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#155 Jared Deckard - All time
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Hash Date Message
8d767c9 2017-05-17 Fix Ordered Task List Items
e7e2562 2017-02-10 Position task list checkbox to match the list indent
76eec7b 2016-12-28 Add changelog entry
44b0b97 2016-12-28 Test newline and carraige return groups
9f34217 2016-12-28 Replace carriage return combos with line breaks tags
dd45c5e 2016-11-04 Add javascript unit tests for Build
4a23d7f 2016-09-30 Remove the task_list test since it is patched upstream
3808032 2016-09-30 Align gem version strings
88c1db4 2016-09-30 Replace talk_list patch with a patched fork
913857e 2016-09-08 Require comments must be included before code
7f6474b 2016-09-08 Restore comments lost when converting CoffeeScript to Ja...
b8cab61 2016-08-13 Fix false positive caused by non-interpolated string use
2c0f375 2016-08-13 Fix inline comment images by removing wrapper #20890