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3cf0ee6 2018-09-25 Add link component from gitlab-ui
5a37acf 2018-08-07 Merge branch '11-2-stable-prepare-rc3' into '11-2-stable'
f1d68ef 2018-08-06 Merge branch 'revert-77c75d2b' into 'master'
e8b5bbf 2018-08-06 Merge branch 'revert-77c75d2b' into 'master'
9ed2b83 2018-07-30 Merge branch '11-1-stable-patch-4' into '11-1-stable'
236e752 2018-07-17 Resolve "Metrics drop down doesn't show all environment,...
69b171f 2018-07-12 Merge branch 'fix-11-1-stable-gitaly-0.11.1' into '11-1-...
6a136be 2018-06-07 CE backport for the card class changes
993438a 2018-06-05 Support smarter system notes
c93cd37 2018-05-07 Resolve "Monitoring graphs - Popover value improvements"
ea7127d 2018-04-20 Changed anchor not to have the js prefix, add i18n
e40bc1b 2018-04-20 Create autodevops settings sections
a6ddeb5 2018-04-16 Add a comma to the time system notes estimates
9c65c3c 2018-04-13 Fix the metrics link being not rendering the html
e3eeb3c 2018-04-12 Added d3 documentation for the new fe guide
d303b5b 2018-04-06 Added specs for rendered output, changed the background ...
89c8bd4 2018-04-06 Added specs
af87163 2018-04-06 Componetize the legend component
6ed3580 2018-04-06 Update labels for latency, cpu and memory metrics
146954d 2018-04-06 UX Adjustments for the prometheus dashboard
f4ff62f 2018-04-06 formatting fixes
657fea8 2018-04-06 Add summary statistics prometheus dashboard
2a9a152 2018-03-28 Fix middle alignment for the title
217d074 2018-03-28 Add CHANGELOG
1f02673 2018-03-28 Fix promoting labels and milestones copy text
3cda5c6 2018-03-23 Add i18n support for the mrWidget prometheus memory widget
9eb3041 2018-03-20 Added monitoring docs
52c79bc 2018-03-14 Add realtime pipeline status component for files
f2247c6 2018-03-12 Use graph width to determine tick number
0e2a354 2018-03-08 fix timescale prometheus charts overlapping
8780abf 2018-03-07 backport of custom metrics for the common metrics sectio...
a16547e 2018-03-06 used respond_to formats for persisting flash messages in...
117ccb8 2018-03-06 Fix milestone delete button showing for all users
f42397d 2018-03-01 Add persistent flash messages
84e01b3 2018-03-01 Changed selector names, address code concerns
d5c0018 2018-03-01 Added vue based promotion modals for labels and milestones
954bfb5 2018-02-12 Addressed mr observations
c833a09 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'master' into jivl-update-katex
624394b 2018-02-12 Fix warning messages for promoting labels and milestones
265da7d 2018-02-12 Fixed missing js selector for the realtime pipelines com...
46ae036 2018-02-05 Merge branch 'master' into jivl-update-katex
f072af2 2018-02-01 Add confirmation input component
1123d9d 2018-02-01 Added more tests and corrected typos
449b0eb 2018-01-30 Restored some code, add hidden class
bfc2b8a 2018-01-30 Added realtime prop and corrected specs
6042454 2018-01-30 Added changelog
405d8b4 2018-01-30 Added pipeline status to the files view
407d563 2018-01-11 Fix up Web IDE user preference copy and buttons
c3d4166 2018-01-10 Changed copy text for promoting the milestone and labels
0a35f37 2018-01-04 Added multi editor setting on the profile preferences page
0d6b9e3 2018-01-03 Fix import project url not updating project name
e6016d0 2017-12-21 removed unused imports
78bfced 2017-12-21 Removed the katex precompile steps from the application ...
2f0335e 2017-12-21 Removed the remains of katex from vendor assets and load...
ad9e3df 2017-12-21 added katex.js and load it via webpack
16de14e 2017-12-21 Updated katex library
5bbc322 2017-12-19 Replaced the remaining code-fork icons
39018a7 2017-12-19 code-fork replacements
1e8de50 2017-12-19 Replaced some fork icons instances and fixed the Icon co...
a623ddb 2017-12-19 replaced download icon for the sprite based one
8d822b1 2017-12-18 added minChunks to the common_d3 bundle
38c5bae 2017-12-18 Removed fills from stat_contributors_graph
95ddfc9 2017-12-18 cleaned up date_time_formatters
51a9797 2017-12-18 Restored the timeScaleFormat for the prometheus dashboard
4e0e2fd 2017-12-18 Refactored d3 modules to instead of having a common_d3 d...
