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17394e9 2018-10-12 Update merge request diff navigation docs
f1c71cd 2018-09-20 Update wiki upload documentation
518947a 2018-09-20 Add webhook branch filtering docs
0bf3562 2018-09-07 Clarify CodeSandbox works for private projects
db86214 2018-08-13 Update docs and compress images
7e189a6 2018-08-06 Fix typo and improve formatting
79d90cb 2018-08-03 Use Projects::UpdateService to archive projects
fed8ee0 2018-06-20 Add ellipsis to Web IDE commit button
3752fe1 2018-06-18 Fix typos
fb1058b 2018-06-14 Add Open in Xcode docs
d16256b 2018-06-14 Fix design artifact should not be removed
1a27128 2018-06-14 Increase detail
a593691 2018-06-12 Add Web IDE CI logs and MR switching docs
ba36df2 2018-06-11 Update import screenshot without LFS warning
34a125f 2018-06-06 Update process to create new design artifact issue
288ce11 2018-06-06 Move section to basic troubleshooting
f302f46 2018-06-05 Add registry debug server docs
f2479b6 2018-05-18 Add web shortcut to docs and shortcut modal
a952080 2018-05-11 Update Web IDE documentation with recent changes
0e15b49 2018-05-10 Fix outdated web ide copy
564050e 2018-05-01 Enable LFS setting UI for Masters and Owners
b65fcc3 2018-04-27 Add sha filter to list pipelines
faa7ff3 2018-04-24 Document externally hosted LFS objects
689ffd3 2018-04-23 Add missing web ide images
8a1af9f 2018-04-23 Fix minor typos
8d2c01f 2018-04-16 Remove web ide beta flag from docs and update
c1017eb 2018-04-16 Backport Web IDE docs to gitlab-ce
561ac15 2018-04-13 Fix typos
47dc372 2018-04-12 Add note about HA configurations
267dba0 2018-04-11 Update documentation
07f517d 2018-04-06 Add new repository archive route
0b1b9c4 2018-04-04 Add option to suppress archive commit sha
db43d79 2018-04-01 Add pagination docs to commit status API
6b0dc00 2018-03-20 Update merge request maintainer access docs
d29f148 2018-03-16 Add Jupyter Notebook docs
f6a1c7f 2018-02-21 Link directly to
4104ab0 2018-02-21 Add more detail to the proofreader process
9798859 2018-02-13 Fix punctuation and address feedback
6377228 2018-02-13 Add clearer proofreader process to docs
73582d9 2018-01-31 Fix subgroup creation docs
53d0ee4 2018-01-18 Add EE version and CE issue link
de2cb24 2018-01-18 Add Git LFS status icon to docs
6468364 2018-01-18 Add release added and release backported to CE
414c574 2018-01-17 Update ConvDev Index docs w better screenshot
4eaeea6 2018-01-04 Remove downcase from special path helper
7c721e7 2018-01-03 Replace use of capture_haml with capture
592e815 2018-01-03 Add changelog entry
274bde5 2018-01-03 Fix incorrect case of ruby vars
6c8daa6 2018-01-03 Remove superfluous i18n namespaces
c69a2d6 2018-01-02 Add i18n helpers to branch comparison view
33f7c60 2018-01-02 Add break word wrapping to well-list
4a6ec1e 2017-11-16 Add readme only default project view preference
d43d101 2017-10-22 Remove superfluous namespace from cluster settings
68d992c 2017-10-06 Fix review comments
0a7f27e 2017-10-05 Docs: add translation and proof reading guidelines
8f2b109 2017-10-04 Fix inconsistent use of sentence case
aedcaba 2017-09-29 Fix incorrectly aligned last updated time
cd6f683 2017-09-28 Add translatable strings to wiki pages
0ed2379 2017-09-26 Fix spelling of occurred