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#17 James Lopez - All time
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Hash Date Message
c812d17 2018-10-06 Update GITALY_SERVER_VERSION
278c9e9 2018-10-05 Revert "Merge branch 'feature/git-v2-flag' into 'master'"
2645862 2018-10-03 Add encrypted sensitive word to export spec
6691194 2018-09-24 Add changelog. Add more specs.
6e64178 2018-09-24 Fix null pipeline problem
e72aecc 2018-09-17 Resolve "Unable to import repository: undefined method ...
678ceb2 2018-09-11 use find instead of reject in avatar export file
994d918 2018-09-11 fix avatar restorer
6e394c4 2018-09-10 add changelog
78cd196 2018-09-10 fix avatar uploader error
1499d17 2018-09-07 fix specs
f1277fb 2018-09-07 refactor code based on feedback
2744286 2018-09-07 refactor code based on feedback
a2aa505 2018-09-06 Refactor code to remove object storage flag from Import/...
c6c6de8 2018-09-06 Add git_v2 flag to GitalyClient
14949ba 2018-08-30 fix path bug and update specs
151361f 2018-08-29 add changelog
971b67c 2018-08-29 Fix transfer project redirect loop
d5632b6 2018-08-29 add specs replicating transfer issue
270c7b6 2018-08-28 Merge branch 'fix-static-analysis' into 'master'
301f134 2018-08-15 Merge branch 'mk/bump-rainbow-gem' into 'master'
107292d 2018-08-03 Fix spec warnings and template helper
07009a1 2018-08-02 Add Object Storage to GitLab project import
2836352 2018-08-02 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION to 8.1.0
e6b2e90 2018-08-01 Merge branch 'docs-jivl-bump-update-guides-ce' into 'mas...
aa6a005 2018-08-01 Merge branch 'docs-jivl-update-from-source-document' int...
4844475 2018-07-27 Update gitlab-shell version to 7.2.0
97ce060 2018-07-16 refactor code based on feedback
07ec2c7 2018-07-13 use fileuploader dynamic path method in uploads manager ...
1263367 2018-07-13 fix typo in uploads manager
16756c2 2018-07-13 add small comment to download method in uploads manager
dae0d80 2018-07-13 refactor uploads manager
514babb 2018-07-13 Update .gitlab-ci.yml
c2d297d 2018-07-12 update saver spec to use the old uploads code
4223a6f 2018-07-12 refactor uploads manager to grab uploads in batches
8ea2027 2018-07-12 fix uploads restorer missing path
e2b7880 2018-07-11 fix spec
fa2e316 2018-07-11 added changelog, small refactor
3c31de7 2018-07-11 refactor uploads manager
414939c 2018-07-11 fix uploads restorer
3a114c2 2018-07-11 fix specs
7c9f216 2018-07-11 add restore method
c6b6702 2018-07-11 Merge branch 'sh-handle-colons-in-url-passwords' into 'm...
a27d4d9 2018-07-10 update uploads saver
2c1e66d 2018-07-10 Fix avatar saver and spec
874a4ff 2018-07-10 add more object storage specs
4c7b120 2018-07-10 add upload manager and spec
d653f21 2018-07-09 Update Git version to 2.18.0
753a2e7 2018-07-09 Merge branch '11-1-update-licenses' into 'master'
626d523 2018-07-09 Merge branch '11-1-update-templates' into 'master'
a7bc794 2018-07-09 Merge branch '11-1-update-licenses' into 'master'
37aa7d4 2018-07-09 Merge branch '11-1-update-templates' into 'master'
6275061 2018-07-07 add basic export to fix timeout problem on import_file_s...
29d0819 2018-07-07 Merge branch 'sh-add-missing-foreign-key-import-export-u...
8056455 2018-07-06 fix spec
44be867 2018-07-06 fix permissions
a2bf164 2018-07-06 Update Import/Export to use object storage (based on aa ...
0164a50 2018-07-05 Merge branch '11-0-stable-patch-3' into '11-0-stable'
f25cdea 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'update-installation-11-1' into 'master'
4eebd23 2018-06-27 update code based on feedback
7920829 2018-06-25 fix space
3a14ae3 2018-06-25 refactor code based on feedback
ec394d4 2018-06-22 add some more comments
d8252ef 2018-06-22 fix spec
fb5ca69 2018-06-22 fix spec
35d69cc 2018-06-22 add more specs and refactor more relation factory code
3d3e441 2018-06-22 refactor code based on feedback
92ec58a 2018-06-20 add changelog
b0ddc55 2018-06-20 refactor code once again to fix IID issues
8522173 2018-06-20 refactor code once again to fix IID issues
cc061cd 2018-06-20 fix some more edge cases
4e9b094 2018-06-20 refactor finder
825c68e 2018-06-19 fix some edge cases
a19e08f 2018-06-19 refactor relation factory
fe56d29 2018-06-19 update spec
b99bc6d 2018-06-19 add group finder spec and logic
e0c0647 2018-06-18 Merge branch '43270-import-with-milestones-failing' of g...
ac66547 2018-06-18 add spec replicating both label and milestone duplicated...
f5e4adc 2018-06-18 add spec replicating both label and milestone duplicated...
fa1a75a 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'sh-github-importer-improve-error' into 'ma...
4e47fdb 2018-05-30 Merge branch '10-8-stable-patch-3-fix-conflicts-19196' i...
eabd1ba 2018-05-21 Merge branch '10-7-stable-patch-4' into '10-7-stable'
a7090d0 2018-05-18 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc13' into '10-8-stable'
682cd96 2018-05-14 Merge branch 'fix/secpick-script' into 'master'
02e7962 2018-05-14 Update secpick
a758352 2018-05-14 Update secpick
f3ddb9f 2018-05-14 Update secpick to use security branches
f811495 2018-05-11 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc8-fix-conflict-for-1...
c895057 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc5' into '10-8-stable'
287d5da 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10-8-update-gitignore' into 'master'
14115be 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10-8-dependencies-update' into 'master'
f29e693 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10-8-dependencies-update' into 'master'
41593c7 2018-05-09 Merge branch '10-8-update-gitignore' into 'master'
686ed45 2018-05-08 Add missing security process for developers
a61e7ea 2018-05-07 Merge branch '10-8-stable-prepare-rc3' into '10-8-stable'
15d0804 2018-05-07 Update Security Developer
5116b59 2018-05-07 Merge branch '10-8-installation-from-source' into 'master'
4f04aee 2018-05-04 fix missing space
bc7ea2d 2018-05-04 Add ci_cd_settings delete_all dependency on project
2793218 2018-04-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/master'
342f33b 2018-04-20 Update VERSION to 10.8.0-pre
2011c9b 2018-04-20 Update VERSION to 10.7.0
225994f 2018-04-20 Update for 10.7.0
ce7b37f 2018-04-20 Update for 10.7.0
769ab42 2018-04-18 Fix link in Security Developer
22e198d 2018-04-17 add initial dev task template for working on a security ...
b1fe29c 2018-04-17 Merge branch '10-7-update-files' into 'master'
ccfac06 2018-04-17 Merge branch 'docs-update-instal-guide-10-7' into 'master'
038367c 2018-04-12 Merge branch 'docs-update-instal-guide-10-7' into 'master'
39c9091 2018-04-12 Merge branch '10-7-update-files' into 'master'
7a0303c 2018-04-12 Update VERSION to 10.7.0-rc5
63623dc 2018-04-12 Merge branch '10-7-stable-prepare-rc5' into '10-7-stable'
0015fc7 2018-04-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/10-7-stable' into 1...
c393a44 2018-04-11 Update VERSION to 10.7.0-rc4
88b903c 2018-04-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 10-7-s...
99ac00b 2018-04-06 Update VERSION to 10.7.0-rc2
a63c76f 2018-04-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 10-7-s...
8ce1526 2018-04-05 Update VERSION to 10.7.0-rc1
1805791 2018-04-03 Merge branch 'security-original-branch-10-4' into '10-4-...
56b1e4c 2018-03-27 Merge branch '10-6-stable-patch-1' into '10-6-stable'
2eab1fd 2018-03-22 Merge branch 'master' into 'latest-security-to-master-21...
5790caa 2018-03-22 Update VERSION to 10.7.0-pre
8f82e53 2018-03-22 Update VERSION to 10.6.0
1f692b0 2018-03-22 Update for 10.6.0
9a557a1 2018-03-22 Update for 10.6.0
140cb0c 2018-03-21 Merge branch 'fix/auth0-unsafe-login-10-6' into 'securit...
09fdf9e 2018-03-20 Update VERSION to 10.6.0-rc7
296040c 2018-03-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/10-6-stable' into 10-6...
1e21892 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'fix/auth0-unsafe-login-10-6' into 'securit...
575f37b 2018-03-16 Revert "Merge branch '35475-lazy-diff' into 'master'"
7fca314 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'fix/auth0-unsafe-login-10-5' into 'securit...
7dd9798 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'fix/auth0-unsafe-login-10-4' into 'securit...
20b8a54 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'fix/auth0-unsafe-login-10-3' into 'securit...
