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#19 Jacob Vosmaer - All time
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Hash Date Message
fc4acfa 2018-10-12 Drop support for Go 1.9 in GitLab 11.4
b8297c1 2018-08-16 Use gitlab-workhorse 6.0.0
c335610 2018-08-03 Use Gitaly 0.115.0
0428367 2018-07-20 Use Gitaly 0.111.2
e585481 2018-07-17 Add cross-link to N+1 issue
9d93a61 2018-07-12 Fix find_branch call sites
40ed88b 2018-07-12 whitespace
d1d7144 2018-07-12 Make more ref RPC's mandatory
d60783d 2018-07-12 Use Gitaly 0.111.1
723f74d 2018-07-11 Remove last flags from Blob and Workhorse
c2c2890 2018-07-11 Use gitaly 0.112.0
a4e75e7 2018-07-09 Use Gitaly for fetches and creating bundles
359ca27 2018-07-06 Remove silly use of repo disk path
c770d2f 2018-07-06 Make more things mandatory
ff112ce 2018-07-06 Add Repository#set_config and #delete_config
b012abe 2018-07-06 Make all Gitaly diff flags mandatory
9f83269 2018-07-06 Partially rever "Revert "Merge branch 'gitaly-mandatory-...
201802f 2018-07-03 Remove more feature flags
f4d6834 2018-06-27 Make Gitaly signature RPC's mandatory
be5e6d5 2018-06-27 Make search and message RPC's mandatory
33c950f 2018-06-26 Client-side fix for Gitaly TreeEntry bug
7d14b72 2018-06-25 Move repo backup RPC's to opt-out
1ac7c52 2018-06-19 Use Go 1.10 for source installations
f376347 2018-06-12 Find and mark more Git disk access locations, part 2
2120391 2018-06-08 Remove Gitlab::Popen dependency from lib/gitlab/git
6dfb0b4 2018-06-07 Consistently use tar lookup function
536d180 2018-06-06 Rescue from failed feature lookups
9f71d02 2018-06-06 Use gitaly 0.105.0
e7ef913 2018-06-06 Simplify server feature flags
6ee0acb 2018-06-01 Use File.join in DeleteAllRepositories test
8d8e8f7 2018-05-31 Add /vendor/gitaly-ruby to gitignore
8902a55 2018-05-31 Use Gitaly 0.104.0
a3268f9 2018-05-30 Add /vendor/gitaly-ruby to gitignore
f2ff064 2018-05-30 Use Gitaly 0.104.0
dce000f 2018-05-30 Merge branch '10-8-stable-patch-3' of
8299713 2018-05-30 Ignore vendor/gitaly-ruby
1291d6a 2018-05-25 Use Gitaly 0.100.1 in 10-8-stable
8fad073 2018-05-25 Return '/' as a bogus repo path to gitlab-shell
294731f 2018-05-18 Use grpc 1.11.0
8cb6f4f 2018-05-01 Use gitlab-workhorse 4.2.0
151f71f 2018-05-01 Use gitaly 0.96.2
b37cea6 2018-04-30 Use fast timeouts for Gitaly FooInProgress RPC's
1bfaf10 2018-04-30 Use grpc 1.11.0
f9dd0de 2018-04-09 Use gitlab-shell 7.1.2
c26dcc3 2018-04-09 Use Gitaly 0.95.0
8e311eb 2018-04-06 Use gitaly 0.94.0
86758aa 2018-04-06 Changelog
6c55a9d 2018-04-03 Remove support for legacy tar.gz pages artifacts
23936ff 2018-03-28 Make all workhorse gitaly calls opt-out, take 2
bfdb3f2 2018-03-23 Use gitlab-shell 7.1.1
0189ee9 2018-03-23 Show gitaly address instead of disk path
008a6a6 2018-03-21 Route path lookups through legacy_disk_path
153faf5 2018-03-16 Use Gitaly 0.91.0
119f701 2018-03-12 Use Gitaly 0.89.0
f45c66e 2018-03-08 Remove duplicate method definitions
4aedec1 2018-02-01 Ban Rugged from Repository
afe665d 2018-01-31 Remove Rugged::Walk implementation of #log
a6dbb85 2018-01-30 Remove Rugged exception in cache rescue
6d6f753 2018-01-25 Look for rugged with static analysis
49e9347 2018-01-25 Make Gitlab::Git::Repository#run_git private
2f7a975 2018-01-22 Use gitlab-workhorse 3.5.1
20c4275 2018-01-22 Use gitlab-shell 6.0.2
4aaf3da 2018-01-15 Use an at_exit hook to stop test gitaly
c99c481 2018-01-10 Update the grpc gem to 1.8.3
d805cd3 2018-01-09 Add option to disable git archive caching in workhorse
dca85d4 2018-01-08 Use workhorse 3.4.0
5d1391b 2018-01-05 Fix specs
176b60d 2018-01-04 Remove the Project#repo method
dcebe14 2018-01-04 rubocop
ac2cb65 2018-01-04 Remove the Commit#tree method
80242f2 2018-01-04 Hide hooks stuff
44d15e4 2018-01-04 get it working
b5fe391 2018-01-04 Update some Gitaly annotations in Gitlab::Shell
449b59e 2018-01-03 Better English
ce09dc3 2018-01-03 Fix method lookup
8d8550c 2018-01-03 Fix method lookup
8cf0ea4 2018-01-03 Handle Gitaly aborted merge due to branch update
d3b6e64 2017-12-20 Use Gitaly 0.59.2
95ed3c4 2017-12-07 Use Gitaly 0.59.0
d704f0c 2017-12-06 Prevent dups when using StringIO for binary reads
22c29b0 2017-12-05 Downgrade the grpc gem to 1.4.5
77c6292 2017-12-04 Add notice to gollum initializer
c3e14c1 2017-11-23 Use Gitaly 0.52.1
e73af42 2017-10-16 Add Gitlab::Git::Env.to_env_hash
0aff29f 2017-10-13 Merge Merge Requests via Gitaly
ed1c838 2017-10-13 Use grpc 1.6.6
cc545a8 2017-10-11 Use google-protobuf
9e60108 2017-10-10 Fix mysterious rubocop failure
5ada58d 2017-10-10 Run bundle
46f6b75 2017-10-10 Use gitaly-proto 0.41.0
31f60fb 2017-10-10 Use Gitaly 0.45.1
147e2b2 2017-10-04 Let fetch_ref pull from Gitaly instead of from disk
45c5311 2017-10-04 Add missing exception variable
f6966d8 2017-10-03 Include RevList error messages in exceptions
581272f 2017-10-02 Log update-ref errors in OperationService
35d673f 2017-10-02 Use Gitaly 0.43.0
972c5e8 2017-10-02 Fix 'gitlay' typo in spec
e5fecc3 2017-09-29 Create repositories via Gitaly
9b10dec 2017-09-20 Use gitlab-workhorse 3.1.0
902b534 2017-09-15 Prepare Repository#merge for migration to Gitaly
9e40bab 2017-09-14 Rename Gitlab::Git::Committer to User
ae63e92 2017-09-14 Use grpc 1.6.0
2066a12 2017-09-12 Fix Ruby syntax error in Gitaly config example
1dce0a2 2017-09-06 Wait for gitaly to boot during tests
9d88ad4 2017-09-05 Add Gitaly migration points for branch/tag create/delete
6cdaa27 2017-09-01 Move GitOperationService to Gitlab::Git
129d6bf 2017-09-01 Fix whitespace
e812298 2017-09-01 Remove empty line
0aadf36 2017-09-01 Restore with_branch cache spec
ee1aede 2017-09-01 Remove YAGNI Gitaly logs from CI artifacts
254f5ab 2017-09-01 Add Gitlab::Git::Repository#==
57f0c41 2017-09-01 Use gitaly 0.36.0
51260c0 2017-08-31 Gitaly CI improvements
8ad690b 2017-08-31 Prepare GitOperationService for move to Gitlab::Git
cbcbe4b 2017-08-24 Use google-protobuf
1971ae1 2017-08-24 Use gitaly-proto 0.31.0
a1a9149 2017-08-24 Avoid committer = lines
961da7d 2017-08-23 Add tests for Committer#==
bc97931 2017-08-23 Fix call sites in tests
da76913 2017-08-23 Rubocop whitespace
c47b947 2017-08-23 Move GitHooksService tests
dc7c6be 2017-08-23 Move GitHooksService to Gitlab::Git
65f8394 2017-08-23 Make gl_repository a G::G::Repository attribute
9b93093 2017-08-23 Decouple GitOperationService from User
b789f39 2017-08-18 Use Gitaly 0.33.0
3049dfa 2017-08-18 Simplify return values
df7f2b1 2017-08-18 Simplify method arguments
a902166 2017-08-18 More annotations
faaed0a 2017-08-18 Delete unused Gitlab::Git methods
66afd1e 2017-08-18 Add Gitaly annotation
40752ce 2017-08-17 Use grpc 1.4.5
90a07de 2017-08-16 Use charlock_holmes 0.7.5
4405c8e 2017-08-15 Remove deprecated field from workhorse API responses
d9b6fd4 2017-08-14 Handle missing .gitmodules when getting submodule urls
fab0c1e 2017-08-11 Use existing BUNDLE_PATH for gitaly in local tests
11eda5c 2017-08-09 Rename RPC 'Exists' to 'RepositoryExists'
b21539c 2017-08-09 Expose the raw_log method
5684528 2017-08-08 Unset BUNDLE_GEMFILE when installing Gitaly
f278e5f 2017-08-07 Set default options outside the raw_log method
29a1c5a 2017-08-07 Rename 'limit' to 'blob_size_limit'
9244b20 2017-08-07 Change spelling of gitlab-shell
65cf702 2017-08-04 Add 9.5 update guide, with Gitaly specifics
5d775ea 2017-08-04 Rename raw -> rugged
cb36c3b 2017-08-04 Install yarn via apt in update guides
3120b46 2017-08-04 Use long curl options
25a6a07 2017-08-03 Migration link for Repository#log
00c9c6b 2017-08-03 Remove unused methods
3a8f4a3 2017-08-03 Remove unnecessary 'raw' alias
29a07fd 2017-08-03 Rename 'commits_between' to 'rugged_commits_between'
6c95abf 2017-08-03 Install 'yarn' globally to avoid PATH issues
d3ddc69 2017-08-01 Add rugged_is_ancestor method
f3569a2 2017-08-01 Fix bug in blob test
5e20e44 2017-08-01 Add Gitlab::Git::Blob.batch method
67de82c 2017-08-01 Add option to use CommitLanguages RPC
e995645 2017-08-01 CI fixes for gitaly-ruby
7b18c42 2017-07-31 Remove unused (?) code
1631ad0 2017-07-27 Support the fact that Gitaly uses bundler
a78306e 2017-07-25 Enable gitaly_post_upload_pack by default
682b328 2017-07-14 Remove Repository#search_files
8ca394b 2017-07-14 Gitaly migration annotations
48a2c68 2017-07-14 Use helper instead of ad-hoc regex
b304fd7 2017-07-14 Make commit lookups explicit
08b462b 2017-07-14 Remove deprecated #heads method
000ec95 2017-07-14 Make branch filter support private
5b18f73 2017-07-13 Indirectly migrate count_commits_between to Gitaly
a87cca5 2017-07-13 More Gitaly annotations
b2ecf0a 2017-07-13 Change Git::Repository#log to return Commits
0b0e89e 2017-07-12 Try to eliminate unused diff options
47c844b 2017-07-12 Add Gitaly notes and annotations to Gitlab::Git
