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#256 Kevin Lyda - All time
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6b9a091 2017-06-02 Add trailing newline to response.
f74b133 2017-06-02 Use the gem for the ruby prometheus client.
e4fb162 2017-06-02 Initial pass at prometheus monitoring.
f1cb099 2017-06-02 Add the prometheus gem.
644a843 2015-04-20 Add link to services api doc.
3ce9e74 2014-01-05 Also optimise gifs with gifsicle.
58408b9 2014-01-05 Another optipng run over png's.
284546b 2014-01-05 Merge branch 'master' into logo-white-compress
dcaedb4 2013-10-29 Reduce image size.
415bade 2013-03-17 Result of misspellings run.