers lisp style
07b9b80 2016-12-08 Fix tests to use the new API
8384d0d 2016-12-08 Introduce Repository#with_tmp_ref which we need
2303246 2016-12-08 source_branch -> source_branch_name
3fa3fcd 2016-12-08 Cleanup parameters, easier to understand and
691f1c4 2016-12-08 Simply give result if result[:status] == :error
cf67737 2016-12-08 Prefer repository.branch_exists?
4f94053 2016-12-08 We still need it for empty repo for web UI!
ae5b935 2016-12-08 find the commit properly and replicate gitlab_git
cdb598f 2016-12-08 We probably don't need this anymore, not sure why
56e0dca 2016-12-07 Spaces around hash braces
e36088d 2016-12-07 We need to normalize the path for all actions
4b3c18c 2016-12-07 Use branch_name to find the branch rather than ref
e761730 2016-12-07 Restore the check for update in commit_file
a51f26e 2016-12-07 Use commit_file for commit_dir
fff3c52 2016-12-07 Use multi_action to commit which doesn't need to
5ba468e 2016-12-07 Not sure why rubocop prefers this but anyway
5ecd0c8 2016-12-07 Commit outside the hooks if possible:
6ae1a73 2016-12-07 Pass source_branch properly for cherry-pick/revert
5430122 2016-12-06 Now we need to include EmailHelpers for each test
46d7c1d 2016-12-06 Prefer guest_can_download_code? and fix typo
1b15057 2016-12-06 Prefer guest_can_downlod_code?
d6287ab 2016-12-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
65806ec 2016-12-06 Re-enable tests for update_branch_with_hooks and
444da6f 2016-12-06 Fix update_ref! call in the test
a52dc7c 2016-12-05 Introduce GitOperationService and wrap every
bc1d6cb 2016-12-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
7839aa5 2016-12-01 Use Arel to avoid MySQL triple quoting
5747b0d 2016-12-01 Make deleting with optimistic locking respect NULL
c916f29 2016-11-25 Add some explanation to Repository#update_branch_with_hooks
e866985 2016-11-24 Fix local name from branch to branch_name
101cde3 2016-11-24 Use Ci::Pipeline#latest for finding pipelines
6cd2256 2016-11-24 Should also pass source_commit to raw_ensure_branch
12f0730 2016-11-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
6192ea5 2016-11-24 Rename latest_for to latest, feedback:
3a99e36 2016-11-24 Avoid using random in the tests, feedback:
6264b2d 2016-11-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
9ad2dba 2016-11-23 Use Commit#author so we share logic and cache
bd3a544 2016-11-23 Wrap against 80 chars and rename failed_or_canceled
5ea2628 2016-11-23 Fix test description to mention latest pipeline,
b82f415 2016-11-22 Move all branch creation to raw_ensure_branch,
cc43c9a 2016-11-22 Expand the loop and reduce overlapped conditions
3566965 2016-11-22 Passing a user to retry_failed in tests
17388eb 2016-11-22 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
d4d138e 2016-11-22 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
28102ec 2016-11-22 Allow admin to set keys with write access, and
60fe975 2016-11-22 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
7ec8cc1 2016-11-22 Move partials to links directory, feedback:
d20c068 2016-11-22 Just create failed builds rather than calling events
da97261 2016-11-22 Move has_trace? to CommitStatus than GenericCommitStatus
a2fb636 2016-11-22 Use local instead of instance variable in partial
66301ce 2016-11-21 Filter against status first, otherwise we can't
c7c4850 2016-11-21 Test against all possible cases, feedback:
438f091 2016-11-21 Use partials instead of simple switch case:
d09d6ad 2016-11-21 Test against all types and more status:
9b12407 2016-11-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
dd6b16a 2016-11-21 Use latest_for in latest_successful_for
721f2d3 2016-11-21 Still use compound pipeline status, but group by
b20c784 2016-11-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
bf8c7dc 2016-11-21 Use has_trace? instead of case switch, feedback:
fa936c6 2016-11-21 External jobs do not have show page nor traces
1edb174 2016-11-21 Prefer a description for it and split the case:
92a83aa 2016-11-18 Add a test for Ci::Pipeline#cancel_running:
b6a7a47 2016-11-18 Add a lot of tests for scopes, feedback:
100076e 2016-11-18 Add tests against two jobs having different status
9a02014 2016-11-18 Add when cancelling for external jobs, feedback:
578ced2 2016-11-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
9c4e0d6 2016-11-18 Use `` over `'localhost'`
4280616 2016-11-18 Add tests for key/deploy key notifications
a41ee7e 2016-11-18 Fix an old copypasta: internal -> private
8dbea58 2016-11-18 Check download privilege more specifically and
e72e2f9 2016-11-17 Still grant :download_code if guest could do that
0c532db 2016-11-17 Check if the key could really download, feedback:
af0242b 2016-11-17 We removed User#has_access_to?
8c1a01e 2016-11-17 We never check user privilege if it's a deploy key
2489332 2016-11-17 Don't notify user for deploy keys, feedback:
a8a879e 2016-11-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
6d1c576 2016-11-17 Improve how we could cancel pipelines:
51db453 2016-11-16 Add CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
cb34be7 2016-11-16 Fix pipeline author for Slack and use pipeline id
48090a9 2016-11-16 Introduce no_user_or_blocked? and fix tests due to
a9765fb 2016-11-16 Introduce has_access_to? so that we could reuse it
7214781 2016-11-16 Also need to check against push rules:
3e69c71 2016-11-15 Try if branch_exists? would work, feedback:
cd22fdd 2016-11-15 @ref might not exist
39d83f7 2016-11-15 Add a few comments to explain implementation detail
a68a620 2016-11-14 Don't pass source_branch if it doesn't exist
d8fe2fa 2016-11-14 Make sure we have the branch on the other project
5de7455 2016-11-14 Branch could be nil if it's an empty repo
30bcc3d 2016-11-14 Add missing space due to Sublime Text
eddee5f 2016-11-14 Make sure we create target branch for cherry/revert
30d7b5c 2016-11-14 Fix the case when it's a whole new branch
8fca786 2016-11-14 They're never referred
92a4382 2016-11-14 Fix issues found by rubocop
0b5a2ee 2016-11-14 Add `source_branch` option for various git operations
3128641 2016-11-14 Revert "Don't execute git hooks if you create branch as ...
f5bc41b 2016-11-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
5da9bfa 2016-11-11 Fix test for GitAccessWiki, it's overriding change_acces...