17d7d3d 2017-07-07 Add git_blob_load_all_data feature flag
06b9449 2017-07-07 Add gitaly_git_blob_raw feature
78089d1 2017-07-07 Remove option to disable Gitaly completely
f63ca52 2017-07-06 Configure token on client side too
b67d1d6 2017-07-05 Migrate #submodule_url_for to Gitaly
ec35a9e 2017-07-04 Remove unnecessary clear_stubs calls
f39fe34 2017-07-04 Add test for GitalyClient::Ref#find_ref_name
b3498d8 2017-06-30 Use Gitaly 0.14.0
adc0087 2017-06-30 Allow developers to have custom rspec output settings
8a62f30 2017-06-30 Add a UTF-8 encoding matcher
7648f11 2017-06-30 Remove unnecessary contexts
d3bcf8a 2017-06-28 Fix gitaly ref encoding bugs
cf131bf 2017-06-27 Make Gitlab::Ggit::Repository#submodules private
43c3a65 2017-06-27 Remove 'contains' option from Commit.find_all
144e37c 2017-06-27 Remove Gitlab::Git::Repository#find_all
2bad43f 2017-06-26 Remove unused Gitlab::Git::Commit#to_diff argument
e7afde0 2017-06-23 Use grpc 1.4.0
c150a6f 2017-06-22 Add anchor text
517cbdc 2017-06-22 Use gitlab-workhorse 2.2.0
a8517c1 2017-06-22 Add documentation for running Gitaly on another server
ce612c3 2017-06-22 Use Gitaly 0.13.0
218da88 2017-06-20 Enable gitaly token auth when testing
4f8af50 2017-06-20 Rubocop and comment fixes
d66d126 2017-06-20 Remove unused attr_accessor from Gitlab::Git::Commit
7bda103 2017-06-20 Send gitaly token to workhorse when needed
76bafc0 2017-06-19 Pass Gitaly token on Ruby gRPC requests
f61f546 2017-06-12 Use gitaly 0.11.2
ef3adb6 2017-06-08 Increase unicorn test boot timeout to 5 minutes
0f2ce30 2017-06-07 Use Gitaly 0.11.0
28590e8 2017-05-30 Enable Gitaly by default in GitLab 9.3
39c6dd5 2017-05-26 Duplicate gitaly init variables in 'default' file
16168b5 2017-05-24 Use the iterator inside DiffCollection only once
fcdc427 2017-05-23 Add test that shows DiffCollection restart bug
69e6898 2017-05-23 Use 'sudo bash' when adding nodesource repository
20c1015 2017-05-23 Use grpc 1.3.4
60106c1 2017-05-15 Log gitaly output during testing
43f037c 2017-05-15 Don't reuse gRPC channels
27fb64d 2017-05-11 Remove deltas_only from DiffCollection
fc0e00b 2017-05-09 Remove some unused Gitlab::Git code
3107f2e 2017-05-09 Use Rails 'delegate'
f1a14d6 2017-05-09 Don't make Commit#raw_deltas private
48254d1 2017-05-09 Don't use DiffCollection for deltas
3960d97 2017-05-04 Compile gitlab-shell go executables
35f1490 2017-05-03 Use gitlab-workhorse 2.0.0
d72405b 2017-04-28 Use grpc 1.2.5
3532b8d 2017-04-28 Remove config lines in one place
628163b 2017-04-28 Use rspec 'be'
106f3db 2017-04-28 Refactor timeout code
b325d4a 2017-04-26 Add test that asserts unicorns terminate
38cd13c 2017-04-24 Fix 9.1 Gitaly source update steps
e46f67a 2017-04-10 Use gRPC 1.2.2
20d415a 2017-04-07 Use Gitlab::Git::Repository#gitaly_... more
6474c67 2017-04-07 Remove spaces
6a07a24 2017-04-07 Combine delegations in one line
7ecc7f6 2017-04-07 Remove unused code
e4ac948 2017-04-07 Send more Gitaly::Repository fields
2f7ff6e 2017-04-06 Fix rubocop offence
542b0d8 2017-04-06 Use config.toml to configure Gitaly
5077079 2017-04-05 Remove deprecated field from workhorse response
90e0b2d 2017-04-05 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.4.3
8eb3506 2017-04-05 Deal with Rails autoload instance variable resets
56cf027 2017-04-05 Rename {create,inizialize}_raw_repository
ca94d20 2017-04-04 Pass GitalyAddress to workhorse
1348780 2017-04-03 Pass Gitaly Repository messages to workhorse
88812ce 2017-04-03 Use gitaly 0.5.0
340a6f8 2017-03-29 Add 9.1 update guide with Gitaly instructions
65b6833 2017-03-29 Fix custom hooks restore
1904c80 2017-03-29 Change socket_path to gitaly_address
eee07f1 2017-03-29 Expand relative paths in storages
8f50ef5 2017-03-29 Separate GRPC channels per repository storage
c837da3 2017-03-29 Helper method for storage path stripping
b9e4a48 2017-03-24 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.4.2
414ce03 2017-03-21 Fix typo [ci skip]
d791b1e 2017-03-21 Add gitaly admin docs
6c3ce62 2017-03-21 Remove unnecessary before block
275b779 2017-03-21 Add gitaly source installation instructions
49a9c2f 2017-03-21 Print command output when a task failed
3883a5f 2017-03-21 Rake task that can install gitaly at a tag version
6006aaf 2017-03-20 Use google-protobuf
1324a6b 2017-03-14 Use google-protobuf
db95826 2017-03-13 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.4.1
5c5485e 2017-03-13 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.4.1
543a68c 2017-03-10 Document gitaly.socket_path setting
c2c1781 2017-03-09 Instructions for installing google-protobuf from source
848a8f5 2017-03-06 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.4.0
8bebc58 2017-03-06 Add gitaly server dependency
0406a35 2017-01-03 Don't delete files from spec/fixtures
ec273b8 2017-01-03 Copy, don't move uploaded avatar files
e55494d 2016-12-27 Explain why there is a monkey-patch
f4a2d33 2016-12-23 Monkey-patch StrongParameters for ::UploadedFile
4ec259f 2016-12-21 Inject ::UploadedFile from Multipart middleware
ca979f2 2016-12-20 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.2.1
6731ab5 2016-12-15 Add Gitlab::Middleware::Multipart
7c51510 2016-12-08 Use workhorse 1.1.1 in 8-14-stable
fe447b4 2016-12-08 Use gitlab-workhose 1.1.1
dbce843 2016-12-01 Use gitlab-workhorse 1.1.0
c5eca4a 2016-11-04 Remove unused 'require'
6bcc52a 2016-11-04 Refine Git garbage collection
aef7396 2016-10-14 Cache gems in CI on tags
8588393 2016-10-06 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.8.4
437bebb 2016-10-04 Don't send Private-Token headers to Sentry
d901661 2016-09-30 Cache gems in CI on tags
52ee85e 2016-09-30 Initialize Redis pool in single-threaded context
0574573 2016-09-26 Explain the extra chmod
b228b86 2016-09-22 Make Gitlab::Redis.params safe for mutation
c88caf6 2016-09-16 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.8.2
67ec96e 2016-09-16 Strip comments before sending keys to gitlab-shell
11f54ca 2016-09-13 Allow trailing newline in secret base64 data
53615c3 2016-09-09 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.8.1
7ad0bfa 2016-09-08 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.8.0
084bac8 2016-09-07 Express intentions as expectations
0f08bb8 2016-09-07 Rename {commit,update_branch}_with_hooks
a750269 2016-09-07 Allow adding multiple commits in commit_with_hooks
8e97323 2016-09-06 Constants in specs
c87540e 2016-09-05 Verify JWT messages from gitlab-workhorse
ffef94f 2016-09-02 Make error message appropriate for end users
a93a610 2016-09-02 Use 'git update-ref' for safer web commits
f1d37cd 2016-08-31 CHANGELOG roulette
90c0fdf 2016-08-31 More changes suggested by Robert
5ebc787 2016-08-31 Final piece of search-and-replace
90b6ea4 2016-08-30 Add CHANGELOG entry
74abc52 2016-08-30 Create bitmaps during 'git gc'
3ae4e1e 2016-08-24 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.7.11
2bd0ed4 2016-08-19 Fix typo in gitlab-workhorse header
6e6ad3e 2016-08-11 Fix typo
26b98bf 2016-08-10 Improve validation of X-Gitlab-Lfs-Tmp header
f817eec 2016-08-10 Use && and || instead of if
0012de8 2016-08-10 Rename lfs_enabled helper method
7dff094 2016-08-09 Remove duplicate method reintroduced by merge
7a99826 2016-08-09 Merge branch 'master' of
23ddd5e 2016-08-08 Link to doc root, not readme of GDK
427c9f0 2016-08-08 Revert "Defend against 'Host' header injection"
ef58921 2016-08-05 Add 'run tests' docs from GDK
c74005e 2016-08-05 Log base64-decoded PostReceive arguments
e55e224 2016-08-04 Fix ArgumentError in GitAccess specs
b8f754d 2016-08-03 Stop 'git push' over HTTP early
71952d0 2016-07-22 Handle custom Git LFS content type
2342540 2016-07-22 Rubocop
d199b3c 2016-07-22 Better cache when modifying in-place
df3ca41 2016-07-22 Remove obsolete code
0d97524 2016-07-22 Add LFS controllers
47b5b44 2016-07-12 Defend against 'Host' header injection
4bcad1c 2016-07-01 Groundwork for Kerberos SPNEGO (EE feature)
46d2015 2016-06-27 Mention gmake
18d4bd9 2016-06-16 Use gitlab_git 10.1.4
d9f6d5d 2016-06-15 Do not check repos without push events
c32e612 2016-06-15 Get rid of Gitlab::ShellEnv
f73cf3e 2016-06-13 Also rename "find" in the specs
0e896ff 2016-06-10 Improve Gitlab::Auth method names
63ed803 2016-06-08 Skip authenticity token checks for Git HTTP
df62cbd 2016-06-08 Add parentheses
bebe110 2016-06-08 Merge branch 'master' of
ff7c4e5 2016-06-06 Remove code duplication in JwtController
07f4962 2016-06-06 Fix tests
3f3b036 2016-06-03 Use public_send
03bec6b 2016-06-03 Argh mixed up all the negatives
1fab583 2016-06-03 Remove instances of
fa35aea 2016-06-03 Refactor Gitlab::Auth rate limiting
46d5760 2016-06-03 Fewer silly instance variables
50a357d 2016-06-03 Use #present?
