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#279 Kukovskii Vladimir - All time
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1ce57a7 2018-07-22 Fix some moments in documentation
b38a348 2018-07-18 Fix Hangouts Chat service spec shared example
d64196d 2018-07-14 Fix couple of moments in HangoutsChatService and its spec
6cfb0a9 2018-07-14 Rework spec for Hangouts Chat service
5b3a9d6 2018-07-14 Fix fetch_attachment_title method of Hangouts Chat service
d63a0a0 2018-07-14 Add documentation for Hangouts Chat integration
cb77d93 2018-07-14 Add Hangouts Chat service implementation
07d9b03 2018-07-14 Add dummy Google Hangouts Chat integration