7f3e647 2018-03-12 Merge branch '10-6-stable' into 10-6-stable-frozen
2e3a964 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'sh-fix-update-service' into 'master'
a27e10a 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'sh-fix-update-service' into 'master'
c29c0b3 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'sh-fix-update-service' into 'master'
b7c47d9 2018-03-08 Update templates and licenses
6041d44 2018-03-08 update guides for 10.6
59a5a01 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'master' of
2fcf779 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'sh-fix-otp-backup-cherry-pick' into 'master'
0f72475 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'cherry-pick-2c6ce6ff' into 'master'
92cf5d8 2018-03-07 Revert "Cleanup after adding MR diff's commit_count"
35d4397 2018-03-06 Merge branch '10-5-stable' of
b825ba0 2018-03-06 Merge branch '10-3-stable' of
c888e73 2018-02-23 refactor methods inline
73c4c99 2018-02-23 inline methods
b8028c6 2018-02-23 fix fork button issue
db587ae 2018-02-23 refactor code based on feedback
0767861 2018-02-23 refactor code based on feedback
228b757 2018-02-23 refactor blob link methods
9753396 2018-02-23 fix static analysis
31abc74 2018-02-23 fix specs
6ade6e2 2018-02-23 fix specs
50ccc6d 2018-02-23 fix specs
fd1c4f5 2018-02-23 more refactoring
bee837d 2018-02-23 some initial refactoring
f136096 2018-02-23 refactor modify_file_link
4c8f8f4 2018-02-23 fix spec
5fc3ff9 2018-02-23 fix specs
6d885f9 2018-02-23 some more refactoring
9053f8e 2018-02-23 fix specs
b8d7367 2018-02-23 refactor methods further (in helper)
cb31b36 2018-02-23 a bit more refactoring
699607f 2018-02-23 initial refactor
d8dfec0 2018-02-16 Fix project import API after import service refactor
890d7b5 2018-02-16 update docs
0abd85f 2018-02-14 refactor code based on feedback
2dc2bad 2018-02-14 refactor code based on feedback
e613d77 2018-02-14 refactor code based on feedback
0831949 2018-02-13 update missing doc links
e881352 2018-02-13 refactor api class
39122ea 2018-02-13 update docs
17e5ef4 2018-02-13 add docs and changelog
de83f29 2018-02-13 add more specs
7987914 2018-02-13 add more specs
4a0d56d 2018-02-13 fix entity
583ed0e 2018-02-13 add import status endpoint
7ec1a02 2018-02-13 fix file upload
516d33f 2018-02-13 update import API and spec
d3b3f5d 2018-02-13 update import API and spec
82ff66e 2018-02-13 add post import API endpoint
848f498 2018-02-13 add entity and update spec
de3edb7 2018-02-13 add more specs
9bfa690 2018-02-13 add project import spec
68e31c0 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'fix/gh-namespace-issue' into 'security-10-4'
63aa43d 2018-02-03 fix rubocop
b1f4dff 2018-02-03 add migration before 20171207150343
ccc2d0c 2018-02-02 fix spec
6ec39e3 2018-02-02 fix schema
2b49416 2018-02-02 add changelog
b807a7d 2018-02-02 add migration
b7d8098 2018-02-02 add migration spec
f677aa7 2018-02-02 fix label issue
cabed08 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'fix/gh-namespace-issue-10-2' into 'securit...
58b6652 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'fix/gh-namespace-issue-10-3' into 'securit...
e853495 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'fix/gh-namespace-issue' into 'security-10-4'
406e10b 2018-01-31 refactor groups controller to match EE
41a1449 2018-01-26 update code based on feedback
4131b6e 2018-01-26 add changelog
3b7575d 2018-01-26 fix spec
7affc23 2018-01-26 add spec
865bb64 2018-01-26 disable retry attempts for Import/Export until that is f...
85d4738 2018-01-26 add an extra spec
482fc55 2018-01-26 fix validation error on services
028a317 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'sh-fix-bare-import-hooks' into 'master'
a1c0964 2018-01-19 Merge branch '34055-issues-enabled-filter-misbehavior' i...
532a0b6 2018-01-17 Merge branch 'fix/import-rce-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
d368a2d 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'sh-fix-bare-import-hooks' into 'master'
61a9a17 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'fix/import-rce-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
4223a25 2018-01-12 Update export message to mention we can download the fil...
7f232d9 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'sh-fix-bare-import-hooks' into 'master'
056d35c 2018-01-08 Merge branch 'fix/import-rce-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
62d41f9 2018-01-08 Merge branch 'fix/import-rce-10-1' into 'security-10-1'
4089238 2018-01-08 Merge branch 'fix/import-rce-10-2' into 'security-10-2'
0feb243 2018-01-05 Update
1392624 2018-01-05 add deprecation and removal issue to docs
21d0a3a 2018-01-04 add missing changelog
de36a8e 2018-01-04 refactor spec, add docs
6ee122c 2018-01-04 deprecate check integrity task
5b9e777 2018-01-04 add lock specs
f8e1b44 2018-01-04 add locks chek
bc46c82 2018-01-04 remove max-depth flag so it works with subgroups
7721e8d 2018-01-04 fix spec
2609358 2018-01-04 add new git fsck rake task and spec
86257cf 2018-01-03 refactor project create service
80112ca 2018-01-03 add note to import sources
f2d4b24 2018-01-03 refactor code to use new import type
11d0083 2018-01-02 fix missing create services call
3faa988 2018-01-02 fix branch complexity
54f00b7 2018-01-02 fix wiki check
9d0bceb 2018-01-02 add extra spec check
928bf02 2018-01-02 Update 41424-gitlab-rake-gitlab-import-repos-schedules-a...
e77c88e 2018-01-02 add changelog
02276f7 2018-01-02 Fix import scheduled on bare repo import
89cc4d3 2017-12-19 Update VERSION to 10.3.0-rc2
c425722 2017-12-14 Merge branch '10-3-stable-prepare-rc1' into '10-3-stable'
d463c6a 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'sh-fix-import-rake-task' into 'master'
0f04fa2 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'sh-fix-import-rake-task' into 'master'
7694ae8 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'sh-fix-import-rake-task' into 'master'
7af5650 2017-12-07 refactor code to match EE changes
fdd7a4c 2017-11-23 Fix hashed storage for attachments bugs
1c8af32 2017-11-07 Improve GitLab Import rake task to work with Hashed Stor...
9a0acc9 2017-11-07 fix specs
c93dab4 2017-11-07 added changelog
179b817 2017-11-07 Fix arguments error on Import/Export fetch_ref method
9cb9a86 2017-11-02 fix typo
32ef7ed 2017-11-02 fix specs
37eb00c 2017-11-02 fix specs
da17419 2017-10-31 add changelog
3a887c9 2017-10-31 fix spec failure
4bce563 2017-10-31 fix specs
ef8217f 2017-10-31 fix missing issue assignees
232bdd4 2017-10-31 refactor code
82c758c 2017-10-31 fix spinach failure
eeacfbd 2017-10-31 fix specs
11e5218 2017-10-31 fix spec
d0546e6 2017-10-31 uypdated keys controller logic
72b7b10 2017-10-31 add applications controller logic
38569c6 2017-10-17 clarify resuming import
149adcd 2017-10-05 Fetch and map refs/pull to refs/merge-requests in the GH...
1dcb711 2017-09-28 refactor emails service
e07819c 2017-09-28 fix update service
67d06de 2017-09-28 refactor users update service
cbb90d8 2017-09-28 refactor keys controller
4a6ec7c 2017-09-28 refactor some controllers to make them EE friendly
f2e9ef1 2017-09-28 fix specs
faa95ba 2017-09-28 fix users update service
7188975 2017-09-28 update initializers
9621dd0 2017-09-28 refactor services to match EE signature
717460e 2017-09-08 Update
9e1f8ac 2017-09-06 refactored code
e5f91e5 2017-09-06 refactor code based on feedback
89ca01e 2017-09-06 fix spec failures
7e38cc9 2017-09-06 small refactor
a685298 2017-09-05 add changelog
104f221 2017-09-05 fix specs
1d57ae8 2017-09-05 fix typo
d8d05e5 2017-09-05 refactor code a little
4119206 2017-09-05 fix export performance of CI builds
be99f82 2017-09-05 started refactoring reader
8ff9fc5 2017-09-05 some more refactoring
d334847 2017-09-05 some more refactoring
4a9dcfd 2017-09-05 enable AR caching, refactor tree hash loop
a54c50d 2017-09-05 remove relation after used from the hash tree
025a268 2017-09-05 more refactoring
690b986 2017-09-05 some more performance refactoring
0085f5e 2017-09-05 start improving memory use on I/E
7831e5c 2017-09-04 update regex
af374be 2017-09-04 refactor spec
2065a2d 2017-09-04 attempt to fix random import file spec error
4081946 2017-08-28 fix typo
49495fe 2017-08-28 fix spec
eef5135 2017-08-28 Fix events error importing GitLab projects
e163c83 2017-08-22 fix static analysis
ac53067 2017-08-22 fix specs
0fe2029 2017-08-21 add changelog
fb9bd55 2017-08-21 Fix fork MRs importing issue
945f0ea 2017-08-08 add changelog [ci skip]
2fb0c0a 2017-08-08 fix symlink code
aa25db8 2017-08-07 [EE Backport] Update log audit event in omniauth_callbac...
005872c 2017-08-07 add spec and fix hidden files issue
6d28ad8 2017-07-07 fix spec
20351c3 2017-07-07 move CreatedAtFilter to concerns folder
e5acf85 2017-07-07 fix created_after
cda7cbd 2017-07-07 refactor created at filter to use model scopes
4c735e1 2017-07-07 fix spec order issue
5e66c65 2017-07-07 fix specs
a9e8af3 2017-07-07 add spec and project snippet user agent details endpoint
5173955 2017-07-07 update docs
377244d 2017-07-07 refactor filters
bfe5f2d 2017-07-07 improve finder spec
037ad5a 2017-07-07 add created at filter logic to users finder and API
1a7d2ab 2017-07-07 add created at filter logic to users finder and API
b08df25 2017-07-07 add finder and users API spec
2aa95aa 2017-07-06 refactor code based on feedback
47e17fe 2017-07-06 fix docs
5540425 2017-07-06 fix spec
e68570b 2017-07-06 add missing changelog
bd9b621 2017-07-06 add API documentation
6ee87ae 2017-07-06 add user agent details API endpoints to issues and snippets
e0345c8 2017-07-06 add snippets spec
383138a 2017-07-06 add issues spec and user agent details to entities
4d70c47 2017-06-25 fix spec failures
ae95310 2017-06-24 fix spec failures
859858c 2017-06-23 fix spec failures
efb3d5e 2017-06-23 fix spec failures
b33c638 2017-06-23 update code based on feedback
8f2adb8 2017-06-23 fix bug in emails destroy service
0925f30 2017-06-23 fix profiles spec
b804db2 2017-06-23 refactor update user service not to do auth checks
e2e0b17 2017-06-23 fix specs
12dc399 2017-06-23 fix spec failures
0ee002c 2017-06-23 more refactoring
4c75fe5 2017-06-23 add missing action to block
c9fd3dc 2017-06-23 more refactoring based on feedback
785cbb7 2017-06-23 refactor emails service
0c8e7f4 2017-06-23 add missing user updates
831b2fc 2017-06-23 update missing email actions
87bf08c 2017-06-23 fix specs
3bab585 2017-06-23 update to use emails destroy service
ad44af2 2017-06-23 fixed specs
7aaf369 2017-06-23 add create and destroy services for emails
cabbfe9 2017-06-23 add more spec examples
3798e89 2017-06-23 add emails service specs
158550c 2017-06-23 added service in the rest of controllers and classes
bf3a3f3 2017-06-23 fix api and controller issues
36bc2e9 2017-06-23 fix specs
ef6a424 2017-06-23 update notification settings, fix api specs
04bb82c 2017-06-23 update preferences controller
9498085 2017-06-23 updated emails, notifications and passwords controller
968809d 2017-06-23 fix profiles controller
aa158dd 2017-06-23 finish off refactoring users controller
85b5a8c 2017-06-23 update users controller
1c14805 2017-06-23 refactor profiles controller and update service
01378ab 2017-06-23 update profiles controller to use new service
59c3968 2017-06-23 use update service on ldap call and updated specs and se...
