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5e2c177 2018-02-14 clarify what kind of feature flags we support
007e51f 2017-12-21 organise content by subject
f685c36 2017-10-04 Merge branch 'docs/images-update' into 'master'
313fbd5 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'docs-writing-overview-usecases' into 'master'
4bb9a36 2017-08-01 Merge branch 'docs-add-blog-articles' into 'master'
3275e94 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'docs-new-topic-user-project-index' into 'm...
fba50b4 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'docs-new-topic-user-profile' into 'master'
a552590 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'docs-new-topic-user-project-repo-index' in...
49b99d8 2017-07-26 Merge branch 'docs-new-topic-user' into 'master'
0c174a6 2017-06-26 make accepting mrs more prominent
0ac9bf2 2017-06-21 a new feature checklist and more elaborate documentation...
0cb4552 2017-05-22 removes unnecessary redundacy in usage ping doc
6ec19ff 2017-05-22 change domain to hostname in usage ping doc
f0b3ed9 2017-05-11 update the documentation to reflect upcoming changes to ...
ce95397 2017-04-27 gitter badge in the readme pointing to gitlabhq/gitlabhq
c7289d3 2017-04-26 correct documentation on opt-out-ness of usage ping
87661de 2017-04-18 Merge branch '30841-remove-link-to-topics-page' into 'ma...
5ae6d1f 2017-03-17 Add a documentation blurb to the new issue template to e...
8d8dfd8 2017-03-17 documentation blurb in issue template
77e7f51 2017-02-06 add the stewardship label to
72e9f63 2016-09-14 Merge branch 'document-checkout-mr-from-forks-locally' i...
09257ce 2016-08-02 link the engineering workflow document from process and ...
005ce32 2016-07-14 Merge branch 'cleanup-feature-proposal' into 'master'
52a6b97 2016-04-28 feature proposal issue template in contributing guide
c68f853 2015-12-28 add issue weight to contributing
ddd806c 2015-12-15 Revert "Make sure notify email always has author info."
5fb1fd2 2015-12-14 move up text regarding where to post issue
5ea5494 2015-12-14 update guides for feature proposals on the issue tracker
a418f64 2015-12-05 Merge branch 'fix_permission_doc' into 'master'
efead2c 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'fix_permission_doc' into 'master'
b0ef603 2015-12-01 up for grabs label
5f6117c 2015-12-01 update ci docs with yml reason and better quickstart
506e0be 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'lfs-client-doc' into 'master'
32771f0 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'add_lfs_doc' into 'master'
587ab57 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'lfs-client-doc' into 'master'
21a59b2 2015-11-18 Merge branch 'add_lfs_doc' into 'master'
60e4565 2015-11-18 missing .
2a28b21 2015-10-21 the logo svg should not mess with replacement imgs
dd0552c 2015-10-21 Animate the logo on hover
827367e 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'sshpage-fix' into 'master'
f03a33c 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'dont_want_the_data' into 'master'
70875a6 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'dont_want_the_data' into 'master'
555c197 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'install-doc-reply-by-email' into 'master'
0ce5fb7 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'webhooks' into 'master'
531c208 2015-09-22 update documentation on web hooks by suggestion [ci skip]
8be6c74 2015-09-22 documentation on ssl verification in web hooks
26544ea 2015-09-20 Merge branch 'gmail_actions_doc' into 'master'
1c303bc 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'global-key' into 'master'
a2ca53c 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'issues-database' into 'master'
d6697bb 2015-09-12 Merge branch 'improve-error-message' into 'master'
bbfa65a 2015-09-01 Merge branch 'add-commands' into 'master'
7bcce28 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'fix' into 'master'
3659d3b 2015-08-19 Merge branch 'security' into 'master'
d891b23 2015-08-13 Merge branch 'add-image' into 'master'
b8d48ca 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'notifications' into 'master'
72943ee 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'server-note' into 'master'
e9ba118 2015-08-04 Merge branch 'add-user' into 'master'
d2fffff 2015-07-31 Merge branch 'add-mr' into 'master'
ae36842 2015-07-30 Merge branch 'ssh-key-form' into 'master'
