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edfb9c7 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'pivotaltracker-restrict-branch' into 'mast...
4618e53 2016-05-25 Merge branch 'plural-second-slack' into 'master'
529c582 2016-05-22 Merge branch 'remove_email_in_group_doc' into 'master'
024ddf6 2016-05-21 Merge branch 'gitignore-readme' into 'master'
f1a9838 2016-05-21 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
c5a5d54 2016-05-20 Merge branch 'update-db-schema' into 'master'
fa7a682 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'fix-generator-templates-directory' into 'm...
c50e7b1 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'fix/after-script-documentation-update' int...
dea3680 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'doc-broken-links' into 'master'
78e2d0a 2016-05-18 Move to the latest version in the CHANGELOG
afa3e1d 2016-05-18 Add changelog entry
8081764 2016-05-18 Improve issue formatting in Slack service
22db5e1 2016-05-10 Remove the annotate rake task
f1479b5 2016-05-09 Remove the annotate gem and delete old annotations
7266972 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'update-coveralls' into 'master'
1749bd3 2016-04-06 Merge branch 'feature/margin-bottom-for-empty-repos' int...
c49f9c6 2016-04-06 Merge branch 'api-retrieve-tag' into 'master'
0732500 2016-03-15 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
95d16e7 2016-02-11 Merge branch 'remove_sqlite_check' into 'master'
d38c177 2016-02-08 Add a tooltip to the stuck warning build symbol
a6fd7b7 2015-12-30 We don't use whenever anymore. Lets remove the schedule ...
a353a87 2015-11-09 Merge pull request #9756 from Soullivaneuh/patch-1
927df09 2015-11-08 Merge pull request #9813 from axilleas/fix_piwik_template
920a2d9 2015-11-07 Fixed markdown issue in
8499961 2015-11-07 Merge pull request #9812 from chrspeich/hide-tabs-lone-a...
2dec5ec 2015-11-02 Only redirect to homepage url when its not the root url
89bce7f 2015-10-28 Add copy paste text for closing down the Github issue tr...
1eb3dde 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'add-custom-text-to-help' into 'master'
8d0219f 2015-09-18 Make Visit project on GitLab button goes to The internal...
fe17a23 2015-09-18 Allow custom info to be added to Help page
34e1ce1 2015-09-15 Add a help text to the Slack Service
9076b50 2015-08-05 Update the Semaphore badge to the shield badge type
d6cd2e6 2015-06-22 Upgrade to newer version of Capybara
f3d99a1 2015-06-22 Started on the actual rspec 3 upgrade
25a870a 2015-06-09 Revert "No need to check if `repository_ref` is present"
199b933 2015-06-09 Merge pull request #9368 from zenati/patch-1
fbdaf0e 2015-06-05 Update noteable after a new note is added
c4161cd 2015-06-03 Merge pull request #9349 from lahdekorpi/patch-1
91f2d3c 2015-05-28 Merge pull request #9335 from stefan-it/documentation/ti...
3865a1d 2015-05-28 Allow special characters in users bio
5322099 2015-05-28 Merge pull request #9184 from rumpelsepp/english
8044b4d 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
aa36a19 2015-05-26 Merge pull request #9319 from jvanbaarsen/validate-wiki-...
b16aad9 2015-05-26 Validate wiki page creation
b611707 2015-05-26 Merge pull request #9320 from jvanbaarsen/wiki-extention
fa2aee5 2015-05-26 Use .md as extention for wiki pages
2b72577 2015-05-21 Merge pull request #9317 from jvanbaarsen/move-changelog...
7d658f2 2015-05-21 Moved changelog stuff to the correct release
caf4a6c 2015-05-21 Merge pull request #9278 from jvanbaarsen/pr/8755
5b44a54 2015-05-21 Updated the gitlab_git gem
25b0968 2015-05-15 Merge pull request #9277 from jvanbaarsen/pr/9061
735fbb4 2015-05-15 Merge pull request #9296 from jorgevbo/master
e1982c3 2015-05-14 Merge pull request #9295 from afc163/master
892158f 2015-05-13 Merge pull request #8872 from baloo/feature/execute_mr_w...