cf62863 2017-06-23 added bang option to spec
11044ab 2017-06-23 fix spec
5f0e787 2017-06-23 ported EE user service to CE
eaf71fc 2017-06-12 ignore name validation on importing
1d1a55d 2017-06-12 Merge branch 'fix/backup-restore-resume' into 'master'
1136c0c 2017-06-07 Merge branch 'fix/backup-restore-resume' into 'master'
35a78da 2017-06-07 fix typo
a5b920d 2017-06-07 fix wiki
8acb0f5 2017-06-07 refactor code and spec
e2eb0b6 2017-06-07 fix spec and added changelog
8f07afe 2017-06-07 fix spec and added changelog
c085f88 2017-06-07 fix backup task to ignore errors per project
1b76c71 2017-06-07 add more spec examples
6e92d90 2017-06-07 add repository spec
6b53add 2017-06-06 Fix binary encoding error on MR diffs
1bf76c7 2017-06-02 Merge branch '32747-translation-of-dates-for-cycle-analy...
0d4f2ad 2017-05-29 Add missing cohorts to tab nav
4731ae7 2017-05-23 Fix propagate service spec transient failure
436514d 2017-05-17 Fix 9-2-stable propagate service spec
48ffec9 2017-05-12 Update rename_base.rb
1a5e84f 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'fix/gl-project-id' into 'master'
856a511 2017-05-05 refactor code based on feedback
f15466b 2017-05-05 refactor code based on feedback
6ecf16b 2017-05-05 refactor code based on feedback
cc826c0 2017-05-05 workaround spec failure for mySQL invalid date issue
ce41803 2017-05-05 add callbacks in bulk
606584c 2017-05-05 bulk insert FTW - This would introduce more complexity, ...
9ec3956 2017-05-05 use select_values
adcff29 2017-05-05 fixed all issues - not doing bulk create.
1fe8b7f 2017-05-05 refactor propagate service to use batch inserts and subq...
cf00273 2017-05-04 refactor a few things based on feedback
78d0591 2017-05-04 add more examples for testing SQL
b871564 2017-05-04 fix service spec
3bff8da 2017-05-04 fix service spec
3d807dc 2017-05-04 update lease timeout
f81cf84 2017-05-04 refactor worker into service
2f7f1ce 2017-05-04 fix sidekiq spec, add changelog
cf3990c 2017-05-03 Fix project tree saver and fork spec failures
264bf22 2017-05-03 add propagate service worker and updated spec and contro...
e81ea16 2017-05-03 added worker spec
7ac89d0 2017-05-03 add service spec
2174e37 2017-05-03 Include missing project attributes to Import/Export
702b291 2017-05-02 remove gl_project_id for I/E version update
ad4b630 2017-04-25 Add index to webhooks type column
2177cc5 2017-04-21 Update VERSION to 9.0.6
6e1ebcf 2017-04-21 Update for 9.0.6
0eeea48 2017-04-21 Update for 9.0.6
23b3978 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'fix-dropdown-spec-failure-pipeline' into '...
71b6a4b 2017-04-20 Return empty string on UTF8 conversion with U_STRING_NOT...
71a594c 2017-04-19 fix migration
db50cb1 2017-04-19 fix migration
31f94d2 2017-04-19 fix migration failure
6202aff 2017-04-19 remove changelog (not needed)
4190146 2017-04-19 Fix active user count
d4861ec 2017-04-19 add spec and changelog
1c6710e 2017-04-19 Add migration to remove orphaned notification settings
43f54cf 2017-04-18 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-rc4
607fa9e 2017-04-17 Add link to GitHub rake task
878e46a 2017-04-17 Fix restricted visibility project setting
3cb84e0 2017-04-14 Remove user activities table and use redis instead of PG...
2951a85 2017-04-14 Add user activity service and spec. Also added relevant ...
a6b9899 2017-04-10 Update VERSION to 9.0.5
1f0cdab 2017-04-10 Update for 9.0.5
34cf1e8 2017-04-10 Update for 9.0.5
d0104c9 2017-04-10 fix migration
3c1bf9a 2017-04-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/9-0-stable' into 9-...
6ce157d 2017-04-10 match migration in master branch
fca0097 2017-04-06 Github import rake task
94716c2 2017-04-06 remove unnecessary lease as cron job
44ec400 2017-04-05 fix project authorizations migration issue
0bd4c17 2017-04-05 attempt to fix migration
7c9a46b 2017-04-05 Revert schema.rb
189da6b 2017-04-05 attempt to fix db failure
58371ef 2017-04-05 Periodically mark projects that are stuck in importing a...
bdcd23b 2017-04-05 Create subgroups if they don't exist while importing pro...
400da6d 2017-04-05 Update VERSION to 9.0.3
6974444 2017-04-05 Update for 9.0.3
2316774 2017-04-05 Update for 9.0.3
22d7ae8 2017-04-04 Fix issues importing forked projects
956ed72 2017-04-04 Merge branch '29539-fix-pipelines-container-width-with-p...
a515b56 2017-03-22 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-pre
cf020e6 2017-03-22 Update VERSION to 9.0.0
bd90f50 2017-03-22 Update for 9.0.0
0354603 2017-03-22 Update for 9.0.0
b356ce7 2017-03-21 Add a rake task to reset all email and private tokens
9ac42fa 2017-03-21 fix eslint errors
3d2890c 2017-03-19 Update VERSION to 8.17.4
770a703 2017-03-19 Update for 8.17.4
1f4af97 2017-03-19 Update for 8.17.4
220b52c 2017-03-19 Update VERSION to 8.16.8
b730fb4 2017-03-19 Update for 8.16.8
2d0f4a6 2017-03-19 Update for 8.16.8
03782f7 2017-03-19 Update VERSION to 8.15.8
4ccf874 2017-03-19 Update for 8.15.8
73fb576 2017-03-19 Update for 8.15.8
6624218 2017-03-13 Merge branch 'zj-update-templates' into 'master'
231e2e0 2017-03-10 Fix 2.3.3 ruby shasum
ba3ce6b 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'rfr-20170307-change-default-project-number...
bab14bd 2017-03-01 Update VERSION to 8.17.2
60d7a00 2017-03-01 Update for 8.17.2
22a7f32 2017-03-01 Update for 8.17.2
a0101eb 2017-03-01 Update occurrences of MWBS to MWPS
8943e22 2017-02-28 Update VERSION to 8.17.1
58758bd 2017-02-28 Update for 8.17.1
348e599 2017-02-28 Update for 8.17.1
47417f7 2017-02-27 Update for 8.16.7
eafc896 2017-02-27 Update for 8.16.7
e44fa12 2017-02-27 Update for 8.16.7
cf2bbe1 2017-02-27 Update for 8.16.7
cd31496 2017-02-27 Merge branch 'master' of
28ea001 2017-02-27 Update VERSION to 8.16.7
54ebaee 2017-02-27 Update for 8.16.7
e779639 2017-02-27 Update for 8.16.7
f90054f 2017-02-27 Merge branch 'fix-compare-service-signature' into '8-16-...
f23777e 2017-02-24 fix migration
5fda2aa 2017-02-24 Revert "Merge branch '28357-colon-search' into 'master' "
ee9d5f8 2017-02-24 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
153f164 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'fix-smart-interval-not-larger-than' into '...
21aafcf 2017-02-16 fix tmpdir
b3fb5b4 2017-02-16 Use gitlab shell import instead of manually creating the...
6542744 2017-02-16 refactored a couple of things
cec1e3e 2017-02-15 create lighter version of JSON and reuse initial restore...
f947ed5 2017-02-15 Update VERSION to 8.17.0-rc3
ba92981 2017-02-08 Update VERSION to 8.17.0-rc1
fbef567 2017-02-07 Merge branch 'update-gitignore-templates' into 'master'
5bfa6af 2017-02-07 Merge branch 'update-guides' into 'master'
a965edb 2017-02-07 Merge branch 'fix/grape-routes' into 'master'
8409340 2017-02-07 Add missing group members to export for I/E
a130dc6 2017-02-07 added missed commit in rebase
014db24 2017-02-07 update Grape routes to work with current version of Grape
bf05c7e 2017-02-07 fix spec
682e354 2017-02-06 add spec
1b7c186 2017-02-06 move query limit to base event fetcher
58a5d4a 2017-02-06 user project and not empty_project as we need the repo s...
40bc96c 2017-02-06 fix typo [ci skip]
0c4c540 2017-02-06 undo local changelog change
2e54454 2017-02-06 Add limit to the number of events showed in cycle analyt...
