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#52 Kushal Pandya - All time
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beb5653 2017-02-09 Set dropdown to fixed height of `250px` and make it scro...
fc425be 2017-02-09 Fix dropdown height regression
f1dd37e 2017-02-09 Update MR number
bfc1eda 2017-02-09 Add changelog entry
63440e1 2017-02-09 Set dropdown height fixed to `250px;` and make it scroll...
82a0542 2017-02-07 Simplify conditions
1278b5c 2017-02-07 ESLint: remove `expect()` from `beforeEach()`
3633e04 2017-02-07 Refactor tests for `#opensInNewTab`
a11b230 2017-02-07 Use `gl.utils.isMetaClick` to identify meta-clicks
936f463 2017-02-07 Add tests for `gl.utils.isMetaClick`
3643128 2017-02-07 Add utility `isMetaClick` to identify cross-platform met...
049ef29 2017-02-07 Update param name, add test for `e.which = 2`
ef99b5e 2017-02-07 Use plain JS within `clickTab`, make comment more concise
f9c23de 2017-02-07 Use plain JS in `goToTodoUrl`, make comment more concise
8a4da74 2017-02-07 Tests for clickTab with Mac and PC
0001889 2017-02-07 Add changelog entry for !8898
4a8d3b2 2017-02-07 Add Ctrl+Click support for tabs
e665ea0 2017-02-07 Add Ctrl+Click support
08c57ec 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `UnnecessaryInterpolation` and `Unnecessar...
cd232bf 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `MultilinePipe` rule
ff24f0e 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `RubyComments` offences
41f130e 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `RubyComments` rule
d154486 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `UnnecessaryStringOutput` offences
c5c4b4a 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `UnnecessaryStringOutput` rule
fa21471 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Fix `UnnecessaryInterpolation` offences
eeb6867 2017-01-24 HAMLLint: Enable `UnnecessaryInterpolation` rule
c254d05 2017-01-12 Use string constant variable for `#down-build-trace`
c69931f 2017-01-12 Use better approach to access hash
a9e253b 2017-01-12 Feature changelog entry
2b63470 2017-01-12 Scroll to bottom on build completion if autoscroll was a...
f79680c 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `ImplicitDiv` offence post-rebase
a54c9b7 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `TrailingWhitespace` offense post-rebase
e0f765a 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `SpaceInsideHashAttributes` offence
fb3e365 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `SpaceInsideHashAttributes` offences
8e2a76d 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `SpaceInsideHashAttributes` rule
97f3c8f 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `TrailingWhitespace` offences
df4f896 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `TrailingWhitespace` rule
598d8ca 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `SpaceBeforeScript` offences
6f6f546 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `SpaceBeforeScript` rule
dd5ffd9 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `ImplicitDiv` offences
7157f58 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `ImplicitDiv` rule
71000b2 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `HtmlAttributes` offences
fa432f0 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `HtmlAttributes` rule
1974dee 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `FinalNewline` offences
08e083d 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `FinalNewline` rule
7b1944f 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Fix `ClassAttributeWithStaticValue` offences
ef3744d 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `ClassAttributeWithStaticValue` rule
71dc50f 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: fix `AltText` offences
21777aa 2016-12-31 HAMLLint: Enable `AltText` rule
b5d6d10 2016-12-23 Changelog entry for MR !8295
c21df97 2016-12-23 Hide Scroll Top for failed build
120eeb5 2016-12-21 Renamed with `.svg`
11ba7a8 2016-12-21 Move comments to next line
b4aabaf 2016-12-21 Replace `$.fadeIn()` usage with `$.show()`
7dfd5aa 2016-12-21 Use cached element references
5bab7c5 2016-12-21 Set offset via constant variable
09738ad 2016-12-21 Use `get(0)` instead of direct array index access
dbd2144 2016-12-21 Remove author name
3817daa 2016-12-21 Fix scroll top button overlapping
63ca9fd 2016-12-21 Combine common rules
3f2fd48 2016-12-21 Prevent scroll bottom button and scroll indicator clashes
cc62a41 2016-12-21 Fix case where Autoscroll indicator overlays scroll bott...
dfd1569 2016-12-21 Refactor build log scroll button logic to prevent icon o...
3ed1f6d 2016-12-21 Cache common references to `.status-text` element
45220e3 2016-12-21 Use `bind` instead of currying to access outer context
2b6b28d 2016-12-21 SCSSLint: Space before brace
95d5359 2016-12-21 ESLint: use outer `this` by currying function
ad0b818 2016-12-21 Fix incorrect scroll button appearance in certain cases
6fe5bb4 2016-12-21 Add `isInViewport`
719e59c 2016-12-21 Make scroll buttons sticky always
df0aeae 2016-12-21 Move `isInViewport` to `gl.utils`, make scroll buttons s...
5fc161c 2016-12-21 Embed SVG using `custom_icon`
d144160 2016-12-21 Flip embedded SVG on hover
3202c9c 2016-12-21 Embed SVG using `custom_icon`
c02945a 2016-12-21 Cache commonly referenced DOM elements, cleaning up
a8fa87c 2016-12-21 Update class names & element types
94fd6cf 2016-12-21 Update selector for build status text
2421fc7 2016-12-21 Refactor SCSS: fix SCSSLints, simplify specificity
f06678c 2016-12-21 Fix Autoscroll status icon misalignment on page reload
46f0633 2016-12-21 Autoscroll is disabled by default
1549db6 2016-12-21 Add animation to autoscroll indicator when activated
c245a66 2016-12-21 Add autoscroll status indicator animation
ba63e4f 2016-12-21 Updated styles to use scroll icons
16ad6ed 2016-12-21 Replace scroll buttons with new icons
1f22e7d 2016-12-21 Icon for Build Scroll
8d7d6bc 2016-12-21 Fix rebase conflicts
7f6ac4f 2016-12-21 Add title for autoscroll status indicator for a11y
cf669e5 2016-12-21 ESLint: remove extra indentation
daa08cb 2016-12-21 ESLint: Clean up nested if blocks
3d134c5 2016-12-21 Improve isInViewport impl, autoscroll behavior
769a9bc 2016-12-21 Add changelog entry for MR #7895
3ea8d17 2016-12-21 ESLint: remove extra indentation
394d0fd 2016-12-21 ESLint: Clean up nested if blocks
c4dfd07 2016-12-21 Update look of scroll buttons, autoscroll indicator
54fe47b 2016-12-21 Enhance styling of scroll buttons, make build log wide
f1f45d4 2016-12-21 Improve isInViewport impl, autoscroll behavior
0717451 2016-12-21 Enable build log autoscroll when page scrolls to bottom
4edc0f1 2016-11-17 Add ID for a11y shortcut href
d3a64b1 2016-11-17 Add shortcut for SRs to `Skip to content` for a11y
b94c216 2016-11-17 Add a11y class for top-level shortcut for Screen Readers