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b64752c 2017-07-18 Fix merge conflicts
811108d 2017-07-18 Fixed typos
4dff5db 2017-07-18 Fix typos
9f85578 2017-07-17 Update admin docs
df410fa 2017-07-17 Fix links
971bd67 2017-07-17 Doc updates for 9.4
ef17dd1 2017-07-17 Prometheus doc updates for 9.4
6e88631 2017-07-17 Fix incorrect AWS ELB metrics.
a40fd9e 2017-07-15 WIP
566454c 2017-07-15 Prometheus docs WIP
9ec791e 2017-07-06 Use correct field for label name, fix default for unit t...
fb61442 2017-07-04 Add NGINX metrics and other minor changes
7424eb0 2017-07-03 Add ELB metrics
9f7460c 2017-06-20 Add Prometheus metrics documentation
54ab21a 2017-06-19 Update Prometheus Merge Request Metrics page
bee4487 2017-06-15 Update ruby metrics endpoint text to be clearer
e341c4d 2017-06-05 Update
3e331d6 2017-05-23 Tweak note
0a49e24 2017-05-23 Add a note for waiting for storage to provision
00a79da 2017-05-22 Add notes for supported schedulers and cloud providers
21ed05a 2017-05-19 Update prometheus documentation
2c45d07 2017-05-15 Fix typo
d9718f7 2017-04-25 Add Health Check Documentation
63ab210 2017-04-21 Update Auto Deploy documentation
51eb2a8 2017-04-19 Remove manual deployment controls from Environment metri...
506d209 2017-04-06 Update screenshot
afb5f21 2017-04-06 Clean up troubleshooting section
ae4af05 2017-03-28 Support wider range of monitored environments with Prome...
57a6edd 2017-03-21 Move text to a MD heredoc.
2413a4b 2017-03-20 Remove unnecessary paragraph
fa87ff0 2017-03-20 Minor tweak
24a3311 2017-03-20 Update docs to indicate prometheus k8s monitoring is on ...
307d706 2017-03-18 Add additional details on metric source being k8s nodes
992e068 2017-03-17 Clarify help text
0ac6907 2017-03-16 Fix config option to disable Prometheus
7726cb3 2017-03-16 Add prometheus memory requirements, include additional d...
a5134f1 2017-03-15 Minor changes to administration doc
8e80e58 2017-03-15 Add Prometheus related image.
859d19d 2017-03-15 Add additional configuration information and troubleshoo...
d59bfd9 2017-03-15 First draft of Prometheus Service Integration
4bc03f4 2017-01-31 Update
de001b1 2017-01-31 Clarify that Auto Deploy requires a public project.