5075fb3 2017-02-01 fix attr_encrypted in EE
e43d661 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
c6aed2d 2017-01-31 update spec
8ea1daf 2017-01-31 use destroy_all
dc58df4 2017-01-31 add changelog
918eaba 2017-01-31 remove old project members from project
a1a5dd4 2017-01-31 add spec replicating validation error
4427a26 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
017a506 2017-01-30 fix spec failure
bd6b13c 2017-01-30 fix typo in spec
1a2d13c 2017-01-30 programmatically remove encrypted attributes. Added rele...
eeb13c1 2017-01-30 rename method and added note to export file spec about n...
bb22012 2017-01-30 fix spec failures
6a2b976 2017-01-30 fix typo
e589c7e 2017-01-30 Ignore encrypted attributes in Import/Export
a72b481 2017-01-25 Merge branch '8-16-stable' of
3263fd9 2017-01-25 Fix spec failure due to timestamp ordering issue in mySQL
fe0dbf6 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'patch-12' into 'master'
084ac86 2017-01-22 Update VERSION to 8.17.0-pre
ca1076e 2017-01-22 Update VERSION to 8.16.0
64ef0d8 2017-01-22 Update for 8.16.0
65a7092 2017-01-22 Update for 8.16.0
c4bcc61 2017-01-20 Update VERSION to 8.16.0-rc5
e8396d8 2017-01-20 fix member mapper spec
fc02557 2017-01-19 Merge commit 'e7fdb1aae5a61b30f66ea3489d4e0759ed8ea3a1' ...
e8a9682 2017-01-19 fix typo
9ba288d 2017-01-19 add missing changelog
17c0991 2017-01-18 fix and refactor note user mapping
b3bb8dc 2017-01-18 added spec replicating the problem
3544276 2017-01-18 do not map usersat all unless admin
1d775d9 2017-01-17 fix spec
150a448 2017-01-17 refactored a bunch of stuff based on feedback
34875ce 2017-01-17 fix serializer
1b220df 2017-01-17 fix bug retrieving medians
30c6703 2017-01-17 fix specs
982d5a0 2017-01-17 refactored metrics fetcher - merged into stage and events
834bcac 2017-01-17 fix refactor of production event fetcher
bbb9f84 2017-01-17 a few more fixes
056b0f1 2017-01-17 fix missing refactor in metrics fetcher
099aa12 2017-01-17 fix plan stage issue and some spec failures
3f681f4 2017-01-17 fix specs, refactor missing bits from events stuff
b214be4 2017-01-17 big refactor based on MR feedback
daa4f3d 2017-01-17 fix spec failures after merge
58dddcd 2017-01-17 few fixes after merge
69ecd95 2017-01-17 refactor fetcher and fixed specs
b805666 2017-01-17 refactor cycle analytics - updated based on MR feedback
8183e84 2017-01-17 fix tricky test failure to do with private method
e4e313f 2017-01-17 Fix other spec failures
a67311c 2017-01-17 Fix other spec failures
02e1e48 2017-01-17 more refactoring and fixing old specs
8639ea1 2017-01-17 fix bad merge
fc6f8f2 2017-01-17 added new summary serializers and refactor all of the su...
dc6ea14 2017-01-17 fixed stage entity and added missing stage specs
a998276 2017-01-17 added analytics stage serializer and moved some info to ...
3268e37 2017-01-17 WIP - started refactoring cycle analytics median stuff i...
5d619ab 2017-01-16 fix typo, added relevant spec
fbdd8e5 2017-01-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-16-stable
efea5e7 2017-01-16 fix typo
320cd7f 2017-01-16 fix var inside loop
40fe772 2017-01-16 fix bug in loop
9302fbd 2017-01-16 cope with namespace duplicated paths in any storage
a940270 2017-01-16 fix nil path error
7d03a55 2017-01-16 Remove rollback and fixed a couple of issues
6cfaab3 2017-01-16 Fix remove dot git migration failing when user has no pr...
9a59ea3 2017-01-13 Merge branch 'master' into 8-16-stable
0f84e74 2017-01-13 Add check for new path existence
d3cfa39 2017-01-11 New error message recreating projects on pending delete
930dd63 2017-01-10 add missing openshift template
719294c 2017-01-09 update templates
488da23 2017-01-09 updated due to reorder changes [ci skip]
48cef23 2017-01-09 use ruby 2.3.3 also in the update guide [ci skip]
77b4635 2017-01-09 added update guides for 8.16 [ci skip]
112f470 2017-01-03 Fix cross-project references copy to include the project...
5f11898 2016-12-22 Update VERSION to 8.15.0-rc6
b902784 2016-12-21 fix reset path
4c3ec57 2016-12-21 added more specs
fd5062a 2016-12-21 update controller action to render error in form
c0e3183 2016-12-21 add changelog
5452747 2016-12-21 Fix error importing label priorities and added relevant ...
b82fdf6 2016-12-20 Fix error 500 renaming group. Also added specs and chang...
0631c7b 2016-12-19 Fix MR issue to do with merge user
786457c 2016-12-19 Fix for missing service when importing from EE to CE
527428a 2016-12-19 updated spec
d6edecd 2016-12-19 Fix duplicated build token problem and added relevant spec
cfd1c6a 2016-12-19 Fix typo
f9f4171 2016-12-16 Add detailed docs in yaml README [ci skip]
0ddc5f6 2016-12-15 add new runner script attempts docs and update .gitlab-c...
74e3927 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'fix/transient-failing-analytics-spec' into...
5ac78a2 2016-12-14 fix transient timing failure adding timecop
e401725 2016-11-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix/ca-no-date' int...
a32dd93 2016-11-29 fix started_at check
280afe0 2016-11-29 fix blob controller spec failure - updated not to use fi...
25e1bbd 2016-11-29 fix blob controller spec failure
94a74e7 2016-11-25 fix rubocop warning
830f739 2016-11-25 use an empty total time when the build has not started y...
aa895a6 2016-11-25 Add changelog entry
9c49fa2 2016-11-25 fix for builds with no start date and spec
ea4696d 2016-11-24 Merge branch 'fix/cycle-analytics-duration' into 'master'
b938aa5 2016-11-23 Fix and relevant spec for plan stage breaking with nil c...
4ba0216 2016-11-22 Merge branch 'fix/cycle-analytics-duration' into 'master'
ed85fa7 2016-11-22 fix rubocop warning
db62eb9 2016-11-22 fixed bug to do with calculating durations
a3331ee 2016-11-21 Updated code based on feedback
7a63021 2016-11-21 rename method
dde8fba 2016-11-21 Adds a flag to reflect whether or not there is data in c...
9b69168 2016-11-21 refactored a couple of things based on feedback
d747c1c 2016-11-21 fix spec failure
0fd397b 2016-11-21 Added permissions per stage to cycle analytics endpoint
0a6d353 2016-11-18 fix migration missing ignored transaction method
f5b792e 2016-11-18 refactored updater and updated specs
0aa4778 2016-11-18 fix small typo
cb353d6 2016-11-18 added new build updater, specs and refactored allowed_ids
c76ef84 2016-11-18 run pipeline worker in cycle analytics dev setup
cd22235 2016-11-18 refactor events
e56c305 2016-11-18 fix spec failures
24c2aa3 2016-11-17 fix blank state error
98773ef 2016-11-17 preload ids or objects for users, merge request and issues
de96f29 2016-11-17 fix schema.rb
d5b673d 2016-11-17 more refactoring and added some auth checks
9c99572 2016-11-17 fix typo in error message
e22b5cc 2016-11-17 remove class no longer required
37a3505 2016-11-17 fix integration spec
af80fcb 2016-11-17 fix specs
ed39d61 2016-11-17 refactor events facade so it uses separate classes and r...
f9de157 2016-11-17 fix date issue with mySQL only
9e0102e 2016-11-17 small refactor - removing includes no longer needed
cbd7d00 2016-11-17 added custom date helper and spec and fixed some unrelat...
4844476 2016-11-17 use concurrent index in migration
cf2dcf0 2016-11-17 Refactor all query config stuff into separate classes an...
cbc9f0c 2016-11-17 fix issue with commits and also updated routes
633ddc9 2016-11-17 fix authorization of builds and added relevant spec
f93607a 2016-11-17 get rid of light url builder and fix wrong spec
ca6da6e 2016-11-17 Renamed pipeline column and fixed permissions for builds...
73e9ec6 2016-11-17 serialize all the things!
8743e59 2016-11-17 get all stages to use serlalizers - apart from plan - WIP
f560099 2016-11-17 fix issue events and related spec - now using generic se...
747e5c3 2016-11-17 use request to pass extra parameters
6a2737e 2016-11-17 WIP - refactor events to use a generic build entity for ...
0ddf825 2016-11-17 WIP - adding a generic entity serializer that should acc...
3b179bc 2016-11-17 WIP - refactored events to use build serializer, related...
81d0146 2016-11-17 WIP - refactoring URL builder and events presenter into ...
1744d63 2016-11-17 add changelog entry
4dfcab6 2016-11-17 fix iid issue making spec to fail - MySQL only
848ea24 2016-11-17 fix MySQL problem with query
3d00503 2016-11-17 fixed and added missing scenario to events integration spec
2e5c1c2 2016-11-17 fix events presenter after refactoring
c6532ee 2016-11-17 refactored light url builder
fb424b3 2016-11-17 rename events hash
7ac7cfe 2016-11-17 refactored and added missing spec to light URL builder
192918c 2016-11-17 refactored duplicated code in controller, updated JSON a...
b4bb33c 2016-11-17 fix rubocop warning
449a9fb 2016-11-17 fixed integration spec after big refactoring of fields p...
f59b8af 2016-11-17 fix module issue in cycle analytics controller
83130ae 2016-11-17 Updated production events with new fields
beeb646 2016-11-17 Refactored staging events, added missing fields and fixe...
bd31f24 2016-11-17 Added branch option to test events
eccb6a5 2016-11-17 Refactored test events
11bad33 2016-11-17 added missing fields to code events and updated spec
1b5b2ea 2016-11-17 added missing fields to plan events and updated spec
8f7266c 2016-11-17 added missing fields to issue. Also, added a light url b...
8bb4750 2016-11-17 added pipelines to integration spec
9ead268 2016-11-17 some more integration scenarios testing order. Also, fix...
85c448d 2016-11-17 fix specs
f9fd0ff 2016-11-17 Some refactoring - used class instead of hash for the qu...
ca9ae8b 2016-11-17 add email to user related queries so it can be used for ...
3267923 2016-11-17 added the rest of the stages to the controller and relev...
d472611 2016-11-17 added cycle analytics events controller and started inte...
3cdc9af 2016-11-17 added production events and related spec
275292d 2016-11-17 Refactor the SQL/query stuff into a dynamic class. Also ...