f21ac8f 2015-07-28 Merge branch 'timestamp-wikis' into 'master'
5efb58b 2015-07-28 Merge branch 'add-file' into 'master'
2f53592 2015-07-28 Merge branch 'doc-size' into 'master'
cd6046e 2015-07-27 Merge branch 'unique-ssh' into 'master'
215386d 2015-07-24 Merge branch 'labels-mr' into 'master'
806be10 2015-07-22 Merge branch 'fork-project' into 'master'
a98ca3e 2015-07-16 Merge branch 'chef-docker' into 'master'
b351e6f 2015-07-16 Merge branch 'create-branch' into 'master'
1da6d42 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'notifications-title' into 'master'
80afd4c 2015-07-14 create update guides for 7.13
ad12c12 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'add-ie-compat-notice' into 'master'
8b10650 2015-07-07 Merge branch 'create-group' into 'master'
1d50099 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'k-fix-link' into 'master'
6646a04 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'create-final-rc' into 'master'
8ba83cb 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'creategroup' into 'master'
d18f1ce 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'k-devise' into 'master'
36ecc6d 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'commandline' into 'master'
fdabe90 2015-06-29 update documentation styleguide
4b69c0a 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'link-to-saml' into 'master'
d3e040c 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'k-github-ee' into 'master'
0429a24 2015-06-25 prettier highlighting of active link in the sidebar
b9fc3c1 2015-06-24 stop jumping all content on collapsing and expanding the...
d3d92cd 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'create_ssh' into 'master'
e68f375 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'k-link-basicdocs' into 'master'
473fb23 2015-06-19 Merge branch 'starting_shell' into 'master'
4f582a1 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'from_own_instance' into 'master'
b65f40b 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'update-release-doc' into 'master'
cbba28b 2015-06-15 Merge branch 'blog-post-in-advance' into 'master'
eeee85f 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'rc1-release-doc-link' into 'master'
a7a4ae6 2015-06-11 Merge branch 'info_about_namespaces' into 'master'
9735580 2015-06-11 Merge branch 'fix-importing-docs' into 'master'
7872c7f 2015-06-11 fix and minify images
a042b0a 2015-06-11 Merge branch 'master' of
bd503e5 2015-06-11 Merge branch 'fix-importing-docs' into 'master'
9a4886f 2015-06-11 move and fix links importing docs
5ed6882 2015-06-10 Merge branch 'fixing-links' into 'master'
fbe1ca3 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'fixing_importing_doc' into 'master'
4d6a338 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
64627e7 2015-06-08 Merge branch 'importing-fix' into 'master'
b368d4a 2015-06-08 fix spacing in document
8a32c46 2015-06-08 importing documents renewed
bcde458 2015-06-08 update with suggestions
c5555e9 2015-06-08 set the release time
ef7c094 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'understanding-unicorn' into 'master'
83e59db 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'rs-2fa-docs' into 'master'
41ee2aa 2015-06-03 fix typo and add screenshots
8d24b93 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'ldap-email-attribute' into 'master'
b725318 2015-05-28 Version 7.11.4
29b75e1 2015-05-28 update changelog for 7.11.4
97f054f 2015-05-27 Version 7.11.3
489b413 2015-05-27 Version 7.10.5
d9f4dfe 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
109a368 2015-05-26 Merge branch '' into 'master'
c249060 2015-05-22 update CHANGELOG with release 7.11.1
33dbb30 2015-05-22 notify the core team and devs
906f958 2015-05-22 Merge branch 'timezones' into 'master'
6584346 2015-05-21 Version 7.11.1
e3e3292 2015-05-21 Version 7.11.0
3a3f4b4 2015-05-21 Merge branch 'master' of
90b1019 2015-05-21 Merge branch 'master' of
307a6ba 2015-05-18 Merge branch 'test-db-dump' into 'master'
a7a5de7 2015-05-15 Version 7.11.0.rc2
f980dc4 2015-05-15 Version 7.11.0.rc1
940c4c1 2015-05-15 Merge branch '7-11-guides' into 'master'
6a6047f 2015-05-11 create migration style guide. Fixes #2305
65b9ca9 2015-05-11 defreeze code
337225a 2015-05-11 Version 7.10.4
1c911b4 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'How_to_Reset_your_root_password' into 'mas...
