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#226 jubianchi - All time
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2c544d4 2015-05-02 Query issues, merge requests and milestones with their I...
3070b2c 2015-04-27 Add a rake task to automatically restart foreman when ch...
79d0b69 2015-04-27 Send 500 errors as JSON in the API
4e97f26 2015-02-03 Acces groups with their path in API
4ffdb83 2015-01-20 Add action property to merge request hook
b21a2d8 2015-01-20 Allow commit messages to close several issues at once (t...
39e54e2 2015-01-19 Handle errors on API when a project does not have a repo...
f258a59 2014-09-26 Filters issues by milestone via API
998cd3c 2014-09-15 Improve error reporting on users API
0ac4a93 2014-09-04 Filters issues by labels via API
4fdd216 2014-09-01 Filters issues by state via API
9d5c690 2014-08-20 Add spec on labels validation
7ad93ab 2014-08-20 Improve labels validation and expose error messages