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#226 Jan Christophersen - All time
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2ff3dca 2017-05-31 Add Documentation for GIT_CHECKOUT variable
7abdc24 2017-03-02 Only add a newline in Markdown Editor if the current lin...
150c363 2017-02-24 Add the username of the current user to the HTTP(S) clon...
95ed017 2017-02-20 Add AsciiDoc snippet for CI/CD Badges
407b491 2017-02-15 Remove Link from Push Events for deleted branches
fa810e4 2017-02-14 Add Links to Branches in Calendar Activity
f0a9228 2017-02-13 Add 'Most Recent Activity' header to the User Profile page
217937e 2017-02-13 Show mentioned/issues being closed from a Merge Requests...