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#73 Jarka Kadlecova - All time
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Hash Date Message
941be0d 2017-09-18 Update VERSION to 10.0.0-rc4
7bc31e1 2017-09-18 Merge branch '10-0-stable-prepare-rc4' into '10-0-stable'
e1836b8 2017-09-15 Update VERSION to 10.0.0-rc3
740d158 2017-09-15 Merge branch '10-0-stable-prepare-rc3' into '10-0-stable'
0657002 2017-09-14 Restore has_visible_content? to improve performance (cache)
fcab8b4 2017-09-11 update installation and update instructions for 10.0
a44a171 2017-09-08 Update dependencies license list for 10.0
5e977a4 2017-09-08 Update license templates for 10.0
23d8db3 2017-09-07 Update db schema to correspond with migrations
eac86b3 2017-09-06 reset namespace columns in migration
ae9b771 2017-09-05 Remove checks if is present
b0e3018 2017-09-05 Migrate issues authored by deleted user to the Ghost user
658e89a 2017-09-01 Instrument MergeRequest#fetch_ref
7ba19ab 2017-08-28 Instrument MergeRequest#ensure_ref_fetched
19da7a5 2017-08-25 Fix failure when issue author is nil
c271fdc 2017-08-17 Don't escape html entities when rich == raw line
bd90dfa 2017-08-16 Fix edit milestone path from group milestones list
04ee970 2017-08-16 Don't create event in Merge Request Create Service
b67e333 2017-08-14 fix static_analysis (rubocop)
d78037c 2017-08-11 Use UserNoteEntity instead of UserEntity for notes
345df20 2017-08-11 Fix specs - delete comment is now a button instead of si...
de6e029 2017-08-11 Fix displaying specific error message when Jenkins test ...
fc9e574 2017-08-11 Fix failing static-analysis (rubocop)
4e6138b 2017-08-11 Fix merge request json schema (add labels, milestone)
947c09c 2017-08-08 Simplify checking if objects exist code in new issaubles...
0f9bde4 2017-08-07 Store & use ConvDev percentages returned by Version app
9ef3c43 2017-08-07 Move some after_create parts to worker to improve perfor...
aa2b3ff 2017-07-27 Display specific error message when JIRA test fails
1c57299 2017-07-25 Remove project_key from the Jira configuration
5fdef68 2017-07-25 Move relative_path to the element that is being clicked
124ef7d 2017-07-24 Add Slack and JIRA services counts to Usage Data
6774a03 2017-07-24 Change docs to support paralel external and internal iss...
7bee7b8 2017-07-24 Support both internal and external issue trackers
2fa22a0 2017-07-24 Associate Issues tab only with internal issues tracker
2cc063e 2017-07-19 Add github imported projects count to usage data
a9d940b 2017-07-19 Use Ghost user when edited_by, merged_by deleted
90b489a 2017-06-26 Use uploads/system directory for personal snippets
2e311d9 2017-06-07 Support uploads for newly created personal snippets
b487a32 2017-06-02 Address review comments
84c68bb 2017-06-01 Address MR comments
6fad564 2017-06-01 fix failing specs
b71025c 2017-06-01 Add feature tests for improved JIRA settings
33d82cc 2017-06-01 simplify test&save actions when setting a service integr...
4464c22 2017-05-31 Support descriptions for snippets
ab8d54b 2017-05-30 Don’t create comment on JIRA if link already exists
6c17e4f 2017-05-26 Add API URL to JIRA settings
7b62dec 2017-05-24 add changelog for latex formatting fix [ci skip]
3ca9328 2017-05-24 Fix LaTeX formatting for AsciiDoc wiki
70b926e 2017-05-11 Fix cross referencing for private and internal projects
e4f7b87 2017-05-05 Support comments for personal snippets
43ff738 2017-05-02 Support uploaders for personal snippets comments
8c3a03c 2017-05-02 Display comments for personal snippets
87327c5 2017-04-26 Support preview_markdown action for personal_snippets
703df28 2017-04-07 expose additional values in deploy key entity
d5102cf 2017-04-06 Search for opened MRs - include reopened MRs
48d4edd 2017-04-05 Remove confusing placeholder for JIRA transition_id
d67d43d 2017-04-04 Split status and confidentiality action
653d5f4 2017-03-31 Fix link to Jira service documentation
a74a6cf 2017-03-29 Create todos only for new mentions
c729d9d 2017-03-28 Create metadata when creating system notes
1c3c7fb 2017-03-28 Add system_note_metadata model
e0dc735 2017-03-24 Project deploy keys json end point
7d7cd91 2017-03-23 Display all closed issues in “done” board list
d618d01 2017-03-22 Add spec that tests ‘LIKE’ query for routes with _
95197ee 2017-03-22 Remove not necessary specs
3750766 2017-03-21 Escape route path for LIKE queries
bf41a2e 2017-03-20 Todos performance: Include associations in Finder
398a70f 2017-03-16 Include routes when loading user projects
d369acb 2017-03-06 Improve issues filtering performance
17ee1e1 2017-03-02 Use iids as filter parameter
c6181f9 2017-03-01 API issues - support filtering by iids
08ee177 2017-02-27 API project create: Make name or path required
c9d687d 2017-02-20 Download snippets with LF line-endings by default
d89f4d7 2017-02-16 Fix error in MR widget after /merge slash command
c7b425a 2017-02-13 Mark as WIP based on MR commits only
88d610c 2017-02-10 Add member: Always return 409 when a member exists
3d2954e 2017-02-07 Use reCaptcha when an issue identified as spam
831b933 2017-02-07 Fix MR widget url
816fad3 2017-01-25 Don’t count tasks that are not defined as list items cor...
0c350b7 2017-01-25 address comments
f30ad3f 2017-01-24 fix nested tasks in ordered list
bf708e5 2017-01-18 make mentions working when project not specified
d6b11da 2017-01-18 Support notes without project
557a0bf 2017-01-13 Address MR comments
aa934c7 2017-01-11 refresh merge widget after using /merge command
7ab3dd4 2017-01-11 support `/merge` slash comand for MRs
7cc9d0f 2016-11-12 stub not needed
d04961a 2016-11-12 add blank line
685072f 2016-11-05 simplify url generation