1564074 2016-06-03 Refactor _allowed? methods as Rémy asked
3ffa494 2016-06-03 Changes after more review from Rémy
fea591e 2016-06-02 Rename finder to find_in_gitlab_or_ldap
8299fc2 2016-06-02 Merge branch 'master' into git-http-controller
1adaeb7 2016-05-27 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.7.4
1e450ae 2016-05-27 Changelog entry for queue duration
5771114 2016-05-26 Rename metric to 'rails queue duration'
6ec2730 2016-05-25 Test ProxyFlightTime middleware
c049534 2016-05-25 Align class name with field name
3c785a7 2016-05-25 Send data to InfluxDB instead of stdout
897273d 2016-05-25 Couple ProxyTiming to Metrics middleware
cee07c5 2016-05-24 Measure proxy timing: needs influxdb code
3fa32fa 2016-05-23 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.7.3
164a839 2016-05-23 Use gitlab-shell 3.0.0
ebf80db 2016-05-10 Remove extra sanitization
a19508d 2016-05-09 Fix test failures
5bd3295 2016-05-09 Remove space
6957fb7 2016-05-03 Always mention HTTP status
23a3e37 2016-05-03 Inform user about questionable hook success
f4e0c56 2016-05-03 Improve documentation and web test for web hooks
3dc276b 2016-05-03 Remove parallel assignment
dc0ff9a 2016-05-02 Fix "remember me" sign in option
9ce0994 2016-05-02 Rubocop and whitespace
d1f5019 2016-05-02 Use correct auth finder
b1ffc9f 2016-04-29 Make CI/Oauth/rate limiting reusable
9ef50db 2016-04-29 Specify that oauth cannot push code
aacb485 2016-04-28 Merge branch 'admin-email-frequency' into 'master'
8a6776c 2016-04-28 Use 'exec' in Unicorn and Sidekiq launch scripts
9f85b7b 2016-04-26 Initialize wikis on legacy projects during check
3c0ab15 2016-04-26 Do not fsck projects less than a day old
2e07203 2016-04-26 Send 'admin emails' weekly, not daily
f127edd 2016-04-26 Merge branch '15094-throttle-update-of-last_activity_at'...
d698d3e 2016-04-25 More changes suggested by Rémy
b64cbac 2016-04-22 Remove trivial 'let'
c161065 2016-04-22 Don't mess up our parent controller
9add3fb 2016-04-22 Some changes after review from Rémy and Valery
b80bf57 2016-04-21 Disable 'repository check' feature in 8.7.0
103c405 2016-04-21 Use SIGTERM during Sidekiq memory shutdown
1394ccf 2016-04-18 Destroy wikis uniformly
fdf6ca6 2016-04-18 Improve 'auto fsck' admin emails
d7a4a2f 2016-04-18 When a project wiki is disabled skip it for fsck
d3541da 2016-04-15 Comment and whitespace
e7cea8c 2016-04-15 Avoid path helper name clash
2a9a9e1 2016-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
c795ef0 2016-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
77daebe 2016-04-14 More create_list
91cebb7 2016-04-14 Documentation / help improvements
f07316f 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'master' of
6f6d2d0 2016-04-13 Use more conservative limits
bf31b44 2016-04-13 Schema improvements suggested by Yorick
0f602be 2016-04-13 Clear repository check columns asynchronously
9a30d3b 2016-04-13 Remove \f. WT\F ??
fa86471 2016-04-13 Use new "clear all" button in tests
b60b909 2016-04-13 Always check the wiki too
da87fa8 2016-04-13 Make check result staleness more obvious
7478335 2016-04-13 Improve English, thanks Robert
a0bede9 2016-04-13 More code changes, thanks Robert
a1c8fdf 2016-04-12 Merge branch 'master' of
525ab25 2016-04-12 Changes suggested by Robert
3170e5d 2016-04-12 Basta
7b1bb0f 2016-04-12 Merge branch 'master' of
ea78716 2016-04-12 Move 'clear checks' button to applicatoin settings
97f4fff 2016-04-12 Add a 'circuit breaker' for repo checks
b37d3b9 2016-04-12 Add repository_checks_enabled setting
3183141 2016-04-12 Increase fsck lock timeout to 24 hours
ca0b3ea 2016-04-11 Go back to gitlab-workhorse 0.7.1
e834fbb 2016-04-08 Disable git gc --auto
cf66955 2016-04-07 Put CACHE_NAMESPACE in the Gitlab::Redis module
94c135d 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'master' of
3e26f6b 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'master' of
ab9dfa8 2016-04-06 Clarify intentions
ccb2995 2016-04-06 More tests, better descriptions
91226c2 2016-04-06 Move workhorse protocol code into lib
6cc6d97 2016-04-06 Delete dead code
ac4d3dc 2016-04-06 Rubocop
2b91abb 2016-04-06 Disable git gc --auto
622b202 2016-04-06 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.7.2
5cf56e5 2016-04-06 Rename almost all the things
e3558ed 2016-04-06 Document how to disable repo checks
3137f61 2016-04-06 Make redis an explicit Gemfile dependency
bf95267 2016-04-04 Rebase repo check MR
213ee62 2016-04-04 Be careful when setting class instance vars
0163e27 2016-04-04 Add Gitlab::Redis connection pool
5fe06d7 2016-03-24 Add some upload specs
5f37084 2016-03-24 Whitespace!
5714548 2016-03-24 Spec Www-Authenticate
ccf5b21 2016-03-24 Remove useless "describe"
aae577f 2016-03-24 Add test for gitlab_shell.upload_pack config setting
1433068 2016-03-24 Remove useles only:
0f8fe93 2016-03-24 Whitespace, remove unused method
31bc876 2016-03-24 Test both GET and POST for git-upload-pack
8f3e86d 2016-03-24 Keep Grack::Auth in the routes for LFS only
be3675c 2016-03-24 Explain why ExclusiveLease has no #cancel
55f5a68 2016-03-23 Get Grack::Auth tests to pass
19a5e7c 2016-03-23 Test Grack::Auth via a request spec
016c6da 2016-03-21 Gitlab-workhorse tags have "v" now
3d75056 2016-03-21 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.7.1
ddb2de0 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'project-cache-worker-without-diverging' in...
f14ee2f 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'hide-large-diffs' into 'master'
5d9cf7b 2016-03-18 Fix HousekeepingService tests
726f1ef 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'hide-large-diffs' into 'master'
bca8ea3 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'project-cache-worker-without-diverging' in...
d123b8a 2016-03-17 Merge branch 'artem-forks/gitlab-ce-nginx-rel-url'
157e4c9 2016-03-17 Merge branch 'git-version' into 'master'
2057bc0 2016-03-17 Do not retry "git gc"
91fa250 2016-03-16 Merge branch 'git-version' into 'master'
96ac302 2016-03-16 Fix golang shasum invocation
25600f5 2016-03-16 Update Git source installation steps to 2.7.3
30b36c9 2016-03-15 Use an exception to pass messages
0beae70 2016-03-14 Use strings instead of symbols
021d53c 2016-03-14 Run 'git gc' every 10 pushes
a02fe25 2016-03-14 Allow project housekeeping only once an hour
bf253a1 2016-03-11 Obtain lease before querying LDAP
73c777c 2016-03-11 Backport ExclusiveLease to 8.5
7b2bf4c 2016-03-10 Typo
6bfff2f 2016-03-10 Merge branch 'master' of
261214e 2016-03-10 Make comment less ambivalent
f4d478a 2016-03-10 Merge branch 'master' of
3729c08 2016-03-10 Remove unnecessary random key
66d5d92 2016-03-10 Improve comment
a28c84b 2016-03-10 Improve test descriptions
662c4df 2016-03-10 Add tests for ExclusiveLease
e7df3f5 2016-03-10 Move method to User
0223b58 2016-03-10 Explain LDAP "lock" behavior
cda0b7e 2016-03-10 Rename ExpiringLock to ExclusiveLease
570f428 2016-03-10 Merge branch 'master' of
acd9bc0 2016-03-09 Acquire lock before LDAP sync
5e46662 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'commit-limits' into 'master'
3eb7ea4 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'master' of
a12319c 2016-03-09 Always with the newlines
c46e6ef 2016-03-09 Parse config/resque.yml in one place only
9d9d2fb 2016-03-09 Prevent performance issues
a284d30 2016-03-07 Use Rails etag/cache_control helpers
41bc9c4 2016-03-07 Refactor caching code
a215e2e 2016-03-07 Revert changes in the Project model
d51877c 2016-03-07 Change "some commits hidden" message
8236333 2016-03-07 Finish refactor
4cb3a4a 2016-03-04 Remove outdated comment
f943156 2016-03-04 Put 'hidden commits' logic in CommitsHelper
5eeea4b 2016-03-04 Limit the number of commits shown in MRs
97093a5 2016-03-04 Show at most 100 commits in the web UI
bd269ea 2016-03-03 Merge branch 'lazy-diffs' into 'master'
1764e1b 2016-03-03 Use Gitlab::Git::DiffCollections
fc90d9e 2016-03-03 Tell clients/proxies to cache raw blob requests
a310901 2016-02-25 Batch size >1000 does not pay off
77603c3 2016-02-25 Fix order in Gemfile.lock
cf2c539 2016-02-24 Explain why we mangle blob content types
44e4f07 2016-02-19 Improve readability of 'rake cache:clear' code
977fdbe 2016-02-18 Merge branch 'master' of
9805fe1 2016-02-18 Use SCAN during 'rake cache:clear'
64d8a38 2016-02-17 Merge branch 'master' of
b3bd7c1 2016-02-17 Add newline
3d9f8ab 2016-02-17 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.6.5
a0ccb07 2016-02-17 Merge branch 'master' of
a87fe2a 2016-02-17 Fixes requested by Rémy
016367c 2016-02-17 No use to sanitize partial blob data
24fa458 2016-02-16 Use /raw/ requests for image diffs
15126fc 2016-02-16 Fix SVG blob rendering
d3a6881 2016-02-12 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.6.4
34a6f83 2016-02-11 Fix API
4667c16 2016-02-08 Merge branch 'issues_12693' into 'master'
752468d 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'git-raw-workhorse' into 'master'
5372641 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'lazy-blobs' into 'master'
ea41d36 2016-02-02 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.6.3 in installation guide
d716905 2016-02-02 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.6.3
15a1acb 2016-02-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into git-ra...