954e189 2016-11-17 fix mySQL error
1f701cb 2016-11-17 added staging events and spec
f8acc7e 2016-11-17 fixing spec failures
d99cec7 2016-11-17 review events - spec and logic
ebd5ced 2016-11-17 Added test events specs and logic. Also fixed some SQL a...
52e2729 2016-11-17 add pipeline id to merge request metrics table. Also, up...
1a4ff5d 2016-11-17 Added code events spec and logic. Also fixed SQL issues ...
72660d5 2016-11-17 plan events and spec working. Also added some TODOs to t...
3b5d947 2016-11-17 commit events and spec
1d6068a 2016-11-17 fix specs - issue events working
c545968 2016-11-17 fix timestamp diff and spec
847d279 2016-11-17 fixed spec and SQL query
470e39d 2016-11-17 WIP - refactored some arel queries
ec7db29 2016-11-17 Started refactoring stuff to add events to cycle analytics
a23ca28 2016-11-01 Fixed Import/Export foreign key issue to do with project...
49bf867 2016-11-01 Fixed Import/Export foreign key issue to do with project...
ae8f1b3 2016-11-01 Fixed Import/Export foreign key issue to do with project...
1b0fa5b 2016-11-01 Fixed Import/Export foreign key issue to do with project...
5460f84 2016-11-01 Removes any symlinks before importing a project export f...
912e1ff 2016-11-01 Removes any symlinks before importing a project export f...
23edd5b 2016-11-01 Removes any symlinks before importing a project export f...
9c8bf27 2016-11-01 Removes any symlinks before importing a project export f...
717d7b9 2016-11-01 Removes any symlinks before importing a project export f...
891e5f4 2016-10-19 Update specs to cope with new label types and priorities
723e576 2016-10-19 fix rubocop warning
77b7bfd 2016-10-19 Fix import/export labels to cope with project and group ...
848a146 2016-10-19 Fix import test
9521736 2016-10-13 updated var name based on feedback
42ba19f 2016-10-12 fixed newline
2b37f04 2016-10-12 Ignore deployment for statistics in Cycle Analytics, exc...
66c7f5c 2016-10-05 fix empty import URL errors
912d7f7 2016-10-04 Fix issues importing services via Import/Export
a09e1d3 2016-10-03 Enable import/export back for non-admins
958d9f1 2016-09-30 fix export project file permissions issue
29141ed 2016-09-29 fix broken repo 500 errors in UI and added relevant specs
9e0b7c6 2016-09-27 updated attribute cleaner to use allowed keyword and rej...
4c480be 2016-09-27 Prevent claiming associated model IDs via import and add...
fc54820 2016-09-27 fix model order in import/export config and 1to1 relatio...
d70944d 2016-09-26 fix changelog
a5b9e1c 2016-09-26 added more specs
a9f1e97 2016-09-26 Fixes issue with rails reserved keyword type exporting/i...
3f55188 2016-09-21 fix import/export security specs after merge
ad62a25 2016-09-21 fix import/export security specs after merge
ce48a59 2016-09-21 fixing security specs after merge
c00e79d 2016-09-20 add missing space
c27a93d 2016-09-20 fix CSS
6f0dbbf 2016-09-20 fix indent in JS file
93cb25f 2016-09-20 updated example img in docs
62cd17b 2016-09-20 fixes CSS issues and namespace path issue. Also tested i...
13e8189 2016-09-20 some UI changes
254c5aa 2016-09-20 few fixes based on MR feedback
173b112 2016-09-20 Fix namespace helper - use pluck instead of slower map v...
0c65112 2016-09-20 modify github import JS and controller so we can now spe...
0a3d2d7 2016-09-19 fix changelog
3c7feaf 2016-09-19 Fixed label color issue and added Import/Export versioni...
e74b7d6 2016-09-19 squashed - Fix DB exceptions raised importing some speci...
c4d2cac 2016-09-09 attempt to fix random error in remote build
37fbb15 2016-09-09 refactored some stuff and added new models / attributes ...
0f15e97 2016-09-09 more spec refactoring based on feedback
1631cef 2016-09-09 fix attributes missing in spec after rebase with master
e282725 2016-09-09 remove extra line
668ebfc 2016-09-09 fix wording
621b4ea 2016-09-09 fixing a couple of bugs and lots of refactoring of the e...
13a9774 2016-09-09 add model configuration spec to check for new models. Al...
74cefff 2016-09-09 fixed spacing
cb4ec41 2016-09-09 remove IGNORED_ATTRIBUTES no longer required
8ca963b 2016-09-09 more refactoring of the specs
7323d30 2016-09-09 refactored specs based on feedback
c71ed62 2016-09-09 fixed failing spec
ad14944 2016-09-09 fix specs so they work in EE straight away
ff1d647 2016-09-09 Export integration test and attribute change spec - squa...
3111d6a 2016-09-05 Fixed importer missing confidential attribute
c42f5f8 2016-08-11 refactor parse_hash based on feedback
30f9596 2016-08-11 Fix permissions check in controller, added relevant spec...
efab167 2016-08-11 Fix attribute inclusion in import/export config ignored ...
f8e8547 2016-08-09 fix MR source project assignment
f04e9da 2016-08-08 Support pending invitation project members importing pro...
9772cd8 2016-08-04 fix spec
6a0bbb5 2016-08-04 using shared path for project import uploads and refacto...
f87eb25 2016-08-03 Fix Import/Export error checking versions
f611b7b 2016-08-02 fix TODO comment [ci skip]
7e77b1f 2016-08-01 Update CHANGELOG
8149552 2016-08-01 refactored wait_for_archived_file method
aad0ae7 2016-08-01 squashed - fixed label and milestone association problem...
dad1d0b 2016-08-01 fix return value and spec
52bb564 2016-08-01 squashed - fix timing issues in prod importing projects
32d8aa6 2016-07-28 fix repo hooks missing on import
96572bd 2016-07-20 fix spec - unused var
70023c2 2016-07-20 fix spec
f0603e4 2016-07-20 added spec, fixed wording
4eb9045 2016-07-20 added changelog
641feba 2016-07-20 fix JS - now tooltip and flash should show
be75d0d 2016-07-20 added changelog
457adb9 2016-07-20 prevent algorithm and key length issue for upgrades from...
f85b78c 2016-07-19 fix spec
76771c2 2016-07-19 squashed - added avatar saver/restorer and specs
3eed1ea 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'fix/import-export-encoding' into 'master'
cd546a7 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'fix/import-export-encoding' into 'master'
bf1ea8c 2016-07-19 Squashed - fix encoding issue
c157305 2016-07-18 added changelog
60a2b3e 2016-07-18 allow empty repos on import/export
5ede133 2016-07-18 added changelog
7850438 2016-07-18 limit project expor retry to only 3
7a72c75 2016-07-18 use method in validates statement
9b86006 2016-07-15 Merge branch 'master' of
9c53560 2016-07-15 Merge branch 'master' of
65549a5 2016-07-15 add project name and namespace to filename on project ex...
cc6d3a8 2016-07-14 updated changelog
37e363c 2016-07-14 fixed similar issue with importer because why...
001c9aa 2016-07-14 udpated JS based on feedback
b1ab079 2016-07-14 fix updated_at not preserved after import - for GitLab p...
37d1e65 2016-07-14 added changelog
097706b 2016-07-14 fix EE => CE project import, and updated JSON spec
e2d6521 2016-07-13 some JS magic to fix empty URL bug
dd63955 2016-07-13 updated create_or_update_import_data to use guard clause
0b2469a 2016-07-13 Merge branch 'master' of
c607b1c 2016-07-13 fix more specs
bef06f8 2016-07-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/fix/persistent-impo...
9b23482 2016-07-13 fix specs
b200767 2016-07-12 Update CHANGELOG
1d84912 2016-07-12 added changelog
ad6ff22 2016-07-12 fixes a few issues to do with import_url not being saved...
95fe316 2016-07-11 fix changelog...
feecb4a 2016-07-11 Merge branch 'master' of
0e5f027 2016-07-11 squashed - refactor to cope with sub sub N relations pro...
99f7b6d 2016-07-11 spec and fix for sanitize method
94e9d57 2016-07-11 remove fix validatable import url migration
2c6fe72 2016-07-08 fix thread join issue
6d09e94 2016-07-08 import_url migration performance improvements
f679846 2016-07-07 added test
cf46a88 2016-07-07 added changelog
dad8fc2 2016-07-07 fix 404 error, redirect back with flash message
91a183b 2016-07-07 fix log statements in import/export
0945271 2016-07-06 fix typo
95f630d 2016-07-06 even more debug
4a62a11 2016-07-05 add more debug info to project export
e7319d0 2016-07-01 Many squashed commits
f29c304 2016-07-01 use has_many relationship with events
d6d0a35 2016-07-01 Merge branch 'master' of
54a50bf 2016-07-01 refactor url validator to use sanitizer for check
26ce833 2016-06-30 typo
ef57135 2016-06-30 few more changes from suggestions
67f59eb 2016-06-30 Merge branch 'master' of
545b92a 2016-06-30 use class method
5b893d6 2016-06-30 few changes based on feedback
01f7d1e 2016-06-29 Merge branch 'master' of
f85f5a4 2016-06-29 add changelog
d18bc97 2016-06-29 fix final line missing
29b7880 2016-06-29 updated integration test file
a65cf77 2016-06-29 fixes and refactored JSON spec
5cd3d7c 2016-06-29 bump version - as old exports wont be compatible
3d2a736 2016-06-29 fixing events for import/export
0ca2757 2016-06-28 fix merge conflicts
ea441cf 2016-06-28 add changelog
31c95aa 2016-06-28 add missing attribute to attr_encrypted so it is fully b...
e69af6d 2016-06-27 Merge branch 'master' of
a7b1b51 2016-06-27 better debugging for memory killer middleware
c3b6ead 2016-06-24 fix params
8076d38 2016-06-24 added more info on how addressable URI differs from what...
46b89a2 2016-06-24 Fix tmp file being deleted after the request plus some c...
