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f8d11e8 2018-10-04 Trim whitespace when inviting a new user by email
f3834e9 2018-10-03 Includes commit stats in POST project commits API
a1c3d40 2018-10-03 Allows to filter issues by `Any milestone` in the API
e2056f0 2018-10-02 Hides Close MR button on merged MR
337e87d 2018-10-01 Fixes modal button alignment
73bdca2 2018-09-28 Docs for Project/Groups members API with inherited members
271776d 2018-09-27 Adds chmod action to POST /projects/:id/repository/commi...
4a37cd0 2018-08-29 Minor renames for clarity
e3e7466 2018-08-29 Handles when ClassMethods is used inside a class
a1cad13 2018-08-29 Fixes rubocop chain ordinary method after safe navigatio...
c6bddea 2018-08-29 Updates code using class_methods over module ClassMethods
8af4087 2018-08-29 Applies rule only when extending ActiveSupport::Concern
a33fd59 2018-08-29 Adds Changelog
2f0327b 2018-08-29 Adds Rubocop rule to enforce class_methods over module C...
c630186 2018-08-10 Allows to cancel a Created job
37fb903 2018-08-09 Fixes input alignment in user admin form with errors
ae54807 2018-08-07 Backport of EE changes in
5bab789 2018-07-30 Improve error message when adding invalid user to a project
46317b7 2018-06-05 Removes variables from pipelines api
3871ea3 2018-06-01 Review 1
6ae16b6 2018-06-01 Rename variables_attributes => variables and adds spec f...
9b2e19f 2018-06-01 Adds variables to POST api/v4/projects/:id/pipeline
fe61e80 2018-05-23 Fixes: Runners search input placeholder is cut off
7af283c 2018-05-22 Closes MR check out branch modal with escape
e4adf01 2018-05-17 Fixes 500 error on /estimate BIG_VALUE
890dc39 2018-05-09 Updates updated_at on issue when using /spend quick action
f1abb88 2018-05-08 Moves MR widget external link icon to the right
9000626 2018-04-19 Moves Uniquify counter in the initializer
6ae3098 2018-04-19 Uses Uniquify to calculate Issue#suggested_branch_name
4f2e494 2018-04-19 Checked in new translation keys
5a29a30 2018-04-19 Shows new branch/mr button even when branch exists
76c926d 2018-03-27 Adds cancel btn to new pages domain page
168ff28 2018-03-05 Adds updated_at filter to issues and merge_requests API
7d79b5c 2018-02-15 Fixes Renaming repository (project[name]) fails on 2nd t...
a0d714f 2018-02-05 Fixes Different margins between buttons in tag list
0f00071 2018-01-29 Disable MR check out button when source branch is deleted
0dfa637 2018-01-28 Adds spacing between edit and delete btn in tag list
eceeafb 2018-01-24 Updates `Revert this merge request` text
4f34206 2018-01-22 Allows html in commits atom feed
269594b 2018-01-18 Fix Shows signin tab after new user email confirmation
310d209 2018-01-17 Adds sorting to deployments API
fa84b98 2018-01-16 Enables Project Milestone Deletion via API
6185ce0 2017-12-24 Rendering of emoji's in Group-Overview
cc75946 2017-12-18 List of avatars should never show +1
55f3220 2017-12-13 Adds ordering to projects contributors in API
0b3e369 2017-11-20 Disables autocomplete in filtered search
181cd29 2017-11-16 Adds Rubocop rule for line break after guard clause
d4a9aed 2017-11-06 Fixes 404 error to `Issues assigned to me` and `Issues I...
2cad283 2017-10-30 Adds project_id to pipeline hook data
2f40dac 2017-10-20 Refactor `have_http_status` into `have_gitlab_http_statu...
26ec874 2017-10-18 Get Project Branch API shows an helpful error message on...
c30f924 2017-10-13 Replaces 'WikiPage::CreateService' calls with 'wiki_page...
0ce6785 2017-10-07 Replaces `tag: true` into `:tag` in the specs
e050313 2017-09-24 Hide close MR button after merge without reloading page
e9771e6 2017-09-19 Add Gitaly version to Admin Dashboard
378ee1d 2017-08-30 Unescape HTML characters in Wiki title
5167a76 2017-08-24 Authorizations regarding OAuth - style confirmation
153b48f 2017-08-17 Allow all users to delete their account
b982f6f 2017-08-10 Added tests for commits API with an unauthenticated user...
eb2b895 2017-07-22 Let's start labeling our CHANGELOG entries
0b5133b 2017-07-20 Extract "@request.env['devise.mapping'] = Devise.mapping...
1fe6bea 2017-05-15 Notes: Warning message should go away once resolved
60e9405 2017-04-28 Improve text on todo list when the todo action comes fro...
ff76adb 2017-04-21 Unnecessary "include WaitForAjax" and "include ApiHelpers"
de62d3b 2017-04-16 Expand/collapse button -> Change to make it look like a ...
370fd10 2017-04-07 Removed `Milestone#is_empty?`
b996a82 2017-04-06 ProjectsFinder should handle more options
7b04b63 2017-03-21 New directory from interface on existing branch
5f9ace8 2017-03-16 Add 'Undo mark all as done' to Todos
e0fe283 2017-03-13 New file from interface on existing branch
e20ffc6 2017-03-10 Add 'Undo' to Todos in the Done tab
2616045 2017-02-17 Todo done clicking is kind of unusable.
e402907 2017-01-28 Filter todos by manual add
75060b9 2016-12-15 Go to a project order
4d26ab2 2016-12-05 Fix Archived project merge requests add to group's Merge...
8235f83 2016-12-02 Fixed Wrong Tab Selected When Loggin Fails And Multiple ...