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3d8287a 2018-08-10 Add documentation on how to test on older firefox versions
63c25a4 2018-07-25 Add bar chart component
df04160 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'master' of ...
0124887 2018-07-04 Added shortcuts help, i18n
786edcb 2018-07-04 populate environments dropdown, add tests
8ec30e7 2018-07-03 Add environments endpoint, also added store and service ...
bafa86d 2018-07-03 Add dropdown, without data
50a11a3 2018-06-27 Fix metrics shortcut
1002f1c 2018-06-27 Stylize empty state for when no environments are available
f97c679 2018-06-25 update gitlab-svg version
59b91de 2018-06-19 Fix cancel automatic merge button height
dd95bf4 2018-06-18 Remove top margin from checkboxes in integrations page
37bd3d4 2018-06-15 Fix missing underline on focus states for anchor tags
f605d32 2018-06-15 Remove additional border from the create project page
2a24d12 2018-06-15 Fix dropdown from project welcome page moving out of the...
fd896dd 2018-06-14 Fix missing dots from the CI job log output
db18593 2018-06-13 Remove the btn-xs class from the stylesheets
8323eb5 2018-06-13 Remove card class from the git-empty containers
f69101f 2018-06-13 Remove vertical-alignment from project template buttons
91f31ae 2018-06-13 Fix use template buttons for creating a new project
14159dc 2018-06-11 Fix collapse sidebar button color
2580e19 2018-06-11 fix padding in commit info
e91e6e8 2018-06-11 fix styling of the gitlab import page
e67d9d4 2018-06-08 Fix contribution section aligment
8374d5a 2018-06-06 Fix group member information not collapsing in a single ...
15fe6a6 2018-06-06 Fix history icon misaligned
7a7d39e 2018-06-06 Remove outline from switch/toggle buttons
f104f9e 2018-06-06 Fix alert-danger class colors for text and background
1183315 2018-06-05 fix attach button cursor
5347155 2018-06-05 Add top margin to the related merge requests section
11a9389 2018-06-04 fix labels showing up with no title
9f9764e 2018-06-04 Fix labels page missing margins and oversized fonts
8040349 2018-06-04 Fix gitea import page
7644edd 2018-06-01 Add partial for the build outputs
43e08b1 2018-06-01 Backport scroll utilities for the job log component
cf3f760 2018-05-31 Remove form-horizontal class where applicable
9d27145 2018-05-29 Add yarn clean step, to delete production compiled assets
4d4bea5 2018-05-23 fix protected_branches_spec.rb
6a10ed3 2018-05-14 Add dot to separate system notes content
2751884 2018-05-09 Removed the d3_rails gem
729572c 2018-05-08 Fix missing anchor link on wiki page
980fb6f 2018-05-03 Adjust copy text and classes
d3327e0 2018-04-30 Merge branch 'master' into 44059-specify-variables-when-...
f48f40b 2018-04-30 Add variables table to the new pipeline form
bb650ad 2018-04-25 Remove comma from the time system notes
9451a82 2018-04-19 Refactored activity calendar