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#87 Jan Provaznik - All time
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ddc1368 2018-10-10 Merge branch '11-4-stable-prepare-rc3' into '11-4-stable'
f08bb39 2018-10-08 Merge commit 'e8f4bfd114f214e17f8777fdedc9aef79ee2552c' ...
58b6b41 2018-10-08 Updated licenses for 11.4
339878e 2018-10-08 Update templates for 11.4
7f4452d 2018-09-30 Preload project features in reference parser
89679f4 2018-09-17 Sync commonmaker version in Gemfile.*.lock
a0bb444 2018-09-13 Fix column differences in `db/schema.rb`
55d2953 2018-09-12 Fix route deprecation warnings in rails 5
9930ab6 2018-09-12 Remove peek-sidekiq
1b42c84 2018-09-11 Fix rails 5 deprecation warnings
fa53297 2018-09-07 Sort labels by reference
a415a90 2018-09-07 Ask user explicitly about usage stats agreement
f4d3f81 2018-09-07 Merge branch 'label-event' into 'master'
d95c1f0 2018-09-07 Use ResourceLabelEvent for tracking label changes
39743ea 2018-09-04 Disable query limit counter in sidekiq
4ca9f3b 2018-08-21 Add public/uploads/tmp to allowed upload paths
21a8cc2 2018-08-13 Fix specs failing on duplicate gpg signature
5a5d3ee 2018-08-03 Removed obsolete note about manual uploads migration
6b2b3d7 2018-08-01 Resource event model
f665e5b 2018-07-18 Fix serialization of LegacyDiffNote
bc999d5 2018-07-18 Fix filename for accelerated uploads
d3dcc9d 2018-07-16 Trigger rails5 tests either by variable or ref name
fdfc8d0 2018-07-10 [Rails5] Permit concurrent loads
6b2ebea 2018-07-09 Added test and used Array() instead of .wrap
e2ec97a 2018-07-08 Add FileUploader.root to allowed upload paths
598fa83 2018-07-06 Delete deprecated object_storage_upload queue
2d2adf4 2018-07-05 Fixed pluck and renamed methods
3bf7444 2018-07-05 Restrict group scope
1f320d1 2018-07-05 Added tests for MRs
d785295 2018-07-04 Fixed sql string splits
dc55158 2018-07-04 Use serialize_keys as part of highlight diff cache
e33c95c 2018-07-03 Migration which fixes cross-project label references
50c1a98 2018-07-03 More EE->CE fixes
ef0df76 2018-07-03 Minor syntax fix
6f8ecec 2018-07-03 Move todo_group_options to CE
7458ca8 2018-07-03 [backend] Addressed review comments
26a8472 2018-06-28 Don't add bottom 'match' line for deleted files
249c248 2018-06-27 Updated multipart to support workhorse direct uploads
face199 2018-06-25 Fix auto_cancel_pending_pipelines check
ad086fa 2018-06-22 Fixed doc
1ec356a 2018-06-21 Mysql fixes for Rails 5
656d4eb 2018-06-18 Add workhorse authorize method for project/group uploads
20adfb5 2018-06-16 Fix nil formats test
c84a470 2018-06-14 Fix queue_name in Rails 5
6d902e0 2018-06-13 Fix shoulda-matchers in Rails 5
3961407 2018-06-13 fixed condition check
cdd7dfc 2018-06-12 Override exclusive_lease_key method in RecordsUpload
c3f499e 2018-06-12 Use upload ID instead of model ID in lease key
58d69d5 2018-06-10 Add missing `:comment` attribute
7fcfe7c 2018-06-09 Fix conversion of integer into string in board spec
0665a8f 2018-06-06 Enable mapping to nil in enums
fc916b0 2018-06-05 Migrate jobs in object_storage_upload queue
a576f86 2018-05-31 Replace .having with .where in calendar query
8175bf0 2018-05-31 Replace `.exists` with `EXISTS ()`
6961ef1 2018-05-31 Fix cattr_accessor definition
7b7b249 2018-05-30 Replace .having with .where in calendar query
884fbf1 2018-05-29 Fix boolean casting for nil value
8a5ad3c 2018-05-29 Fix project team members count
e31717f 2018-05-28 Fix cattr_accessor definition
1d766bf 2018-05-28 Replace `.exists` with `EXISTS ()`
0230ca8 2018-05-23 Check if note's noteable is not nil when checking resolv...
2060533 2018-05-16 Whitelisted query limits for group destroy API
8c0166f 2018-05-16 Fixed typo
32e2246 2018-05-16 Changed order of include
c81a37c 2018-05-16 Use find_in_batches instead of destroy_all
7da3b2c 2018-05-16 Delete remote uploads
91f8656 2018-05-15 Disable greedy mode when matching filename
21588f1 2018-05-15 Enable update_(build|pipeline) for maintainers
d973872 2018-05-02 Save and expose only generic merge error
7a76caa 2018-05-01 Merge request and commit discussions API
5bb421e 2018-04-25 Cleanup after adding MR diff's commit_count (try 2)
470b3cb 2018-04-19 Fix label links update on project transfer
3e83145 2018-04-12 Fix reference filters in group context
c194636 2018-04-05 Better group support notes-related code
d10416e 2018-04-03 Fixed dashboard filtering tests
c1b71e2 2018-04-03 Check if at least one filter is set on dashboard
65664c2 2018-04-03 Refactor discussions/notes code
204ab7c 2018-03-23 Fix issuable state indicator
2370ff8 2018-03-19 Optional '/-/' delimiter for search API
7b22381 2018-03-09 Reschedule commits_count background migration
7db225e 2018-03-08 Revert "Cleanup after adding MR diff's commit_count"
dd46f56 2018-03-07 Minor fixes in API doc
dcdfa04 2018-03-07 Add discussion API
0b7d108 2018-03-05 Cleanup after adding MR diff's commit_count
741caf9 2018-03-05 Use limited count queries also for scoped searches
1f4ee65 2018-03-02 Allow to include also descendant group labels
911fd7c 2018-03-02 Support additional LabelsFinder parameters for group labels
07a227a 2018-02-26 Allow to find labels in ancestor groups and better group...
22addf2 2018-02-26 Don't convert issuable_initial_data into JSON
790ab59 2018-02-18 Remember assignee when moving an issue
4567fcf 2018-02-15 Re-organize issue move method calls
b02a6be 2018-01-30 Make pagination optional for issuables
090ca9c 2018-01-23 Use limit for search count queries
4b6b8ec 2018-01-18 Return last edited time instead of update time
e6a1db6 2018-01-10 Denormalize commits count for merge request diffs
a560f78 2018-01-09 Store only generic message if rebase fails
27a75ea 2018-01-05 Backport 'Rebase' feature from EE to CE
017c129 2018-01-02 Skip projects filter on issues search
d2f1d58 2017-12-21 Skip projects filter on merge requests search
e297c41 2017-12-12 Fixed doc for create MR from email
b39b552 2017-12-11 Use message body for merge request description
3e83d9f 2017-12-08 Use prefix for TableOfContents filter hrefs
b2e0f60 2017-12-07 Clean test path between merge request handler tests
8cce707 2017-12-05 Create merge request from email