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77c01b2 2017-08-22 add a description to the changelog
00b4404 2017-08-21 skip the branch fetch if we already have the sha
c13f712 2017-08-21 implement Repository#==
bf7f235 2017-08-21 add a changelog
57fb2d4 2017-08-21 rm a comment that is a lie
3676275 2017-08-21 don't rely on order of notification levels
7059af2 2017-08-21 actually use the :participating notification type
4c68ff0 2017-08-21 add a spec for a participant with a :custom setting
f656d4e 2017-08-16 expose Referable#non_referable_inspect
5c65c60 2017-08-11 add a changelog entry
d1c1a1e 2017-08-11 switch to multi-line before block
02b5d35 2017-08-11 restructure the #new_key notification spec
8f6205d 2017-08-11 don't send devise notifications to the ghost user
cc4f77c 2017-08-11 reset_delivered_emails before testing #new_key
3873734 2017-08-11 skip the :read_project check for new_project_member
4a3b18c 2017-08-11 move the member spec to be with the other ones
b0600b0 2017-08-11 add a spec for new_group_member
b580982 2017-08-11 add a spec for never emailing the ghost user
7416fbb 2017-08-11 rubocop fix
90dd3fb 2017-08-11 a membership with no user is always notifiable
0268fc2 2017-08-11 check notifiability for more emails
d5054ab 2017-08-11 add Member#notifiable?(type, opts)
7e7f602 2017-08-11 make NotificationRecipient a little more customizable
15bb6e1 2017-08-07 more eagerly bail when the state is prevented
8a16755 2017-08-07 reduce iterations by keeping a count of remaining enablers
120fd3b 2017-08-03 another rubocop style fix
17147f2 2017-08-03 rubocop style fix
e4789cd 2017-08-03 add a comment warning that note.project may be nil
273cd9c 2017-08-03 remove build_relabeled_recipients
eaa503d 2017-08-03 move the read_ability logic into NotificationRecipient
56a40a2 2017-08-03 rm unused methods
1ccdd99 2017-08-03 disable the delegate cop
4dfda5f 2017-08-03 declarative_policy rubocop fix
0487009 2017-08-03 deparameterize `project`
246951b 2017-08-03 unmemoize read_ability
934305f 2017-08-03 rm unused NewNote#subject
9d53418 2017-08-03 clearer argument name
e5496e1 2017-08-03 use the accessor for `type`
4af2c64 2017-08-03 fix comment
444c858 2017-08-03 use safe navigation on notification_setting
c2dd423 2017-08-03 short-circuit if there is no policy, and add :read_proje...
488e8e7 2017-08-03 force queries to include notification settings
3c56e41 2017-08-03 use a simple pluck, since equivalent filtering happens l...
18288fe 2017-08-03 style fixes
e7d136e 2017-08-03 don't require project
8386d69 2017-08-03 .notifiable_users: compact the passed-in users
19309b9 2017-08-03 default the project to target.project
3829d72 2017-08-03 require that the user be able to :read_build
d45b406 2017-08-03 make sure users have to be able to read_pipeline
46d0bfd 2017-08-03 use intersection and diff operators instead of each
651f50a 2017-08-03 make sure #custom_action is always defined
618a3d1 2017-08-03 move Recipient to its own NotificationRecipient file
618b5d3 2017-08-03 move the #build_* methods to static, parameterize the pr...
6aa4438 2017-08-03 rm a now-useless spec
4caa5a7 2017-08-03 factor out .notifiable_users
a4932d2 2017-08-03 don't elevate to :watch if no @custom_action is provided
b69e81c 2017-08-03 rm the @builder argument and factor out .notifiable_users
943baa1 2017-08-03 move filtering logic into Recipient class
b05e6ef 2017-08-03 add builder helpers with levels and start to separate ou...
cdc4b4d 2017-08-03 make recipients mutative during the build
734e210 2017-08-03 move build_custom_key to Default
b010a55 2017-08-03 factor out the `target` argument to helpers
947bff8 2017-08-03 move the build arguments to the initializers
b1334ed 2017-08-03 move the builders to classes with a #build
cce1bc9 2017-08-03 use notification_setting_for_user_project in reject_users
9cd4681 2017-08-03 protect against nil project/group/setting
b188e1b 2017-08-03 move notification_setting_for_user_project to a public c...
8064736 2017-08-03 move the ability check to reject_users_without_access
15643ff 2017-08-01 implement #inspect for all Referables
fcd3e5d 2017-07-17 cache the cache key...
45e9d28 2017-07-17 avoid #respond_to? in Cache.id_for
e515aa5 2017-07-17 cache DeclarativePolicy.class_for at the class level
7765dd6 2017-06-29 bugfix: use `require_dependency` to bring in Declarative...
