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#124 Jan-Willem van der Meer - All time
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Hash Date Message
3d3726a 2014-10-20 Default the LDAP server label to LDAP
49bd981 2014-10-20 Prevent redeclaration of LDAP strategy
61d9d4e 2014-10-17 Default the LDAP server label to LDAP
d1c3864 2014-10-17 Prevent redeclaration of LDAP strategy
d9bfebc 2014-10-16 Add regressiontest to verify allow_single_sign_on setting
fad588f 2014-10-16 Remove LDAP save test
92c184a 2014-10-16 Disallow new users from Oauth signup if `allow_single_si...
dcf6c26 2014-10-15 Only enable LDAP providers if LDAP is enabled
b4f7b38 2014-10-14 Explain new configuration options.
fedb223 2014-10-14 Add valid LDAP server for testing
6ce65a3 2014-10-14 Use Hash syntax for LDAP server declaration
9bf7bfd 2014-10-14 Remove unused methods
ab04096 2014-10-14 Add explaining note to authentication method [skip ci]
18d2ee3 2014-10-14 Use server specific uid
d3056fe 2014-10-14 Make sure the filters are applied
b229b0f 2014-10-14 Fix authorization for LDAP login
23b692c 2014-10-14 Add specs for authentication and config
fc5bfd1 2014-10-14 Move dynamic omniauth declarations to initializer
93505f7 2014-10-14 DRY find method to find Gitlab user
410d6e3 2014-10-14 Remove unused method
5e1c39c 2014-10-13 Merge tests to support Multiple LDAP groups
01b7912 2014-10-13 Refactor lib files for multiple LDAP groups
6c0994a 2014-10-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into featur...
e1cf9c1 2014-10-13 Apply configuration changes for Multiple LDAP servers
3cd5abf 2014-10-13 Add config changes for mutliple LDAP support (EE only)
a7e071e 2014-10-13 Add refactoring for multiple LDAP server support
d059f50 2014-10-10 Refactor OAuth refactorings to CE
2c04764 2014-09-11 Update Gemfile.lock
bf0de1a 2014-09-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into featur...
b18d1c2 2014-09-08 Remove duplicated create method
11bb67c 2014-09-08 Test authenticate method for Gitlab::LDAP::User
f27830f 2014-09-08 Ensure Gitlab::LDAP::authentication is tested
f88b6d0 2014-09-08 Refactor gitlab auth tests
18f88a1 2014-09-04 Add new Gitlab::Oauth::AuthHash class
5b86dab 2014-09-04 Move auth hash to a seperate class
1bd15fa 2014-09-03 Use instance methods of LDAP::User as well
62fc806 2014-09-03 Refactor Oauth::User class to use instance methods
c0323b4 2014-09-01 Refactor: beter naming for active directory disabled users
26b14dd 2014-09-01 Get uid from auth instead of info hash
92a9964 2014-09-01 Add basic find / create specs for LDAP user
ca17e4b 2014-09-01 Remove duplicate method
262276c 2014-09-01 Ensure oath callbacks without a nickname work (google)
5801d52 2014-09-01 Handle user creation if email is not provided
6143cef 2014-09-01 Handle user creation if email is not provided
0ec4abf 2014-09-01 Use local vars for tests
0c34fa3 2014-09-01 Add tests for finding an oauth authenticated user
0d5ae28 2014-08-29 Move and rename ldap / oauth specs
9754742 2014-08-29 Rename ldap tests even further
6840a27 2014-08-29 Fix naming convention of LDAP tests
8877349 2014-08-12 Disable debug assets