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#41 Kushal Pandya - All time
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97b5ea0 2018-09-06 Make MR diff file filter input Clear button functional
39d96d5 2018-08-28 Add changelog entry
f436ca4 2018-08-28 Add milestone tabs deprecation view
b39f77f 2018-08-28 Project Milestone Tabs Deprecation Partial
c1f2c5f 2018-08-26 Add changelog entry
9d7da79 2018-08-26 Add group name badge under group milestone
d4e3999 2018-08-20 Add changelog entry
60b16f4 2018-08-20 Show `< 1%` when percent value evaluated is less than 1
046bc2b 2018-08-14 Update docs to change `Backlog` issue board list to `Open`
73e572e 2018-08-14 Add changelog entry
048f78e 2018-08-14 Change `Backlog` list title to `Open`
b8789b9 2018-08-07 Add changelog entry
f0c60bd 2018-08-07 Add `tabindex` attribute support to show BS4 popover on ...
a648218 2018-07-24 Add changelog entry
26b12d6 2018-07-24 Use `parseInt` to convert markdownVersion into number
32dffd4 2018-07-24 Add changelog entry
d6ec3ac 2018-07-24 Use `roundOffFloat` method to show decimal places in pro...
b487881 2018-07-24 Add `roundOffFloat` helper method
550152d 2018-07-16 Add changelog entry
483a5ee 2018-07-16 Fix `transform` typo
26675ec 2018-07-13 Add changelog entry
fcd9379 2018-07-13 Fix RSS button interaction on Dashboard, Project and Gro...
c91a5c2 2018-07-13 Add flex to tabs container
37737b5 2018-07-13 Update `.controls` positioning
a81fd22 2018-07-04 Add fill color for sidebar todo icon
0d688ff 2018-07-04 Add Group filter dropdown support
66ea529 2018-07-04 Add custom cssClasses support
18c9cad 2018-07-04 Sidebar Todo Component
aac6b2b 2018-07-02 Update tests to check emoji autocompletion
ffe7c51 2018-07-02 Add `&` support for epics autocompletion
9b28ceb 2018-06-27 Add changelog entry
c2939c7 2018-06-27 Fix merge requests data source key to be camelCase
3366f9d 2018-06-25 Update GFM autocomplete config
b13eef1 2018-06-25 Update map name for default autocomplete config
db9fb8a 2018-06-25 Add default autocomplete config
568493a 2018-06-18 Add styles for persistent notice banner
b0031dc 2018-06-13 Add missing `entityType`
dd7a59b 2018-06-07 Add timeframe helper methods
6d2fedf 2018-05-31 Make simulateDrag duration configurable
dfebcc7 2018-05-31 Add changelog entry
6a4b425 2018-05-31 Update Sortable package path
7c4046e 2018-05-31 Remove in favor of npm package
1cdaa53 2018-05-31 Add `sortablejs` to replace vendor version
e78b219 2018-05-24 Add `Access-Control-Allow-Headers` to Webpack Dev Server...
7877ede 2018-05-14 Add `createComponentWithMixin` to create anonymous compo...
cfa9211 2018-05-04 Enable quick support actions default
e164447 2018-05-03 Emit `toggleSidebar` event on component when icon is cli...
342fbbd 2018-05-03 Consume `toggleSubscription` event directly from Subscri...
d266570 2018-05-03 Emit `toggleSubscription`, `toggleSidebar` events on com...
aa0a35a 2018-05-02 Consume `toggleSubscription` event directly from Subscri...
de3194b 2018-05-02 Emit `toggleSubscription` event on component instead of ...
f538eda 2018-04-27 Export class as default
1d282e4 2018-04-24 Add changelog entry
89618a7 2018-04-24 Remove relative positioning for tabs container to restor...
2f57341 2018-04-23 Emit `toggleCollapse`, `onDropdownClose` on component
a011667 2018-04-23 Emit `onValueClick` event on component when container is...