72dc16d 2017-06-27 add some extremely rough documentation
59e7c39 2017-06-27 use subject scope in :id/users
e895b49 2017-06-27 convert the special-case Ability methods to use policies
37c4014 2017-06-27 convert all the policies to DeclarativePolicy
e5aad75 2017-06-27 implement Presenter::Base#declarative_policy_delegate
963b374 2017-06-27 update the specs to not require a set to be returned
80d6e5b 2017-06-27 add a new DeclarativePolicy framework
a274359 2017-06-27 rubocop fix: don't use single line blocks
2f0a708 2017-06-27 rm use of deprecated webmock api in teamcity_service_spec
7ef3cf6 2017-06-27 rm use of deprecated webmock api in campfire_service_spec
e57d1bb 2017-06-27 rm use of deprecated webmock api in jira model spec
9ca4a39 2017-06-27 rm use of deprecated webmock api in bamboo_service_spec
ff72de8 2017-06-27 remove use of deprecated webmock feature in jira specs
c8dfdfc 2017-06-27 ruby 2.4 compat: update to webmock 2.3.2
b869a99 2017-06-19 add a changelog for the email parsing bug
ef39fb0 2017-06-19 unwrap all links with no href
d866c77 2017-06-19 add a spec for no-href link parsing
2b97aa7 2017-06-09 ruby 2.4 support: upgrade ruby_parser to 3.9
c50cded 2017-06-08 remove the rouge copypasta and add notes to refactor
b14f313 2017-06-08 update rouge to 2.1.0
2de768e 2017-03-20 add an index to the ghost column
90e11fb 2017-03-10 allow internal attributes to have a nil value
00cf529 2017-03-09 mark internal users in the admin panel
90d924d 2017-03-09 reverse the logic and use a clearer name
66f204e 2017-03-09 get the logic right :X
ef4ba8d 2017-03-09 add .internal and .non_internal scopes
b88314f 2017-03-09 consolidate the error handling for #impersonate
8f057a5 2017-03-09 add a spec that the ghost user cannot log in
275a46c 2017-03-09 spec the new behavior of .class_for
f1d3a92 2017-03-09 spec the behavior of nil subjects
a5c0554 2017-03-09 fix a brittle stub
f7a111e 2017-03-09 use policies to protect sending email
bb0cba9 2017-03-09 don't require ghost users to be blocked
153d3e5 2017-03-09 don't require passwords for internal users
145f6fd 2017-03-09 protect git access through the policy infra
dfe41c1 2017-03-09 protect internal users from impersonation
0ea04cc 2017-03-09 use the policy stack to protect logins
d9cfed0 2017-03-09 add User#internal? and some global permissions
846e581 2017-03-09 use a magic default :global symbol instead of nil
31b6333 2017-02-28 use a more namespacey key for the exclusive lease
885fc1d 2017-02-28 generalize the idea of a "unique internal user"
7218daa 2016-12-22 fix guard style
1b8a576 2016-12-21 Be more certain in the comment
f02f238 2016-12-21 Revert "allow empty-quotes"
5603127 2016-12-21 remove comment attribution
602c319 2016-12-21 allow empty-quotes
017579f 2016-12-21 protect against EmailReplyTrimmer returning nil
03753ff 2016-12-21 remove trailing whitespace from email bodies
a3bb246 2016-12-21 switch to email_reply_trimmer from discourse
749331a 2016-11-18 bump rouge to 2.0.7
e1b8683 2016-11-17 add a CHANGELOG entry
9df189b 2016-11-17 fix indentation for rubocop
4aabf70 2016-11-17 rename `part` variable and guard against nil content_type
64e9804 2016-11-17 completely remove blockquote and table tags
b49a33f 2016-11-17 use Nokogiri::HTML.parse instead of capitalized method
1734124 2016-11-17 fix rubocop failures
f7b0692 2016-11-17 add parsing support for incoming html email
ffd5bd6 2016-09-07 add a CHANGELOG note
ee26014 2016-09-07 update rouge to 2.0.6
b105dc7 2016-08-30 newline before default return
bc0a513 2016-08-30 s/NB:/NOTE:/
78eabeb 2016-08-30 don't use a deprecated api in ability_spec
482795a 2016-08-30 implement RuleSet#size for tests
b7d3000 2016-08-30 line break after guard clause
fb29792 2016-08-30 use || in place of `or`
d7bd200 2016-08-30 use a more compact style for access policies
7176553 2016-08-30 move the rules method to the top #cosmetic
57def53 2016-08-30 factor out a RuleSet so that `delegate!` retains @cannot
b3b7fb1 2016-08-30 remove the rest of the dead code
3577922 2016-08-30 special-case blocked users
6070145 2016-08-30 test if we can :read_group the group, not the namespace
2bdcef4 2016-08-30 use a nil subject when we want to check global abilities
2b26270 2016-08-30 add Deployment, Environment, and ExternalIssue policies
06ba260 2016-08-30 take the dive - only use abilities from Policies
5b7edc7 2016-08-30 use the cached abilities in #delegate!