3a1eba6 2015-05-11 Merge pull request #8799 from jirutka/group-kerberos
3a637d7 2015-05-07 Merge pull request #9239 from Soullivaneuh/git-clone-holder
2856d5f 2015-05-06 Merge pull request #9241 from Soullivaneuh/button-type
76f7bdc 2015-05-01 Merge pull request #8669 from robotroll/patch-1
9a90eea 2015-04-30 Merge pull request #9232 from jverdeyen/hotfix/upgrade_d...
ac8f1ba 2015-04-29 Merge pull request #9220 from kylekatarnls/patch-1
285cf3f 2015-04-28 Merge pull request #8677 from jubianchi/api-500-json
f93616d 2015-04-28 Merge pull request #8680 from jubianchi/dev-rerun-foreman
fbb5a35 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #8754 from jirutka/fix-project_name_r...
bb8c1ca 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #9209 from Soullivaneuh/bootstrap-update
5b69b26 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #9208 from Soullivaneuh/container-class
3653600 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #9207 from Soullivaneuh/x-ua-compatible
618dc4c 2015-04-26 Merge pull request #9206 from dsander/hipchat-options
57188d2 2015-04-26 Its 7.11.0-pre time
5cb325b 2015-04-25 Merge pull request #9196 from tonicbupt/fix
5e9d4a0 2015-04-22 Merge pull request #9164 from dsander/fix-markdown-preview
0ef2fcd 2015-04-22 Merge pull request #9059 from chulkilee/fix-hipchat
d128bc9 2015-04-21 Merge pull request #9058 from chulkilee/upgrade-hipchat
3f73d61 2015-04-20 Merge pull request #9145 from jvanbaarsen/before-action-...
5a4ebfb 2015-04-20 Fixed the Rails/ActionFilter cop
2006b90 2015-04-20 Merge pull request #9100 from bbodenmiller/patch-3
4f349fc 2015-04-20 Merge pull request #9150 from digitalmediacenter/master
a4d9394 2015-04-16 Added changelog for 7.11
b18b9a5 2015-04-16 Merge pull request #9094 from bbodenmiller/patch-1
4cf25ee 2015-04-08 Merge pull request #8546 from h0ru5/patch-1
9925051 2015-04-03 Merge pull request #7982 from Soullivaneuh/help-images
74a8090 2015-03-18 Merge pull request #8971 from jvanbaarsen/guard-bin-stub
1446af2 2015-03-18 Added binstub for guard
c1fc29e 2015-03-03 Merge branch 'commit_calendar_branches' into 'master'
abc69c8 2015-03-03 Merge branch 'fix-merge-request-url-builder' into 'master'
dbc61cf 2015-03-03 Merge pull request #8911 from AKoetsier/changelog-8501
93bacb0 2015-03-01 Merge pull request #8890 from sue445/feature/project_api...
66a82fd 2015-02-28 Merge pull request #8858 from Razer6/update-version-sorter
cbf6b68 2015-02-19 Merge pull request #8802 from Bugagazavr/patch-1
823f8c1 2015-02-18 Escape process text
6860004 2015-02-12 Fixed deprecation in spinach stubs
026e988 2015-02-12 Even more hound fixes
5bb743e 2015-02-12 Fixed tests for spinach
940a402 2015-02-12 Fixed hound warnings
0c4a70a 2015-02-12 Updated rspec to rspec 3.x syntax
de1c450 2015-02-12 Started on the rspec upgrade
597359b 2015-02-12 Updated spring
d458e39 2015-02-12 Don't cache classes in tests
d9f84f6 2015-02-12 Merge pull request #8445 from jvanbaarsen/project-spec-s...
b92a6f7 2015-02-12 Merge pull request #8739 from jvanbaarsen/pr/7818
dc365a1 2015-02-09 Merge pull request #8620 from namnatulco/master
eb39022 2015-02-05 Merge pull request #8318 from bbodenmiller/patch-9
b60d06e 2015-02-04 Added a way to retrieve MR files
39bfe0a 2015-02-03 Also show colors in the sidebar of comment
0ef4957 2015-02-03 Improved speed of the project_spec.rb
ae5743e 2015-02-03 Made diff colors a little less In Your Face
ec29ce4 2015-01-18 Merge pull request #8307 from cirosantilli/project-api-c...
b1c79ea 2015-01-18 Merge pull request #8604 from Razer6/fix_gitlab_shell_doc
9d414c3 2015-01-18 Merge pull request #8605 from Razer6/fix_gitlab_shell_do...