7544a55 2018-04-06 Add noteableType to mock data object
a983583 2018-04-06 Set `noteable_type` to use in notesApp
223eeae 2018-04-06 Return noteableType from app initial config
15195f6 2018-04-06 Use noteable type map from constants
388f43b 2018-04-06 Add map for supported noteable types
1db4ea2 2018-04-05 Set noteableType on noteableData as provided from DOM da...
1f27c63 2018-04-05 Use `isInVueNoteablePage` from dom_utils
1014393 2018-04-05 Add page helper methods for notesApp
c595321 2018-03-12 Add changelog entry
a35db6e 2018-03-12 Use `` for `:key`
728bcd7 2018-03-12 Add changelog entry
0c85101 2018-03-12 Update test for change in label dropdown action name
338f5e2 2018-03-12 Add `createLabelTitle` & `manageLabelsTitle` props for a...
9d572c7 2018-03-12 Add `headerTitle` prop for container header string
eeb957e 2018-03-12 Add `isProject` and computed props to for contextual inf...
a831267 2018-03-12 Add `isProject` mock config
02302c8 2018-03-12 Use label dropdown helper for rendering contextual string
5573445 2018-03-12 Add helpers for labels dropdown
2169da0 2018-03-06 Backport description composition from EE
b7bedd5 2018-03-06 Add `js-*` class to refer in JS
4051d01 2018-03-05 Add changelog entry
00db4cb 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownValueCollapsed Component
c1ed7f3 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownValue Component
8b44ad6 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownTitle Component
2e5497f 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownSearchInput Component
b4bd977 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownHiddenInput Component
5989aa1 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownHeader Component
ab1bc5c 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownFooter Component
5230932 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownCreateLabel Component
5c88548 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect DropdownButton Component
7d58f0e 2018-03-05 LabelsSelect Base Component
8c9094c 2018-03-05 LabelsSelectComponent tests mock data
3fe4ea8 2018-03-05 Update path for ListLabel model
3005d60 2018-03-05 ListLabel Shared Model
e7789ed 2018-03-05 Add `suggest_colors` from LabelsHelper
53de273 2018-03-05 Allow exposing methods to `gon_helper`
c9660b4 2018-03-02 Merge branch 'kp-add-query-param-support-search-token-en...
ca430d2 2018-03-02 Add `isGroupDecendent` to init config
e4ec50b 2018-03-02 Add support for query params for labels endpoint
add8a30 2018-03-01 Add support for custom container class
d40e059 2018-03-01 Update class init config
730d7dd 2018-03-01 Update FilteredSearchManager init config
5764f85 2018-03-01 Add group related config and endpoint methods to be cons...
90baab9 2018-02-28 Labels Select Tests
f0197d7 2018-02-28 Fix unnecessary spacing between labels
7768b5f 2018-02-28 Add changelog entry
611ac8e 2018-02-28 Make label filter URL dynamic
13a7fde 2018-02-27 Add test for label search behaviour
6952a9b 2018-02-27 Add changelog entry
9ca1a64 2018-02-27 Clear "Labels" dropdown search filter after selection
c014529 2018-02-26 Add changelog entry
9362809 2018-02-26 Use imported `DropdownUtils`
53209a0 2018-02-23 Fix assignee avatar and notes icon alignment
af49e61 2018-02-19 Add changelog entry
cca0f0a 2018-02-19 Fix single digit value clipping
f80c573 2018-02-16 Ignore `_links` property for no-underscore-dangle rule
3976368 2018-02-07 Add `convertObjectPropsToCamelCase` helper method
99a5c4b 2018-02-07 Add `convertToCamelCase` helper method
f718d64 2018-02-07 Add `8px` padding option
474a0ed 2018-02-07 Update tests for date helper functions
74f6ef9 2018-02-07 Add more date helper functions
94b1d7e 2018-02-07 Add support for adding custom class on content wrapper e...
95d7281 2018-02-07 Import FilteredSearchTokenKeys, update class initializat...