a340829 2016-08-30 port UserPolicy
5019185 2016-08-30 port runners, namespaces, group/project_members
29059c2 2016-08-30 add personal snippets and project members
9a0ea13 2016-08-30 factor in global permissions
2944022 2016-08-30 trim more dead code
ccfa032 2016-08-30 port groups
4016c53 2016-08-30 port personal snippets
3fdcebf 2016-08-30 trim dead code
d87c1d5 2016-08-30 port notes and project snippets
3656d3b 2016-08-30 add automatic detection of the policy class
16fe6dc 2016-08-30 port CommitStatus/Build
0928610 2016-08-30 add and use MergeRequestPolicy
4d904bf 2016-08-30 port issues to Issu{able,e}Policy
1ca9b33 2016-08-30 add support for anonymous abilities
29b1623 2016-08-30 add project_policy_spec to replace .project_abilities spec
e208765 2016-08-30 add policies, and factor out ProjectPolicy
5853c96 2016-08-30 remove Ability.abilities
c218dd9 2016-08-30 make almost everything on Ability private
8702cef 2016-08-30 don't double-cache project_abilites
99ee862 2016-08-30 remove six, and use a Set instead
0f4df86 2016-08-30 delete project_security_spec
7d119ba 2016-08-30 re-enable the cyclomatic complexity checker
5b124fc 2016-07-19 use 2.0.5, actually (2.0.4 was a bad release)
764924b 2016-07-19 upgrade rouge to 2.0.4
c4ea394 2016-07-15 use %(...) and %[...] in favor of %<...>
c763c7e 2016-07-14 use the proper variable names o_O
f7f082f 2016-07-14 bump rouge to 2.0.3
b468672 2016-07-14 style: factor out `@lexer` into a method
822304b 2016-07-14 fix Gitlab::Highlight#initializer bugs from rebase
7ceb991 2016-07-14 update to rouge 2.0.2
734ed9c 2016-07-14 expect final newlines from the banzai filter
2f0b292 2016-07-14 stub out errors from the formatter
ca32a54 2016-07-14 don't expect a random newline at the end of the thing?
4e3db22 2016-07-14 don't expect &quot; encoding anymore
e0ee9da 2016-07-14 remove uses of the nowrap: feature
d625f65 2016-07-14 eliminate the final newline in <pre> blocks
001b1ff 2016-07-14 rm spec for a deleted method
362d7fd 2016-07-14 bugfix: don't error in css_classes
e9f1919 2016-07-14 apparently this gets encoded now?
f82287e 2016-07-14 use the local lexer variable to respect plain: ...
ff7e679 2016-07-14 we no longer encode double-quotes
4365144 2016-07-14 no longer need cgi
6107933 2016-07-14 inline #rouge_formatter
e1824aa 2016-07-14 use the new token_lines interface to format lines
34a3d2a 2016-07-14 without line anchors, this is just the plain HTML formatter
3bb6581 2016-07-14 kill the :cssclass option
55dc7d0 2016-07-14 trim more dead code
504a048 2016-07-14 remove the dead linenos and linenostart options
96274c2 2016-07-14 add the wrapping back in for the banzai filter
2ae837f 2016-07-14 kill the nowrap option in HTMLGitlab itself
7214a22 2016-07-14 kill the nowrap option
e2c9770 2016-07-14 rm dead `highlighter` method
7e8a92f 2016-07-14 the call site always specifies this option
681b5af 2016-07-14 do this thing in a clearer way
95d6174 2016-07-14 remove the unused inline_theme feature
96c68c5 2016-07-14 deprecate @anchorlinenos
7d456ad 2016-07-14 update rouge, gollum-lib, and github-markup
ffd8162 2016-06-27 doc: note that .gitattributes uses default branch
f06fe77 2016-06-27 use the conf lexer so we have highlighted comments
8c15989 2016-06-27 first draft of docs
66b3714 2016-06-27 support cgi style options, such as erb?parent=json
e7b512e 2016-06-27 move the path alias to a more appropriate location
e08ff46 2016-06-27 make #custom_language private
c8b5276 2016-06-27 appease rubocop
5ff8371 2016-06-27 add an alias for Snippet#path
9fc5386 2016-06-27 appease rubocop
5415c67 2016-06-27 check the tag so that an instance will pass too
cd9bea7 2016-06-27 fix the spec, using project.change_head
8d24ca1 2016-06-27 Revert "bump the master sha for gitlab-test!9"
d76a89b 2016-06-27 bump the master sha for gitlab-test!9
f8b80f7 2016-06-27 add custom highlighting via .gitattributes