4063245 2016-11-11 Fix a typo: acccess -> access
71ae01f 2016-11-11 Add more tests and fix write to project check
38fbcb9 2016-11-11 So deploy key might not have a corresponding user
24d9f51 2016-11-11 Correct the test. Not sure why change it in the first place
8b2426f 2016-11-11 Mark DeployKey#can_push a safe attribute
d0df9b7 2016-11-11 Remove old entry in
05cc870 2016-11-11 Improve write access check for deploy key
5b5722e 2016-11-10 Cleanup migration
633f901 2016-11-10 Update CHANGELOG
42e252d 2016-11-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
e39d21a 2016-11-10 Fix cache for commit status in commits list to respect b...
3e75e45 2016-11-08 Try to cover more cases about receivers of pipeline noti...
62735ef 2016-11-08 Add failed_pipeline and success_pipeline to API doc
3744d62 2016-11-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
f593abb 2016-11-07 There's not always a pipeline
590d61a 2016-11-07 Also show latest pipeline for ImageForBuildService
18a71c4 2016-11-07 Show commit status from latest pipeline
92aa402 2016-11-04 Add a test to make sure hooks are fire only once
d036157 2016-11-04 No need to set author for GitLab members
64e8b7c 2016-11-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
99410a4 2016-11-04 Fetch locals to avoid undefined method/local error
b9b508a 2016-11-04 Remove author according to the document
fb9a0e5 2016-11-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
4b20cb5 2016-11-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
f16dca3 2016-11-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
17a6f94 2016-11-03 Update CHANGELOG
ce1dc4c 2016-11-03 Update for CHANGELOG
6a00cf1 2016-11-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
f3c3d8e 2016-11-03 There's no such method
0902ba5 2016-11-03 Initialize @statuses in status rather than constructor
1ae557c 2016-11-03 Merge status_for and status, feedback:
ee4c8b7 2016-11-03 Fix CHANGELOG
9bb25ee 2016-11-03 Use stubs instead of modifying global states
c493f28 2016-11-03 Try not to include anything globally!
00800f4 2016-11-03 Try to reduce conflicts
3bf3c2c 2016-11-03 Fix CHANGELOG
b0af0ab 2016-11-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
9176a19 2016-11-03 Add pipelines to notifications documentation
6aa6158 2016-11-02 Add failed_pipeline and success_pipeline to API doc
80032a8 2016-11-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
80b5ab5 2016-11-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
e036abf 2016-10-27 Always use multiline in view
3e6a527 2016-10-27 Add tests for Commit#status and Commit#status_for, feedb...
f4b9de3 2016-10-27 It's not used as a public API right now, feedback:
fb19d9f 2016-10-27 Use multi-line conditions in view, feedback:
141cb35 2016-10-26 Also pass ref here
6f6a8d2 2016-10-26 Also update for default project page, feedback:
b4ef158 2016-10-26 Still show status from pipelines, see:
7cdb238 2016-10-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
e90a555 2016-10-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
51a012b 2016-10-25 Be more specific, feedback:
13c1859 2016-10-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
ed545d9 2016-10-24 Make sure merge request was created before deleting source
78de881 2016-10-24 Also keep commits from source_project around, feedback:
517effe 2016-10-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
7fac0e1 2016-10-24 Add CHANGELOG entry
17dfcf6 2016-10-24 Add a test for showing correct pipeline
5416d0e 2016-10-24 Pass `@ref` along so we know which pipeline to show
02b6247 2016-10-24 include PipelineQueue, feedback:
780e58f 2016-10-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
383b0e9 2016-10-21 Well pusher's privilege for read_build could be removed
f388fce 2016-10-21 Make sure pusher has the read_build privilege
2c09d2a 2016-10-21 Test against notification email
52ed6d8 2016-10-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
6061c9f 2016-10-21 Send only to users have :read_build access, feedback:
25d00ea 2016-10-20 We want to release this in 8.13.0
cbb65aa 2016-10-20 Add CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
523ee4a 2016-10-20 Preserve note_type and position for notes from emails
29557e8 2016-10-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pres...
d1f6dfc 2016-10-20 We want to release this in 8.13.0
1cdad62 2016-10-20 Should send to notification_email instead, feedback:
a87b6cc 2016-10-20 Move CHANGELOG entry
e5de4c7 2016-10-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
80ca78f 2016-10-20 Add CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
a4ef424 2016-10-20 Preserve note_type and position for notes from emails
cefc7eb 2016-10-18 Fix test for bcc changes
045c671 2016-10-18 Use bcc for pipeline emails because:
12ef494 2016-10-18 Use Array rather than compact, feedback:
68f964a 2016-10-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
b3d401a 2016-10-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into retr...
ac51fb8 2016-10-18 Merge branch 'pipeline-emails' into pipeline-notifications
88d988a 2016-10-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
0f21b13 2016-10-17 Skip if cannot find pipeline, feedback:
7e1b919 2016-10-17 Move the entry to 8.13.0, feedback:
2e06748 2016-10-17 Rename for a more consistent pipeline worker name, feedb...
b4e7515 2016-10-17 Use run_after_commit to avoid race condition, feedback:
98217bc 2016-10-17 should_email_no_one -> should_not_email_anyone, feedback:
0a11d53 2016-10-17 Fix test failure due to bad rebase, feedback:
88328c5 2016-10-17 Add CHANGELOG entry
0ea7f32 2016-10-17 Make cancelled pipelines being able to retry
776877c 2016-10-17 Pipeline#user could be nil. Feedback:
6bab69a 2016-10-17 Show it as successful pipeline, rather than success pipe...