327d73b 2018-02-07 Import and use `FilteredSearchTokenKeys` independently
a657108 2018-02-07 Update class initialization syntax
0ea146e 2018-02-07 Export class instead of assigning to `gl`
bcb447b 2018-02-07 Make class initialization configurable
1610912 2018-02-07 Remove `FilteredSearchTokenKeys` import
ab68111 2018-01-15 Remove changelog entry
44694cc 2018-01-15 Add changelog entry
f8a8e8e 2018-01-15 Add StackedProgressBar Component
e64890e 2018-01-15 StackedProgressBar Component styles
4ce5878 2018-01-15 StackedProgressBar Component tests
f632ae6 2018-01-15 StackedProgressBar Component
ae29464 2018-01-12 Move row containing Projects, Users and Groups count to ...
fc9ddab 2018-01-11 Add changelog entry
bcb1415 2018-01-11 Update tests to cover modal dialog
a2ae0f8 2018-01-11 Add modal dialog for leave group action
a783158 2018-01-11 Update tests for modal changes
5082b8d 2018-01-11 Move modal dialog to app root component
cc4235a 2018-01-04 Use `__` instead of `s__` when context is not required
3df6fa6 2018-01-04 Enclose props in quotes
703aa9d 2018-01-04 Make tooltip placement bottom by default as per design g...
9222900 2018-01-04 Fix groups list icon, timestamp alignment and row height
cabbb5b 2018-01-02 Update test to remove carent icon check
d0bfc65 2017-12-28 Update styles to fix SVG caret alignment
9789003 2017-12-28 Update selector to test SVG icon name
bed16f4 2017-12-28 Use SVG sprite icons
1d2b822 2017-12-26 Use ItemStatValue component for project star count
d952736 2017-12-26 Make `title` optional
02caca0 2017-12-26 Add changelog entry
f4d7b47 2017-12-26 Update selector to test SVG icon name, cleanup tests
4fb4740 2017-12-26 Update icon names, add `updated_at` prop to mock objects
495c714 2017-12-26 Update styles to show `updatedAt`
f39f5d2 2017-12-26 Use ItemStatsValue Component, add `updatedAt` info for p...
7a2f107 2017-12-26 ItemStatsValue Component
c2951f6 2017-12-26 Update avatar size to be 24px
732b230 2017-12-26 Update icon name to use from SVG sprite
95ff461 2017-12-26 Use SVG sprite icons
86e0d93 2017-12-26 Add `updatedAt` prop for Projects
8ae1299 2017-12-26 Reduce font size for 24px identicon
d0edbf6 2017-12-15 Add changelog entry
c796304 2017-12-15 Update tests for toggle design change
b11c791 2017-12-15 Update toggle styles to use icons
a15c4d4 2017-12-15 Use icons instead of string labels for toggles
f5e7fbf 2017-12-13 Use relative URL for projects to avoid storing domains
61a8628 2017-12-01 Show only group name by default and put full namespace i...
ebf2249 2017-11-29 Fix item name and namespace text overflow in Projects dr...
7954c1b 2017-11-28 Add changelog entry
6b343d0 2017-11-28 Fix broadcast message not showing up on login page
de55396 2017-10-04 Groups tree enhancements for Groups Dashboard and Group ...
7eb5131 2017-10-03 Fix navigation dropdown close animation on mobile screens
f444128 2017-09-07 Make dropdown menus on navigation to use full viewport w...
ee42bfb 2017-08-18 Add support for i18n on Project Activity Page
c186de4 2017-07-17 Merge branch '9-3-stable-patch-7' into '9-3-stable'
cc38405 2017-07-11 Fix welcome page action items alignment
fc47487 2017-07-11 Merge branch '9-3-stable-patch-6' into '9-3-stable'
9e3ef08 2017-06-30 Remove placeholder note when award emoji slash command i...
