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#107 James Edwards-Jones - All time
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Hash Date Message
5b41b79 2017-03-21 Prevented error on nil author from Issuable delegation
d48dda3 2017-03-14 Fix 'ExecJS disabled' error on issues index
4dc99f3 2017-03-13 Adds docs for QueryRecorder tests
9a672c4 2017-03-06 Updates Redcarpet (Markdown parser) to 3.4.0
8a61940 2017-02-23 Switched style guide recommendation for ...
744df2d 2017-02-09 Update MergeRequest API state_event option documentation
62ae61e 2017-02-07 CI runs lint on shell scripts in lib/support
b988faa 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' into 'jej-pages-to-ce'
5af4cae 2017-02-03 Fix documentation link in doc/user/project/pages/
1af3f3b 2017-02-03 Merge branch 'master' into jej-pages-picked-from-ee
67c8526 2017-02-02 Ported max_pages_size in settings API to CE
c6dac7d 2017-02-02 Mentioned pages to CE port in project/pages/
a14f113 2017-02-02 Added Changelog for Pages to CE port
3c571ba 2017-02-02 Use non-downtime migration for ApplicationSetting’s max_...
01b14b2 2017-02-02 Fix rubocop error from pages EE->CE port
9677b53 2017-02-01 Excluded pages_domains from import/export spec
80f9794 2017-01-31 Fix restart link on doc/pages/
f6c66f4 2017-01-31 Fix reconfigure link on doc/pages/
9c623e3 2016-12-20 Added QueryRecorder to test N+1 fix on Milestone#show
a2f57f2 2016-12-20 Fix N+1 queries on milestone show pages
27c936a 2016-12-20 Milestoneish SQL performance partially improved and memo...
bea9795 2016-12-17 Fix link from doc/development/ to 'Perform...
6606642 2016-10-10 fixup! Added link to bulk assign issues to MR author. (I...
8d2de73 2016-10-07 fixup! Added link to bulk assign issues to MR author. (I...