b67f8ee 2016-02-02 Use @repository
d3affe8 2016-02-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lazy-b...
e08aa3d 2016-02-02 Use gitlab_git 8.0.0
0a4db90 2016-02-02 Use begin/end instead of defined?
c76e6b9 2016-02-02 Move load command into _text partial
771f14b 2016-02-02 First version of "git archive" headers
72bd004 2016-02-01 Allow "@" in file names and path
b4e6ee7 2016-02-01 Update development version of gitlab_git
b1a7cb5 2016-02-01 Update gitlab_git@lazy-blob again
29d3760 2016-02-01 Update gitlab_git (lazy-blob branch)
d11d425 2016-02-01 Develop with a custom gitlab_git branch
51574d7 2016-02-01 Merge branch 'master' of
b1f22aa 2016-02-01 Gotta have newlines
b2a634c 2016-02-01 Avoid trailing 'charset=' garbage
2679ec4 2016-02-01 Merge branch 'master' of
02afa67 2016-02-01 Use only one header to send git blobs
64c8ee4 2016-02-01 WIP lazy blobs
0197549 2016-01-28 Cannot see a raw blob without workhorse
368b855 2016-01-28 No need for base64 anymore
26d97ac 2016-01-28 Send more raw blob data with workhorse
9109619 2016-01-28 Use less memory while counting lines
d913352 2016-01-22 More docker stuff in gitlab-ci.yml
6c4961a 2016-01-22 Allow empty Mysql password on CI
1c1590a 2016-01-21 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.6.1
ad6b6b9 2016-01-21 Mention init script update
693fa7a 2016-01-21 Init script changes for gitlab-workhorse in 8.4
53ddb8f 2016-01-20 Use a /raw/ request to show an image
4472c07 2016-01-18 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.6.0
67a6fee 2016-01-15 Prototype of Git blobs via workhorse
5cb321c 2016-01-15 Merge branch 'no-mail-during-dev-bootstrap' into 'master'
aeb5ef2 2016-01-15 Merge branch 'simplify-procfile' into 'master'
4da7547 2016-01-15 Don't send (fake) email during dev bootstrap
d28332c 2016-01-15 Direct sidekiq boot output to log file
3fa8d5d 2016-01-14 Remove duplication in Procfile
66f2857 2016-01-14 Improve bin/ launchers
5916670 2016-01-12 Version 8.3.4
dafb8c1 2016-01-12 Add changelog entry for 8.3.4
1c46ab0 2016-01-12 Add CHANGELOG entry for 8.3.4
23181ec 2016-01-12 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.5.4
9cbdc2d 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'gitlab-workhorse-0.5.4' into 'master'
0e769d2 2016-01-12 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.5.4
fac252c 2016-01-12 Never heard of gitlab-omnibus
13c3562 2016-01-11 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.5.3
09216e8 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'master' of
41b8a23 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'master' of
56d780c 2015-12-17 Use gitlab-shell 2.6.9
b336eb0 2015-12-17 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.5.1
2c130aa 2015-12-15 Gitlab-workhorse related 8.3 update changes
d27befe 2015-12-15 Merge branch 'master' of
447e598 2015-12-15 Update init script options for gitlab-workhorse
3581927 2015-12-15 Require gitlab-workhorse 0.5.0
d597a0a 2015-12-11 Pass all requests from NGINX to gitlab-workhorse
9bfd6c4 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'fix-workhorse-upgrade-info' into 'master'
a80f0f6 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'rake-tasks-git' into 'master'
23f383e 2015-12-08 Detect project and namespace changes in list:repos
f3ca92a 2015-12-08 Add 'resume' capability to parallel-rsync-repos
6d2be02 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'master' into sync-all-repos
b899436 2015-12-07 Merge pull request #9892 from stetskevych/fix_nginx_ssl_...
aba5506 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'master' of
927a457 2015-12-02 The Procfile is for development only
55d0e04 2015-12-01 Auto-detect the required gitlab-shell version
a9642ba 2015-11-30 Install gitlab-shell 2.6.8
7ba00b5 2015-11-30 Use gitlab-shell 2.6.8 in update guide
04049b6 2015-11-27 Fix indentation in NGINX config
295d378 2015-11-27 Repeat "client_max_body_size 0" everywhere
e53c0c5 2015-11-25 Version 8.2.1
b6ec171 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'workhorse-version' into 'master'
ba4dc17 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'workhorse-version' into 'master'
372dcc2 2015-11-19 Do not limit workhorse POST/PUT size in NGINX
2674a14 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'master' of
63cafdb 2015-11-02 Add changelog entry for contacted_at
e032a72 2015-11-02 Spread out runner contacted_at updates
bc89c4f 2015-10-29 Make sed command GNU-compatible
6119b87 2015-10-29 Add missing "cd"
c5132e9 2015-10-29 Switch to gitlab-workhorse
5ff830c 2015-10-26 Clarify puppies
0b082b3 2015-10-26 Start putting shared files in "shared"
122f02b 2015-10-23 Remove the contents of the satellites dir
e4008bc 2015-10-20 Merge branch 'master' of
a321404 2015-10-20 Remove unused sidekiq worker
e1fff01 2015-10-20 Clear archive cache asynchronously
d3bbb27 2015-10-16 Track compatible gitlab-git-http-server version
58260a0 2015-10-16 Do no rely on basename of builds, uploads
999051b 2015-10-15 Use gitlab-git-http-server 0.3.0
f7e0357 2015-10-15 Track compatible gitlab-git-http-server version
83f0485 2015-10-15 Update gitlab_git to 7.2.19
a74915a 2015-10-14 Always return HTML in git_not_found
381ca79 2015-10-14 Remove archive file sending spec
8f14332 2015-10-14 Remove RepositoryArchiveWorker specs
fc94b3b 2015-10-14 Fix API archive specs
033a879 2015-10-14 Fix NGINX API download regex
6e1ec3b 2015-10-09 Merge branch 'rs-2fa-task' into 'master'
cb13980 2015-10-08 Let gitlab-git-http-server handle archive downloads
b847baf 2015-10-06 One more backup spec fix
852526e 2015-10-06 Spec fixes for new backup contents
901f544 2015-10-06 Remove superfluous mkdir -p
7d58489 2015-10-06 Remove unused variable
e789644 2015-10-06 Keep old path: db/database.sql.gz
7b71727 2015-10-06 Remove old "files" tarball explicitly
90ddf14 2015-10-06 Reduce disk IO during SQL backup
d3734fb 2015-10-06 Use tar for intermediate backup storage
ad37f58 2015-10-06 Add explanation about parallel-rsync-repos
ea554f9 2015-10-05 Golang download instructions assume amd64
e0ef09d 2015-10-05 Some more text in the doc
6479b82 2015-10-05 Add RSYNC variable to parallel-rsync-repos
c867c22 2015-10-02 Merge branch 'migration-doc-fix' into 'master'
2fa8820 2015-10-01 Golang download instructions assume amd64
8e05ee3 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'migration-doc-update' into 'master'
fbecf7a 2015-09-30 Apache needs gitlab-git-http-server on TCP
60b3055 2015-09-29 Use Ruby 2.1.7 for new installs from source
70460f7 2015-09-29 Use Golang 1.5.1 for new installs from source
3591afe 2015-09-29 Apache needs gitlab-git-http-server on TCP
958af6f 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
f55e742 2015-09-29 Make sure Unicorn listens on localhost:8080
4dd7c2f 2015-09-25 Remove unwanted linebreak
9f3984b 2015-09-25 Rename doc file
5bcd0ef 2015-09-25 Add parallel-rsync-repos script and start docs
7a8a892 2015-09-25 Add "rake gitlab:list_repos" task
6055c50 2015-09-25 Fix path to /etc/default/gitlab in 8.0 update guide
255d5f7 2015-09-25 Improve 'rake gitlab:cleanup:repos' documentation
1c9deec 2015-09-25 Make sure Unicorn listens on localhost:8080
3334d16 2015-09-24 Refer to Apache templates in 8.0 update guide
fa51db0 2015-09-24 Add the newrelic-grape gem
040718e 2015-09-24 Refer to Apache templates in 8.0 update guide
68f7bc6 2015-09-24 Add the newrelic-grape gem
d2ab95d 2015-09-22 Make code block comments more verbose
3e926c6 2015-09-22 Emphasize when Omnibus installs are done
82d95c4 2015-09-22 Use headings to mark steps
f0f5be8 2015-09-22 Add global numbering
e72ba92 2015-09-22 Downtime expectations
917c9ea 2015-09-22 Migration only works 8.0 -> 8.0
29bb3b5 2015-09-22 More explanation about moving DB secrets
23fa5d7 2015-09-22 Fix typo
1afaf5f 2015-09-22 Fix ordering of paragraphs and code blocks
c3805c1 2015-09-22 More text outside code blocks
67b38c8 2015-09-22 Update/improve CI migration docs for 8.0.1
e0823d1 2015-09-21 Relax CI version check during import
25c7467 2015-09-21 Make importing builds less noisy
1ab8024 2015-09-17 Remove CI cronjob during migration
ed38627 2015-09-15 Guard against trailing slashes in repos_path
52d7813 2015-09-15 Improve repo cleanup task
783791f 2015-09-07 The good stuff needs NGINX 1.7.11
8d59b1a 2015-09-07 Do not let NGINX buffer Git HTTP requests
30bf2b9 2015-09-02 Avoid instance variable re-use trouble
780bac1 2015-08-31 Be more defensive when running 'kill'
90b1ecf 2015-08-31 Merge remote-tracking branch '' into gi...
4027a26 2015-08-31 Replace grack with gitlab-git-http-server
1081a32 2015-08-27 Properly daemonize the mail_room process
06160cf 2015-08-21 Do not delete the SQL dump too early
4cd0686 2015-08-21 Do not delete the SQL dump too early
bd78e1a 2015-08-21 Merge pull request #9535 from bbodenmiller/patch-3
c13e229 2015-07-30 Merge branch 'fix-rake-check-hooks' into 'master'
baa1579 2015-07-30 Stricter mkdir's in 'rake gitlab:backup:create'
e361dc3 2015-07-29 Manually fix automatic CHANGELOG merge
05b518a 2015-07-29 Merge branch 'master' of ...
