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126dd00 2015-09-30 solved conflict
44b8844 2015-09-29 changed words
cfcb5f0 2015-09-23 fixed step to instructions
84d450b 2015-09-23 fixed step to instructions
57b0098 2015-09-20 note about EE git hooks
ca95842 2015-09-17 fixed text
ef0f4b5 2015-09-14 note about global keys
8e523f4 2015-09-14 added note
6a1d695 2015-09-09 made info more clear
4743b8b 2015-09-09 link to rake tasks
92e15cf 2015-09-01 more info about MR and mentions
c924a3a 2015-09-01 deleted additional info
4d0423c 2015-08-26 New doc about how to create an issue
bff8376 2015-08-26 added new commands
9d40457 2015-08-26 added new commands
b04914a 2015-08-18 added note about backing up recovery codes
10491b5 2015-08-17 deleted line
235acd2 2015-08-12 fixed text
1df1638 2015-08-12 fixed text
95aa13f 2015-08-11 fixed text
5ba2d53 2015-08-10 fixed text
e0642b2 2015-08-10 fixed conflict
37b4cfe 2015-08-10 fixed conflict and comment
8344c79 2015-08-10 fixed conflict and comment
082467e 2015-08-07 Info about not receiving emails
bac34a3 2015-08-07 fixed one line
b83b333 2015-08-04 added note about changing servers
c5a6c16 2015-08-03 typo
28cc6d9 2015-08-03 text fixed
88ae5a9 2015-08-03 fixed terminology
4f9d32e 2015-08-02 typo
8e53bae 2015-08-02 New doc about how to add an image in GitLab Basics
e72e721 2015-07-31 small changes
89fc871 2015-07-30 added image
2911b71 2015-07-30 added new doc about creating MR
e70901a 2015-07-30 typo
168f10f 2015-07-30 added new doc about adding users and members
6b243dd 2015-07-28 fixed text
d614335 2015-07-27 fixed details in document
f8471cd 2015-07-25 added note about unique SSH keys
50b36c0 2015-07-24 added new document about adding new files
a1ca9b5 2015-07-23 added info about repo size
9a7645c 2015-07-23 added note about labels in MR
afc8e92 2015-07-21 fixed image
42130a9 2015-07-21 added Fork Project document
70a08ac 2015-07-16 fixed conflict
53d40b8 2015-07-16 changed some text
4944df8 2015-07-15 added additional space
6096c02 2015-07-15 added note about chef
3020fa9 2015-07-13 added link to doc
3d6e67e 2015-07-13 fixed notifications title
10e8fd4 2015-07-10 fixed info in doc
903daed 2015-07-10 added link to issue closing pattern in doc
f110bb2 2015-07-10 information about why we use fig.yml
ec72aae 2015-07-09 added new doc about creating a new branch
cddbbc8 2015-07-07 fixed text
943217a 2015-07-07 fixed typo
afe5069 2015-07-07 fixed image
bf0b3fc 2015-07-07 fixed document with improved instructions
04f5487 2015-07-05 fixed link to gitlab-basics
fef2e24 2015-07-02 new doc about creating groups
7381a1a 2015-07-02 fixed link
23ba7c2 2015-07-02 new document about creating a project
e0e8985 2015-06-30 small fixes
7b7dd96 2015-06-30 organized commands
9e4a466 2015-06-30 fixed note
bea0b6d 2015-06-30 added note about Devise
af93e04 2015-06-30 fixed typo
fddeb01 2015-06-30 added new links
1c9cca5 2015-06-30 renamed files with hyphen
437ecdf 2015-06-30 fixed title
5f38703 2015-06-30 split to 2 documents
e8e6bb0 2015-06-25 fixed clone words
c7f89e9 2015-06-25 fixed phrase
b793071 2015-06-25 added info about EE
047c074 2015-06-25 added new doc command line commands
8045d67 2015-06-24 added info about GitHub importing
fe44adb 2015-06-23 added final phrase in doc
2cf9bae 2015-06-23 added requested changes
d5e6367 2015-06-23 added link to GitLab Basics
707864a 2015-06-22 added images to doc
1b82bd2 2015-06-22 added new file about creating your SSH keys
0221628 2015-06-19 deleted duplicated file
d5e3dae 2015-06-17 fixed file name
bdab1c6 2015-06-17 added info about migrating to
2634d3a 2015-06-17 added images and fixed starting a shell doc
60bee28 2015-06-16 added starting a shell doc and index
41a2191 2015-06-10 added links to API calls
fd9849e 2015-06-10 fixed links
ed42be4 2015-06-08 fixed link
732828b 2015-06-08 fixed link
60ac925 2015-06-08 fixed link
b4116e7 2015-06-08 Removed link "importing to gitlab" because it's in "Docu...
0ea9c96 2015-06-08 added link to "importing to GitLab". Also organized docs...
44aaf40 2015-06-08 fixed numbers
0c538cd 2015-06-08 fixed numbers
fc9d90c 2015-06-08 fixed numbers
e150ab9 2015-06-08 Added info about milestones and wiki pages not imported ...
ce7831a 2015-06-08 fixed importing link
41469e5 2015-05-28 fixed namespaces info
80b76e0 2015-05-28 added info about namespaces
2b4eb78 2015-05-26 Explained info better
01c4683 2015-05-25 small fix
0c14044 2015-05-22 fixed link
43a11f4 2015-05-22 Added link to keyboard shortcuts
dffc313 2015-05-22 test1 image
920b547 2015-05-22 keyboard shortcuts in GitLab
fdc9ae7 2015-05-22 picture for shortcuts
9622348 2015-05-21 Added note about backups for
1132b3e 2015-05-21 Link to change your time zone in Gitlab CE
871c90c 2015-05-21 Added instructions to change time zone in GitLab CE
c406bce 2015-05-07 Deleted > and commented "or" out
94a426d 2015-05-07 Added link to root password doc correctly
72aa9dd 2015-05-01 Added link to document "Reset root password"
a8956e8 2015-04-28 Added phrase "Here's how to close multiple issues in one...
5820c00 2015-04-28 Added link to separate file about how to reset root pass...
0b93632 2015-04-28 New file to add to security documentation, "How to reset...
7594a75 2015-04-27 updated one letter
2b25297 2015-04-27 Added text "How to reset your root password to menu"
a62060b 2015-04-24 Added " How to maintain tight control over the number of...
2b62316 2015-04-14 Remove unnecessary file
9a139fb 2015-04-14 Add application section to SSH documentation
cac6f0e 2015-04-14 Add the text "Add your ssh key to an application" with l...