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44c9369 2018-09-14 Add a bullet that the GitLab chart contains the runner
63d05c5 2018-09-10 Clean up chart index page
20081db 2018-08-21 Change large scale to production
94a812f 2018-08-21 Update `gitlab` chart docs for GA
22060d3 2018-08-16 Initial kaniko documentation
15fe5c5 2018-07-30 Clean up AWS EFS documentation
e0cf62d 2018-07-11 Fix object storage support notes
ccbaa48 2018-06-22 Simplify the decode secret step
7576be9 2018-06-22 Add a missing period
816cb68 2018-06-21 Push CPU requirement to 6
a28c8b8 2018-06-21 Add additional commands for Mac OS for retrieving the pa...
b7b88f4 2018-06-21 Fix helm update command
3bfbe1f 2018-06-21 Minor polish
893a3ee 2018-06-21 Add `gitlab` chart documentation
17302f7 2018-06-19 Clarify jupyterhub docs to indicate OAuth is enabled and...
19adcaf 2018-06-07 Update docs
748a5f4 2018-06-06 Fix typo
3a14f2b 2018-06-06 Add EKS integration tutorial
c46db13 2018-06-06 Update NGINX error rate to a percentage
ceb628e 2018-05-22 Update Prometheus URL spec for 1.10 format
e4ebee4 2018-05-21 Remove experiemental notes from Prometheus docs
b6d1e20 2018-05-17 Update CICD to use rocket icon
3241cf6 2018-05-11 Update runner links to repo based on restructuring
e03189f 2018-05-07 Update doc wording to focus on NGINX server metrics
16db6d1 2018-05-07 Fix nginx metric names
5dbe141 2018-04-23 Update links to moved CNG project
b1a1317 2018-04-18 Switch over to CNG chart short description
5c9b7db 2018-04-18 Switch over to CNG chart short description
b5bf1e0 2018-04-18 Change title for SEO reasons
597acb9 2018-04-18 Link back to root Helm chart page for deprecated GitLab ...
437bb48 2018-04-13 Add RBAC documentation for Runner
dca4c62 2018-04-06 Fix dashboard sorting
c559fdd 2018-04-06 Add Kubernetes CPU/Mem usage totals
8fd61a7 2018-04-05 Add changelog item
a763137 2018-04-05 Override the Prometheus server name
05cda7d 2018-03-20 Update cloud native charts docs
0a5c202 2018-03-19 Minor updates
64b4b7e 2018-03-02 Update docs to include information on the Geo extension
27a838c 2018-02-28 Fix doc link
3b26548 2018-02-28 Further updates to docs
79a6be0 2018-02-28 Update docs
9b9af87 2018-02-28 Final updates for metrics
15966c3 2018-02-28 Update docs
e587c6b 2018-02-28 Fix k8s metrics
5aa3089 2018-02-21 Improve link for CI environment variable, wording.
4503ad4 2018-02-20 Fix links
54830fd 2018-02-20 Additional updates
69e0bfb 2018-02-20 Doc Update
2f59851 2018-02-20 One last item of feedback
ed8dce7 2018-02-20 Feedback
39c56f4 2018-02-20 Update NGINX docs
7c9070a 2018-02-20 Minor polish
c7fd85a 2018-02-20 Fix links
a55106d 2018-02-20 Update Prometheus docs for enhanced integration
b94131b 2018-02-16 Update GCP install instructions to utilize a standard VM
d6d105f 2018-02-15 Update Prometheus vendor YML for 2.1 support
2535ab2 2018-02-12 Properly format values.yaml for deployed Ingresses
794506a 2018-02-07 Update AutoDevOps template for latest Browser Performanc...
4cae6d2 2018-02-06 Fix links
d5349aa 2018-02-06 Typos
571bc7a 2018-02-06 Clarify that gitlab-omnibus is the best way to install g...
1f91288 2018-02-05 Enable Prometheus metrics for deployed Ingresses
0cad8d6 2018-02-05 Adapt config to support Prometheus 2.1
4f9901c 2018-01-31 Minor cleanup 2.0
19ec0f0 2018-01-31 Minor cleanup
28ba27f 2018-01-31 Updates to helm chart docs
25e1345 2018-01-27 Fix values.yaml for Prometheus
15e6278 2018-01-15 Update prometheus.yml to reflect current Omnibus version
9d7e0e4 2018-01-10 Update AutoDevOps template with browser performance fix
55137e2 2018-01-04 Include integration tests in CE/EE testing documentation
2a23760 2018-01-03 Align chart docs with readme
5be9a52 2017-12-21 Set Auto Browser Performance Testing to 10.4
3deb4e6 2017-12-21 Add docs for AutoDevOps
4d93bbc 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'update-autodevops-template' of
06175be 2017-12-21 Remove SAST:Image for now.
6f01e7e 2017-12-21 Update Auto DevOps template
ab8138a 2017-12-20 Remove SAST:Image for now.
032658e 2017-12-20 Update Auto DevOps template
496f2ba 2017-12-20 Add CI YML example for CE
33fa4ef 2017-11-12 Uodate docs
712d5d8 2017-11-12 Change label to be more consistent, not a series.
