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#94 Katarzyna Kobierska - All time
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Hash Date Message
fd8c30d 2016-10-03 Imrove grammar
bf3b8d1 2016-10-03 Fix test, add author attribute to all tests
f5e43f0 2016-10-03 Prevent rendering the link when the author has no access
e26ea86 2016-09-30 Update CHANGELOG
b26931c 2016-09-30 Update CHANGELOG
3ef515f 2016-09-30 Refactor fields in view
7dfb204 2016-09-30 Expose jobs to view
e26953b 2016-09-30 Build attributes with slice method
52ebeb5 2016-09-30 Build attributes with hash, fix gitlab yaml processor tests
cd55625 2016-09-30 Workaround for Build attributes
6fa77ab 2016-09-30 Add CHANGELOG
3efbf92 2016-09-30 Improve tests grammar
b13502e 2016-09-30 Add test for linter values visibility
375072a 2016-09-30 Add missing values to linter
02db2dc 2016-09-30 Update CHANGELOG
57229f4 2016-09-30 Change callback
13d2ec2 2016-09-30 Callback close_merge_request_without_source_project
cb34e97 2016-09-30 Add CHANGELOG
1b547cf 2016-09-30 Improve grammar
25edb07 2016-09-30 Close merge request if open without source project
6349394 2016-09-16 Render invalid template for merge requests without sourc...
66e9289 2016-09-13 Change method name to #reopenable?
34586c1 2016-09-13 Improve grammar
bef1292 2016-09-13 Fix not working test with execute
0437842 2016-09-13 Add CHANGELOG
d88f708 2016-09-13 Improve grammar
34c146a 2016-09-13 Add #can_reopen? and tests
554baec 2016-09-13 Add method
81da7f1 2016-09-13 Add test checking method closed_without_source_project
31c37c6 2016-09-13 Add #closed_without_source_project?
09cded2 2016-09-13 Checks if deleting forked project closed all open merge ...
8c77a1f 2016-09-13 Before deleting project if forked unlink fork
d8b7bb9 2016-09-13 Update omniauth-facebook to '~>4.0.0'
41d5708 2016-09-13 Remove unnecessary variables
93742a4 2016-09-13 Code refactoring
d39e314 2016-09-13 Improve build_path name and admin variable
b902a96 2016-09-13 Fix error in paths
f341d95 2016-09-13 Build path with call
80c86bc 2016-09-13 Create shared partial for project and admin builds
27c3a87 2016-09-13 Moved build tabs partial to shared
b1016a3 2016-09-13 Improve table code and add CHANGELOG
9e9829d 2016-09-13 Improve code in table partial
4fa6941 2016-09-13 Improve code
0c14eaa 2016-09-13 Liken admin and project builds views to each other
2197609 2016-09-13 Move builds content list to partial
e9dbcd8 2016-09-13 Use local variables in partial
e81ed37 2016-09-13 Change the way paths are generated
516b2a1 2016-09-13 Add partial to admin builds and project builds
ea48310 2016-09-07 Improve curl commend, remove blank lines
dac4c5b 2016-09-07 Fix invalid curl command
99d7b3e 2016-09-07 Improve documentation grammar
ced7cf7 2016-09-07 Improve documentation
25ece82 2016-09-07 Rename file and update README
ea714b6 2016-09-07 Move ci_lint to api/ci
b63d20a 2016-09-07 Add Documentation to Ci Lint API
0d81fd0 2016-09-07 Code refactor
1a7a900 2016-09-07 Improve code
2c8b830 2016-09-07 Code refactoring
bbba62f 2016-09-07 Fix errors and grammar
cfa18da 2016-09-07 Fix rubocop errors
cc06eab 2016-09-07 Change class method name
9e313c1 2016-09-07 Add class method to encapsulate exception
de2e8d4 2016-09-07 Add tests for yaml content with errors
ca1f5ed 2016-09-07 Move lint to api from ci/api
257c2ac 2016-09-07 Add params requires to lint
0e4c0e7 2016-09-07 Fix rubocop tests
895ca3a 2016-09-07 Add tests for API CI Lint
fb1c725 2016-09-07 API for CI Lint
2d8d94a 2016-08-30 Change method name
7226631 2016-08-30 Improve grammar and fix CHANGELOG
4f8a823 2016-08-30 Update CHANGELOG
8ed6e2e 2016-08-30 Fix test
6b02c82 2016-08-30 Improve grammar
2e08f11 2016-08-30 Improve code
c9c2503 2016-08-30 User can edit closed MR with deleted fork
ea69ee1 2016-07-26 Update CHANGELOG
9403827 2016-07-26 Fix tests
842de4e 2016-07-26 Tests refactoring for trigger variables
79c29a6 2016-07-26 Add test for multiple trigger variables view
4f2ef9a 2016-07-26 Multiple trigger variables show in separate line
ab419b0 2016-07-23 If version file is unavailable unknown status
10d9df2 2016-07-23 Add gitlab-workhorse version to admin dashboard
c958305 2016-07-18 Modify test for Build tabs
c220f9a 2016-07-18 Add tests to project builds for pending tab
463f1cb 2016-07-18 Remove unused .js-running-count class
a3d8f89 2016-07-18 Add test for new pending tab and update tests for runnin...
5813aec 2016-07-18 Add Pending Tab to Admin Builds
ef892bc 2016-07-14 When Issue author assign or mention himself Todos are cr...