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#203 Jason Lee - All time
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9474e36 2016-02-09 Add option to include the sender name in body of Notify ...
e4d2768 2016-02-08 Fix CurrentSettings autoload bug in development.
710659f 2016-01-13 Add changelog
932a247 2016-01-12 Use CGI.escape instead of URI.escape, because URI is obs...
41bcab1 2016-01-12 Fix #9963 reference_filter "Encoding::CompatibilityError...
a789dca 2016-01-11 use JavaScript instead of CoffeeScript in Views, the rea...
99f3dc5 2015-12-31 Add test case for make sure SentNotification save a corr...
94d0b15 2015-12-31 Fix email reply with a note.
03a40a7 2015-12-16 Avoid allocations in Ability class.
303f79f 2015-11-18 Make sure notify email always has author info.
3ae1dee 2015-11-17 Avoid render edit_form when visitor can't edit them.
2e4a673 2015-11-12 Add caching for ApplicationSetting, Ci::ApplicationSetting.
1974087 2015-11-12 Avoid render edit_form in each notes.
18cb430 2015-11-10 Replace CoffeeScript block into JavaScript in Views.
3d613fe 2015-10-23 Fix API::APIHelpers -> API::Helpers;
eb1bd4e 2015-10-22 Fix API::APIHelpers -> API::Helpers;