c74a0be 2015-05-08 make it more obvious what happens in the code
83c5aa6 2015-05-08 remove redundant colon
72b0cfe 2015-05-08 Version 7.10.3
0384d29 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'sidekiq-memory-killer-shutdown-signal' int...
4164f61 2015-05-07 new issue after release
0ccc4f1 2015-05-07 Merge branch 'add_yanking_pkg_example' into 'master'
415648e 2015-05-07 revert to 7.10.1
895bc33 2015-05-07 Update upgrader doc to point to 7.10.2
f34f5f3 2015-05-07 Merge branch 'revert-bad-mr' into 'master'
5b534a2 2015-05-07 revert bad link in documentation
007d4af 2015-05-07 Merge branch 'Added_link_reset_root_password' into 'master'
ecd8dc8 2015-05-06 Version 7.10.2
2587334 2015-05-04 Merge branch 'Add_doc_block_new_users_by_default' into '...
2530141 2015-05-04 update doc by removing unnecessary parts
d5c71c8 2015-04-29 Version 7.10.1
b42ee44 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'upgrader-for-7.10' into 'master'
a651951 2015-04-22 Version 7.10.0
b5ee60c 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'update_slack_doc' into 'master'
6fee859 2015-04-22 add 7.9-7.10 upgrade doc
3e913e4 2015-04-21 Version 7.10.0.rc8
b97b156 2015-04-21 Version 7.10.0.rc6
a8e93b7 2015-04-21 Version 7.10.0.rc5
81112b5 2015-04-20 Version 7.10.0.rc4
4df7c79 2015-04-20 Version 7.10.0.rc3
743f3ed 2015-04-16 Version 7.10.0.rc2
2a34860 2015-04-16 Version 7.10.0.rc1
a776099 2015-04-16 Merge branch 'update-install-guides-710' into 'master'
42237e3 2015-04-16 update guides for 7.10
536d437 2015-03-11 add AMI update step
1aa08c2 2015-02-27 Merge branch 'update_release_documentation' into 'master'
6fa752a 2015-02-16 Merge branch 'manual_to_source_wording' into 'master'
68fbf14 2015-02-03 improve english documentation
6496dc3 2015-02-03 Merge branch 'doc/import' into 'master'
561a715 2015-02-02 add clear documentation on searching between groups
5914c7e 2015-01-28 Merge branch 'ldap_defaults' into 'master'
ac050b6 2015-01-21 Merge branch 'fix_sentence_in_notification_page' into 'm...
54f9432 2015-01-20 fix border radius top left for descriptions
e6ca3a5 2015-01-17 Merge branch 'update_import_doc' into 'master'
c470072 2015-01-06 Merge branch 'master' of
446390e 2015-01-06 Merge branch 'master' of
a2dd02e 2015-01-06 Merge branch 'doc/redis-session-cleanup' into 'master'
eb02ef4 2014-12-23 Merge branch 'double-check-blog-post-mention' into 'master'
0286222 2014-12-23 Version 7.6.1
3eb239d 2014-12-23 Merge branch 'release-announcement' into 'master'
cc2f14e 2014-12-22 Merge branch 'mention-the-team' into 'master'
1524e21 2014-12-18 Merge branch 'update-doc-7-6' into 'master'
0e32b3c 2014-12-08 Merge branch 'unicorn-workers' into 'master'
f811b69 2014-12-08 memory constrained unicorn workers
b7d4184 2014-12-08 advise about unicorn workers
2e0bbe6 2014-11-20 you have to update gitlab shell for gitlab 7.5
a72a919 2014-11-20 add correct path to rebuild-keys doc
c4fc734 2014-11-20 add rebuilding of authorized_keys to docs
6704792 2014-10-23 link third applications to website
deffd2e 2014-10-09 set the development ruby version automatically
3386a82 2014-10-07 add references to gitlab flow article
60a33d6 2014-10-01 add gitlab_flow graphic to doc
17ad28f 2014-09-29 resize large picture in git flow article
09352d1 2014-09-29 add new images to gitflow article and space them
5121fce 2014-09-29 update ci mr image with smaller screenshots
8b17bda 2014-09-29 capitalize omnibus in docs
05b3202 2014-09-28 use omnibus package to refer to omnibus gitlab at all ti...