39bc8e1 2017-06-21 Merge branch '9-3-stable-rc6' into '9-3-stable'
012c126 2017-06-20 Merge branch '9-3-stable-rc5' into '9-3-stable'
9874983 2017-06-20 Merge branch '9-3-stable-rc5-autocomplete' into '9-3-sta...
df23ff9 2017-06-10 Merge branch '9-3-stable-rc2' into '9-3-stable'
d54faf2 2017-06-06 Fix missing tooltip and ARIA labels for accessibility
7abe27b 2017-06-05 Improve user experience around slash commands in instant...
069783b 2017-05-29 Add performance deltas between app deployments on Merge ...
b050b68 2017-05-24 Fix user and issues autocomplete in diff notes
8e41811 2017-05-24 Reorder Issue action buttons as per UX recommendation
078638a 2017-05-23 Merge branch 'fix-retried-for-postgres' into 'master'
4c8d478 2017-05-23 Merge branch 'fix-retried-for-postgres' into 'master'
d0a25eb 2017-05-22 Show password field mask while editing service settings
a4014a4 2017-05-19 Refine MR widget styling for buttons and info text
4b9c952 2017-05-18 Fix ability to edit diff notes multiple times
55294ce 2017-05-15 Improve slash command stripping, escape temporary note c...
1320731 2017-05-12 Fix accessibility issues for Input fields across GitLab
5c25629 2017-05-11 Fix slash commands detection in comments
b801f41 2017-05-05 Fix Karma failures for jQuery deferreds
645593e 2017-05-05 Add instant comments support
03534bb 2017-04-25 Add sub-nav for Project Integration Services edit page
848204b 2017-04-25 Show group name on flash container when group is created...
d586b6c 2017-04-20 Add ES lint support to identify poorly written Promises
49759fb 2017-04-13 Show sub-nav under Merge Requests when issue tracker is ...
6f15e89 2017-04-07 Show Flash message above Tags list
8a5ca11 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'master' into '18471-restrict-tag-pushes-pr...
26a672d 2017-04-06 Merge branch '18471-restrict-tag-pushes-protected-tags' ...
3dc8c31 2017-04-06 Fix selector for form wrapper
ca9cded 2017-04-06 Fixes as per feedback
28a4e9d 2017-04-06 Show CI status as Favicon on Pipelines, Job and MR pages
18506d4 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'master' into '18471-restrict-tag-pushes-pr...
cd5b36d 2017-04-06 Add constructor doc, toggle helper
3c414a9 2017-04-06 Update bundle path for Protected Tags bundle
59be20f 2017-04-06 Import Protected Tags classes
92b7570 2017-04-06 Re-export classes using ES6 `export`
115d4a4 2017-04-06 Convert to pure ES6 class
678672b 2017-04-06 Bundle renamed to `index.js`
a7c71c7 2017-04-03 Update column widths
df54560 2017-04-03 Increase dropdown width within Tags list
48150f2 2017-04-03 Render Push levels dropdown
8d232b2 2017-04-03 Initialize Protected Tags Edit functionality
bbb09fe 2017-04-03 Export Protected Tags Editing classes
551dea7 2017-04-03 Protected Tags List initializer
85e1fa8 2017-04-03 ProtectedTagEdit class for edit protected tags
9a0f96f 2017-03-31 Add metrics button to Environment Overview page
e71a6c9 2017-03-29 Show BS Tooltips on disabled GitLab export button
2c26b9d 2017-03-29 Update styles to bind tooltips to button wrapper
a055622 2017-03-28 Update tests
aa637e6 2017-03-28 Update export button tooltip
625af16 2017-03-28 Add MR number to changelog
25ac232 2017-03-28 Add changelog entry
576ffef 2017-03-28 Fix project title validation, prevent clicking on disabl...
b52f45a 2017-03-27 Fix sub-nav highlighting for `Environments` and `Jobs` p...
c2fc50c 2017-03-23 Add tooltip and accessibility label for profile cover bu...