097a895 2015-07-29 Move CHANGELOG entry to 7.14
c5aae30 2015-07-29 Set internal backup directory modes on create
d3305df 2015-07-28 Experimental support for gitlab-git-http-server
0be6deb 2015-07-27 Merge branch 'master' of ...
d371331 2015-07-24 Remove weird trailing characters
39a7e21 2015-07-24 Use a separate backup test directory and nuke its contents
db0fce3 2015-07-24 Create more backups during backup tests
c3fd31c 2015-07-23 You need to store your DB encryption key
96819d2 2015-07-21 You need to store your DB encryption key
ab94ed0 2015-07-21 Don't stop if database.sql.gz already exists
346b074 2015-07-21 Don't stop if database.sql.gz already exists
83304bf 2015-07-20 Merge pull request #9400 from tuxillo/patch-1
559c363 2015-07-17 The release manager owns the stable branches
82bb5c5 2015-07-15 Expire Rails cache entries after two weeks
e26e46d 2015-07-14 Fix path to move_drop_indexes.ed
9ba0079 2015-07-13 Add 'ed' step to mysql-to-postgres procedure
810ffab 2015-07-10 Use a loop when enabling subtasks
4612599 2015-07-09 Remove rake task re-enabling into a method
64f6034 2015-07-08 More hacks to get the specs working again
0c4d923 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'master' of
deb487e 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'master' of
0194dd4 2015-07-07 Add tests for custom backup archive file permissions
90ab5a5 2015-07-07 Use native Postgres database cleaning during backup restore
bb50b7f 2015-07-06 Allow custom backup archive permissions
30bffd5 2015-07-03 Version 7.12.2
570fd9f 2015-07-03 Add 7.12.2 CHANGELOG entries
26172ae 2015-07-03 Merge branch 'master' of
4617a32 2015-07-03 Update CHANGELOG for 7.12.2
67fe80f 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'anonymous-applications-7-12' into '7-12-st...
f6fb946 2015-07-01 Version 7.12.1
3603edc 2015-07-01 Update CHANGELOG for 7.12.1
6d6cff5 2015-07-01 Update CHANGELOG for 7.12.1
a7773dd 2015-06-30 7.12 has been released
3eadb4d 2015-06-30 Merge branch 'saml_social_provider' into '7-12-stable'
3c01ab1 2015-06-29 Link to SAML docs from doc index
9852183 2015-06-23 Merge branch '7-12-fix-delete-user-error' into '7-12-sta...
93ba5b9 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'ext-issue-7-12' into '7-12-stable'
455b21c 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'rename-mr-tabs' into '7-12-stable'
1d4266f 2015-06-22 Merge branch '7-12-fix-post-receive-external-tracker' in...
baa699a 2015-06-22 Version 7.12.0
bef4053 2015-06-22 Merge branch '7-12-stable' of
87c67b1 2015-06-22 Merge branch '7-12-new-mr-disable-change-target-branch' ...
3369916 2015-06-22 Merge branch '7-12-fix-error-500-internal-snippet' into ...
29069ab 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'change_log_update' into 'master'
cfc261d 2015-06-22 Bump gitlab_git to 7.2.5
6c0db42 2015-06-19 Merge branch 'update-rake-docs-for-omnibus-assets' into ...
3460759 2015-06-19 Change RC/final package release timing
94cdc9b 2015-06-18 Define 'everyone'
d5cbdcc 2015-06-18 Version 7.12.0.rc3
d8d8fe7 2015-06-18 Merge branch 'labels-permission-fix-7-12' into '7-12-sta...
71559a5 2015-06-18 Merge branch 'ldap-person-fix-7-12' into '7-12-stable'
70a4fb7 2015-06-17 Add 'proposed tweet' for RC1
41aead6 2015-06-16 Version 7.12.0.rc2
6000c71 2015-06-16 Improve DB dump instructions
fc4160e 2015-06-15 Add 'build RC1 packages' to monthly release steps
83ce6cd 2015-06-15 The changelogs are kept up to date continuously
c14de4f 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'update-guides-7.12' into 'master'
5019a7f 2015-06-12 Move mention of git 2.1.2 to intro paragraph
6ec4da5 2015-06-12 Add 7.12 update guides
cbeaa57 2015-06-12 Version 7.12.0.rc1
f04134b 2015-06-12 New source installs should use 7-12-stable
d26ae29 2015-06-12 Install git 2.4.3
f0ecdf5 2015-06-12 Fix link to
0678e9a 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'master' of
7c09da9 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'master' of
0e8296f 2015-06-05 Make unicorn docs discoverable
d98bcb9 2015-06-05 Try to explain Unicorn and unicorn-worker-killer
15b1bb4 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'master' of
e57b27d 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'master' of
98ff413 2015-06-03 LDAP users should not control their LDAP email
5483c2b 2015-05-18 How to dump a production DB to staging
c291ff9 2015-05-13 Use SIGKILL by default in Sidekiq::MemoryKiller
cae978a 2015-05-11 We would like to pass 'brakeman -w2'
0a47d8f 2015-05-11 Follow shell command guidelines in Brakeman task
87dd2dc 2015-05-08 Add SIDEKIQ_MEMORY_KILLER_SHUTDOWN_SIGNAL env var
1c1f18b 2015-05-07 Add SIDEKIQ_MEMORY_KILLER_SHUTDOWN_SIGNAL env var
0b2670f 2015-04-14 Remove unnecessary semicolons
41a1cb8 2015-04-14 Use different queries for MySQL and Postgres
f39b150 2015-04-13 Call your existing LDAP server 'main'
65a3928 2015-04-13 Remove test for 'ldap' provider special case
afa47ed 2015-04-13 Also ldap_group_links where provider='ldap'
8476d17 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'ldap_migration' of
ec7a68a 2015-04-13 Simplify legacy LDAP config interpretation
8b4705f 2015-04-13 Make migration work if LDAP is disabled
f64db1f 2015-04-13 Try to explain what we are doing
325b663 2015-04-13 Remove special cases for the 'ldap' provider
4efe3cf 2015-02-26 More reasons why prefixing is good
93e42f6 2015-02-19 Document fun facts about omnibus-gitlab
46a4d37 2015-02-04 Merge pull request #8661 from limansky/master
1a1d708 2015-01-30 Mention libkrb5-dev dependency
087c4cb 2015-01-28 Make 'plain', port 389 the default for LDAP
43da3f0 2015-01-28 Point out common LDAP port/method combinations
addb255 2015-01-26 Separate out the instructions for source installs
a63187f 2015-01-22 Don't create zombies with IO.popen
f937e05 2015-01-22 Stop git zombie creation during force push check
c68742e 2015-01-21 Make omnibus the default in repo import docs
b79ada9 2015-01-15 Remove password strength indicator
3c5c1a7 2015-01-14 Enable signup by default
90e4b40 2015-01-13 Merge branch 'git-http-blacklist' into 'master'
bc95576 2015-01-09 Rescue missing database errors
dec1689 2015-01-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev_gitlab_org/master' int...
af56c1d 2015-01-06 White-list requests from
a33d2f8 2015-01-06 Document Redis session cleanup
52bc4e7 2015-01-05 Close standard input in Gitlab::Popen.popen
c8b2def 2014-12-18 Add more comments explaining how we block IPs
4a389e7 2014-12-16 Another comment fix
49f4fe8 2014-12-16 Fix copy-paste error in comment
764eaed 2014-12-16 Improve Redis::Store monkey-patch robustness
62ea027 2014-12-15 Block Git HTTP Basic Auth after 10 failed attempts
7512016 2014-12-15 Update rack-attack to 4.2.0
d117927 2014-12-15 Add link to 'operations' README
e61e7a1 2014-12-15 Remove unfinished file with the wrong name
7178946 2014-12-15 Add documentation for the Sidekiq MemoryKiller
b205db6 2014-12-12 Merge branch 'fix_shell_commands_in_shell_install' into ...
0ff2c67 2014-12-11 The 'shell commands' guide also covers files/paths
82eb0a4 2014-12-09 Add security tips about file and paths
b8dfd63 2014-12-08 Use the new SIDEKIQ_MEMORY_KILLER_MAX_RSS variable
2fcef32 2014-12-08 Fix typo
3dd86b8 2014-12-08 Use constants instead of getters
1caf5cb 2014-12-08 Merge pull request #8436 from Razer6/move_doc_to_folder
4f9a140 2014-12-05 Wait 15 minutes before Sidekiq MemoryKiller action
8f0b558 2014-12-05 Add snapshot backup tips
b656b85 2014-12-05 Version 7.5.3
f878e1f 2014-12-05 Merge branch 'release/7.5.3' into '7-5-stable'
3ff2ea4 2014-12-05 Update CHANGELOG for 7.5.3
705b324 2014-12-05 Revert "Update Sidekiq to 2.17.8"
91ee82c 2014-12-04 Update Sidekiq to 2.17.8
18164af 2014-12-04 Update Sidekiq to 2.17.8
1aca371 2014-12-03 Add changes suggested by Sytse
cdabe73 2014-12-03 Fix EE RC1 tag name
a8ce1d8 2014-12-03 Release CI at the same time as CE and EE
4ce2704 2014-12-03 The second deploy should be easy
106de47 2014-12-03 Use clickable checkboxes in issue template
57d0209 2014-12-02 Version 7.5.2
0ec4685 2014-12-02 Update libv8 from to
2eafd49 2014-12-02 Merge branch 'release/7.5.2' into '7-5-stable'
ede9d47 2014-12-01 Add wiki restore fix to CHANGELOG
c7e8d4d 2014-12-01 Remove unnecessary backported change
1e033c2 2014-12-01 Disable Sidekiq arguments logging by default
6491974 2014-12-01 Disable Sidekiq arguments logging by default
25a566d 2014-12-01 Remove unused password argument from notification
d336127 2014-11-28 Add comments to the MemoryKiller middleware
64ab6c9 2014-11-28 Add 'MemoryKiller' Sidekiq middleware
3a723ad 2014-11-27 Merge branch 'master' of
4bfa5e5 2014-11-27 Merge branch 'master' of
c431ae4 2014-11-26 Merge branch 'select-a-tag' into 'master'
b70cee9 2014-11-24 Merge branch 'git_hook_messages_ce' of
a0a3eba 2014-11-24 Explicitly mention patch releases
4e3bf43 2014-11-24 Establish ownership of security releases
e0c870c 2014-11-24 The release manager handles all releases
36679b5 2014-11-21 Version 7.5.1
383c6b2 2014-11-21 Add missing timestamps to the 'members' table
52a27e7 2014-11-21 Version 7.5.0
4053c05 2014-11-21 Add missing timestamps to the 'members' table
f680035 2014-11-21 The blog post will trigger a mail to the list
1b34a24 2014-11-20 Merge branch 'shell220' into 'master'
458f8c1 2014-11-20 Explain why we create a StringIO
7c54c63 2014-11-20 Add CRON=1 backup setting for quiet backups
b036300 2014-11-20 Merge branch 'rebuild-keys' into 'master'
04dd845 2014-11-19 Bump VERSION to 7.4.4
cd828a6 2014-11-19 Merge branch '7-4-stable-sanitize' into '7-4-stable'
d803f21 2014-11-18 Merge branch '7-5-update-doc' into 'master'
23433d4 2014-11-17 Version 7.5.0.rc1
c10f618 2014-11-14 Run 'GC.start' after every EmailsOnPushWorker job
a9dc2c2 2014-11-14 Update gitlab_git to 7.0.0.rc11
de3bef0 2014-11-14 uses special packages, build them first
4e65d08 2014-11-13 Merge pull request #8299 from dandric-activevideo/bug8271
dfcc59a 2014-11-12 Merge pull request #8291 from MrMarvin/fix/ldap_cleanup_...
