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#112 Kim "BKC" Carlbäcker - All time
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10cf232 2017-06-02 Changelog
cb76adf 2017-06-02 Go 1.8.3 and Upgrade-9.3 doc
1b33bfc 2017-06-02 Document go1.8.1 as dependency
fe771b5 2017-04-28 Fix Gitaly::Commit#is_ancestor
573d098 2017-04-28 Cleanup
a998710 2017-04-28 Fix RSpec
6f89bd3 2017-04-28 Use Gitaly for getting Branch/Tag counts
70982bb 2017-04-06 Hopefully this works
47907a4 2017-04-06 Cleanup
ae7ec00 2017-04-06 rubocop
0fc361c 2017-04-06 Use Gitaly for Environment#first_deployment_for
1ea0ce8 2017-03-30 Make GitLab use Gitaly for commit_is_ancestor
f35336a 2016-12-21 Fixed broken build
5d4531d 2016-12-19 Gogs Importer
74a48ec 2016-12-16 Change name of expire constant
b0b05f8 2016-12-16 Make expire-time a constant, correct function in Service
fb71307 2016-12-16 Use Token instead of ID
24f0a45 2016-12-16 Do things in the correct order
f6263e2 2016-12-16 Don't use redis.multi
94b2df0 2016-12-16 Make ensure_runner_queue_value atomic
811addf 2016-12-16 #NamingThings
a20681c 2016-12-15 Update Runners in a Service
e179544 2016-12-15 Move redis-logic into Ci::Runner
771dd68 2016-12-15 linting
692426b 2016-12-14 Use correct variables
aa224c1 2016-12-14 typo-o
0d43815 2016-12-14 This is needed as well...
a6ab8a3 2016-12-14 Add BuildQueueWorker for injecting redis-keys
afea2df 2016-12-14 First attempt