58c4996 2016-06-23 updated validator based on feedback
79192a8 2016-06-23 added changelog
45363dc 2016-06-23 Merge branch 'master' of
f854f6c 2016-06-23 fixed pipeline notes issue
8c25399 2016-06-23 Merge branch 'master' of
1e1bf32 2016-06-22 fix chnagelog
37fd6f9 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'master' of
48d76ec 2016-06-22 another fix and fixed spec
26b6122 2016-06-22 Merge branch 'master' of
16ed545 2016-06-22 fix utc error
5adc085 2016-06-22 refactor to use haml instead
6eaf346 2016-06-22 Add note about settings
d19379e 2016-06-22 fix typo
8b7224d 2016-06-21 updated based on feedback
acc1ea9 2016-06-21 update screenshot with new changes
3b888d4 2016-06-21 deleted images no longer needed
dd94b8c 2016-06-21 moved link to bottom of the page
3a7eb38 2016-06-21 added nice to have - rake task and some changes to docs
6715402 2016-06-21 added some extra nice tasks to have
604fb8b 2016-06-21 update docs
e6ab034 2016-06-21 import/export docs
8888dfa 2016-06-21 add missing import source
4273e07 2016-06-20 fix comment
6d76383 2016-06-20 fixed a few MySQL issues and added changelog
896e09d 2016-06-20 started working on a migration for projects that have cu...
a5abec9 2016-06-20 fix addressable url validator
6e7a429 2016-06-20 Merge branches 'fix/import-url-validator' and 'master' o...
d5b3a26 2016-06-20 use rails root join
cee2a2d 2016-06-20 fixed a couple of errors spotted in production
2d4556c 2016-06-17 a few changes based on MR feedback
0e222f0 2016-06-17 fixing URL validation for import_url on projects
bfced6f 2016-06-16 fixed changelog - [ci skip]
b3a0a1c 2016-06-16 fixed merge conflicts on UI branch
2a747d3 2016-06-16 fixed merge conflicts
778d726 2016-06-16 Merge branch 'master' of
452c076 2016-06-16 Revert "squashed merge and fixed conflicts"
13e37a3 2016-06-16 squashed merge and fixed conflicts
8ac52f4 2016-06-16 fix spinach test
1b8a107 2016-06-16 fix wiki stuff
5087e10 2016-06-16 fix specs
4bde593 2016-06-15 lots of refactoring again based on feedback. Changed the...
f6896f9 2016-06-15 fix annoying spec
cbd0201 2016-06-15 fixing specs and some code cleanup
7019a19 2016-06-15 cleanup namespace check now done by service
8922712 2016-06-15 enable retry on worker
6755cb3 2016-06-15 fix changelog
bacd2c4 2016-06-15 some refactoring - renaming things, etc..
36ccaca 2016-06-14 project export archiver
dee6fba 2016-06-14 get rid of old worker
fc5f694 2016-06-14 yay finally importing working with the new services stru...
ff44198 2016-06-14 few fixes after refactoring the whole UI stuff
b53ed84 2016-06-14 adapted current services stuff to use new project import...
1d4243f 2016-06-14 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
862b359 2016-06-14 fix merge issue
9ecebaa 2016-06-14 adding notifications stuff and more refactoring for expo...
fe370b1 2016-06-14 new export stuff and view
3f7ed55 2016-06-14 lots of refactoring to reuse import service
1ea44ee 2016-06-14 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
279412f 2016-06-14 updated relation_factory based on MR feedback
9be06bb 2016-06-14 fix indents
7779457 2016-06-14 fix merge
9ff1990 2016-06-14 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
f6ed7c8 2016-06-14 missed line break
fde90c3 2016-06-14 better coverage for Reader
4020b0f 2016-06-13 few changes based on MR feedback
903da37 2016-06-13 WIP - starting refactoring import/export to use services
bd5c749 2016-06-13 fix file.write
f449eeb 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
9fd3574 2016-06-13 refactored notes logic
833dc32 2016-06-13 few more changes based on feedback
f4d762d 2016-06-13 addressing MR feedback, few changes to members mapper
c23aaf1 2016-06-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
e5cf4cd 2016-06-13 corrected a few warnings
d6adfe0 2016-06-13 fix gemfile
e83fc68 2016-06-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
6f0c503 2016-06-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
86e4751 2016-06-13 fixed deprecation warning
b07dc93 2016-06-13 fixed specs and refactored a few things due to recent mo...
ad68bc6 2016-06-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
cc32260 2016-06-13 added comments to import export reader class
069bc26 2016-06-13 refactored loads of things due to commits to pipeline ch...
771f735 2016-06-13 few more modifications based on comments
e2c95c0 2016-06-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'master' of ...
8476f91 2016-06-03 WIP - added missing notes, trying to fix specs
9d0038f 2016-06-03 started refactoring a bunch of stuff based on feedback
398f007 2016-06-03 merge hell
721014c 2016-06-03 Revert "Fix merge conflicts - squashed commit"
3e99123 2016-06-03 Fix merge conflicts - squashed commit
c9e8acd 2016-06-03 Update repository_import_worker.rb
d9df05e 2016-06-03 fix import service spec
f2ec634 2016-06-03 added changelog
097eafc 2016-06-03 fix some issues and improved error output for forking
64c3905 2016-06-03 some refactoring and fixing spec
b2b3e0e 2016-06-03 fix empty message on shell error
b2b2b2f 2016-06-03 fix create service error handling - missing setting impo...
41c06c3 2016-06-02 refactoring more things based on MR feedback
a9fdf62 2016-06-02 refactoring relation factory, changed from module to class
102074c 2016-06-02 more and more refactoring
7c8359b 2016-06-01 started refactoring some stuff based on MR feedback
e60d5f9 2016-05-27 fix rescue block on migration
5bf191c 2016-05-26 added changelog
bf484ff 2016-05-26 fix bad refactoring of import data credentials
d83ce65 2016-05-23 fix changelog and merge
6e3df42 2016-05-23 fix merge conflicts
f2f345e 2016-05-23 avoid encoding import url and delegate good format to user
341c118 2016-05-20 refactor project to include some nicer EE stuff
f70c000 2016-05-20 fix indentation
fa18846 2016-05-20 a few nice to have and updated changelog
56b2f5e 2016-05-19 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
6782cd3 2016-05-19 fix extra space
dd86c91 2016-05-19 fixed small issue mapping members
becd9bf 2016-05-19 updated spec file
24d5685 2016-05-19 fix merge conflicts
38b92fe 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
9d861db 2016-05-19 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
7df495f 2016-05-19 updated uploads saver
1466997 2016-05-19 import uploads. Fixed a few things to do with members, t...
816dfcb 2016-05-19 fix path
bac27df 2016-05-19 Squashed commit of the following:
92de630 2016-05-19 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
30f4dcd 2016-05-19 uploads export
b05b21d 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
6c082ed 2016-05-18 fixed issue exporting builds
dac1d0d 2016-05-18 updated test project file
be0c266 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
0de533e 2016-05-18 fix rubocop warning
08f2375 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
a5f04ad 2016-05-18 fixed CI commits on export
797504a 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
2b0d198 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
301d64b 2016-05-18 updated import export conf
6956fb6 2016-05-18 update relation factory with new models exceptions
0df21ac 2016-05-18 revert changes as builds are related to statuses which a...
4d894a7 2016-05-18 added commits mapper and DB config import stuff
13ab207 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
ee29930 2016-05-18 updated test file with DB config
0056cf0 2016-05-18 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
bcda64c 2016-05-18 added DB configuration
20f1e28 2016-05-17 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
5bd3e8a 2016-05-17 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
7733f56 2016-05-17 fix specs
ab2a1d2 2016-05-17 added CHANGELOG
4e9ce5a 2016-05-17 fix typo from bad refactoring
8a91f3f 2016-05-17 added CHANGELOG
74b74e5 2016-05-17 fix for import URL URI problem when URL contains a space
f48184c 2016-05-17 updated routes for gitlab_projects
07c642c 2016-05-17 updated routes for gitlab_project
e1ab530 2016-05-16 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
2799152 2016-05-16 fix issue with forked MRs
7ea68d0 2016-05-16 updated file import spec
155d02c 2016-05-16 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
bd5b019 2016-05-16 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
504c186 2016-05-16 fix version issue
360689b 2016-05-16 fix version
6930f9a 2016-05-16 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
c374700 2016-05-16 missing new line
5148757 2016-05-16 added version check on import
8c47887 2016-05-16 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
5777ad9 2016-05-16 adding versioning to export
3c3559c 2016-05-16 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
30aa37c 2016-05-16 remove spec change
834c953 2016-05-16 fix merge conflicts
f386d7a 2016-05-16 some changes based on MR feedback
9cc7dc5 2016-05-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
220e55a 2016-05-13 fix spec
13d64e7 2016-05-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
bf81c58 2016-05-13 fix issue with mapping members
2cc5b1f 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
41f9d9d 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
2dff04f 2016-05-13 fixed TODOs left
0bacae0 2016-05-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
2e1decd 2016-05-13 restricted actual member mapping to admins
1ee19f0 2016-05-13 fixed permissions
89fb5df 2016-05-13 updated routes file
8c50803 2016-05-13 updated controllers with permissions check
5355589 2016-05-13 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
1eb802c 2016-05-13 fixed leaving comments on notes about missing authors
c487e6d 2016-05-13 updated spec file
2791335 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
a868258 2016-05-13 update json and fix notes issue
8eb6718 2016-05-13 removed transaction stuff
ffa71b6 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
25a1c65 2016-05-13 add message to notes about missing author on import
491a312 2016-05-12 fix merge conflict
6a70c06 2016-05-12 Merge branch 'master' of
bade0ed 2016-05-12 looks like 8.7.6
cacbecd 2016-05-12 more changes based on MR feedback
f27d7b2 2016-05-12 updated changelog
7c32488 2016-05-12 added changelog
f4ab8ea 2016-05-12 rename method
78cd39e 2016-05-12 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
8165e52 2016-05-12 add author on notes to export - so we can add to a note ...
