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#56 James Edwards-Jones - All time
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b75b516 2018-10-09 Inline RSpec/FilePath rubocop rule
202bd2d 2018-06-13 Backport InternalRedirect#sanitize_redirect
b98a88c 2018-05-21 Backport helpers from GroupSAML failure messages
318812f 2018-05-10 Remove accidental EE additions in CE
bbc53f2 2018-05-08 Backport with_forgery_protection spec helper
7425f2b 2018-05-04 Backport IdentityLinker#failed? from GroupSaml callback ...
d14851f 2018-05-02 Backport Identity.uniqueness_scope from EE
c741f95 2018-04-30 Exclude LDAP from OmniauthCallbackController base methods
9904ac8 2018-04-25 Backports EE changes from disabling branch unprotect UI
dd09a19 2018-04-23 Auth::User classes refactor adds should_save?
795cd7f 2018-04-23 Replace define_method with alias_method in Omniauth Cont...
d3a8a07 2018-04-23 Unify Saml::IdentityLinker and OAuth::IdentityLinker
f8d5491 2018-04-22 Show error on failed OAuth account link
f10c999 2018-04-22 Refactor OmniauthCallbacksController to remove duplication
35600d7 2018-04-03 Fix schema.rb conflict
590ddfd 2018-04-02 Adds validators and rack cookie helper
3cefa9e 2018-03-26 ProtectedBranch API omits empty declared params
48717b4 2018-03-26 Revert exploratory branch restriction policy
b6a4c01 2018-03-26 API uses ProtectedBranchPolicy for destroy/create
973bd46 2018-03-26 ProtectedBranchPolicy used from Controller for destroy/u...
e706139 2018-03-26 DestroyService for protected tags/branches used from con...
a47565a 2018-03-26 Updated grape to `1.0.2` to remove workaround
1f7328f 2018-03-26 Branch unprotection restriction starting point
60b480f 2018-03-22 OmniauthInitializer refactoring
97cf5d7 2018-03-20 Omniauth callbacks moved to methods
da2191a 2018-03-20 OmniauthInitializer created to improve devise.rb
c1e3942 2018-03-16 Extract constant for LfsPointerFile::VERSION_LINE
3185b87 2018-03-15 Removed unused `Service#disabled_title` methods
9d32fcc 2018-03-15 Avoid printing data for LfsPointerFile#inspect
1f5e809 2018-03-15 Use correct encoding with Lfs::FileTransfromer
ca66a04 2018-03-15 Lfs::FileTranformer caches .gitattributes parser
237a32c 2018-03-15 Avoid failed integrity check by linking LfsObjectProject...
1baac92 2018-03-15 Multi-file upload and Commit API obey LFS filters
ffb1c65 2018-03-15 Rename Lfs::FileModificationHandler to Lfs::FileTransformer
93af1af 2018-03-08 Hides Triggers if integration only has one event
ef15668 2018-03-07 Service integration displays validation errors on test fail
6253d44 2018-03-07 Backport changes from EE's GithubService integration
d4dfa34 2018-02-19 Avoid slow File Lock checks when not used
c88fe70 2018-02-15 Only check LFS integrity for first branch in push
d2a7709 2018-02-06 File upload UI obeys LFS filters
0683d31 2018-01-24 Can parse root .gitattributes file for a ref
c4dd7b8 2018-01-16 Prevent RevList failing on non utf8 paths
9edd9a5 2018-01-08 Adds changelog for backport of authorized_keys DB lookup...
bd9ead6 2018-01-08 Fix spec in shell_spec.rb
40e3d9f 2018-01-08 Fix typo in spec/requests/api/internal_spec.rb
c780774 2017-12-18 Document LFS integrity check and how to disable it
d2ebc9b 2017-12-07 Prevent schema.rb reverting from datetime_with_timezone ...
