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#206 Kim Carlbäcker - All time
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Hash Date Message
1d50b6a 2018-06-11 Migrate CycleAnalytics::CommitCount to Gitaly
cc9468e 2018-06-06 Move GC/Repack to OptOut
f0ef31a 2018-05-22 Move Repository#info_attributes to OptOut in gitaly
cb2a541 2018-05-22 Move Wiki::GetFormattedData to OptOut
2a781f7 2018-05-22 Move ImportProject to OptOut in Gitaly
536b32c 2018-05-22 Make Repo#squash_in_progress Opt-Out
8cbabe4 2018-05-04 Update repository.rb
3fe555a 2018-05-04 Add note about rebase/squash duplication in Gitaly
17b9105 2018-02-28 Re-enable the remaning Wiki Gitaly-Endpoints
28fba5e 2017-12-20 Revert "Merge branch 'repo-write-ref-client-prep' into '...
41b0c0e 2017-12-08 Migrate Git::Repository#fsck to Gitaly
d606687 2017-11-02 Fix encoding issue with Repository.ls_files
bbae3c9 2017-07-20 Bump Gitlab-Shell to 5.4.0
8b8416b 2017-07-09 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION to v5.3.0
7a07ece 2017-06-08 nil-check Repository::is_ancestor?