8146271 2014-10-30 Merge branch 'master' of ...
5747189 2014-10-29 Add CHANGELOG entry for sequence drop
527bbd4 2014-10-29 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
e00e67d 2014-10-28 Drop all Postgres sequences during backup restore
477743a 2014-10-24 Merge branch 'fix_internal_snippets' into '7-4-stable'
ddc4e65 2014-10-24 Merge pull request #8159 from cirosantilli/fix-rake-impo...
d4ae4fe 2014-10-24 Bump gitlab_git to 7.0.0.rc10 (submodules fix)
16a10eb 2014-10-24 Fix LDAP config lookup for provider 'ldap'
2bca551 2014-10-24 Bump gitlab_git to 7.0.0.rc10 (submodules fix)
472a662 2014-10-23 Fix LDAP config lookup for provider 'ldap'
e8da077 2014-10-23 Fix LDAP authentication for Git HTTP access
6b2b20a 2014-10-23 Fix LDAP authentication for Git HTTP access
90e960f 2014-10-23 Merge pull request #8088 from cirosantilli/sh-str-to-args
5661451 2014-10-21 Merge branch 'doc-ldap_user_filter' into 'master'
b78cd70 2014-10-21 Merge pull request #8046 from bbodenmiller/patch-3
b1b6761 2014-10-20 Add LDAP configuration documentation
46cdb93 2014-10-20 Remove legacy LDAP configuration examples
0b78bd7 2014-10-20 Keep the legacy LDAP syntax in the documentation
1768e3e 2014-10-20 Update the documentation for the LDAP user filter
082d59d 2014-10-20 Ask the wiki repo, not Gollum, if it's empty
8ad1330 2014-10-20 Ask the wiki repo, not Gollum, if it's empty
97c5d38 2014-10-02 Add a counterexample to 'do it in Ruby'
798977c 2014-10-02 Merge branch 'missing_update_links' into 'master'
02bf992 2014-10-01 Fail harder in the backup script
b10774e 2014-10-01 Merge branch 'uploader-link' into 'master'
b040078 2014-10-01 Clear changes to schema.rb when upgrading
f778387 2014-09-30 Add region to backup upload config in gitlab.yml
b5d2d3d 2014-09-30 Consolidate the IAM backup upload policy
794078a 2014-09-30 Add a 'region' to the backup upload connection
693cee8 2014-09-29 Prevent notes polling when there are not notes
51f8352 2014-09-29 Keep tmp/repositories during clean-up
e1f6fa6 2014-09-29 Add backup upload support to the rake task
8f0551d 2014-09-25 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
b0a4ec5 2014-09-25 Merge branch 'backup-time' into 'master'
9cd5ff0 2014-09-25 Merge branch 'master' of
475c554 2014-09-25 Merge branch 'sed_backlog' into 'master'
b268fa0 2014-09-25 Fix the sed command for increasing the backlog
532eff6 2014-09-24 Add more LDAP user_filter documentation
0e8ab21 2014-09-23 Fix ref parsing in Gitlab::GitAccess
f12d627 2014-09-23 Fix ref parsing in Gitlab::GitAccess
d5c81a8 2014-09-23 Merge pull request #7692 from mr-vinn/fix-spec-rm
4f61061 2014-09-22 Support sockets in 'rake gitlab:shell:install'
a497e89 2014-09-18 Check for hooks directory symlink in gitlab:check
66ae1bd 2014-09-16 Add dormant New Relic gem
45a6b62 2014-09-16 Check for hooks directory symlink in gitlab:check
2365925 2014-09-16 Add `rake gitlab:migrate:shell_hooks`
5704e6f 2014-09-12 Use sockets to connect to Redis
e645b9a 2014-09-12 Use the default Unicorn socket backlog value: 1024
ae09874 2014-09-10 Update gitlab-grit to 2.6.11
6225204 2014-09-10 Merge branch 'use-canonical-repos' into 'master'
b043557 2014-09-10 Fetch the testme repository from
f964067 2014-09-10 Update omniauth-ldap and net-ldap
3bffae3 2014-09-09 Update the CHANGELOG for 7.2.1
59d2f6d 2014-09-08 Wrap arguments for `[ -z` in double quotes
9d0614e 2014-09-08 Add Pavel Novitskiy to the CHANGELOG
494d15c 2014-09-08 Merge pull request #7258 from presto53/fix_init_scripts_...
042465c 2014-09-08 Use create-hooks instead of
26e0741 2014-09-08 Recommend the GitLab Development Kit
1526ddc 2014-08-29 Add CHANGELOG entry for LDAP takeover deprecation
614ca3e 2014-08-29 Remove LDAP::Access#find_user
47ac48c 2014-08-29 Disable allow_username_or_email_login in example
185e768 2014-08-29 Move cache setup to config/application.rb
d418087 2014-08-28 Merge branch 'fix-xss' into 'master'
ff1633f 2014-08-28 Bump VERSION to 7.2.1
d159446 2014-08-28 Update the CHANGELOG for 7.2.1
aad4501 2014-08-28 Merge branch 'stable-xss-fix' into '7-2-stable'
c9bf358 2014-08-28 Merge pull request #7619 from BlueBayTravel/taggable-mig...
fc62664 2014-08-27 Add CHANGELOG entries for Redis fixes
0a52b70 2014-08-27 Hide configuration shenanigans in a block
6d785ab 2014-08-27 Rename resque_url to redis_url_string
9b75d99 2014-08-26 Merge branch 'release-doc-improvements' into 'master'
048adf7 2014-08-26 Merge branch 'release-order-in-reality' into 'master'
c0b1468 2014-08-26 Store sessions in a Redis namespace
9122823 2014-08-26 Configure Redis cache for all environments
37d6293 2014-08-26 Write authorized_keys in tmp/tests during tests
99b81be 2014-08-26 Expire Rack sessions after 1 week
3dbd8d2 2014-08-22 Always set the origin remote in satellite actions
da5d33e 2014-08-22 Bump VERSION to 7.2.0
abb4152 2014-08-22 Add 'unsubscribes' to the paths blacklist
e4f75fd 2014-08-22 Use one word per line in Gitlab::Blacklist
abda2da 2014-08-22 Merge branch 'rack_attack/unsubscribes' into 'master'
b706062 2014-08-22 Create one big regular expresion for Rack::Attack
e328668 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'backticks-cause-quote' into 'master'
ecd946b 2014-08-21 Swap is required on servers with 1GB RAM
2a53249 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'gitlab_shell_to_1.9.7' into 'master'
bfaf3a7 2014-08-21 Bump required gitlab-shell version to 1.9.7
5a6230b 2014-08-21 Merge pull request #7562 from xvonabur/patch-1
0d8a4e3 2014-08-21 Merge pull request #7436 from bbodenmiller/patch-3
b752ee8 2014-08-21 Add rake task to drop a project's PostReceive jobs
274ca09 2014-08-21 Add installing cmake to 7.2 update docs
df54f86 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'update_changelog' into 'master'
6040e84 2014-08-21 Merge pull request #7540 from sameersbn/docs-install-cmake
f2942ff 2014-08-21 Merge pull request #7555 from erikjwaxx/master
b143322 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'master' of
5f7be64 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'master' of
846e279 2014-08-21 Merge pull request #7557 from Razer6/fix_tests
44a210c 2014-08-21 Merge branch 'fix_labels_edit' into 'master'
abf917d 2014-08-20 Merge branch 'label-doc' into 'master'
87efd92 2014-08-20 Bump version to 7.2.0.rc5
2c97f5d 2014-08-20 Merge branch 'fix_google_oauth_gem' into 'master'
3946485 2014-08-20 Merge pull request #7526 from jubianchi/api/issue-api-va...
f5b23bc 2014-08-20 Bump version to 7.2.0.rc4
1eaa8e1 2014-08-20 Merge pull request #7553 from Razer6/fix_project_descrip...
16500a2 2014-08-20 Merge pull request #7552 from Razer6/fix_star_button
08ff7c3 2014-08-20 Merge pull request #7536 from yuters/patch-5
e72b7cc 2014-08-20 Document the extra.sign_in_text setting for CE
30ba7ae 2014-08-20 Document characters being stripped from labels
ed9e922 2014-08-19 Bump version to 7.2.0.rc2
86491e6 2014-08-19 Merge branch 'fix_label_migration' into 'master'
dfc5bf6 2014-08-19 Use the default color when migrating labels
e354e54 2014-08-19 Remove invalid characters from the label name
7e0a2b3 2014-08-19 Test if the label is valid before creating link
0b3ebb6 2014-08-19 Add guide ahead of 7.2 release
af6842a 2014-08-19 Add update guide
1db77dc 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7534 from sue445/feature/add_webhook...
a2ee746 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7524 from Razer6/repo_settings_spell...
6dc24e3 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7527 from Razer6/api_labels_return_code
2fd7d6e 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7493 from Razer6/update_gems_with_er...
9728892 2014-08-18 Merge pull request #7496 from Razer6/captalize_suggested...
4142754 2014-08-18 Bump version to 7.2.0.rc1
ec381a9 2014-08-15 Use new git max_size in the settings initializer
c0e1312 2014-08-07 Merge branch 'master' of
e0fea69 2014-08-06 Skip LDAP cache check when LDAP is disabled
1118a6f 2014-08-06 Add a spec for User#requires_ldap_check?