1d47ae1 2017-12-07 CE backport of ProtectedBranches API changes
9610628 2017-11-24 Deduplicate protected ref human_access_levels
d6dd9d7 2017-11-24 Fix ProtectedBranch access level validations
fceffe4 2017-11-23 Renamed ProtectedBranches::ApiUpdateService to LegacyApi...
ebd5174 2017-11-09 Handle forks in Gitlab::Checks::LfsIntegrity
78ea074 2017-11-08 Moved LfsIntegrity specs to own file
df75643 2017-11-06 Replaced subject with subject.exec in spec/lib/gitlab/ch...
a7b7a22 2017-11-06 Prevent git push when LFS objects are missing
ca04990 2017-11-06 Gitlab::Git::RevList and LfsChanges use lazy popen
9564041 2017-11-06 Gitlab::Git::Popen can lazily hand output to a block
fb3f9c6 2017-11-01 Detect changes to LFS pointers for pruning and integrity...
f72144f 2017-09-15 Demonstrate <details> and <summary> tags in doc/user/mar...
bd1be9b 2017-08-25 Remove 'dependent: :destroy' from ProtectedRef has_many ...
6ec47a8 2017-08-15 Fix 'Projected tags' typo in protected_tags_spec.rb
140292e 2017-08-14 Update VERSION to 9.4.5
dcca25e 2017-08-14 Update for 9.4.5
3f39fa1 2017-08-14 Update for 9.4.5
9dbcbf3 2017-08-11 Fix spec failures in 9-4-stable-patch-5
9f15028 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'fix-jenkins-error' into '9-4-stable-patch-5'
b296921 2017-08-10 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params' into 'security...
334915d 2017-08-10 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-9-3' into 'security-9-3'
fcd6a17 2017-08-10 Merge branch '9-3-stable' of
880380c 2017-08-10 Merge branch '9-2-stable' of
7f4bc71 2017-08-10 Merge branch '9-1-stable' of
513c762 2017-08-10 Merge branch '9-0-stable' of
e70c4e4 2017-08-10 Document "Pick into Backports" label process
ff7d664 2017-08-09 Update VERSION to 8.17.8
6fa6745 2017-08-09 Update for 8.17.8
001be81 2017-08-09 Update for 8.17.8
2377923 2017-08-09 Update VERSION to 9.0.13
328744b 2017-08-09 Update for 9.0.13
55fc234 2017-08-09 Update for 9.0.13
d09fe1e 2017-08-09 Update VERSION to 9.1.10
a81a46b 2017-08-09 Update for 9.1.10
dd56ba9 2017-08-09 Update for 9.1.10
c8796f5 2017-08-09 Update VERSION to 9.3.10
81ad307 2017-08-09 Update for 9.3.10
2decb8e 2017-08-09 Update for 9.3.10
2c79d92 2017-08-09 Update VERSION to 9.4.4
0735982 2017-08-09 Update for 9.4.4
567a994 2017-08-09 Update for 9.4.4
6689cfd 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-9-3' into 'security-9-3'
7528b7e 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params-9-3' into 'secu...
d751acd 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-9-3' into 'security-9-3'
db7eb1a 2017-08-08 Mark thunky as MIT license for license_finder
248e14e 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-9-2' into 'security-9-2'
23ba6c7 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params-9-2' into 'secu...
9ef5506 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params' into 'security...
f38bb70 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params-9-3' into 'secu...
4efa558 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params' into 'security...
a2ffceb 2017-07-28 Update VERSION to 9.4.2
590d745 2017-07-28 Update for 9.4.2
20d7b04 2017-07-28 Update for 9.4.2
d22ebc6 2017-07-26 Merge branch '35556-align-button' into '9-4-stable-patch-2'
6678b4e 2017-07-25 Update VERSION to 9.4.1
8e57c6a 2017-07-25 Update for 9.4.1
3f59e35 2017-07-25 Update for 9.4.1
754d8ca 2017-07-22 Update VERSION to 9.5.0-pre
9bbe2ac 2017-07-22 Update VERSION to 9.4.0
bc708dc 2017-07-22 Update for 9.4.0
824bfc6 2017-07-22 Update for 9.4.0
1081869 2017-07-21 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-rc6
bf4a130 2017-07-21 Revert "Merge branch 'bjk/metric_names' into 'master'"
2ee1ada 2017-07-20 Update VERSION to 9.0.12
