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#188 Jason Hollingsworth - All time
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Hash Date Message
9818775 2014-03-07 Check if any social providers are enabled.
2f69213 2014-02-20 Allow access to groups with public projects.
29cfd33 2014-02-14 Add email aliases for users
fcc906e 2014-02-06 Better submodule links.
25d9398 2014-01-31 Fix shifting line numbers.
39a2adf 2014-01-25 Fix broken test in spec/models/project_spec.rb
71c157e 2014-01-25 Add files to path blacklist.
b89b00b 2014-01-08 Fix download archive menu for tree view.
04baf0b 2014-01-08 Update clone panel to use input group.
97c72d7 2014-01-08 Add UI for downloading various archive formats.
7cc2520 2014-01-02 Add support for various archive formats.
405492e 2013-12-24 Fixed issue with `bundle exec rake routes` not running.
e1fa9ab 2013-12-18 Change archive icon and clone panel styling.
1521f46 2013-12-17 Update default public pull url.
c099074 2013-12-04 Fix 404 on project page for unauthenticated user
568e05a 2013-11-28 Enable multiline select for blobs.
d9bb423 2013-11-27 Adding authenticated public mode (internal).
dfe19b2 2013-11-01 Fixes 500 error when user types in wrong group name.