41d1843 2017-11-12 Fix CPU metric
ab9acf1 2017-11-12 Fix to use variable
bc58f62 2017-11-12 Adjust metrics to ignore Job tag to support k8s 1.7+
1fea51d 2017-11-06 Updates CE metrics with updated versions from EE for sup...
e7a0c6b 2017-10-11 Update Kubernetes Helm chart docs
1e9f9d9 2017-10-02 minor cleanup
2420ff7 2017-09-30 minor cleanup
1c46d27 2017-09-30 updates
654b635 2017-09-30 Fix dead link
98bfbd4 2017-09-30 updates
5e33b1d 2017-09-26 Add note for upgrading Helm chart prior to 1.3.5 - docs
04591d2 2017-09-25 Add instructions for upgrading from CE to EE using GitLa...
026f04c 2017-09-18 Fix link, resolve inconsistent examples
37e962a 2017-09-15 update screenshot
fb677de 2017-09-15 fix minor typo
c68adcb 2017-09-12 Minor improvements
9297377 2017-09-09 update ingress doc
2149e90 2017-09-09 Fix ingress query
4428a5f 2017-09-08 Fix links
28a92bf 2017-09-08 Fix links
f3d1f9d 2017-09-08 Make links relative
6e2ce46 2017-09-08 Update k8s metrics and docs
e099e7e 2017-09-08 Update queries for colors and series
a3c6544 2017-09-08 Improve clarity of Helm Chart docs
cf49b53 2017-09-06 Fix broken link on Kubernetes Monitoring page - docs
6449e5a 2017-09-02 Fix notes
545db31 2017-09-01 Update to trigger refresh in UI
5c5848a 2017-09-01 Clean up the docs
ae458ad 2017-08-29 Add install link for Runner from config section
ea5f2da 2017-08-29 fix link
88c42fa 2017-08-29 More updates
7026c02 2017-08-29 Fix installation and configuration order
4af6b02 2017-08-29 Add recommendation for external IP
a4b18dc 2017-08-29 Add recommendation for external IP
6036ecf 2017-08-29 Feedback updates
3546da7 2017-08-29 Review fixes
d95b14c 2017-08-29 Updates
83c5adc 2017-08-28 Updated index page
fe5b301 2017-08-28 WIP update to index page
d97a6cb 2017-08-25 Common Docker Documentation Location in `gitlab-ce`
be925c0 2017-08-25 Minor tweaks
884dbf0 2017-08-25 Update k8s docs
b402316 2017-08-22 Apply feedback
ab7b54e 2017-08-22 Fix spacing with code block
16e0d6e 2017-08-22 Add link to cloud native charts, add helm init info
1608131 2017-08-15 Add auto-monitoring docs to auto-deploy page
69c9c83 2017-08-14 Improve Prometheus docs, include nginx ingress
6160bc7 2017-08-10 Document new all-in-one Helm chart - docs
3ec93e7 2017-08-04 Openshift Getting Started
fa27326 2017-07-27 Rename the metric groups
df57c08 2017-07-27 Update
0834676 2017-07-21 Update nginx docs
60b8bb6 2017-07-20 Fix for HA Proxy
3193fd4 2017-07-20 Add HA Proxy metrics, fix NGINX
b64752c 2017-07-18 Fix merge conflicts
811108d 2017-07-18 Fixed typos
4dff5db 2017-07-18 Fix typos
9f85578 2017-07-17 Update admin docs
df410fa 2017-07-17 Fix links
971bd67 2017-07-17 Doc updates for 9.4
ef17dd1 2017-07-17 Prometheus doc updates for 9.4
6e88631 2017-07-17 Fix incorrect AWS ELB metrics.
a40fd9e 2017-07-15 WIP
566454c 2017-07-15 Prometheus docs WIP
9ec791e 2017-07-06 Use correct field for label name, fix default for unit t...
fb61442 2017-07-04 Add NGINX metrics and other minor changes
7424eb0 2017-07-03 Add ELB metrics
9f7460c 2017-06-20 Add Prometheus metrics documentation
54ab21a 2017-06-19 Update Prometheus Merge Request Metrics page
bee4487 2017-06-15 Update ruby metrics endpoint text to be clearer
e341c4d 2017-06-05 Update
3e331d6 2017-05-23 Tweak note
0a49e24 2017-05-23 Add a note for waiting for storage to provision
00a79da 2017-05-22 Add notes for supported schedulers and cloud providers
21ed05a 2017-05-19 Update prometheus documentation
2c45d07 2017-05-15 Fix typo
d9718f7 2017-04-25 Add Health Check Documentation
63ab210 2017-04-21 Update Auto Deploy documentation
51eb2a8 2017-04-19 Remove manual deployment controls from Environment metri...
506d209 2017-04-06 Update screenshot
afb5f21 2017-04-06 Clean up troubleshooting section
ae4af05 2017-03-28 Support wider range of monitored environments with Prome...
57a6edd 2017-03-21 Move text to a MD heredoc.
2413a4b 2017-03-20 Remove unnecessary paragraph
fa87ff0 2017-03-20 Minor tweak
24a3311 2017-03-20 Update docs to indicate prometheus k8s monitoring is on ...
307d706 2017-03-18 Add additional details on metric source being k8s nodes
992e068 2017-03-17 Clarify help text
0ac6907 2017-03-16 Fix config option to disable Prometheus
7726cb3 2017-03-16 Add prometheus memory requirements, include additional d...
a5134f1 2017-03-15 Minor changes to administration doc
8e80e58 2017-03-15 Add Prometheus related image.
859d19d 2017-03-15 Add additional configuration information and troubleshoo...
d59bfd9 2017-03-15 First draft of Prometheus Service Integration
4bc03f4 2017-01-31 Update
de001b1 2017-01-31 Clarify that Auto Deploy requires a public project.