7428fe6 2017-07-20 Update for 9.0.12
27bd37f 2017-07-20 Update for 9.0.12
d532439 2017-07-20 Update VERSION to 9.1.9
fc42e19 2017-07-20 Update for 9.1.9
8ad47a7 2017-07-20 Update for 9.1.9
dd4c443 2017-07-20 Update VERSION to 9.2.9
508f41b 2017-07-20 Update for 9.2.9
18e164d 2017-07-20 Update for 9.2.9
755bb71 2017-07-20 Update VERSION to 9.3.9
d7ab476 2017-07-20 Update for 9.3.9
09ddecb 2017-07-20 Update for 9.3.9
d82692e 2017-07-20 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-rc5
41f3db5 2017-07-19 Update VERSION to 9.0.11
5545321 2017-07-19 Update for 9.0.11
af81024 2017-07-19 Update for 9.0.11
66d859c 2017-07-19 Update VERSION to 9.1.8
c929e39 2017-07-19 Update for 9.1.8
fc8b0eb 2017-07-19 Update for 9.1.8
756f853 2017-07-19 Update VERSION to 8.17.7
f01c122 2017-07-19 Update for 8.17.7
efdcf16 2017-07-19 Update for 8.17.7
5fc5c81 2017-07-19 Update VERSION to 9.2.8
88cd9ff 2017-07-19 Update for 9.2.8
e076ca2 2017-07-19 Update for 9.2.8
63d383e 2017-07-19 Update VERSION to 9.3.8
0d6c7a4 2017-07-19 Update for 9.3.8
3a0e41e 2017-07-19 Update for 9.3.8
b4118a0 2017-07-19 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-rc4
b3f3d04 2017-07-19 Merge branch '9-3-stable' into security-9-3
a378489 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'sh-add-simple-mode-mr-api-9-4-stable' into...
9dfe945 2017-07-12 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-rc2
f47a7ab 2017-07-11 Updated vendor/licenses.csv for 9.4
f4e76d6 2017-07-11 Update CI templates for 9.4
d9868d2 2017-07-11 9.4 update instractions include changes made to 9.3 inst...
d2a0a86 2017-07-11 Update source installation instructions for 9.4
d40445e 2017-07-07 Merge branch '9-4-pre' into 'master'
86e8c4f 2017-07-06 Fixed for 9.3.4 release
a4828bc 2017-07-06 Fixed for 9.3.4 release
c4e3cd9 2017-07-05 Merge updates from 9.3.5
0c9ceb3 2017-07-05 Update VERSION to 9.3.5
db97b96 2017-07-05 Update for 9.3.5
6b1d1b6 2017-07-05 Update for 9.3.5
bc29be4 2017-07-05 Merge branch '9-3-stable-patch-5' into 9-3-stable
293b2f1 2017-07-05 Fix for spec failure in gitaly_client/ref_spec.rb on stable
55fe1fc 2017-07-04 Revert "Merge branch 'fix/gb/qa/use-latest-chrome-versio...
3888c01 2017-07-03 Update VERSION to 9.3.4
b5b4054 2017-07-03 Update for 9.3.4
7c55893 2017-07-03 Update for 9.3.4
26e7e49 2017-07-03 Merge branch 'jej-update-gitlab-shell-to-5-1-1' into 'ma...
57eaae5 2017-07-03 Merge branch '9-3-allow-force-repo-create' into '9-3-sta...
d307ec0 2017-07-03 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION to 5.1.1
5ead4b4 2017-07-03 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION to 5.1.1
92cd381 2017-06-30 Update VERSION to 9.3.3
1a449b2 2017-06-30 Update for 9.3.3
7bc3485 2017-06-30 Update for 9.3.3
b4b9d3d 2017-06-30 Merge branch '9-3-stable-patch-3-mysql' into '9-3-stable'
c560787 2017-06-29 Run mysql tests on stable preperation branches like 9-3-...
6db1a28 2017-06-20 Rollback project folder move after error in Projects::Tr...
0c1bf16 2017-05-31 Backport EE refactorings for Protected Tag EE-only funct...
9f3f22c 2017-05-05 Failed Jobs tab only shows 10 job traces for performance
acd9cd0 2017-05-05 Hides pipeline ‘Failed Jobs’ tab when no jobs have failed
4c0adb9 2017-05-05 Build failures summary page for pipelines
29519ed 2017-05-04 Cycle analytics specs needed Commit to reference issue
020295f 2017-05-04 Use regex to skip unnecessary reference processing in Pr...
2fe0d9f 2017-04-21 Added test to prevent ‘Request access’ regression
72419f3 2017-04-07 Documentation for protected tags
9db87fc 2017-04-07 Protected tags changes from backend maintainer review
55811ac 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'last-green-master' into 18471-restrict-tag...
