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#144 Jacopo - All time
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1fe6bea 2017-05-15 Notes: Warning message should go away once resolved
60e9405 2017-04-28 Improve text on todo list when the todo action comes fro...
ff76adb 2017-04-21 Unnecessary "include WaitForAjax" and "include ApiHelpers"
de62d3b 2017-04-16 Expand/collapse button -> Change to make it look like a ...
370fd10 2017-04-07 Removed `Milestone#is_empty?`
b996a82 2017-04-06 ProjectsFinder should handle more options
7b04b63 2017-03-21 New directory from interface on existing branch
5f9ace8 2017-03-16 Add 'Undo mark all as done' to Todos
e0fe283 2017-03-13 New file from interface on existing branch
e20ffc6 2017-03-10 Add 'Undo' to Todos in the Done tab
2616045 2017-02-17 Todo done clicking is kind of unusable.
e402907 2017-01-28 Filter todos by manual add
75060b9 2016-12-15 Go to a project order
4d26ab2 2016-12-05 Fix Archived project merge requests add to group's Merge...
8235f83 2016-12-02 Fixed Wrong Tab Selected When Loggin Fails And Multiple ...