8dd580f 2016-10-17 It's already async, from Project#execute_services, feedb...
c065f53 2016-10-17 That's no longer a service [ci skip]
eeeb96c 2016-10-17 Change service to be a worker, feedback:
9622ef6 2016-10-17 Introduce email_recipients and use include? Feedback:
12a6bbc 2016-10-17 Prefix _ to show that it's intended unused, feedback:
56562d2 2016-10-17 Fix spelling, feedback:
612820b 2016-10-17 Fix test by having a real commit
beb47c2 2016-10-17 Try to slightly optimize EmailHeleprs
230bae9 2016-10-17 Update the other sites for reset_delivered_emails! as well
5725856 2016-10-17 Use EmailHelpers where possible, feedback:
d39b195 2016-10-17 Prefer methods from EmailHelpers, feedback:
bac500f 2016-10-17 It no longer needs a block, feedback:
55f2e6a 2016-10-17 We're using BaseService
aafd42c 2016-10-17 How could I forget this?
811de6a 2016-10-17 Add test for sending pipeline notifications
9c2d406 2016-10-17 Remove pusher support because it's covered by notifications
f049bde 2016-10-17 Add CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
691ed8a 2016-10-17 recipients should be a list of emails
1c38dbc 2016-10-17 Revert "Revert this until we do notifications"
8ea702c 2016-10-17 Revert "Split notification integration into another branch"
7f7c3e1 2016-10-17 Add notification tests for it
09a7da7 2016-10-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
4397322 2016-10-14 Add back the space which Sublime can't easily tell:
7d97a22 2016-10-14 Just show the first merge request we found, feedback:
dc1d269 2016-10-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
b5f9d4c 2016-10-14 Introduce Pipeline#merge_requests_with_active_first,
5b9971f 2016-10-14 Use the same style in the same file, feedback:
78c69d8 2016-10-14 Space between subject and {, feedback:
18f7313 2016-10-13 Boo. Midnight programming is bad. Just pass pipeline
29a6f0d 2016-10-13 Introduce more GitLab routing helpers, feedback:
16e6431 2016-10-12 Use helpers from GitlabRoutingHelper, feedback:
c33e2f0 2016-10-12 New hash syntax, feedback:
f1e5ca3 2016-10-12 Use any? instead of count > 0, feedback:
a04e9f9 2016-10-11 Remove bad stuffs from auto-merging
90baa1f 2016-10-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into show...
9461160 2016-10-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
720968c 2016-10-08 Fix tests for subject updates
b5707a8 2016-10-05 Add CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
f11ebb9 2016-10-05 Add a view test for showing source commits
22aaebd 2016-10-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into all-...
5c9ac56 2016-10-04 Introduce all_state_names so that we could avoid NOT IN
aafb017 2016-10-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into all-...
0cc3fc5 2016-10-03 Add pipeline_email_service. Fixes:
4ae845d 2016-10-03 Update plain text version failed email
f39ba1b 2016-10-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
218331e 2016-10-03 Add an entry in CHANGELOG [ci skip]
d2a9eef 2016-10-03 Show commits from source project. Be consistent with:
56f5839 2016-10-03 HasStatus.status is now already aware of that
7fb6a73 2016-10-03 We don't need self. there. (sorry, can't resist anymore)
44558c7 2016-10-03 Merge branch 'master' into all-skipped-equals-success
afc0ae5 2016-10-03 Fix tests. Check 'success' first (default status)
752a4cc 2016-10-03 Add test for CommitStatus.exclude_ignored
9c23060 2016-10-03 Remove dead code
705d210 2016-10-03 Style/EmptyLinesAroundBlockBody
23e0a3e 2016-10-03 Specify 3 cases we want them to be excluded. [ci skip]
8dfec32 2016-10-03 Rename ignored to failed_but_allowed, introduce exclude_...
f0002da 2016-10-01 Add a test for on_failure jobs in the middle
33bbfd2 2016-10-01 on_failure should also be ignored, and status_sql should
dd01f3a 2016-10-01 Should use eq because we want orders
f3b02b9 2016-09-30 Or we could simply ignore skipped manual jobs
6053acf 2016-09-29 We consider skipped = success, fixes #22598
385c602 2016-09-29 Less confusing name
db6b2b1 2016-09-26 Show open merge request against default branch if exists
8de8506 2016-09-26 Use string interpolation if possible (better performance)
d245f98 2016-09-26 We already checked is not nil, so it must ...
fd2ce24 2016-09-26 We need to use URL in the email
db3fe31 2016-09-23 Not sure why I missed this
225ab2a 2016-09-23 Cleanup emails between tests
61d650f 2016-09-23 Fix the other missing commit
da0550c 2016-09-23 Fix url routes
2bb52d9 2016-09-23 Fix test by having a real commit
0a7ab63 2016-09-23 Only show last 10 lines from trace
ecc1b13 2016-09-23 tabs to spaces
b0ce4ca 2016-09-22 Add test for MergeRequestDiff#commits_sha, feedback:
4ed23a3 2016-09-22 So that st_commits could never be nil
6987ec2 2016-09-22 For empty merge_request_diff st_commits would be nil
6887521 2016-09-21 Sorry, was confused.
637a414 2016-09-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
63e03da 2016-09-21 Make various trace methods take last_lines argument:
5869fb2 2016-09-21 Avoid using the same name with method
93ab585 2016-09-20 Use factory instead of using new directly. Feedback:
a14d6a9 2016-09-20 Add a test for non-persisted merge request
3ae99b2 2016-09-20 If merge request wasn't persisted yet, we show only 1 pi...
55de6e1 2016-09-20 Test against MergeRequest#all_commits_sha, feedback:
f2eb10c 2016-09-20 slightly tweak about the comment, feedback:
307be4b 2016-09-20 Introduce MergeRequest#all_commits_sha, feedback:
7c7c89a 2016-09-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
5448346 2016-09-19 Add an entry to CHANGELOG [ci skip]
e0f596c 2016-09-19 Show all pipelines from all merge_request_diffs:
9dffd2c 2016-09-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
61d4410 2016-09-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix-...