2d4d129 2017-12-18 corrected functionality from the stat_contributors_graph
be60cca 2017-12-18 fixed specs and the non-rendering stat_graph_contributor...
49bc458 2017-12-18 optimized d3 v4 with a custom made bundle
2ba3009 2017-12-18 Modified contributors graph to use d3 v4
36ba5f8 2017-12-18 Update d3 to v4 and migrated the prometheus dashboard
3642f6f 2017-12-07 Reduce the size of the deploy flag when there's no tag a...
d377aa5 2017-12-07 Changed the deploy markers on the prometheus dashboard t...
92f8c7d 2017-12-05 Fixed clone buttons adding description when append_link ...
349e362 2017-11-27 Added ssh_button helper specs and addressed ruby code ob...
2e2f067 2017-11-27 UX adjustments and spec corrections
d19019e 2017-11-27 Change dropdown button background color
81f2bdf 2017-11-27 Removed tooltip from clone dropdown
e673730 2017-11-22 Replaced vue-resource for axios in the prometheus dashboard
b49fab4 2017-11-13 Add missing spec for computed prop strokeDashArray
7f340a8 2017-11-10 Add missing CSS class to capitalize the protectec tag he...
150c8d5 2017-11-10 Solved conflicts
4bd90ec 2017-11-07 fix karma config file
319fd65 2017-11-07 Added missing strings to prepare the tags page for inter...
21ec0b1 2017-11-06 consistency fixes
892de12 2017-11-06 Internationalized the tags page
0c49b5e 2017-11-01 Fix cancel button not working when uploading a file on t...
376b26b 2017-10-31 Added cookie_helper to the upload_file_spec
04149dc 2017-10-23 Changed trigger click calls to click()
df20c6f 2017-10-23 add accept_confirm to spec
8ee9843 2017-10-13 Add accept_confirm for admin_users_impersonation_tokens_...
3ac444b 2017-10-11 Fix trigger elements and element is not clickable at thi...
16a97d6 2017-10-11 Removed d3.js from the users and graphs bundle
59bb5bc 2017-10-10 Fix rubocop lints
e118e3c 2017-10-10 fixed shared discussion_comments example
e0a68d4 2017-10-09 Fixed click events
02838d5 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
26b66e5 2017-10-06 backport protected_branches_spec improvements from EE
10dfa99 2017-10-05 fix protected_branch spec describe block
035bf5d 2017-10-05 fix create_snipper and diff_notes specs
790bc25 2017-10-05 fix linter errors and karma specs
9138425 2017-10-04 address-code-styling
7449c45 2017-10-04 fix add_issues_modal_spec
10c70b1 2017-10-04 fix admin_settings_spec
3f4b55f 2017-10-04 Update VERSION to 9.5.8
806baa4 2017-10-04 Update for 9.5.8
c5d1017 2017-10-04 Update for 9.5.8
5abcedf 2017-10-04 fix rubocop
5124609 2017-10-03 Update VERSION to 9.5.7
30886ce 2017-10-03 Update for 9.5.7
0c7c115 2017-10-03 Update for 9.5.7
f682cc1 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
6236457 2017-10-03 fix mattermost_slash_commands
c3d0358 2017-10-03 fix export_file_spec
6c541ed 2017-10-03 fix spec/features/projects/import_export/export_file_spe...
ebddd8d 2017-10-03 fix diff_notes_spec
ac417cb 2017-10-03 fix admin_uses_repository_checks
bea4b0a 2017-10-03 fix admin_hooks_spec
a2dcf05 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'master' into 32163-protected-branch-form-s...
3130262 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'master' into 38031-monitoring-hover-info-i...
7a5c2d5 2017-10-02 Fix Element is not clickable at this point
bd2822c 2017-09-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into sh-hea...
b452b0c 2017-09-29 Used send_keys(:return) for elements that are not clicka...
06d4172 2017-09-29 modified clear_browser_session method to use the manage ...
d62889d 2017-09-29 Update VERSION to 9.5.6
5e99158 2017-09-29 Update for 9.5.6
b65705b 2017-09-29 Update for 9.5.6
5072ecc 2017-09-27 Replaced trigger click calls for click, also fixed ace_e...
c146177 2017-09-27 Fixed deployment flag having content hidden when being t...
e0fc02f 2017-09-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 32163-...