82dc409 2014-08-06 Cache LDAP check in Gitlab::UserAccess
6696826 2014-08-06 Move LDAP timeout code to Gitlab::LDAP::Access
15eaeb8 2014-08-06 Merge branch 'doc/api_file_edit' into 'master'
aa5e663 2014-08-06 List API file edit failure conditions in docs
11d5ad2 2014-08-06 Make file edit error message less specific
eb7baee 2014-08-04 Merge branch 'master' of
c13d447 2014-08-04 Merge branch 'simplify-ssl-setup' into 'master'
3e0cc37 2014-07-29 Only redirect to referrer from public GitLab pages
03ae6b8 2014-07-28 Log Sidekiq arguments
3a6f9c0 2014-07-28 Only redirect to referrer from public GitLab pages
914275a 2014-07-28 Add omnibus-gitlab to the monthly release process
e03ab14 2014-07-25 Add a tip on how to test regular expressions
e0cdb8a 2014-07-25 Merge branch 'backup-settings-warning' into 'master'
285bb09 2014-07-21 Move signup_enabled and signin_enabled back
2ef4550 2014-07-16 Gitlab::Git::Compare in Satellite::CompareAction
99e1f48 2014-07-14 Remove thread-unsafe Dir.chdir from Satellite#lock
4e894b1 2014-07-03 Satellites are created automatically now
43b05af 2014-07-03 Use the correct clone link for the DB converter
6b101ab 2014-07-01 Remove 'socket' example PostgreSQL parameter
b5007c1 2014-06-26 Rename MergeRequest#lock! to #lock_mr!
4d77d4e 2014-06-25 Fix broken image link
9549be5 2014-06-25 Document the basics of working with Groups
7049443 2014-06-24 Merge branch 'add-redis-requirements' into 'master'
5e00b73 2014-06-23 Also spell out gitlab-rake for web hook tasks
ffece96 2014-06-23 Spell out rake tasks for omnibus-gitlab
cf0a370 2014-06-20 Patch `rake cache:clear` for large amounts of keys
7d04d46 2014-06-20 The Wall is deprecated in 7.0
1065f46 2014-06-20 Create 6.0-to-7.0 update guide
780d868 2014-06-18 Revert "Merge branch 'fix-email-threading' into 'master'"
d698535 2014-06-13 Add a test for issue sentence generation
3f1ece2 2014-06-13 Detect closing issues in Merge Request description
8761dd2 2014-06-13 Check LDAP user filter during sign-in
8e2752f 2014-06-12 Be more selective when killing stray Sidekiqs
90bfe28 2014-06-12 Skip init script checks on omnibus-gitlab
1a87fb7 2014-06-06 Protect stable branches
6d896ed 2014-05-29 Revert "Actually use the 'user_filter' configuration opt...
bc62c28 2014-05-29 Download schema.rb.bundled if necessary
b7de9de 2014-05-28 Omnibus instructions for re-adding indexes
7dfb678 2014-05-27 Revert "Actually use the 'user_filter' configuration opt...
3199ef0 2014-05-20 Merge branch 'deploy-key-projects' into 'master'
8ee3299 2014-05-19 Import the database as the `git` user
6be0188 2014-05-19 Rebuild indexes after a MySQL conversion
dca537a 2014-05-19 Use the gitlabhq fork of the MySQL converter
00a4825 2014-05-16 Clean up *.log.1 files during 6.6-to-6.7 upgrade
474ae8a 2014-05-16 Remove logrotate step (no change in 6.8)
223a869 2014-05-15 Add API access checks to CHANGELOG
2d8c310 2014-05-15 Make user access test pass for the right reason
02b85fd 2014-05-15 Check user access status in API for current_user
34fd557 2014-05-15 Move user access check to Gitlab::UserAccess
6d45909 2014-05-15 Add test for current behavior of current_user
b024c09 2014-05-15 Add CHANGELOG entry for the AD disabled flag
be1120e 2014-05-14 Improve ad_disabled method name
a966f72 2014-05-14 Document the Active Directory magic numbers
797e807 2014-05-14 Use to reuse the LDAP connection
11dba4c 2014-05-14 Fix syntax error in AD disabled user filter
a6e4153 2014-05-14 Check for the AD disabled flag in Access#allowed?
a754f0b 2014-05-14 Add LDAP::Person#ad_disabled?
d54133b 2014-05-14 Add spec for LDAP::Access#allowed?
982d4d5 2014-05-14 Backport Adapter#dn_matches_filter? from EE
f4bca10 2014-05-14 Backport Adapter#ldap_search from EE
ad7de95 2014-05-14 Add an example webhook receiver
7ec9777 2014-05-12 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
0f29ccf 2014-05-08 Backup wiki repo even if the main repo is empty
da347d1 2014-05-08 Apply the locale encoding to `tar --version`
5014a5b 2014-05-08 Update rails to 4.0.5
3bfbea3 2014-05-08 Indicate when to stop/start GitLab
92591b6 2014-05-08 Add an introcudtion to
c01efa0 2014-05-08 Document how to convert a backup to PostgreSQL
c8cf90d 2014-04-29 Add document.hidden improvement to CHANGELOG
0b914e7 2014-04-29 Refresh notes when the page becomes visible
e52f50c 2014-04-29 Do not refresh notes on hidden tabs
bd8b2b7 2014-04-28 Default last_fetched_at to 0 for old clients
c685024 2014-04-28 Add an index for Note#updated_at
2859269 2014-04-28 Serialize last_fetched_at as a string with seconds
7ec5ff4 2014-04-28 Pass last_fetched_at for notes to javascript
bbfa4a7 2014-04-28 Always set last_fetched_at in NotesFinder spec
0b615eb 2014-04-28 Filter out old notes in NotesFinder
7339464 2014-04-28 Fail faster on an invalid target_type
e5cf5f4 2014-04-28 Notes have noteables but no commits
410790a 2014-04-28 Add NotesFinder spec
bdd392b 2014-04-25 Use gitlab-shell 1.9.3
95ef25a 2014-04-25 Replace with
b4b6447 2014-04-25 Merge pull request #6857 from bytheway/master
3197990 2014-04-23 Bump version to 6.8.1
15ac738 2014-04-23 Bump the required gitlab-shell version to 1.9.3
b810ef1 2014-04-23 Merge branch 'bump_gitlab_shell' into 'master'
77e565d 2014-04-23 Bump the required gitlab-shell version to 1.9.3
acebfdc 2014-04-23 Move changelog entries to 6.9.0
cd61239 2014-04-23 Move the adapter check to the migration
43e7709 2014-04-23 Adjust MySQL limits for existing installations
f0f0ac6 2014-04-18 Remove help document title
eadcd27 2014-04-18 Bring back 'Authorization for Merge Requests'
b9e040f 2014-04-18 Link to the workflow index
8d78662 2014-04-15 Give the Rails cache its own Redis namespace
ac01e44 2014-04-09 Be more specific about when to edit database.yml
53f0d6c 2014-04-09 No need to edit database.yml for standard Postgres
5163a8f 2014-04-07 Disable connection reaping for MySQL
bcfd938 2014-04-07 Fix popen bug in `rake gitlab:satellites:create`
bb9ec71 2014-04-04 Explain how existing users can enable LDAP
05047b5 2014-04-01 Update CHANGELOG for 6.7.2
9652be8 2014-04-01 Drop all tables before restoring a PostgreSQL DB
0fa16b6 2014-04-01 Add a rake task that drops all tables
03b14bb 2014-04-01 Use the new Sidekiq syntax to specify queues
bbea1d1 2014-04-01 Include the Sidekiq version in gitlab:env:info
eeeaaa4 2014-03-31 Explain the default repository_downloads_path
200eeea 2014-03-31 Make the repository downloads path configurable
2e6b537 2014-03-28 Use omniauth nickname as the username for LDAP
77b57c1 2014-03-28 Drop all tables before restoring a PostgreSQL DB
f48fc3c 2014-03-28 Add a rake task that drops all tables
ad7cd8f 2014-03-26 Merge pull request #6222 from nickryand/background_init
24e9c5e 2014-03-26 Merge branch 'bugfix/fix_unicorn-sidekiq_confusion_in_g...
416f551 2014-03-26 Merge pull request #5879 from krzaczek/smartos-fix
306d4ee 2014-03-25 Merge pull request #5935 from nmoura/patch-1
1fe07cf 2014-03-24 Merge branch 'attribution-for-shell-guide' into 'master'
7862201 2014-03-24 Add source for 'Rendered' message suppression
b816389 2014-03-24 Suppress 'Rendered' messages in production.log
20c3cbb 2014-03-21 Update monster update guide to 6.0-to-6.7
cc83c69 2014-03-20 Add load_ok to background_jobs usage message
dd7efd1 2014-03-20 Add load_ok check to script/background_jobs
acaf297 2014-03-18 Merge pull request #5993 from DarkHorseComics/bypass-com...
5e7e814 2014-03-17 Drop UsersGroup orphans using `rails runner`
4aa3ce7 2014-03-14 Add check for orphaned UsersGroups
090ed21 2014-03-14 Batch key import requires gitlab-shell 1.8.5
779fa4a 2014-03-14 Use batch_add_keys in `rake gitlab:shell:setup`
48e9054 2014-03-14 Open/close LDAP in ApplicationController
56df3db 2014-03-14 Add
af53aa9 2014-03-14 Add
5a61664 2014-03-14 Allow passing an adapter to Gitlab::LDAP::Person
85a4d1e 2014-03-12 Update the logrotate configuration in 6.7
3e6fe8b 2014-03-12 Add update guide
c22646d 2014-03-12 Logrotate daily, keeping 90 days of old logs
ad71eca 2014-03-10 Catch missing commands in rake tasks with ''
0142aa5 2014-03-10 Merge pull request #6494 from tsigo/fix-redis-version-check
132c1b4 2014-03-05 Merge branch 'out-of-beta' into 'master'
d6b0ac9 2014-03-03 Invoke Kernel#system with separate arguments
b30b9c9 2014-03-03 Replace shell commands with FileUtils
dd703b3 2014-03-03 Remove duplicate code
2b81607 2014-03-03 Replace backticks with Gitlab::Popen
46b1c63 2014-02-28 Make backup version blocker test more robust
b36751c 2014-02-28 Use VERSION contanst in backup specs
75f274b 2014-02-27 Use Gitlab::VERSION to version backups
3247494 2014-02-27 Use tags to do minor updates of GitLab
8fe10e6 2014-02-26 Empty the database during Postgres backup restore
91c70c5 2014-02-26 Use gitlab_shell.path to invoke
a47a6f2 2014-02-26 Support symlinked public/uploads for backp restore
36c2c35 2014-02-25 Adapt use of Gitlab::Popen to new style
38f4b61 2014-02-25 Make it possible to call Gitlab::Popen.popen
8016cef 2014-02-25 Make the Gitlab::Popen path argument optional
0432bdf 2014-02-25 Change Gitlab::Popen to use arrays for commands
4c746c2 2014-02-25 Add shell commands guide
710cffc 2014-02-25 Add reaping_frequency for MySQL production DB
bbf8fd2 2014-02-14 Merge branch 'environmentize-scripts-in-script-dir' int...