4c89392 2016-09-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
cc51e76 2016-09-19 Add an entry to CHANGELOG [ci skip]
31e5926 2016-09-19 Fix download artifacts button link:
e0dbd81 2016-09-14 Doesn't need BaseService, feedback:
9d92d41 2016-09-14 Omit else, feedback:
844d4e2 2016-09-14 Use keyword arg, feedback:
1b8bbe5 2016-09-14 Prefer public_send, feedback:
0f06c6c 2016-09-14 Add CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
ba84a42 2016-09-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
15bb44f 2016-09-14 test for real
c5e0305 2016-09-14 Revert this until we do notifications
1404aa8 2016-09-14 Split notification integration into another branch
50e62b3 2016-09-13 Fix Commit#status, feedback:
9d9c2d3 2016-09-13 Fix pipeline emails and add tests
4ad63c2 2016-09-13 Fixed the names and add missing check
2ccd4c3 2016-09-13 Use mailer
4add6ca 2016-09-13 Try to integrate the email into notification system
1b1c6eb 2016-09-13 Fix the template
05faeec 2016-09-13 Fix English
18d7ae4 2016-09-13 Add a test for #22010
ddcb8c8 2016-09-13 Fix styling
9852521 2016-09-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
af7d383 2016-09-12 should show the status of the latest one
6baf997 2016-09-12 Revert "reload instead, so that we don't have to change ...
575dc2b 2016-09-12 reload instead, so that we don't have to change order
47dccfb 2016-09-12 Fix test (credits to Kamil)
683d8b7 2016-09-12 Fix the ordering of transition callbacks:
3bb409d 2016-09-12 Make the cases clear instead of having guards
6953d24 2016-09-09 Enable pipeline events by default
822efd5 2016-09-08 could take a block for defining methods, feed...
27a3f11 2016-09-08 Split try_merge_period into overlap? and merge:
7b75476 2016-09-07 Just use string interpolation, feedback:
61bc90a 2016-09-06 Be more specific since it's not needed to be generic now,
c2bcfab 2016-09-06 Remove redundant tests, feedback:
7351c26 2016-09-06 Sort by database, feedback:
3a68c98 2016-09-06 Just use module because there's nothing to save, feedback:
b92c75a 2016-09-06 Use sum, feedback:
ad0511f 2016-09-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
4135160 2016-09-05 Also add an entry for showing queued time [ci skip]
d354d18 2016-09-05 Remove tests for pending_duration
6e1a06d 2016-09-05 Show how long this pipeline was queued
d071f61 2016-09-05 Forget about pending duration for now, need more discussion
7aaed29 2016-09-02 Just sum all the queuing time, indication for needing mo...
8d96062 2016-09-02 Make sure the algorithm did exclude gaps
defd889 2016-09-02 Actually we still need to use total - running to get:
1ccb578 2016-09-02 Update schema for pending_duration
245103e 2016-09-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into smar...
39c090f 2016-09-02 Calculate real queueing time to exclude gaps from:
5de54a7 2016-08-31 no longer TODO
be414d4 2016-08-31 We don't need them
e83149d 2016-08-31 send works on strings
11dd99d 2016-08-31 So that it could create the service without having a tem...
193c8d0 2016-08-31 Fix array literal style
f5c9a40 2016-08-31 Simplify the code
1bd2327 2016-08-31 Add mock email templates
0997cfd 2016-08-31 We don't need this
9758233 2016-08-31 Fix copy pasta
d2cfcb3 2016-08-31 Use guard clause, feedback:
1e49a8b 2016-08-30 Introduction to PipelineDuration
09a5335 2016-08-30 Add CHANGELOG entry
7dcc244 2016-08-30 It's renamed to periods
4789adc 2016-08-30 Add test cases from:
f10a1e3 2016-08-30 Fix renaming
2af2b78 2016-08-30 Avoid shadowing method name. Just use existing method
1f6efa3 2016-08-30 Rename to periods since it's easier to understand
bd78e6a 2016-08-30 Use algorithm from Kamil:
031b162 2016-08-29 Fix test for Pipeline#duration
7e32e2e 2016-08-29 build might not start yet
e9e7c37 2016-08-29 no builds no pending
f6051d7 2016-08-29 no point to set duration while not started yet
e5d022c 2016-08-29 Fix constant name
1be5af3 2016-08-29 I prefer to have empty lines around constants though
ace0a00 2016-08-29 Smartly calculate real running time and pending time
da1acf0 2016-08-29 Not sure why there's an extra one!?
867b64c 2016-08-29 I am too used to have no spaces around default args
41384db 2016-08-29 Use a completely fake webhook URL, feedback:
7198115 2016-08-29 empty lines between blocks
08c3e9e 2016-08-29 pipeline/build succeeded/failed, feedback:
a97133a 2016-08-29 Shorten the line and use methods, feedback:
4fc478a 2016-08-29 somewhere -> example.gitlab, feedback:
5067d9d 2016-08-29 Empty line between message =, feedback:
b99263f 2016-08-26 Fix CHANGELOG
41a0b7b 2016-08-26 Fix CHANGELOG
de80cbf 2016-08-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
34cbc51 2016-08-26 Add a new pipeline email service. TODO: email templates ...
a845254 2016-08-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
3a8fb95 2016-08-26 Fix tests
b17df05 2016-08-26 Extract ref_name and path in before_action, feedback:
6a2d2bd 2016-08-25 Add a download icon for artifacts, too. Feedback:
dd8afbf 2016-08-25 Just use instance variable instead, feedback:
4323d24 2016-08-24 Remove old stuffs
a79cd2a 2016-08-24 No longer needed
c6f09f4 2016-08-24 Fix spacing
386bffb 2016-08-24 Fix caption
59b84b6 2016-08-24 Fix CHANGELOG
4a83cec 2016-08-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
6953d98 2016-08-24 Update CHANGELOG from v8.11.0 to v8.12.0
616af03 2016-08-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
8f19731 2016-08-24 Aggressively merge views, feedback:
e65bc0f 2016-08-24 Path could also have slashes! Feedback:
bc3493f 2016-08-24 Use only one before block, feedback:
c627dbc 2016-08-19 Now we already included it in spec_helper.rb
a49151f 2016-08-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into wall...
eadb1dc 2016-08-19 Make sure the branch we're testing is on the 1st page!
1aba3a5 2016-08-19 Unify pipeline_for(ref, nil) and pipeline_for(ref), feed...
9c9259c 2016-08-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
f8496a3 2016-08-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into wall...
f3e8b88 2016-08-19 Use travel_to instead of dependency injection, feedback:
62127dc 2016-08-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
17d0406 2016-08-18 Not sure why I missed this renaming
e8b03ba 2016-08-18 Use path rather than URL because it should work for http...