4f4060a 2017-09-26 Addressed observations
b4af546 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
7fb4773 2017-09-26 fixed users_spec
299213d 2017-09-26 Replaced trigger calls for click, fixed click_on call
bea18ef 2017-09-25 Replaced trigger calls for click
76de632 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
f68b3aa 2017-09-20 Added defaults for the protected branches dropdowns for ...
d7b48eb 2017-09-19 Replaced trigger calls for click
4c0beb6 2017-09-13 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
2d58626 2017-09-12 Changed helper methods to use the click method
715a0e4 2017-09-11 Revert "Merge branch 'sidebar-cache-updates' into 'master'"
00976ff 2017-09-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'com-ce/9-5-stable' into 9-...
4bd5c06 2017-09-07 flipped series and when keys
7f5ae2e 2017-09-07 Changed how the backend response is handled for when ins...
851ada8 2017-09-07 addressed code quality observations
a2d1093 2017-09-07 refactored the pickColors method
290217d 2017-09-07 Improved color selector and addressed observations
ce27b99 2017-09-07 Added CHANGELOG
b71eb1d 2017-09-07 Added minor details to specs
93ba3fd 2017-09-07 small fixes to code and specs
75b8f64 2017-09-07 Added specs for the additional color support
45900c3 2017-09-07 Added support for named colors, also added interpolation...
057e84d 2017-09-07 Renamed some components
fbffc27 2017-09-06 Update VERSION to 9.5.4
ac38f36 2017-09-06 Update for 9.5.4
874d006 2017-09-06 Update for 9.5.4
23ec1ec 2017-09-06 Update VERSION to 9.4.6
a0274a5 2017-09-06 Update for 9.4.6
26090db 2017-09-06 Update for 9.4.6
8e65e4b 2017-09-06 Update VERSION to 9.3.11
916e164 2017-09-06 Update for 9.3.11
bcc3048 2017-09-06 Update for 9.3.11
5ab9371 2017-09-05 Added missing at sign
ddd4295 2017-09-05 Added missing at sign
d405158 2017-09-05 Added missing at sign
789cc67 2017-09-03 Update VERSION to 9.5.3
a3af683 2017-09-03 Update for 9.5.3
c0f6e38 2017-09-03 Update for 9.5.3
b623807 2017-09-03 Merge branch 'master' of
24da419 2017-09-01 Fixed spec errors
bfc9b3b 2017-09-01 Corrected collate function
ce06927 2017-09-01 Increased opacity from 0.10 to 0.25
05a77e7 2017-08-31 Added simple support for multiple colors on the differen...
62a0f76 2017-08-30 Increased the height of the graph when dealing with 3 pl...
8a807ae 2017-08-30 Corrected y scale for multiple time series and visual im...
80d8235 2017-08-30 Added CHANGELOG
2278b5d 2017-08-30 Modified mocked data to be less than 500kb
ec7dc3c 2017-08-30 Fixed scss linter errors
f6df7d6 2017-08-30 Added and corrected specs for the additional time series
520ab72 2017-08-30 Added vertical spacing when there's multiple legends
d9a3c5f 2017-08-30 Refactored deployment mixins
fdd1d59 2017-08-30 Added legends for each of the time series
faf5363 2017-08-30 Refactored the monitoring_column component to process al...
4ea9c9b 2017-08-30 Converted the dates for each time series on the store
bd82e61 2017-08-30 Added monitoring_paths component to show multiple time s...
4fdcb63 2017-08-29 Fixed environments paths
ab97415 2017-08-28 Update VERSION to 9.5.2
fed2623 2017-08-28 Update for 9.5.2
9b03968 2017-08-28 Update for 9.5.2
55b15c2 2017-08-19 Update VERSION to 9.5.0-rc6
f34faab 2017-08-17 Update VERSION to 9.5.0-rc5
a27f780 2017-08-15 Fixed schema date
22d2ba2 2017-08-12 Update VERSION to 9.5.0-rc2
61e8343 2017-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'split-events-into-push-events' int...
9325a51 2017-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'broadcast-messages-cache' into 'ma...
e93779a 2017-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'appearances-caching-and-schema' in...
7cb6caa 2017-08-11 Update VERSION to 9.5.0-rc1
3beb0ee 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'master' of
b125d21 2017-08-01 Update VERSION to 9.4.3
faa2a12 2017-08-01 Update for 9.4.3
3379b4f 2017-08-01 Update for 9.4.3
495c7fb 2017-07-06 Cleanup minor UX issues in the performance dashboard
42d4b01 2017-07-06 Added test for the chart legend
fcbee9e 2017-07-04 Improve the overall UX for the new monitoring dashboard
2a829d0 2017-07-03 Fixed the y_label not setting correctly for each graph o...
a7335c1 2017-06-29 Refactored tests and added a breakpoint to the merge_req...