3b7e5df 2016-05-12 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
b2b7b38 2016-05-12 fix rubocop warnings
f6c9883 2016-05-12 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
ff56f7b 2016-05-12 fix importer issue
350022f 2016-05-12 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
f06c551 2016-05-12 fix issue in import_service
2a70d96 2016-05-12 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
385d6df 2016-05-12 typo
ef7f793 2016-05-12 fix silly typo
1074980 2016-05-11 Merge branches 'fix/import-data-issue' and 'master' of g...
7a80880 2016-05-11 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
a61456e 2016-05-11 refactored import to use shared error stuff and fixed a ...
5c59ba3 2016-05-11 fix complexity of method
ae53840 2016-05-11 updated export file for spec
0d83b90 2016-05-11 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
27867f3 2016-05-11 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
cffae0d 2016-05-11 fixing more export problems
d4ab068 2016-05-11 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
a86da1b 2016-05-11 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
5086e89 2016-05-11 fix log statement
49e6fc4 2016-05-11 fix bad refactor
68aca6f 2016-05-11 trying to fix timing issue with import status
df6483c 2016-05-10 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
6fa529e 2016-05-10 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
a5d59f0 2016-05-10 added better error handling. Also refactored some of the...
17ce63a 2016-05-10 updated spec export file
278be18 2016-05-10 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
e6fcd6d 2016-05-10 fixed more import merging issues
5b51d13 2016-05-10 removed method no longer needed
d607046 2016-05-10 fix merge conflicts
1322c98 2016-05-10 create import data in service
6a12ff6 2016-05-09 renaming variable
f3a8821 2016-05-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/feature/project-exp...
21be0ca 2016-05-09 fixing merge issues
5dad9f1 2016-05-09 new line missing
bd0c8ce 2016-05-09 fixed space
6fe8b5d 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
47cd14b 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
7ff2a51 2016-05-09 more refactoring to import export reader
3f87387 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'master' of
9c63904 2016-05-09 bit more refactoring of import export reader, fixed rubo...
3aee167 2016-05-09 fixed issues after refactor, spec passing
8ac53eb 2016-05-06 started refactoring import export reader - WIP
7750764 2016-05-06 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
49cdb77 2016-05-06 few fixes to import specs and code
4290e9c 2016-05-06 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
b6ab4a3 2016-05-06 missing private keyword
ce598b0 2016-05-06 fixed and refactored a few things based on MR feedback
63df9b5 2016-05-05 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
9f5dd2d 2016-05-05 handling errors a bit better on import failure
2a13586 2016-05-05 added more tests to integration spec
f927e72 2016-05-05 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
9c60eca 2016-05-05 fix wiki import
99a5d07 2016-05-05 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
f11920e 2016-05-05 more fixes - restoring repo
4c0f9a5 2016-05-05 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
28ba217 2016-05-05 fix issue restoring repo
4b1fdfd 2016-05-05 updated export file for testing
65e0d37 2016-05-05 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
7204018 2016-05-05 fix path to bundle
21cfad2 2016-05-05 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
92f4bde 2016-05-05 use git bundle in import and add wiki repo to import
43488d2 2016-05-05 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
6612ca0 2016-05-05 update repo and wiki repo bundler to use git bundle inst...
e14d105 2016-05-05 fix import feature v2
a9ac9ed 2016-05-05 fix import feature
c422cef 2016-05-05 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
c1858da 2016-05-05 remove spec helper conf
48fcf54 2016-05-04 add gitlab project controller - still WIP
7a531bb 2016-05-04 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
a4d242b 2016-05-04 refactored some namespace stuff and fixed project tree r...
84c7b51 2016-05-04 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
773c39c 2016-05-04 fixed import export reader spec
14dd2d4 2016-05-04 fixed import file spec
e5ee7e8 2016-05-04 typos in export page
6cf88ce 2016-05-04 Merge branches 'feature/project-export-ui-experimental' ...
1ff7735 2016-05-04 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
9b21207 2016-05-04 updated import worker
bc8eebf 2016-05-04 add export worker to process project export async
bd2ebf3 2016-05-04 use worker in controller
17cfce7 2016-05-03 typo
b69c8c2 2016-05-03 fixing some export issues in spec
fc32969 2016-05-03 typo
315195f 2016-05-03 fix schema file
3929972 2016-05-03 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
e172028 2016-05-03 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
1990616 2016-05-03 fixed warning
6139e14 2016-05-03 fixing some rubucop warnings
9d306eb 2016-05-03 picking stuff from ui related to import
548c91e 2016-05-03 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
2a78e03 2016-05-03 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'master' of ...
58b0b1a 2016-05-03 picking export stuff from the UI branch
5a4f576 2016-05-02 fixing issues with project members mapping. Also added s...
b5f2a7e 2016-05-02 fixed integration test
07ab6c2 2016-05-02 refactoring and fixing a bunch of stuff
7ebf22e 2016-04-29 more refactoring and fixes - fixing spec as well
c46f3bc 2016-04-29 few fixes and new integration spec -WIP
c5bc262 2016-04-28 few fixes - import from UI working
5908bdf 2016-04-28 fixing a few tar issues - and using gnu tar only
9a96817 2016-04-28 fix failing spec
8793025 2016-04-28 added spec testing exception raised
cec4ae5 2016-04-27 quite a few fixes - import service
34c826a 2016-04-27 some JS magic to pass namespace and path importing projects
ce9310d 2016-04-27 fix var error
cbbc42e 2016-04-26 adding more UI changes, updated controller, worker and r...
1d4c3fa 2016-04-26 more refactoring, now using custom job for processing pr...
28b0208 2016-04-26 refactoring, mainly UI stuff to follow other import actions
4037a73 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'feature/project-import' of
22ff009 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'master' of
10f1609 2016-04-25 changes to be picked by the UI branch
e5a5933 2016-04-22 remove debug statement
acf2979 2016-04-22 gitlab import UI - icon, file selector, etc... Also upda...
b18bd9c 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
a0ede57 2016-04-22 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
fedfba5 2016-04-22 more refactoring - easier guessing path changes
8f973b8 2016-04-22 more refactoring - easier guessing path changes
45032bf 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' into feature/proje...
4256743 2016-04-22 refactored path stuff
2d503f6 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
7614d23 2016-04-21 fix conflicts
b09b175 2016-04-21 refactored specs based on feedback
2d2b73a 2016-04-21 use wait_for_ajax instead of sleeping for 2 days!
6865bc1 2016-04-21 refactored specs, adding more scenarios
07f8ffb 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
976593f 2016-04-20 final line missing
c094839 2016-04-20 fix rubocop warning
af18cdd 2016-04-20 udpated a few things based on MR feedback. Also added mo...
8619208 2016-04-19 fix other spec failures
6fdde5f 2016-04-19 filter labels by including all filter titles as part of ...
ae777ea 2016-04-15 WIP - importing file and repo
05edd5e 2016-04-15 download export now working
ca725aa 2016-04-15 resolve merge conflict
05985b4 2016-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
e5f7a54 2016-04-14 Merge branch 'master' of
46d1cf4 2016-04-14 update changelog [ci skip]
41163fd 2016-04-14 some experimental UI stuff to test export
97c3aff 2016-04-14 refactored import stuff, moved to lib
adbcccb 2016-04-14 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
0852f53 2016-04-14 refactored stuff, added a save and compress all class an...
efff7e9 2016-04-14 updated migration based on testing findings
267fd01 2016-04-13 fixed import and spec is now passing!
36ba23d 2016-04-12 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
91ffd80 2016-04-12 Merge branch 'master' of
6f74c7d 2016-04-12 fix export commits stuff
0d8a97d 2016-04-12 some more fixes to import projects
c94c0dc 2016-04-12 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
3b99e4a 2016-04-12 add issue and MR comments to default export. Fix spec
4953977 2016-04-12 fix spec
eb55cb9 2016-04-12 more refactoring
4ffcd42 2016-04-12 import working!
dbf755a 2016-04-12 small fix
da60baf 2016-04-12 fixing more importing issues
56fc589 2016-04-11 more refactoring to use dynamic import
fb63173 2016-04-11 typo
be834c4 2016-04-11 changed a few things based on feedback
a28be02 2016-04-08 starting to use the new dynamic stuff on the import
d29c816 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
5d642fb 2016-04-08 fix rubocop warnings
de6c44e 2016-04-07 using new config
350a9aa 2016-04-07 fix create_or_update_import_data
0ceee90 2016-04-07 fix schema file [ci skip]
a1a1d1f 2016-04-07 refactored create_or_update_import_data
15044e7 2016-04-07 refactored a few things based on MR feedback
e8b7e37 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'master' of
acfa0b6 2016-04-07 continuing to refactor config, added spec and fixed a fe...
b4fe002 2016-04-06 Merge branch 'master' of
efde96e 2016-04-06 started refactored the dynamic rules to be defined in a ...
05be0c3 2016-04-06 removed TODO [ci skip]
b976543 2016-04-06 fix some issues with credentials
5e51fce 2016-04-05 some refactoring to symbolise keys across importers and ...
850180a 2016-04-05 Merge branch 'master' of
7f77691 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'master' of
4835e68 2016-04-04 fix migration issue
172d37a 2016-04-04 fix wording
288d8e6 2016-04-04 fixes based on MR review
ef85c51 2016-04-04 corrected a couple of based on MR review
43ee65e 2016-04-01 remove useless var
255cd31 2016-04-01 fixes after more import testing
6aeb753 2016-04-01 fix github import issues
6d12d79 2016-04-01 fix fogbugz import
c2d5cc9 2016-03-31 updated spec
2d544d5 2016-03-30 spec and fix for fogbugz lonely user problem
075b56a 2016-03-29 more fixes after doing more manual testing on importing
c93570d 2016-03-29 fixing a few issues after testing imports
28df200 2016-03-29 fixed failing specs
459ad34 2016-03-28 refactored code based on feedback plus fixed a couple of...
fcb8538 2016-03-28 Merge branch 'master' of
cc4d04f 2016-03-23 added rest of importers, fixed specs and some issues wit...
6967871 2016-03-23 fogbugz importer, also refactored migration again to mak...
8da04f6 2016-03-23 refactored migration a bit and fixed a few problems. Als...
46346ca 2016-03-22 fix rubocop warning
c136edb 2016-03-22 fix gitlab import and spec
8aafe68 2016-03-22 first round of fixes and spec fixes
3b78885 2016-03-22 encrypt credentials in project_creator for bitbucket by ...