2a4ee2f 2015-01-04 make sure the is escaped
334f240 2014-12-23 Merge pull request #8362 from bbodenmiller/patch-3
1310445 2014-12-20 Merge pull request #8466 from cirosantilli/raketasks-doc
df32ad6 2014-12-17 Merge pull request #8375 from bbodenmiller/process-fix
5ad463e 2014-12-15 Rephrase of the text
be206a5 2014-12-14 Merge pull request #8410 from tricknotes/add-webhook-doc...
6b1f2e4 2014-12-14 Added Code of Conduct
ba4fe47 2014-12-14 Merge pull request #8374 from bbodenmiller/7-5-update-fix
4eb3c47 2014-12-14 Fixed a lot of already defined notices
ed7b3f8 2014-12-14 Merge pull request #8429 from zertrin/fix-typo-in-docker...
0cfca15 2014-12-13 Added process for green tests
3615b4d 2014-12-13 Merge pull request #8359 from bbodenmiller/patch-1
174c00c 2014-08-31 Merge pull request #7428 from bbodenmiller/patch-2
652de6f 2014-08-25 Enable highlighting for blame
e5e3fca 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7438 from bbodenmiller/patch-5
e76b1ff 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7537 from Razer6/rake_tasks_style
1b14864 2014-08-16 Set charset encoding to UTF-8 for snippets
0b57831 2014-08-16 Updated the spring gem and fixed the guard file
54c2083 2014-08-15 Merge pull request #7509 from cirosantilli/fix-md-style-api
f05cec5 2014-08-15 Merge pull request #7508 from cirosantilli/md-style-proj...
0965b18 2014-08-15 Merge pull request #7510 from jbrooksuk/patch-1
6fffc20 2014-08-15 Merge pull request #7511 from jbrooksuk/api-docs
2653ca6 2014-08-13 Merge pull request #7494 from Razer6/add_7_1_1_changelog
8bce9d7 2014-08-13 Merge pull request #7475 from bbodenmiller/curl-redirects
95336ac 2014-08-07 Merge pull request #7442 from bbodenmiller/patch-9
f02d9eb 2014-08-07 Merge pull request #7434 from Razer6/fix_spelling_error
e4da9d7 2014-08-07 Merge pull request #7433 from bbodenmiller/patch-1
d4f5af8 2014-08-04 Merge pull request #7422 from bbodenmiller/rm-gitlab-user
ca4ab9e 2014-08-04 Merge pull request #7424 from bbodenmiller/patch-1
b9feea1 2014-08-04 Merge pull request #7421 from bbodenmiller/self-signed-c...
2600d08 2014-08-03 Merge pull request #7420 from Razer6/mention_all_markup
4809cba 2014-08-02 Merge pull request #7201 from nacengineer/patch-2
ec18f0b 2014-08-01 Merge pull request #7410 from robbytaylor/patch-1
ae646eb 2014-07-31 Merge pull request #7411 from robbytaylor/patch-3
16eea49 2014-07-25 Moved some behaviour to one place
561c308 2014-07-22 Merge pull request #7348 from creativepsyco/patch-1
2bccce2 2014-07-17 Merge branch 'doc/fix_update_doc_links' into 'master'
9054430 2014-07-17 Merge branch 'fix-typo' into 'master'
d5d6fc3 2014-07-16 Merge pull request #7257 from cirosantilli/patch-4
3c43988 2014-07-16 Removed some constant allready defined warnings
a40ec4e 2014-07-09 A Developer cannot manage milestones
e364a85 2014-06-22 Call every service, even if one fails
8880c55 2014-06-14 Fixed the spec
87760a2 2014-06-13 Added an UrlBuilder for building rails named routes
45e1941 2014-06-13 Return a little more information in Issue webhook
f07f524 2014-06-08 Fix for the broken routing specs
a705d19 2014-06-08 Fixed the project team specs
597836d 2014-06-08 Fixed some broken specs
2838a99 2014-06-07 DB cleaner reverted to a known working version
7cf1a42 2014-06-06 Disable fixtures
bd65f48 2014-06-06 Gem update for database_cleaner
0faf80a 2014-06-06 Temp fix for rspec so the specs are run again
9bca8ae 2014-06-05 Gemfile fix
2545b0f 2014-06-05 Revert "Fix for failing specs"
793955c 2014-06-04 We need to change config in step 5
e84057d 2014-06-04 Splitted the Spinach tests to prevent time-outs
3351f15 2014-05-30 Put back the travis information
2314438 2014-05-30 Fix for failing specs
65cf595 2014-05-30 Removed the Support Email setting
