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#148 Koen Punt - All time
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Hash Date Message
6b72688 2017-01-11 Fix typo in examples
017c19b 2013-03-25 Fixed type
e33debc 2013-01-27 Updated commit diff view with some minor visual modifica...
a1566a9 2013-01-05 Converted merge_requests.js to coffeescript and updated ...
eab1e6c 2013-01-04 Fixed typo of recipes (recipres)
47bb945 2013-01-04 raphael from gitlabhq
1b96ca3 2013-01-04 updated g.raphael
90cba37 2013-01-04 Updated graph tooltips and labels
f04597d 2013-01-04 updated raphael
6b9177c 2013-01-03 replaced system() calls with FileUtils.* method
b822efb 2012-12-28 Remove wget dependency, now all curl
4ebee56 2012-12-23 Skipping colors to get more contrast between colors
b2e3169 2012-12-20 Added icon
d11f9a6 2012-12-20 only show switch if from and to are set
9916e8d 2012-12-20 Updated test to match with switched commits
6d93eaf 2012-12-20 disabled sorting of commits before compare
a09d938 2012-12-20 Flipping commit ids in commits_between, fixes #513
f6fd2e3 2012-12-10 Added link to support forum
4b2ecbc 2012-12-07 Updated branch-graph, abstracted some code in seperate f...
e1282d5 2012-12-07 BranchGraph now loads async
40576b8 2012-12-07 Fixed #1509 by converting the entities in js
61140b7 2012-12-05 overflow: auto so content won't break layout #1612
1481bae 2012-11-29 Selective responsive bootstrap
0f31392 2012-11-29 Mixins are now all with dashes instead of underscores
d7e9eda 2012-11-29 renamed blue_link var to primary_color
df0bd0c 2012-11-29 Removed bg-gradient, now directly using linear-gradient
8117507 2012-11-29 removed overqualified mixins round-borders-*
238c214 2012-11-29 Forgot to rename var
b825582 2012-11-29 replaced redundant -*-border-radius box-shadows and othe...
84de1b7 2012-11-29 Added some uniformity, all css properties and values are...
755e4a4 2012-11-29 Removed css declarations out of main.scss, so main is on...
1de0ea2 2012-11-21 added bg for transparent images
3ac1f94 2012-11-18 Optimized commit diff views, now showing file size and f...