23146fc 2016-03-22 update bitbucket importer
1b8d995 2016-03-22 refactoring migration to add bitbucket stuff
8a26f83 2016-03-22 Merge branch 'master' of
2fe80e9 2016-03-21 updated changelog
cae864a 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'master' of
4196ee0 2016-03-21 update safe_import_url to prevent tokens to be showed by...
e937f31 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'master' of
868e491 2016-03-21 updated migration
19bfdcf 2016-03-21 fix import data creation
ced5664 2016-03-21 refactored code based on feedback
6dfb5d7 2016-03-21 remove byebug
dff4050 2016-03-21 fixed some rubocop warnings
bd8a776 2016-03-21 fixed few issues with the migration
030b139 2016-03-21 more refactoring
8d7d9c8 2016-03-21 added missing column for current att_encrypted version
383cc84 2016-03-21 some refactoring based on feedback
5f86912 2016-03-21 Merge branches 'fix/project-import_url' and 'master' of ...
b0f34fb 2016-03-21 Merge branches 'feature/project-import' and 'master' of ...
e17c7f4 2016-03-15 add TODO
a59ba21 2016-03-14 WIP - building up import tree with sub relations, etc
e05bc61 2016-03-14 fix project snippets json issue
25e078c 2016-03-14 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
ba1fcf3 2016-03-14 added commits and merge request diffs to export
5fbcfab 2016-03-14 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'master' of ...
37c68fe 2016-03-14 don't create MR diff as this can be imported presumably
3a13138 2016-03-14 fixed MR issue and refactored some stuff
76efdea 2016-03-11 fixing MR issues with import
1d8e02c 2016-03-11 solved a bunch of issues with mapping members/users
b92411a 2016-03-11 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
66d3f98 2016-03-11 add id to project member user json
18d3b38 2016-03-11 project members: fixed a few issues. Specs now passing
7b855b7 2016-03-11 project members import stuff
cbae403 2016-03-11 updated test json
e45c2bf 2016-03-11 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
eb2b9e3 2016-03-11 fix project members json to include user
b714926 2016-03-11 WIP project members - json not quite right yet
c230414 2016-03-11 Merge branches 'feature/project-export' and 'feature/pro...
2fd3023 2016-03-11 fix project members export
3f479ed 2016-03-10 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
febff15 2016-03-10 started mapping members
cc8aafe 2016-03-10 typo
af9b482 2016-03-10 Merge branch 'feature/project-export' of
a7acfa6 2016-03-10 add project members to export
2a7a1bc 2016-03-10 refactored methods in project tree restorer
e90b1e1 2016-03-10 refactored project creation to create the associations a...
40de1b4 2016-03-10 revert back services changes
f0ce83b 2016-03-10 modify model creation to use services when they are avai...
2cc6aae 2016-03-09 WIP (broken) - playing with import stuff
2dc2ce4 2016-03-09 WIP - broken spec and some import stuff so I can create...
4b88b4f 2016-03-09 fix wiki path issues and spec
f9c6168 2016-03-08 fix new line issue
99d87d8 2016-03-08 WIP - added wiki repo bundler
fc610c1 2016-03-08 add SHA256 to secure_compare
ecb1c59 2016-03-08 Merge branch 'master' of
556cafa 2016-03-08 added repo bundler spec and refactored some of the expor...
4e73f98 2016-03-08 WIP - started working on bundle the repo, refactored som...
68eae04 2016-03-08 finish project tree saver spec
e228453 2016-03-07 updated spec
f9eb3fc 2016-03-07 WIP - initial export service and spec
7355633 2016-03-07 refactored a bunch of stuff based on MR feedback
7085850 2016-03-04 fix specs
c2b33d3 2016-03-04 added import url exposer to construct URL withunencrypte...
06b36c0 2016-03-04 some refactoring in the migration. Also fixed github imp...
cefefb2 2016-03-03 WIP - refactored migration and updated project_import_da...
1841164 2016-03-02 add initial migrations
70623cd 2016-03-02 fix token issue - timing attack
3292940 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'feature/slacky-builds-v2' into 'master'
bc0d666 2016-03-01 fix syntax error
99d8c03 2016-03-01 added commit message to slack script
8fe72af 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'master' of
3ac202c 2016-02-29 fixed merge conflict and refactored specs
6b27b9f 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'master' of
cc42867 2016-02-26 update gitlab-ci script syntax
3bc7737 2016-02-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/slacky-buil...
7eacb70 2016-02-26 update gitlab-ci script syntax
c401e83 2016-02-26 updated internal.rb and spec based on MR feedback
5c271ee 2016-02-25 fix changelog [ci skip]
cc93412 2016-02-25 Update URL syntax
dd533ab 2016-02-24 gemfile random update
1f7006c 2016-02-24 Merge branch 'master' of
6466e33 2016-02-24 updated gitlab-ci script to include builds URL
1df2c1b 2016-02-24 test
c2d0671 2016-02-24 make build fail
8eb2905 2016-02-24 testing script
4a9affa 2016-02-24 Merge branch 'feature/slack-notifications-on-ci' into 'm...
a02216d 2016-02-24 Merge branch 'master' of
86b97ce 2016-02-24 updated gitlab ci based on feedback
595c526 2016-02-24 added changelog
d377948 2016-02-24 fix for projects ending in .wiki
2c02915 2016-02-22 fix gitlab-ci.yml
f96abe4 2016-02-22 Merge branch 'master' of
303e9eb 2016-02-22 include contributions from forked projects on profile ca...
af0ba66 2016-02-19 revert back to ruby 2.1 - use 2.1.8
83829c0 2016-02-19 revert back to ruby 2.1
ce45389 2016-02-19 another attempt to fix oauth issue
097b635 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'master' of
f3b6839 2016-02-19 update based on feedback
9597920 2016-02-18 attempting to fix omniauth problem
c3fe738 2016-02-18 resolve merge conflict
c9be4d6 2016-02-18 Merge branch 'master' of
c110c9b 2016-02-17 refactored spec
4b650fa 2016-02-17 updated fix based on MR feedback
dd68d10 2016-02-17 Merge branch 'master' of
5255a54 2016-02-17 refactored some stuff based on MR feedback
b1731ad 2016-02-16 workaround for forks with an invalid repo - avoid showin...
11913a7 2016-02-16 updated system note service and spec based on feedback
20e79f7 2016-02-15 refactored GitPushService and updated spec
99a5044 2016-02-12 fix rubocop warning
4089be8 2016-02-12 woo hoo - getting there with the cross-reference issue. ...
a5b011c 2016-02-12 Merge branch 'master' of
83a81ff 2016-02-12 typo
77d2aea 2016-02-11 attempt to reduce code complexity on GitPushService#execute
3753c1e 2016-02-10 Merge branch 'master' of
8006d02 2016-02-08 default slack notification channel
d7e97a3 2016-02-08 split gitlab-ci builds for ruby 2.1
f7c06ec 2016-02-08 update changelog
a64d881 2016-02-05 fixed spec - at last!
c3ed268 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'master' of
ff4a1f7 2016-02-05 update with branch and tags restriction
27a82b2 2016-02-05 typo to make build fail
0309e08 2016-02-05 removed slack task and added bash script instead. Update...
c663ca4 2016-02-04 remove unnecessary lower function on SQL
9b925d7 2016-02-04 WIP - fix and spec for cross reference issue with forks
5dc77d7 2016-02-04 refactored migration based on feedback
7b868c6 2016-02-04 refactored migration and spec based on feedback
70f82cc 2016-02-03 uncomment restriction to branches or tags
5fe354e 2016-02-03 refactored rake task and make build pass
63a950a 2016-02-03 testing build failure
26ae450 2016-02-03 update gitlab ci config
0e78912 2016-02-03 make build fail so we can test notifications...
059d826 2016-02-03 update ci configuration to send slack notifications on f...
ecb174b 2016-02-02 fixed move project method in migration
ae73e73 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'master' of
94b27f9 2016-02-01 added TODO to not working method
850942c 2016-02-01 Merge branch 'master' of
927ab48 2016-02-01 WIP - refactored migration
7dffec2 2016-01-29 WIP - add migration
eb51a4a 2016-01-29 refactor previous test and add validation to project model
7ca6779 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'master' of
6e4d36b 2016-01-28 add back master only for ruby 2.1 images
69c4e0a 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'master' of
902baa2 2016-01-28 trick rubocop and temporarily add ruby 2.1 images for an...
47e0d6b 2016-01-27 updated README to include Ruby 2.1
e862af9 2016-01-27 merge spec and spinach jobs
683770f 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'master' of
b8ed578 2016-01-27 update gitlab ci settings to include ruby 2.1 images
1b84de5 2016-01-27 updated docs to reflect min requirement of 2.1 [ci skip]
afde800 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'master' of
5eb936d 2016-01-27 moved and refactored feature based on feedback. Also upd...
eef9c9d 2016-01-27 update fix based on feedback
d6a1861 2016-01-26 fix for failing spec
89aeed1 2016-01-26 feature and fix for 500 on group missing
870e38e 2016-01-25 updated docs to reflect version update [ci skip]
ee209cc 2016-01-25 fix rubocop new 2.2 syntax issues
719b73b 2016-01-25 Merge branch 'master' of
3d81f1d 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'master' of
4d2da5f 2016-01-22 WIP - spec failure on .atom project URL
ba07a4c 2016-01-21 update gitlab ci docker image version
1c51fb1 2016-01-21 update Ruby version to 2.2.4 (latest previous stable) an...
419a5e0 2016-01-20 updated gitlab_git to fix issue #5858 and updated changelog
56ea71a 2015-11-12 fixing rubocop - random code not related to the changes
e11bfa6 2015-11-12 fixing rubocop indents
77dd561 2015-11-12 fixing rubocop indents
fd1b5d6 2015-11-11 updated exception
c6a0f10 2015-11-11 refactored code as projects only have one owner. Kept so...
1b14bc5 2015-11-03 refactored permissions and added update_project_member a...
6aa9c21 2015-10-30 fix issue with adding members to project (spotted by test)
de990aa 2015-10-29 fixed last group owner issue and added test