4ac56fa 2014-05-23 Changed some stuff around after rebase
d0e794c 2014-05-23 Make sure the branch counter gets updated
700b636 2014-05-08 Fix a minor typo in the README
891b67c 2014-04-15 Removed missing sass selectors
5554eb1 2014-04-14 Fixed some hound notices
802087c 2014-04-14 Changed default in the database for the statemachine
8362026 2014-04-13 Split feature tests out to different build job
0fd26ea 2014-04-12 Fixed a typo fix in the travis build
c898dc0 2014-04-11 Make the db and statemachine default is the same
47f3eec 2014-04-11 Put the bbatsov back in
276a35c 2014-04-11 Linked to new styleguides
490ab22 2014-04-11 Updated the travis script
5dd2f36 2014-04-11 Added API testing group
28f1a5d 2014-04-11 Determine label color based on lowercase name
25eadf0 2014-04-11 Proposal for split testing
f5b7899 2014-04-09 Typo fix in
b3ad3f2 2014-04-06 Added the dump.rdb file to gitignore
592dce1 2014-03-27 Always show merge status
6adbfda 2014-03-23 Better naming things
4b2c50d 2014-03-22 Added some extra information how a good MR looks like
b4edf4f 2014-03-13 Added entry for the new webhook
f9c4bb5 2014-03-12 Changed limits to a higher order
71b1030 2014-03-11 Added rake task to add limits back in mysql
e6ceec9 2014-03-06 Renamed oldrev/newrev to before/after
4a25184 2014-03-06 Added newrev and oldrev to the hook data
9583631 2014-03-06 Add envrc to git-ignore
60978e9 2014-03-06 Added part about the help to markdown
f096bd6 2014-03-05 Post-receive hook can also fire TagPushService
13d2bcc 2014-03-05 Created a basic Git Tag Push service
9a676cc 2014-03-05 Added tag_push_events to the web_hooks
c06f4cd 2014-02-28 JSON Lint the file
564c37d 2014-02-28 Moved all the help files to markdown files:
bb35c2d 2014-02-22 Added the contribution guide notice
4e0a2e3 2014-02-22 Bumped the gitlab_git gem version
055937c 2014-02-20 Added executable file permission to binstubs
c2ed468 2014-02-20 Also expose username for the /discover endpoint
4d093f9 2014-02-17 Added broadcast message on every layout file
99dc9c6 2014-02-16 Inserted spring in the binstubs
c35036c 2014-02-15 Rails uses bin folder we forgot to create it when upgrading
5a68db9 2014-02-15 Added spring to the project
5ed87ab 2014-02-13 Fixes #6311: cp the init.d file locally instead of remote
009858b 2014-02-13 Update
9d8c827 2014-02-13 Added gitter link
05e4af5 2014-01-16 Better check on the validity of emails
02d9fa2 2014-01-15 Added webbrowser requirements
7d33639 2014-01-15 Always ask for email with github omniauth
cc1f7ea 2014-01-14 Allow . files to be created
d5bb466 2014-01-13 Fix for #5767
ef404d8 2014-01-11 Dropped expiration date from the snippet API
2eb1220 2014-01-11 Removed expiration from snippets
34c8ca2 2014-01-11 Fix for edit user as admin
b621c98 2014-01-10 Added issue title to page title
ef7fce4 2014-01-09 Fixed modal so it can be closed with ESC
b471122 2014-01-09 Made the skype and twitter username clickable
c466f4c 2014-01-09 Fixed the I18n deprecation warning
a9d1038 2013-12-16 Fixed the no_avatar.png path
bfacf13 2013-12-10 Fixed all the confirm: deprecation warnings
2293cb1 2013-12-10 Fixed some deprecations
f57a4dd 2013-12-10 Fixed rails 4 deprecation warnings in groups
7c1b869 2013-12-10 Upgraded the grape gem
70bb976 2013-12-10 Fixed the last deprecation warnings for order and where
2a62aa4 2013-12-10 Fixed some deprecation warnings
e5affcf 2013-12-10 Fixed default scope deprecation warning
81fc513 2013-12-10 Fixed the WhiningNill deprecation fix
00d72e7 2013-12-06 Better warning when deleting a user
2c15b52 2013-12-05 Updated - Added RAILS_ENV
5014ecf 2013-10-21 Typo fix in show.html.haml
193c8ab 2013-10-21 Update
2a5e05c 2013-07-20 Fixed an old reference to puma