502bd6c 2017-06-27 Fixed sidebar not collapsing on merge request in mobile ...
dbec39a 2017-06-26 Fix environment_metrics spec
d06864a 2017-06-20 Deleted "fix-missing-function-dropzone-input.yml" from t...
2ddab6c 2017-06-19 Added specs for the copy/paste action
2759a64 2017-06-19 Restored missing function inside dropzone_input.js
2df01cc 2017-06-16 Changed utilites imports from ~ to relative paths
ad80238 2017-05-22 Refactored transfer_service #execute action
acd573f 2017-05-22 minor adjustments to the specs
fbde5e3 2017-05-22 Renamed some messages and refactored the project_edit cl...
42604d4 2017-05-22 Prevent project transfer if a new group is not selected
9941930 2017-05-19 Resolve mr_widget_header conflict
bba9fad 2017-05-17 Refactored the anchor tag to remove the trailing space i...
94a6c0d 2017-05-16 Removed old endpoints from the monitoring view
e402000 2017-05-16 update admin health page with the application readiness ...
06c8132 2017-05-15 Removed the target=_blank from the monitoring component
6eb9e98 2017-05-04 Improved changelog entry, also changed error message for...
64e8119 2017-05-04 Improved code styling and added a HTTParty rescue block
63a5d98 2017-05-04 Added specs
ad6ac17 2017-05-04 Added rescue block for the test method for the prometheu...
88c7724 2017-04-24 Added flex wrapping
9d6c769 2017-04-24 Added a media query when there's a more width available ...
49e9fd0 2017-04-24 Changed the way to truncate the panel to title from ruby...
967019f 2017-04-24 Added a description for non project masters or owners fo...
711da30 2017-04-20 Fix dropdown spec failure for merge when pipeline succeeds
6c05580 2017-04-14 Fixed tests
d04a017 2017-04-13 Fixed tests
b4aba9c 2017-04-13 Centered empty state for issues
b51f4ad 2017-04-11 Fixed missing help ui view capitalisation buttons
35acd1e 2017-04-11 Added CHANGELOG
22efefe 2017-04-11 Added tests and fixed a typo
7852346 2017-04-11 Fix typo on the class merge-when-pipeline_succeeds
57d6346 2017-04-06 Moved the monitoring button inside the show view for the...
745058c 2017-04-06 Added CHANGELOG
7592137 2017-04-06 Fix rspec and spinach tests
eb2d6a6 2017-04-06 Fixed rspec tests
fc8ec95 2017-04-06 Corrected capitalizacion on various sections
29cd3b0 2017-04-06 Fixed rubocop failure for the add_two_factor_columns_mig...
3069a2c 2017-04-03 Removed formatRelevantDigits from text_utils.js and adde...
d745876 2017-04-03 Code corrections with a helper and a variable
b479583 2017-04-03 Added a formatRelevantDigits text utility
dff378d 2017-04-03 Added CHANGELOG
902d260 2017-04-03 Added a number input to provide a way to format the numb...
8efd230 2017-04-03 Fixed prometheus_graph_spec.js and scss-linters
5b0890e 2017-04-03 Legend text is now bolded also the Y legend text has a t...
b076d03 2017-04-03 Hover lines are now synced up when hovering in any graph
df3c834 2017-04-03 Readded missing statement from the rebase
f2238a9 2017-04-03 Added the following ux improvements:
841b3bb 2017-03-24 update test_bundle.js ignored files
4014bc3 2017-03-22 Corrected alignment for the remember-me checkbox in the ...
ad61ba4 2017-03-22 Corrected the color from the time tracking icon in the i...
58f2db4 2017-03-21 Changed code style as to not to disable any eslint rules
20cbfb4 2017-03-20 Removed unused response in promise
f64fbf0 2017-03-20 Added unit tests for the promise
be0b3cc 2017-03-15 Changed "Edit Group" subtab to "General" and moved it
30f9960 2017-03-14 Fixed some missing permission conditions
f479465 2017-03-14 Fixed haml_lint warning for the settings_head partial
ee2ddd0 2017-03-14 Moved the gear settings dropdown in the group view to a tab
69b4ec9 2017-03-08 fixed user_access_request_spec
ceec350 2017-03-08 Fixed changelog and a haml condition project.html.haml
4739e4a 2017-03-08 Fixed some typos inside the _project.html.haml partial
6a48714 2017-03-08 Added MR number to changelog
3225fd3 2017-03-08 Removed the settings gear button inside the Project to a...
