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d057b18 2017-12-01 Add changelog entry
24a3bee 2017-11-10 Add changelog entry for !2205
719cdd3 2017-11-07 Update CSS to use flexbox for branch and tag labels
893402d 2017-10-13 Preserve `archived` param only when sort order is changed
a1bfdf7 2017-10-13 Remove unnecessary `Flash` import
934f4c6 2017-10-13 Add `archived` related options in sort dropdown
d72b95c 2017-10-13 Add support for `archived` param
bc45fd7 2017-10-06 Remove unnecessary test
da5073c 2017-10-05 Render droplab button only if Subgroups feature is suppo...
29fee00 2017-10-05 Add new subgroup/project droplab button initialization o...
00f76de 2017-10-05 Remove new subgroup/project droplab button initialization
4775b93 2017-09-29 Add changelog entry
4a17ac2 2017-09-29 Use `simple=true` for projects API for better performance
d94df6e 2017-09-25 Update tests to reflect `user_avatar_without_link` helpe...
abb9981 2017-09-25 Add `data-src` when image is to be lazy loaded, use `tag...
31d43e3 2017-09-25 Remove unnecessary use of `gsub`
afc5567 2017-09-21 Add unextracted strings for i18n
04aaf39 2017-09-21 Add i18n support for pagination test
40200c3 2017-09-18 Use correct group members path for members flyout link
ce884ad 2017-09-11 Remove confidential toggle checkbox and related code as ...
5d72e54 2017-09-07 Use `flex` to center align content
700d146 2017-09-06 Fix spacing between nav and dropdown to be consistent wi...
754f2e3 2017-09-06 Prevent `btn-transparent` class from being added on `Cop...
29ff4aa 2017-09-05 Fix flaky behaviour of `getSearchedProjects` due to miss...
ca4a6e9 2017-09-05 Remove spec as no longer necessary
24bada3 2017-09-05 Add changelog entry
e50ccb3 2017-09-05 Remove project select dropdown from breadcrumb
de10551 2017-09-05 Add changelog entry
ccaf079 2017-09-05 Restore support for short-cut to Projects page
3440d90 2017-09-05 Fix project metadata accessor
81e0ebb 2017-09-05 Add Projects Dropdown App i18n strings
4e60d19 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Spec Mock Data
b4ffaf9 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Store Spec
3fcc746 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Service Spec
c45646e 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Frequent Projects Item Component Spec
edffb98 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Searched Projects List Component Spec
035049c 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Frequent Projects List Component Spec
cc80727 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Search Component Spec
399d8ff 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Component Spec
f3fdab1 2017-09-05 Add styles for Projects Dropdown
835bdfa 2017-09-05 Add helper class for margin bottom `5px`
2999005 2017-09-05 Move `common_vue` into vendor bundle
fe45076 2017-09-05 Add Projects Dropdown bundle
3974665 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Global Constants
536ce80 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Event Hub
446b034 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Store
43a27f8 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Service
0bf40fd 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Searched Projects List Component
33697aa 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Frequent Projects List Component
c2c2407 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Project Item Component
53d575a 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Search Input Component
65a883a 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown Root App Component
d90f3fe 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown App Entry
18ce668 2017-09-05 Show projects dropdown partial as nav item dropdown
23d1b91 2017-09-05 Projects Dropdown View Partial
8c70224 2017-09-05 Add support for `sizeClass`, defaults to `s40`
c47e1c3 2017-09-05 Make query param `simple` part of config
8d024db 2017-08-30 Update spec initialization with it being a shared component
073ab67 2017-08-30 Update identicon path and selector
ee0fae8 2017-08-30 Renamed to `identicon` and make shared component
cf9e9fc 2017-08-02 Remove unnecessary component import and registration
9636da3 2017-08-02 Use `$mount` for component rendering, remove tests for `...
018e1bd 2017-08-02 Use kebab-case for props
e7d6af7 2017-08-02 Remove unnecessary name property
9f8152d 2017-08-01 Add changelog entry
7a70452 2017-08-01 Prop name update, minor cleanup
00226a9 2017-08-01 Import `group_identicon` minor clean up and prop updates
59377d5 2017-08-01 Tests for `group_identicon` component
53fb22b 2017-08-01 Remove unnecessary imports
d03ea6d 2017-08-01 Change ID type to number
3394690 2017-07-31 Update tests
ec0ea51 2017-07-31 Add styles for Identicons for Groups
8456899 2017-07-31 Use GroupIdenticon for missing avatars
b535be3 2017-07-31 Group Identicon for groups without avatars
fcdcc0d 2017-07-20 Spread used props
80314ea 2017-07-20 Move module initialization to bundle root
4b45a1b 2017-07-20 Initialize module on bundle load
083ad12 2017-07-20 Remove unnecessary `scrollTo`
de7db60 2017-07-19 Use JS class for selector
c2c255e 2017-07-19 Update Protected Branches feature initialization
584f323 2017-07-19 Update Protected Branches bundle path
f038fa6 2017-07-19 Add styles to branches list container
f0aeccc 2017-07-19 Add class to use in JS and tests
eed9139 2017-07-19 Add class to use in JS and test, add flash error container
11f9b0e 2017-07-19 Export only used classes
55e46df 2017-07-19 Fix lint errors, add constructor info
c9ee6a9 2017-07-19 Convert to ES6 class
67107c8 2017-07-19 Rename to `index.js`
fa0e43b 2017-07-14 Update test description to reflect behaviour
5078d22 2017-07-14 Add changelog entry
ba1dca7 2017-07-14 Update tests to cover removal of inactive tokens table
aca213a 2017-07-14 Remove inactive tokens table
b9a169c 2017-07-11 Update VERSION to 9.3.6
02341c5 2017-07-11 Update for 9.3.6
1c68836 2017-07-11 Update for 9.3.6
f715116 2017-07-07 Fix SVG scaling issue
6384985 2017-07-07 Fix missing `row` & `container` classes
8725081 2017-07-07 Replace bootstrap overrides with scaling SVG on smaller ...
