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#168 Johannes Schleifenbaum - All time
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Hash Date Message
49addad 2014-04-05 Api-Doc JSON lint
f101538 2014-02-11 Split the user ssh keys by newline, not the characters "\n"
7085892 2014-02-03 remove remaining python references
0e61011 2014-01-05 Change the Label for SHA1-Seach inside the Network
d9deb24 2013-11-01 Preselect the current issue tracker with selected="selec...
cc505f5 2013-10-30 Check if a file is editied "on" a branch or a commit.
b4c85f0 2013-10-16 Print the configured GitLab user on the Admin-Sidekiq page
5b0abbc 2013-10-16 Show only processes owned by the GitLab user on the Admi...
b5d7bcb 2013-09-27 [gitlab:check] Fix detecting the status of sidekiq
cbae809 2013-08-30 add missing comma(s) in api examples
aaeaf7c 2013-08-15 Fix the link to the project branches
cd19f82 2013-07-29 Fix typos
c830bab 2013-06-09 Commit List and Tree allow also + in branch name
e898994 2013-06-09 Open the issue tag list on click
37ff9d8 2013-06-09 Routing fix Commit-List: switch to branch with # in name
c9556c6 2013-03-07 Fix link to owner of group and team in admin interface
3ae7a45 2013-02-17 Fix link to owner of group and team in admin interface
ff976bc 2012-12-31 fix grack accessing files beginning with .git
d3b3810 2012-12-15 fix dark code preview background when displaying long lines
3a48177 2012-12-08 add help raketasks to search autocomplete
f8144bd 2012-12-08 add help/raketasks to routing spec
eededdd 2012-12-07 fix notify_team on wall
b39aba7 2012-12-05 add rake task to gather system information
fddc0c2 2012-12-03 add help page for gitlab specific rake tasks
0323610 2012-12-01 commit diff - check if prev_commit is not nil