902054d 2017-04-06 Fix within('#new_protected_tag') in protected tags spec
7d17fce 2017-04-06 Fix projected import failing on missing relations
f16377e 2017-04-06 Protected Tags backend review changes
9f9a7a2 2017-04-04 Added ProtectedTag to import/export son and safe_model_a...
d85471a 2017-04-04 Fixed UserAccess#can_create_tag? after create_access_lev...
07d7d8e 2017-04-04 Renamed ProtectedTag push_access_levels to create_access...
f9e849c 2017-04-04 Cleaned up duplication with ProtectedRefAccess concern
3bb3a68 2017-04-04 Attempt to fix import/export of push_access_levels for p...
1e15444 2017-04-04 Cleanup & tests for UserAccess#can_create_tag?
90c8bb8 2017-04-04 Fixed developers_can_push in RepoBranch API entity
d5acb69 2017-04-03 Protected Tags prevents all updates instead of just forc...
ff2713a 2017-04-03 Fix typos in ProtectedRef concern and whitespace detecte...
3c91841 2017-04-03 Created ProtectedRefsController to reduce Tags/Branches ...
9f4b8db 2017-04-03 Clean up non TODO rubocop errors
35b719f 2017-04-03 Use delegation in ProtectedRef concern
04a50bd 2017-04-03 Removed protected_tags_array
4f71c29 2017-04-03 Moved default_branch_protected? out of Project
bf3cc82 2017-04-03 Moved Project#protected_branch? to ProtectedBranch, simi...
b8c7bef 2017-04-03 Extracted ProtectableDropdown to clean up Project#open_b...
65f3d50 2017-04-03 Extract ProtectedRef Concern
553cf9e 2017-03-31 Added ‘protected’ label and disabled delete button for t...
ab46353 2017-03-31 Added ProtectedTags#show page
e3fbcd0 2017-03-31 Protected Tags enforced over git
b5fce1d 2017-03-31 Removed unnecessary table ‘protected_tag_merge_access_le...
18b445a 2017-03-31 Protected tags can be added/listed via UI
f51eac1 2017-03-31 Settings::RepositoryController includes protected tags i...
91ed8ed 2017-03-31 Protected tags copy/paste from protected branches
1a416a4 2017-03-31 Database migrations for protected tags
5b41b79 2017-03-21 Prevented error on nil author from Issuable delegation
461d267 2017-03-14 Set 'config.assets.compile = false' in production
d48dda3 2017-03-14 Fix 'ExecJS disabled' error on issues index
4dc99f3 2017-03-13 Adds docs for QueryRecorder tests
9a672c4 2017-03-06 Updates Redcarpet (Markdown parser) to 3.4.0
8a61940 2017-02-23 Switched style guide recommendation for ...
744df2d 2017-02-09 Update MergeRequest API state_event option documentation
62ae61e 2017-02-07 CI runs lint on shell scripts in lib/support
b988faa 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' into 'jej-pages-to-ce'
5af4cae 2017-02-03 Fix documentation link in doc/user/project/pages/
1af3f3b 2017-02-03 Merge branch 'master' into jej-pages-picked-from-ee
67c8526 2017-02-02 Ported max_pages_size in settings API to CE
c6dac7d 2017-02-02 Mentioned pages to CE port in project/pages/
a14f113 2017-02-02 Added Changelog for Pages to CE port
3c571ba 2017-02-02 Use non-downtime migration for ApplicationSetting’s max_...
01b14b2 2017-02-02 Fix rubocop error from pages EE->CE port
9677b53 2017-02-01 Excluded pages_domains from import/export spec
80f9794 2017-01-31 Fix restart link on doc/pages/
f6c66f4 2017-01-31 Fix reconfigure link on doc/pages/
9c623e3 2016-12-20 Added QueryRecorder to test N+1 fix on Milestone#show
a2f57f2 2016-12-20 Fix N+1 queries on milestone show pages
27c936a 2016-12-20 Milestoneish SQL performance partially improved and memo...
bea9795 2016-12-17 Fix link from doc/development/ to 'Perform...
6606642 2016-10-10 fixup! Added link to bulk assign issues to MR author. (I...
8d2de73 2016-10-07 fixup! Added link to bulk assign issues to MR author. (I...