6a19b78 2017-07-07 Add container bottom padding
7d2a4ef 2017-07-07 Fix icon container width with smaller desktop screens
3985788 2017-07-06 Add container class `.row`
fb74dbd 2017-07-06 Reduce callout margin prop declaration
229a70a 2017-07-06 Fix margin override for mobile
4304aff 2017-07-06 Remove unnecessary column class
8e53dcb 2017-07-06 Rename variable to `public_project_count`
b7dcd1a 2017-07-06 Make offset override specific to admin welcome page
7732c27 2017-07-06 Override BS column offset margin
4456881 2017-07-06 Fix column offset, add missing new line char
a312d23 2017-07-05 Add changelog entry
c9432c3 2017-07-05 Update welcome page styles
d550377 2017-07-05 Fix callout size to fit parent container
3b00b03 2017-07-05 Move welcome pages to individual partials
d5a1fd5 2017-07-05 CE regular user welcome page
e7f6680 2017-07-05 CE admin welcome page
31feef4 2017-07-05 Welcome page graphic
df4e731 2017-06-28 Remove unnecessary call to `_.escape`
a5278e0 2017-06-23 Update dependencies list for 9.3
6a71f73 2017-06-23 Update templates for 9.3
8161608 2017-06-23 Update clone urls for 9.3
818ce45 2017-06-20 Update VERSION to 9.3.0-rc5
745d46b 2017-06-20 Merge branch 'master' of
250caca 2017-06-20 Remove double escaping of comment preview text
fcd47b1 2017-06-16 Update VERSION to 9.3.0-rc2
66bbf30 2017-06-09 Update version to 9.3.0-rc1
b684f35 2017-06-09 Update version to v9.3.0
6646356 2017-06-08 Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/9-2-stable'...
47ace9f 2017-06-08 Revert "Merge branch 'rework-authorizations-performance'...
c361621 2017-06-07 Add Array `findIndex` support
6838c16 2017-06-02 Minor refactor based on review feedback
223abc6 2017-06-02 Use `.text-center` class instead of text-align prop
3f0eff8 2017-06-01 Update as per review feedback
4c58fd8 2017-06-01 Tests for `PrometheusMetrics` class
afc1a67 2017-06-01 Handle response failure case for loadActiveMetrics
4826ae0 2017-06-01 Changes based on UX review
b83a404 2017-06-01 Remove service help, add URL field help
112d540 2017-06-01 Action link role sets to `button` if no HREF is given
73af717 2017-06-01 Update as per review
dc3de71 2017-06-01 Update tests based on source changes
576e30e 2017-06-01 Provide `test-url` via backend
325c55f 2017-06-01 Remove extra new line
7357d35 2017-06-01 Update as per review feedback
00cc34c 2017-06-01 Add doc comment
a678f42 2017-06-01 Tests for `integration_settings_form`
f57a4a9 2017-06-01 Add comments for method and minor refinements
4341801 2017-06-01 Fix class name typo
44f2504 2017-06-01 Initialize canTestService from form meta
095d9b5 2017-06-01 Use `@service.can_test?` to enable test before save
69c4765 2017-06-01 Fix bug where form's `novalidate` attribute is not respe...
c5e28a7 2017-06-01 Validate config form only when service is marked active
791e502 2017-06-01 Prevent default action of Flash banner action link click
fb1ba0a 2017-06-01 Add Integrations bundle
fc2cc1e 2017-06-01 Remove test settings button, enhance Save changes button...
c1ef434 2017-06-01 Add support for action links
f5f2027 2017-06-01 Integrations Bundle
338a73e 2017-06-01 Add support for required input validation
85b6b9b 2017-05-31 Lint: Fix missing new line at EOF
b4b1621 2017-05-31 Styles for banner within panel
5cccbde 2017-05-31 Populate Missing env var panel
c3c644c 2017-05-31 Prometheus Service Fixture Generator
a57e6a8 2017-05-31 Add support for Prometheus Service
a2b6869 2017-05-31 Add styles for Prometheus Service Metrics
15908cf 2017-05-31 Add Prometheus Metrics Bundle, panel for Missing environ...
2742bbd 2017-05-31 Add Prometheus Metrics Bundle
2559a88 2017-05-31 Prometheus Metrics Bundle
33fe2af 2017-05-31 Add styles for Prometheus Metrics panel
7cef07c 2017-05-31 Render service extras partial conditionally
2e302e3 2017-05-31 Prometheus Metrics Panel View
efb264f 2017-05-31 Empty state icon for Metrics
8732b3b 2017-05-30 Fix bottom padding for build page
563f673 2017-05-22 MR widget styling fixes
6c34133 2017-05-19 Remove incorrectly picked styles
ab61223 2017-05-19 Fix deployment status icon and alignment on 9-2-stable b...
bd15e52 2017-05-19 Fix incorrect import for `UsersSelect` on 9-2-stable branch
3feed19 2017-05-19 Merge branch '9-2-stable' of
f660061 2017-05-09 Add Prometheus memory sparkline to MR widget