4fbe044 2016-08-17 Use switch case in a helper, feedback:
ee33b3e 2016-08-17 Use partials for downloading artifacts button
75df5f6 2016-08-17 Fixed a missing rename
f673f1e 2016-08-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
ec4549e 2016-08-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into wall...
1c88ed7 2016-08-16 Not sure why missed this one
f86a507 2016-08-16 Rename to latest_succeeded, feedback:
11f840b 2016-08-16 An empty line after guard, feedback:
d8dfa56 2016-08-15 Fix test by assigning the proper SHA
16b6366 2016-08-15 It's project, not @project
73bbaff 2016-08-15 Use URL helper, feedback:
abf1cff 2016-08-15 Fix tests, explicitly set the status
d79fb3e 2016-08-15 Fix tests which broke in the merge
567ef6c 2016-08-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
74c5f82 2016-08-15 pipeline duration no longer depends on builds
ce64133 2016-08-15 Introduce so that it's easier to stub
0ea81ae 2016-08-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pipeline-hooks-wi...
5e7d99d 2016-08-15 Rename to total_duration and we're not using CommitStatu...
7d9bdac 2016-08-15 We could just sum with SQL
47ed793 2016-08-15 Update duration for wall-clock time
b5d1e63 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'pipeline-hooks-without-slack' into wall-cl...
2c06cf9 2016-08-12 Fix tests. We cannot reload unless it's already saved:
9fdcbcb 2016-08-12 Have trait all_events_enabled so that's easier to reuse,...
d5264e8 2016-08-12 Simplify the name for data builder, feedback:
0a20897 2016-08-12 Prefer extend self over module_function, feedback:
abd3ac4 2016-08-12 Make it more grammatically correct, feedback:
aaf30b4 2016-08-12 if -> when; when -> `when`; %w() -> %w[]; and fix some t...
ce4a669 2016-08-12 Prefer described_class, feedback:
5f5503f 2016-08-12 Make the comment more clear, feedback:
44b29b5 2016-08-11 Add a CHANGELOG entry
62d991c 2016-08-11 Show latest pipeline status if what provided artifacts a...
d84aa56 2016-08-11 Make Pipeline.latest_successful_for return the record
2a435e1 2016-08-11 Remove Pipeline#latest in favour of Project#pipeline_for...
71046cc 2016-08-11 Fix mock
0a9d9f7 2016-08-11 Fetch the current SHA if SHA was not passed
4b559c9 2016-08-11 Reverse ref and sha in args and rename pipeline to pipel...
0b52517 2016-08-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into pipe...
21fdc1e 2016-08-10 Cleanup the use of duration and optimize some queries
5172498 2016-08-10 It's latest_for, not just latest
729ad5d 2016-08-10 This might be fixed on master already, but well
cc3dbf8 2016-08-10 Empty lines around blocks
3eae064 2016-08-10 Introduce Pipeline#latest and Pipeline.latest_for:
6234b32 2016-08-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
831b6c8 2016-08-09 Add a changelog entry
5643cd6 2016-08-09 Show wall-clock time when showing pipeline instead of:
ec29801 2016-08-09 Rails prefers require_dependency so that it won't requir...
5607fdf 2016-08-05 Let's make sure cache were cleared:
f88d452 2016-08-05 We still need to skip loading config_processor if skip_ci?
901536b 2016-08-04 No need to check that as in CreateCommitBuildsService:
a92dd54 2016-08-04 Define utility functions later, feedback:
584258d 2016-08-04 Share nothing so it's safest, feedback:
3b2c5a8 2016-08-04 Touch it after builds were created, aligning with:
aa75728 2016-08-04 Removed the abstract let, feedback:
c245cb3 2016-08-04 Missed renaming them
984367f 2016-08-04 Move those builders to their own namespace, feedback:
80671bf 2016-08-03 Separate the concern for executing hooks and updating st...
431792f 2016-08-03 Revert "We don't have to touch it because builds would t...
94b3d33 2016-08-03 If we use Rails magic it's breaking this test:
3f7680a 2016-08-03 I was too used to this style...
7754061 2016-08-03 Test against the status in the payload
9e06bde 2016-08-03 Make sure we only fire hooks upon status changed
3691a39 2016-08-03 We don't have to touch it because builds would touch pip...
db123d2 2016-08-03 More descriptive comments, feedback:
853b0df 2016-08-03 Use when instead of if, feedback:
62f115d 2016-08-03 Introduce execute_hooks_unless_ci_skipped
4384e53 2016-08-02 Update CHANGELOG due to the introduction of !5620
67bc4a7 2016-08-02 Merge branch 'master' into pipeline-hooks
020ea32 2016-08-02 Implement pipeline hooks, extracted from !5525
6fb25be 2016-08-01 Add a CHANGELOG entry for pipeline events
f9075eb 2016-08-01 Add test for running hooks for pipeline after touched
016d4f6 2016-08-01 Add API tests for pipeline_events
db0cdee 2016-08-01 Expose pipeline_events in the API
ef06137 2016-08-01 Add test for PipelineDataBuilder
3b943fb 2016-08-01 Fix the test due to the format changed
7209ea4 2016-08-01 Slack pipeline events test and fix some issues along the...
cc4b0a5 2016-07-29 Fix test for checking everything for Slack service
3caf7bf 2016-07-29 Reduce complexity by extracting it to a method
d27095a 2016-07-29 Add pipeline_events to Slack service:
4a431a2 2016-07-29 Fix that tricky side-effect issue in the test
5fee7ec 2016-07-29 It was never used
d41e83e 2016-07-29 Don't execute hooks if ci was supposed to be skipped
b831ef7 2016-07-29 They could be nil
755301a 2016-07-29 Also touch the pipeline so we could just hook into updat...
6d82e3f 2016-07-29 We're not using original hash anyway, we could use it
751be82 2016-07-29 Add views for pipeline events
ae5f124 2016-07-29 WIP, initial work to implement pipeline hooks:
9370bb2 2016-07-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into new-...
bac99f9 2016-07-28 Remove extra entries from auto-merge accident
a1f08a7 2016-07-27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into new-...
d2b026f 2016-07-27 Test both for having existing issues or not
7d3c98e 2016-07-27 Merge some repeated codes to the partial
ae09425 2016-07-27 Add CHANGELOG entry for creating new issues from email
1b1e3ae 2016-07-26 Update the description a bit
53e6492 2016-07-26 Test if we're showing the modal and has the right email
69b5c92 2016-07-26 Fix duplicated issues partial and two cases need the but...
b04f95a 2016-07-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into new-...