735ab93 2017-03-23 Add `aria-label` for feature status accessibility
ad369a9 2017-03-23 Fix `Ctrl+Enter` support for Quick Submit
99859b0 2017-03-21 Add protected tags to bundle config
0fd2fd6 2017-03-21 Update property names for tags
167b860 2017-03-21 Initialize Protected tags feature under Repository Setti...
c5c4370 2017-03-21 Re-export protected tag classes
97a02fc 2017-03-21 Protected Tags Classes
d20c542 2017-03-21 Render protected tags within Project Settings > Repository
421a386 2017-03-21 Apply styles to protected tag same as protected branch
3f9ab9b 2017-03-21 Protect tag partial
df29af3 2017-03-16 Fix spacing between MR number and title
6a2516f 2017-03-06 Restore keyboard shortcuts for "Activity" and "Charts"
52352be 2017-03-02 Cleaning up navigational order - Project
7cd1b51 2017-02-28 Remove unnecessary variable
dd96623 2017-02-28 Move `Group -> Members` to top-level, fix missing sub-na...
1a36b18 2017-02-27 Remove author name
3e4dee0 2017-02-27 Changelog entry for issue #24861
98a6916 2017-02-27 Hide form inputs for user without access
beb5653 2017-02-09 Set dropdown to fixed height of `250px` and make it scro...
fc425be 2017-02-09 Fix dropdown height regression
f1dd37e 2017-02-09 Update MR number
bfc1eda 2017-02-09 Add changelog entry
63440e1 2017-02-09 Set dropdown height fixed to `250px;` and make it scroll...
82a0542 2017-02-07 Simplify conditions
1278b5c 2017-02-07 ESLint: remove `expect()` from `beforeEach()`
3633e04 2017-02-07 Refactor tests for `#opensInNewTab`
a11b230 2017-02-07 Use `gl.utils.isMetaClick` to identify meta-clicks
936f463 2017-02-07 Add tests for `gl.utils.isMetaClick`
3643128 2017-02-07 Add utility `isMetaClick` to identify cross-platform met...
049ef29 2017-02-07 Update param name, add test for `e.which = 2`
ef99b5e 2017-02-07 Use plain JS within `clickTab`, make comment more concise
f9c23de 2017-02-07 Use plain JS in `goToTodoUrl`, make comment more concise
8a4da74 2017-02-07 Tests for clickTab with Mac and PC
0001889 2017-02-07 Add changelog entry for !8898
4a8d3b2 2017-02-07 Add Ctrl+Click support for tabs
e665ea0 2017-02-07 Add Ctrl+Click support
08c57ec 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `UnnecessaryInterpolation` and `Unnecessar...
cd232bf 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `MultilinePipe` rule
ff24f0e 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `RubyComments` offences
41f130e 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `RubyComments` rule
d154486 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `UnnecessaryStringOutput` offences
c5c4b4a 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `UnnecessaryStringOutput` rule
fa21471 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `UnnecessaryInterpolation` offences
eeb6867 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `UnnecessaryInterpolation` rule
c254d05 2017-01-12 Use string constant variable for `#down-build-trace`
c69931f 2017-01-12 Use better approach to access hash
a9e253b 2017-01-12 Feature changelog entry
2b63470 2017-01-12 Scroll to bottom on build completion if autoscroll was a...
