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#110 Josh Frye - All time
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7dbc3d9 2016-06-30 Catch permission denied errors and ignore the disk
98238a2 2016-06-29 Loop all disks when displaying system info
d171ff1 2016-06-29 Merge branch 'system-info' into 'master'
d3d11e2 2016-06-29 Add specs
0aa0ace 2016-06-29 Change load average to cpu/cores on system info.
13ba3bd 2016-06-29 Use number_to_human_size for system info and remove depe...
242aa5b 2016-06-29 Round figures for system info
a8cf89a 2016-06-29 Ensure Monitoring tab is highlighted
391a9f6 2016-06-29 Fix styling
82edef9 2016-06-29 Show basic system info on admin panel. Closes #18886
2605a0a 2016-06-02 Refactor. Add tests.
4d9622e 2016-06-02 Invalidate cache on build change
2d05de7 2016-06-02 Cache project build count. Closes #18032
0f3df62 2016-06-02 Update specs. Add CHANGELOG entry
8835b78 2016-06-02 Flush cache in callback. Add tests
bfccea3 2016-06-02 Cache assigned open issue count. Closes #18035
bffe0d6 2016-06-02 Cache assigned merge request count. Closes #18036
85495c8 2016-05-26 Merge branch 'remove-main-language' into 'master'
d5e93de 2016-05-26 Update changelog
6d2a0a6 2016-05-25 Remove main_language and tests
dc3c9f5 2016-03-14 Remove last to_reference
af29ed3 2016-03-11 Escape!
52c934a 2016-03-11 Title attributes for activity feed
36ddca1 2016-03-11 Filter import_url params because they may contain auth i...
c554d0c 2016-03-10 Rubocop
c8d06b7 2016-03-10 Set link title for todos. Closes #14042
449954e 2016-03-10 Allow filtered dashboard/explore results to be paged. Fi...
cc9f93f 2016-02-29 Add routes and actions for dynamic tab loading
cf8a74b 2016-02-10 Cleanup to use one selector
929b53c 2016-02-09 More specific selectors
120dca0 2016-02-09 MR feedback
8b4e972 2016-02-09 Extract events rendering to own action.
30e022a 2016-02-09 Starred, All, and Trending on explore are paged also gro...
0dc64a8 2016-02-09 JS Fixes
dd1a683 2016-02-09 Fix explore filter. Fixes #13182
1a9630a 2016-02-05 Fix double paging
f1102b3 2016-02-05 Frontend changes from MR feedback
3f1bd84 2016-02-04 Implement changes from MR feedback
74a4ff6 2016-02-04 Remove js line
2ad0941 2016-02-04 Various filter fixes
2c871ca 2016-02-04 Delay filter until user stops typing
7522ac0 2016-02-04 Paginate + ajax filter dashboard projects
87b61db 2016-02-04 Page project list on dashboard
5317671 2016-02-03 Remove newrelic gem. Closes #12860
a6d6cfa 2016-01-29 Change ttl to 1 minute
d8a292d 2016-01-29 Cache BroadcastMessage.current for 5 minutes. Fixes #12770
f255313 2016-01-29 Update CHANGELOG
91b9cbf 2016-01-29 First pass at deleting projects in the background.
f3d4f2e 2016-01-28 Fix Rubocop error
c95bc65 2016-01-28 Update tests
f921889 2016-01-28 [WIP] Background process note logic for #3948
ae6080c 2016-01-19 Add specs. Adjust filter.
11797df 2016-01-19 Change 'public' flag to more robust 'visibility' query.
6951396 2016-01-19 Update all docs for public param
1066909 2016-01-19 Add public params to GET /projects api. Closes #3788
2d3655c 2016-01-16 sanitize user supplied input.
c70ed7f 2016-01-16 Autofill abuse message text with user url. Closes #2838
0c59800 2016-01-12 Revert group milestone copy
75180ea 2016-01-11 Change milestone close notice copy. Closes #6051
edd2ce3 2016-01-03 Change text back. Add additional tests.
796c11e 2016-01-03 Remove feature tag from testing locally
95e6327 2016-01-03 Fix tests
8bfc464 2016-01-03 Show 'New Merge Request' buttons on canonical repo.
89c9429 2014-04-04 Fix project limit reached grammer.