80c22e4 2016-07-25 Add four features tests for download buttons in differen...
fcb560f 2016-07-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
2d9e746 2016-07-21 They were moved to project_spec.rb
0b67945 2016-07-21 Also fix the URL in the comment
880a40e 2016-07-21 Fix URL in the documentation
fa02d8f 2016-07-21 Merge shared context into controller test and update acc...
69d0671 2016-07-21 Restore to what it used to be
8397591 2016-07-21 Merge branch 'artifacts-from-ref-and-build-name-api' int...
5e0669e 2016-07-21 Since it's too hard to use JOIN with Rails... feedback:
e5b05fe 2016-07-20 Merge branch 'master' into artifacts-from-ref-and-build-...
122b046 2016-07-20 Workaround MySQL with INNER JOIN:
8ad92b9 2016-07-20 Just put setup directly in the test, feedback:
ba962aa 2016-07-20 Cleanup the use of let, feedback:
01dcb5c 2016-07-20 Lose unneeded instance variables and variables, feedback:
caf6438 2016-07-20 It's not longer than 80 chars
08f01db 2016-07-20 Make sure there's a build
eea2fd8 2016-07-20 Use the same logic, it should specify that it's not logg...
a77a58d 2016-07-20 Use 'when logging as guest' for context, feedback:
e8bab84 2016-07-20 Cleanup that a bit
782b384 2016-07-20 Rename user2 to reporter_user
ff3776c 2016-07-20 Should check against `authorize_read_builds!`
88aacaa 2016-07-20 Reuse those two methods
a771323 2016-07-20 Also exclude artifacts_file with empty string, feedback:
fea934b 2016-07-20 Still give descriptions, feedback:
4a1edae 2016-07-20 Use one query. Feedback:
fcdfeba 2016-07-20 It should be plural
9f70abf 2016-07-20 Avoid mixing builds from different pipelines:
a9f3f3c 2016-07-20 Cleanup let a bit, feedback:
145da6b 2016-07-20 Use only one before, feedback:
0c202f3 2016-07-20 Past tense:
bdb900c 2016-07-20 Past tense, feedback:
a563f33 2016-07-20 Join on association
66c8c3d 2016-07-20 More complex data manipulating tests to model, and
2fe8ebc 2016-07-20 We need INNER JOIN to get the right pipeline,
3925436 2016-07-20 Use shared_examples, feedback:
cf78c35 2016-07-20 Use shared_example rather than methods, feedback:
709e805 2016-07-20 That means different things but it's ok here.
b0f7384 2016-07-20 Create the pipelines/builds in mixed order, feedback:
02f58db 2016-07-19 It's no longer needed
9ab5ff5 2016-07-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/artifacts-from-re...
cfd7c44 2016-07-19 Move Project#latest_successful_builds_for to project_spe...
dc6afd5 2016-07-19 Just use default_branch, feedback:
0911421 2016-07-19 Now we could use normal relation, feedback:
0465876 2016-07-19 Use default_branch rather than master, feedback:
ae83ac9 2016-07-19 path_from_ref -> path_for_ref, feedback:
6da27aa 2016-07-19 Drop description for simple case, feedback:
361f3d0 2016-07-19 when unauthorized, feedback:
43b6a3e 2016-07-19 Check against type explicit, feedback:
4265610 2016-07-19 Use for, feedback:
c3c0406 2016-07-19 Use let! feedback:
cd449a7 2016-07-19 Remove descriptions for simple case, feedback:
f2969b1 2016-07-19 Artifacts are plural, feedback:
0882355 2016-07-19 CHANGELOG for downloading latest successful build API
6054c85 2016-07-19 Only allow branches/tags, disallow SHA:
87604ed 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'master' into artifacts-from-ref-and-build-...
08b9532 2016-07-19 API for downloading latest successful build:
e3ce023 2016-07-19 Link to pipeline instead of source tree, feedback:
85ceb8b 2016-07-19 Rename latest_success* to latest_successful:
0538e1e 2016-07-19 Support SHA for downloading artifacts:
fba2ec4 2016-07-19 Just use order(id: :desc) for latest stuffs:
1a41cb9 2016-07-19 Fix links and add not latest notice
e00fb38 2016-07-18 Actually should use tree path
914336b 2016-07-18 Links to search_namespace_project_artifacts_path instead
57a78c3 2016-07-18 Show notice if builds are not from latest pipeline
72699d9 2016-07-18 Should be, not root ref
dcb436f 2016-07-18 Use Project#latest_success_builds_for
3be2c3f 2016-07-18 Merge branch 'master' into artifacts-from-ref-and-build-...
e51d4a0 2016-07-18 We should actually give latest success builds as well
af86b8c 2016-07-18 Latest success pipelines (rather than builds)
85409a5 2016-07-18 Use ci_commits.ref (Pipeline#ref) to find builds
5c1f75e 2016-07-18 Use ci_commits.gl_project_id instead of ci_builds.gl_pro...
cc91f09 2016-07-18 Just use find_by! and we're rescuing ActiveRecord::Recor...
6830e28 2016-07-18 Match against records rather than id, feedback:
6de4822 2016-07-18 Use single line even if they're more than 80 chars, feed...
6dcb75f 2016-07-18 Remove blank lines between clauses, feedback:
78c37bd 2016-07-18 Use find_by, feedback:
5151ebf 2016-07-18 Use RSpec helpers, feedback from:
bd44f14 2016-07-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into new-...
f435eb6 2016-07-15 navbar_icon was renamed to custom_icon in:
0f7851b 2016-07-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into new-...
53a9dee 2016-07-14 Introduce Project#latest_success_builds_for:
4bb3787 2016-07-14 Try to make the URL more consistent between Rails and API
c23f2aa 2016-07-14 Fix outdated comment
2e90abf 2016-07-14 It could be redirecting or downloading in Rails or API
e96401f 2016-07-14 Add a download prefix so that we could add file prefix i...