f79680c 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `ImplicitDiv` offence post-rebase
a54c9b7 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `TrailingWhitespace` offense post-rebase
e0f765a 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `SpaceInsideHashAttributes` offence
fb3e365 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `SpaceInsideHashAttributes` offences
8e2a76d 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `SpaceInsideHashAttributes` rule
97f3c8f 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `TrailingWhitespace` offences
df4f896 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `TrailingWhitespace` rule
598d8ca 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `SpaceBeforeScript` offences
6f6f546 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `SpaceBeforeScript` rule
dd5ffd9 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `ImplicitDiv` offences
7157f58 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `ImplicitDiv` rule
71000b2 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `HtmlAttributes` offences
fa432f0 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `HtmlAttributes` rule
1974dee 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `FinalNewline` offences
08e083d 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `FinalNewline` rule
7b1944f 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `ClassAttributeWithStaticValue` offences
ef3744d 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `ClassAttributeWithStaticValue` rule
71dc50f 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: fix `AltText` offences
21777aa 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `AltText` rule
b5d6d10 2016-12-23 Changelog entry for MR !8295
c21df97 2016-12-23 Hide Scroll Top for failed build
120eeb5 2016-12-21 Renamed with `.svg`
11ba7a8 2016-12-21 Move comments to next line
b4aabaf 2016-12-21 Replace `$.fadeIn()` usage with `$.show()`
7dfd5aa 2016-12-21 Use cached element references
5bab7c5 2016-12-21 Set offset via constant variable
09738ad 2016-12-21 Use `get(0)` instead of direct array index access
dbd2144 2016-12-21 Remove author name
3817daa 2016-12-21 Fix scroll top button overlapping
63ca9fd 2016-12-21 Combine common rules
3f2fd48 2016-12-21 Prevent scroll bottom button and scroll indicator clashes
cc62a41 2016-12-21 Fix case where Autoscroll indicator overlays scroll bott...
dfd1569 2016-12-21 Refactor build log scroll button logic to prevent icon o...
3ed1f6d 2016-12-21 Cache common references to `.status-text` element
45220e3 2016-12-21 Use `bind` instead of currying to access outer context
2b6b28d 2016-12-21 SCSSLint: Space before brace
95d5359 2016-12-21 ESLint: use outer `this` by currying function
ad0b818 2016-12-21 Fix incorrect scroll button appearance in certain cases
6fe5bb4 2016-12-21 Add `isInViewport`
719e59c 2016-12-21 Make scroll buttons sticky always
df0aeae 2016-12-21 Move `isInViewport` to `gl.utils`, make scroll buttons s...
5fc161c 2016-12-21 Embed SVG using `custom_icon`
d144160 2016-12-21 Flip embedded SVG on hover
3202c9c 2016-12-21 Embed SVG using `custom_icon`
c02945a 2016-12-21 Cache commonly referenced DOM elements, cleaning up
a8fa87c 2016-12-21 Update class names & element types
94fd6cf 2016-12-21 Update selector for build status text
2421fc7 2016-12-21 Refactor SCSS: fix SCSSLints, simplify specificity
f06678c 2016-12-21 Fix Autoscroll status icon misalignment on page reload
46f0633 2016-12-21 Autoscroll is disabled by default
1549db6 2016-12-21 Add animation to autoscroll indicator when activated
c245a66 2016-12-21 Add autoscroll status indicator animation
ba63e4f 2016-12-21 Updated styles to use scroll icons
16ad6ed 2016-12-21 Replace scroll buttons with new icons
1f22e7d 2016-12-21 Icon for Build Scroll
8d7d6bc 2016-12-21 Fix rebase conflicts
7f6ac4f 2016-12-21 Add title for autoscroll status indicator for a11y
cf669e5 2016-12-21 ESLint: remove extra indentation
daa08cb 2016-12-21 ESLint: Clean up nested if blocks
3d134c5 2016-12-21 Improve isInViewport impl, autoscroll behavior
769a9bc 2016-12-21 Add changelog entry for MR #7895
3ea8d17 2016-12-21 ESLint: remove extra indentation
394d0fd 2016-12-21 ESLint: Clean up nested if blocks
c4dfd07 2016-12-21 Update look of scroll buttons, autoscroll indicator
54fe47b 2016-12-21 Enhance styling of scroll buttons, make build log wide
f1f45d4 2016-12-21 Improve isInViewport impl, autoscroll behavior
0717451 2016-12-21 Enable build log autoscroll when page scrolls to bottom
4edc0f1 2016-11-17 Add ID for a11y shortcut href
d3a64b1 2016-11-17 Add shortcut for SRs to `Skip to content` for a11y
b94c216 2016-11-17 Add a11y class for top-level shortcut for Screen Readers