be29663 2014-09-28 redesign issue box to look more soft
841fc4d 2014-09-28 add screenshots to gitlab-flow article
0f35c61 2014-09-28 add graphs to git-flow article
4ed5a50 2014-09-25 set the proposed backup time to 4am
cc96496 2014-09-18 Merge branch 'security-in-dvcs' into 'master'
553680d 2014-09-17 Merge branch 'doc/welcome_message' into 'master'
68fd66c 2014-08-28 block visibility level restriction override in controller
01f82f1 2014-08-22 update upgrader documentation to mention dependencies
230c52f 2014-08-22 update upgrader documentation to mention dependencies
2353554 2014-08-20 add required permission to label doc
4b9a838 2014-08-20 label documentation
086ec40 2014-06-25 remove ruby upgrade guide
313e496 2014-06-25 update ruby in update guide
204fee4 2014-06-14 move all sidebars to one side for improved UX; add butto...
9c84304 2014-06-14 add responsive sidebar to issues, milestones and MRs
d718209 2014-06-14 responsive sidebar on dashboard
8b6dd9d 2014-06-14 responsive sidebar
fd476cf 2014-05-29 render items from doc
e61e3ea 2014-05-29 render readme in help
d2e9294 2014-05-22 add newsletter to release doc
ea10970 2014-05-19 everything in header
7ae0403 2014-05-12 6-8-2 release
6dc09db 2014-05-05 monthly doc tweet template, small changes
23665d2 2014-05-05 add loop to deploy key to multiple projects
dc1eff9 2014-05-05 remove redundancy, remove really good joke, add step to ...
ba37f84 2014-05-05 Merge branch 'master' into monthly-revision
db7f073 2014-05-05 add ee, ci and patch release
2242c07 2014-05-01 improve headers, add details
f7da04d 2014-04-27 Merge pull request #6884 from xystudioo/master
edc3204 2014-04-24 start to make the monthly release doc a step by step guide
a0c3643 2014-04-22 Merge branch '6-8-stable' of
241132b 2014-04-22 version 6.8.0
e79c915 2014-04-22 remove redudant text in release doc
223070b 2014-04-22 add steps to monthly releases
3d3e391 2014-04-22 Merge pull request #6806 from robertd/fix-typo-in-docs
3e50d61 2014-04-22 Merge pull request #6808 from robertd/upgrade-docs-6.7-6.8
f0a4f62 2014-04-18 start writing deploy key to multiple projects
f811238 2014-04-17 add dependency check to montly release doc and tweet ins...
f931195 2014-04-17 bump versions in update guide
c2ad306 2014-04-17 add 67-68 update guide
e6b668a 2014-04-17 update VERSION to 6.8.0.rc1
00b576e 2014-04-17 update version in installation doc
be6cee2 2014-04-07 add namespace fix to changelog
52cf11b 2014-04-07 add a space
6d19696 2014-04-07 Fix faulty namespaces
3acad53 2014-04-02 workflow index; newlines; small description
c66c84a 2014-04-02 add project features to doc/workflow
3b3186d 2014-03-27 fix image not displaying in GitLab due to faulty markdown
622bbf9 2014-03-19 line break
0e31cb4 2014-03-19 require public email with oauth provider message