398de9f 2016-07-14 now we're able to merge the spec
640fc82 2016-07-14 Avoid using let!
c4496de 2016-07-14 Provide the file directly rather than redirecting
70f508f 2016-07-14 Serve artifacts from Builds
a9a8cee 2016-07-14 Merge features/projects/artifacts_spec.rb back
d7bbee7 2016-07-14 Update routes based on feedback from:
e01c421 2016-07-14 Prefer if so it's more clear what's going on
1c7871e 2016-07-14 Introduce get_build! so we could omit one early return
fab8bc5 2016-07-14 More descriptive local variable, feedback:
5544852 2016-07-14 Remove blank line between if/else clause, feedback:
66b91ce 2016-07-14 Avoid shadowing CommitStatus#id, feedback:
5b227f3 2016-07-13 rubocop likes this better
b043729 2016-07-13 Share more stuffs
8735d95 2016-07-13 Implement API for downloading artifacts from ref and bui...
6c80b59 2016-07-13 Introduce path_from_ref and save some typing
bb5f067 2016-07-13 Rename to ref_name so it's aligning with API
3336828 2016-07-13 No need for a separate line now
d0b9112 2016-07-12 save some lines and a local variable
57c72cb 2016-07-12 Could be faster when params[:path] is missing
e383254 2016-07-12 Add all the tests and fix stuffs along the way:
20d8de8 2016-07-12 We're not using them (and look at the typo)
115a57c 2016-07-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into use-...
a96e9aa 2016-07-12 Make rubocop happy
c94cff3 2016-07-12 Prefer if over return
6597c21 2016-07-12 Prefer empty relation rather than arrays
a1eac5e 2016-07-12 Doh. I already wrote that test and I forgot.
9604f12 2016-07-12 Conforming the style
d0451a0 2016-07-12 Test for Project#builds_for and return empty array for n...
7b43749 2016-07-12 Prefer string for describe as of:
a9f4075 2016-07-12 Bump gitlab-workhorse version for !5094
1bfc2ed 2016-07-11 Just remove the prefix, feedback:
2b728ed 2016-07-11 Just give regular 404, feedback:
2c646bb 2016-07-11 Move tests to respect to modules and extract artifacts t...
1f733a9 2016-07-11 Remove redundant return
df5b786 2016-07-11 Using plain if/else is much easier to understand
2c27325 2016-07-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into arti...
ef833a2 2016-07-11 Give latest succeeded one, don't give pending/running ones
b14d40f 2016-07-11 Handle branches with / in the name
f601ec5 2016-07-11 Introduce Projects::ArtifactsController#search:
8f469c3 2016-07-07 Multiline for before block
1e3ff09 2016-07-07 Avoid ambiguous syntax
20037e6 2016-07-07 Introduce Project#builds_for(build_name, ref = 'HEAD'):
93dd8b0 2016-07-07 Also use ref in Repository#commit
011e281 2016-07-07 Prefer ref rather than id because id is shadowing databa...
b988644 2016-07-07 Use scope rather than class method
4b9f76c 2016-07-06 Fix one of the failing tests. Test against the headers
28e324a 2016-07-05 Use Gitlab-Workhorse-Send-Data to send entry:
36a7392 2016-07-04 Use describe rather than context for this:
b5a2319 2016-07-04 Explicitly set to nil when artifacts don't exist:
596f468 2016-07-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into save...
25dd39f 2016-07-04 Add a new column `artifacts_size` to table `ci_builds` !...
79d7e71 2016-07-04 Use describe rather than context, feedback from:
7cc6a70 2016-07-04 Rename to "successful artifacts upload", feedback:
03dcb69 2016-07-01 Update CHANGELOG 8.9.5 for runners related fixes
08070c7 2016-07-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into enab...
ef96028 2016-07-01 Rename shared_examples, feedback:
9f21018 2016-07-01 Remove migration guide comment:
7b06ace 2016-06-30 Use nil for non-existing files rather than 0
63477fd 2016-06-30 Disable Metrics/CyclomaticComplexity for Ability.allowed
5941315 2016-06-30 Use warning for locked runners:
23a3ce9 2016-06-29 Use Ability to check pre-requisite. Change back to 403 b...
9d8dca0 2016-06-29 Use AR callbacks as suggested by:
1bc0d73 2016-06-28 Also remove ci_builds.artifacts_size when erased
de54335 2016-06-28 Prefer Ci::Build#erase_artifacts!
deb5509 2016-06-28 Admins should be able to assign locked runners as well
2b52118 2016-06-28 They're projects, so we shouldn't show lock icon
397a69f 2016-06-28 Allow admins to assign locked runners:
b5c8d58 2016-06-28 Use 409 to indicate that interface might be outdated
0a29469 2016-06-28 Just save the size in total rather than individual files
d08777b 2016-06-28 Rename to assignable runner for shared examples:
fe0c59d 2016-06-28 Introduce ci_builds.artifacts_sizes as JSON:
aa3a3fd 2016-06-28 Cleanup the tests a bit in order to extend it
95c99cd 2016-06-28 Admin should be able to turn shared runners into specifi...
e616fbf 2016-06-24 Only return the address if incoming emails is enabled:
918646f 2016-06-23 Add Project#new_issue_address(author):
deb39a0 2016-06-23 Update wordings by feedback from:
f7605c0 2016-06-22 Add some clarification for some files under config/*
835e3b0 2016-06-21 Update mail_room to 0.8.0 to resolve #13357
cdcbc8d 2016-06-21 Update wordings according to:
d611074 2016-06-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
aeb24ee 2016-06-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
c628eeb 2016-06-20 Add index for ci_runners.locked, feedback:
176fa21 2016-06-20 raise UnknownIncomingEmail when there's no mail_key:
0671db5 2016-06-20 Use keyword args to be more clear:
c491f66 2016-06-20 Use a separate line for separate actions:
4efc1c4 2016-06-20 Rename according to:
60ef0dd 2016-06-20 Use .has-tooltip as suggested at:
045dad3 2016-06-17 Test for enabling/disabling runners from admin runner page
dbd534a 2016-06-17 Admin::RunnerProjectsController#index is not used
5174d6c 2016-06-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feat...