002d3a3 2017-03-06 Added test case for the avaiable project keys
55b0753 2017-03-06 Renamed the redirect_request concern to repository_setti...
b17843a 2017-03-06 Removed repository_helper.rb
bd9887e 2017-03-06 Fixed repository_controller_spec
4395892 2017-03-06 Added delegations to comply with the new rubocop rules
a29517d 2017-03-06 Added tests for the repository_controller and repository...
336b818 2017-03-06 Added access spec tests
c4f09f2 2017-03-06 Add access spec tests for the /settings/repository route
2ee8644 2017-03-06 Fixed tests, changed dispatcher routing to the 'reposito...
0b74ae8 2017-03-06 Created the gear settings entry and created a way to ini...
c51d720 2017-03-06 Added repository controller and route for the settings n...
be18e70 2017-02-24 Corrected indentation on the template string
2f68113 2017-02-23 Modified the user_callout behaviour
621bfda 2017-02-23 Removed disabled rules from the user_callout_spec.js
46eefbd 2017-02-23 Moved the dismiss-icon listener to close the callout to ...
bcab4bb 2017-02-23 Changed the javascript class from using the global scope...
19a2110 2017-02-23 Added CHANGELOG and corrected linter errors
103f5a1 2017-02-23 Created unit tests, fixtures and integration tests
4802bd5 2017-02-23 Initial version of the user-callouts
1e9280a 2017-02-06 Fixed variables_controller_spec.rb test
426680d 2017-02-06 Backport of the frontend view, including tests
b5df3bf 2017-02-06 Updated the #create action to render the show view in ca...
44bb70c 2017-02-06 Improved code styling on the variables_controller_spec
f3aaf90 2017-02-06 Added tests for the variables controller #update action
d9d417d 2017-02-06 Added a variable_controller_spec test to test for flash ...
9739f2c 2017-02-06 Modified redirection logic in the variables cont.
c500e95 2017-02-06 Added redirections to the index actions for the variable...
2824c1d 2017-02-06 Added a flash message to the creation of triggers
6004519 2017-02-06 Fixed tests, renamed files and methods
8ffe586 2017-02-06 Changed the controller/route name to 'ci/cd' and renamed...
085d5ea 2017-02-06 Added private methods to initialize variables in the ci_...
d00e00a 2017-02-06 Corrected titles on the triggers and pipelines sections
8c1e9ec 2017-02-06 Corrected tests and changed trigger controller redirects...
e4b345c 2017-02-06 Removed options from the gear button in the projects and...
0d4c0e0 2017-02-06 Fixed badges test
08ecab6 2017-02-06 changed pipelines controller name to ci_cd_pipelines
5811029 2017-02-06 Converted the views to partials that compose the menu it...
1da6267 2017-01-27 Improved code style on the issue_sidebar_spec.rb
f68ecea 2017-01-27 Fixed cancel button in the services form not redirecting...
ffc5ec7 2017-01-25 Moved the turbolinks listener from application.js to the...
98dbb8e 2017-01-21 Introduced an offset limit to prevent the dropdown from ...
a20fbca 2017-01-20 Fixed search component not instantiating back when press...
2c6471d 2017-01-20 Changed the event listener target from window to documen...
8f391fd 2017-01-19 Renamed a file to make the transition to EE easier
7b3ea49 2017-01-18 Fixed tests and a rubocop linter
0af9943 2017-01-18 Removed the index action from both the projects hook and...
373411d 2017-01-18 Corrected code style and titles
bc7c6c6 2017-01-18 Fixed more tests
1ee4f98 2017-01-18 Fixed spinach feature tests for the services and hooks c...
9f0d794 2017-01-18 Moved the webhooks and services gear options to a single...
23e6d8c 2017-01-06 Moved the "import" button next to the "Add to project" b...
5ce4883 2017-01-05 Fixed a test and change the arrow functions to named fun...
7056e92 2017-01-03 Added UX improvements
8f4f04c 2017-01-03 Fixed es6 lint errors, and reverted a change to a helper
f243f1b 2017-01-03 Added CHANGELOG
90f18d9 2017-01-03 Fixed tests
075aae2 2017-01-03 Updated the "users" to "members" matches in the view
99c263a 2017-01-03 Updated some tests descriptions to represent the correct...
cfd8f63 2017-01-03 Added tests for the MembersController and corrected some...
57b5612 2017-01-03 Removed the "Groups" option from the settings gear
ad58dec 2017-01-03 Added groups to members section, added a members finder
def6c43 2017-01-03 Fixed more rspec tests as well as spinach features
68c730b 2017-01-03 Fixed rspec tests for the project members also fixed the...
4cd139e 2017-01-03 Moved the members (project_members)option to a single co...
6c953fe 2016-12-27 Changed the label font size from 13px to 12px