8a0aeab 2016-06-16 Use active tense, feedback from:
314befd 2016-06-16 Fix typo. It's ivar and the column was called locked
ae0e1e4 2016-06-16 blank line between setup and expectation, feedback:
4852ace 2016-06-16 Use FIXME instead, feedback from:
09c38e4 2016-06-15 Only pass item name
9417814 2016-06-15 More space for private concern
5d76c25 2016-06-15 Use font awesome instead of Unicode. Feedback from:
4befcc3 2016-06-15 Add missing require in tests
cd3f112 2016-06-15 Adopt the rename from ci_commits to ci_pipelines
c866b90 2016-06-15 Fix typo. It's ivar and the column was called locked
3ced5ae 2016-06-15 Save the list of handlers in a constant
5608e1a 2016-06-15 Raise first like an input check
a016238 2016-06-15 Avoid assignment in if
fcc6a59 2016-06-15 Blank line for private
3b64c4f 2016-06-15 A blank line to separate exception raising
4c09871 2016-06-15 Avoid using bang bang
72184c1 2016-06-15 Rename to project_path which is more accurate
c55eebb 2016-06-15 An instruction for what to do
cb168c3 2016-06-15 Remove empty lines at the beginning of files
e753918 2016-06-15 Merge branch 'master' into new-issue-by-email
9cf45b0 2016-06-14 Return the association and check it in controller instead:
6c50003 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'prefer-assign_to' into feature/runner-lock...
fd285f7 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'master' into feature/runner-lock-on-project
1b8f52d 2016-06-14 Avoid enabling locked runners. Give 403 in this case
f74f423 2016-06-14 Give 409 Conflict whenever the runner was already enabled
1b03c58 2016-06-14 We're checking return value rather than rescuing exceptions
5f88734 2016-06-14 Prefer Runner#assign_to instead of creating directly
cbd6ca6 2016-06-14 Rename specific_for to available_for:
5312160 2016-06-09 Add a small locked icon if it's locked:
d936c32 2016-06-09 Tweak the wordings and grammar slightly
4d277b9 2016-06-09 Updated doc description according to feedback:
f59d972 2016-06-09 Updated description for the form
b0908d8 2016-06-09 Extra tests inside shared_examples:
8b34687 2016-06-09 Merge conditions. Not worth an additional pointless method:
d7b0802 2016-06-09 Renamed to available_for? Feedback from:
268f771 2016-06-09 Remove Build#can_be_served? and rename Runner#can_serve?...
de04004 2016-06-09 Prefer string for describe, feedback from:
9e14ebe 2016-06-09 Update CHANGELOG and doc for locked runner feature
7fa80a7 2016-06-09 Fixed a typo (remove extra n)
5bd077b 2016-06-09 Manually build the SQL so that it properly skips Rails.
fc51bf3 2016-06-09 Found a workaround for that weird SQL error:
b08912d 2016-06-09 Use block for before/after as we preferred
781d35c 2016-06-09 Prefer attributes_for_keys so that it ignores nils
894d22f 2016-06-09 include the helper
2ea0148 2016-06-09 Update migration with add_column_with_default:
3595457 2016-06-09 Prefer do and end for before/after:
1c302d5 2016-06-09 WIP, try to add views for locked runners
0eeb4be 2016-06-09 Introduced Ci::Runner.specific_for for getting specific ...
4f7f325 2016-06-09 Implement the logic for locking runner
4f34cf3 2016-06-07 Add a blank line between before and it:
4fcdcc3 2016-06-07 Avoid using subject and
5f3e647 2016-06-07 Prefer do and end for before/after:
db95704 2016-06-07 Fix method definition style
2dd60b9 2016-06-07 Use rspec's matchers and update style:
0c2962e 2016-06-07 Use subject for more consistent testing style:
5360ef2 2016-06-07 This is easier to write:
e8cf89f 2016-06-07 Add a test for User#ci_authorized_runners
538b2d6 2016-05-31 Use `Snippet#to_reference` directly
908ea1b 2016-05-28 Use $ as the snippet prefix so it's consistent
8c0b619 2016-05-24 Split tests into their own classes
cc69bd0 2016-05-24 This is easier to read for me. No early return
1f5d559 2016-05-23 Merge the places where exceptions could be raised
863d8e5 2016-05-23 use split and try to unify error raising
c64cd11 2016-05-21 Add ! for verify_record! because it could raise
7541566 2016-05-21 Rename handlers and introduce Handler.for
ee548b6 2016-05-21 Only set @raw for receiver, and handle the rest in execute
32eae15 2016-05-20 It's for Message-ID so it should be message_id
c2bc15a 2016-05-20 Use the authentication_token for finding the user
a7f6b75 2016-05-20 Fix a missed rename
9436a44 2016-05-20 Rename reply_key to mail_key
4b341de 2016-05-20 Actually there's no such case
a7c823a 2016-05-18 Give ProjectNotFound when the project is not readable
e7a6d17 2016-05-18 fix some styling offender
c337e74 2016-05-18 so we use separate classes to handle different tasks
3f4a641 2016-05-16 We should totally cache it
8156475 2016-05-16 Report better errors. TODO: Enable skipped test
30b3443 2016-05-16 Now we would be validating authentication token
a065c8d 2016-05-16 Create a new issue via: incoming+group/project+AUTH_TOKE...
634c9f4 2016-05-16 process_reply -> process_create_note; handle_reply -> pr...
eac3583 2016-05-16 Update wording because we're overloading UserNotAuthoriz...
869de96 2016-05-16 bang to indicate that this method could raise an exception
aac297a 2016-05-16 Update style as create_note
68b5ded 2016-05-16 No need to check project because:
034e752 2016-05-16 Handle InvalidIssueError as InvalidNoteError
87ff010 2016-05-16 Raise one by one instead of if checks
347ee6c 2016-05-16 Alloy empty reply for new issues, but not response
a61bf17 2016-05-16 Try to give better names
0e4c2b6 2016-05-16 enable Style/MethodDefParentheses and fix parentheses
4f50270 2016-05-16 Add another TODO that we need to verify identity better
6cfd028 2016-05-16 Implement #3243 New Issue by email
2375b43 2016-05-16 Fix a typo
ecc060d 2016-03-23 Make sure we get only two returns
9374b7e 2016-03-23 Avoid using the same name between methods and variables