cf9c8e7 2014-02-13 Explanation MR workflow and authorization
464d820 2014-02-10 Domain sockets are the default, not TCP
e009e02 2014-02-10 Use one sentence per line in
01a097d 2014-02-05 Update gitlab-grit
4fdafca 2014-01-29 Merge pull request #5842 from vikraman/patch-1
5de16de 2014-01-28 Add a custom 502 page
5e2ccc6 2014-01-27 Add instructions for backups using cron
abae128 2014-01-27 Use either/or to present options
7b32be6 2014-01-27 Explain what we know about Nginx chunked requests
9e6fc8b 2014-01-23 Report failure of DB backup commands
96ed6c4 2014-01-22 Replace with
1ee9442 2014-01-21 Further explain userPrincipalName settings
7fe7897 2014-01-21 Explain how to use AD userPrincipalName for logins
2f4d0a3 2014-01-21 Rephrase LDAP check script output
97cb545 2014-01-20 Merge branch 'clone-explanation' into 'master'
3f6c64c 2014-01-20 Revert "Since the git clone code is more efficient now w...
da817a1 2014-01-20 Add EE checkout instructions to update docs
d435fbb 2014-01-17 Fix typo in LDAP explanation comment
390f0b7 2014-01-17 Explain allow_username_or_email_login LDAP setting
cac03f7 2014-01-16 Merge branch '5-4-stable' of
af9a14c 2014-01-16 Explain that `limit` only applies to the check
3173626 2014-01-15 Disable SSL peer verification for all webhooks
5ae0d61 2014-01-15 Disable SSL peer verification for all webhooks
87d16e1 2014-01-13 Explain where the default password validation is
0db3689 2014-01-13 Add instructions for custom password length limits
5e93494 2013-12-18 Use a block for the unicorn gems
d27224c 2013-12-18 Add unicorn-worker-killer with memory check
911bf5f 2013-12-16 Merge pull request #5645 from sajanp/enhancement/install...
7cb75ae 2013-12-11 Reduce Fog expiration period to 17 years
3e57d88 2013-12-11 Expire fog links after 34 years
427e68e 2013-12-10 Merge pull request #5801 from Rovanion/default-doc
31cdb7a 2013-12-09 Merge pull request #5471 from dex4er/feature_etc_default...
1af65c9 2013-12-09 Avoid duplicate group membership emails
92b8b9c 2013-12-04 Bump version to 6.3.1
147a103 2013-12-04 Monkey patch for CVE-2013-6414
80302a0 2013-12-03 Limit the number of results in gitlab:ldap:check
aa69e29 2013-12-03 Merge pull request #5610 from demosdemon/patch-1
376cfc6 2013-11-28 Give more information in rake gitlab:ldap:check
47239aa 2013-11-28 Refer to rake gitlab:ldap:check script
9f4909f 2013-11-28 Add LDAP check to rake gitlab:check
562a461 2013-11-27 Disable rake color output unless connected to TTY
cbbf715 2013-11-26 Show ruby version on admin dashboard
c275169 2013-11-26 Explain and streamline upgrade steps
6f17221 2013-11-26 Fix whitespace
fecbf92 2013-11-26 No need to re-download the init script
705c495 2013-11-26 Remove outdated steps from
77047ae 2013-11-25 Merge branch 'diy' of /home/git/repositories/gitlab/gitl...
f884605 2013-11-25 Be more specific about what Ruby to use
b65129b 2013-11-25 Add Ruby upgrade instructions
728f1d8 2013-11-20 Merge pull request #5621 from archiloque/typo_in_gitlab.yml
faacfc9 2013-11-20 Merge pull request #5619 from taziyah/patch-1
1006158 2013-11-18 Add security patch releases to CHANGELOG
3909048 2013-11-14 Use gitlab-shell 1.7.8
671cdc5 2013-11-14 Use gitlab-shell 1.7.8
0ab0ca0 2013-11-14 Use gitlab-shell 1.7.8
aa81c10 2013-11-14 Bump version
1a115ce 2013-11-14 Make sure private_token for API is a string
059f7de 2013-11-14 Bump version
fcfbb48 2013-11-13 Merge pull request #5587 from archiloque/fix_omniauth_link
36f3de4 2013-11-06 Remove duplication in Backup::Manager
a540ab4 2013-11-06 Remove Bourne shell from backup code
71f34f7 2013-11-05 Merge pull request #5500 from nkukard/esc-strings2
27fe6cb 2013-11-04 Include gitlab-shell in patch update doc
7b0f72d 2013-11-04 Bump version to 5.4.1
ac5d5ad 2013-11-04 Bump gitlab-shell to 1.7.4 (CVE-2013-4490)
6c06738 2013-11-04 Update gitlab_git (CVE-2013-4489)
186e8ad 2013-11-04 Merge pull request #5400 from lokedhs/master
7265b40 2013-11-02 Add security update info to
81f69b5 2013-11-02 Clarify upgrade steps
5f0bb6c 2013-11-02 Add 5.1-to-5.4 update path
faa6a34 2013-11-02 Bump gitlab-shell in 5.4 and 6.2
88c1590 2013-11-02 Add security warnings to update docs
9e31555 2013-11-01 Use gitlab-shell 1.7.4
867785b 2013-11-01 Use gitlab-shell 1.7.4
fa6f198 2013-11-01 Bump gitlab-shell to 1.7.3
7d0d9c6 2013-11-01 Restore sidekiq rake tasks
1cb18ed 2013-11-01 Merge pull request #5487 from perryfaro/fix-sidekiq-docu...
70a9c37 2013-10-30 Merge pull request #5474 from vollnhals/patch-1
f0e6eba 2013-10-29 Add 6.0-to-6.2 update guide
8706890 2013-10-28 Refer to disclosure policy in
4727fa3 2013-10-25 Report application status through init exit code
90086fe 2013-10-25 Restore sidekiq rake tasks
d4cc9b1 2013-10-24 Merge pull request #4986 from Machiel/patch-1
d9cb02f 2013-10-24 Add a combined update doc from 5.1 to 6.0
56863dc 2013-10-23 Clarify that Git 1.8.x is OK
01c65ac 2013-10-23 Include full dependencies for Git compilation
e7b6a42 2013-10-23 Divide Git installation instructions in two
79ac0e9 2013-10-23 Edit config/gitlab.yml when compiling git
c2f74de 2013-10-23 Merge pull request #5395 from dpursehouse/more-label-fixes
7dbcc1e 2013-10-22 Use `2>&1` because Bash 3 does not support `&>>`
3bef6b4 2013-10-22 Use `2>&1` because Bash 3 does not support `&>>`
5093cb0 2013-10-22 Merge pull request #5392 from jvanbaarsen/patch-2
2c37904 2013-10-22 Merge pull request #5391 from jvanbaarsen/patch-1
4f5d905 2013-10-21 Merge pull request #5389 from alexyoder/patch-1
5717304 2013-10-21 Merge pull request #5359 from dpursehouse/update-some-la...
4c61538 2013-10-21 Add instructions to install Git from source
af24fe9 2013-10-21 Merge pull request #5380 from thestv/patch-1
d4d1bce 2013-10-18 Skip rdoc to speed up Ruby compilation
898e2ac 2013-10-18 Merge pull request #5363 from Razer6/logrote_for_update_...
70563a7 2013-10-18 Use built-in sidekiq deamonization
a02a4df 2013-10-18 Remove duplicate log path generation
976185d 2013-10-18 Always shut down sidekiq before starting
73d19bb 2013-10-17 Count sidekiq processes using String#scan
babba43 2013-10-16 Use `service gitlab reload` to restart sidekiq
d378332 2013-10-16 Add logrotate setup to the installation guide
6a7d63a 2013-10-15 Move unicorn and sidekiq commands into bash script
c69b285 2013-10-15 Add troubleshooting info to
a8eb525 2013-10-15 Merge pull request #5168 from DirkR/master
cb6a86e 2013-10-10 Skip rather than fail empty wikis during backup
461abaa 2013-10-09 Add GollumWiki#empty? method
8512307 2013-10-09 Use sidekiq restart rake task in init script
97f124b 2013-10-09 Use built-in sidekiq deamonization
7991b04 2013-10-09 Remove duplicate log path generation
2128419 2013-10-09 Always shut down sidekiq before starting
78b3fb7 2013-10-07 Run stopping commands in the foreground
83e9825 2013-10-07 Fix sudo commands in update guides
99916fe 2013-10-07 Add troubleshooting hints to update hook check
4017789 2013-10-04 Only kill sidekiqs belonging to gitlab user
e8b9712 2013-10-03 Merge pull request #5262 from yatish27/master
37868d7 2013-10-03 Merge pull request #5160 from nummy/patch-1
b595503 2013-10-02 Merge pull request #5242 from earlonrails/patch-2
7e96df0 2013-10-02 Merge pull request #5241 from earlonrails/patch-1
45efba5 2013-10-02 Use mkdir -p in update guide
58b46cb 2013-10-02 Add -H to sudo commands in
a3731cf 2013-10-02 Use peer-based authentication for PostgreSQL
485162e 2013-10-02 Streamline MySQL setup in
6c8444f 2013-09-30 Merge pull request #4902 from misilot/missing-config-uni...
22d181b 2013-09-30 Specify RAILS_ENV when suggesting fixes
883cb46 2013-09-27 Merge pull request #5191 from jojosch/fix-check-script-s...
1a9b0df 2013-09-27 Check whether only one sidekiq is running
00f33e6 2013-09-27 Merge pull request #4891 from denics/patch-2
923ef6d 2013-09-25 Merge pull request #4800 from Rovanion/patch-1
ddf873a 2013-09-24 Add gitlab-shell/bin/check to rake gitlab:check
574d8cc 2013-09-11 Merge pull request #5012 from jeffb-bt/master
d422ee0 2013-09-04 Merge pull request #4974 from endzyme/patch-1
5dad053 2013-09-03 Merge pull request #4920 from Rovanion/init-rewrite
2b9d48c 2013-08-23 Fix the `service gitlab restart` command
21e3d84 2013-08-22 Merge pull request #4847 from Stayallive/patch-1
c7713ca 2013-08-21 Increase estimated number of GitLab installations
aed4e0f 2013-08-19 Merge pull request #4801 from Rovanion/patch-3
6636c16 2013-08-09 Update to gitlab-shell 1.5.0 during 5.3-5.4 update
4949e21 2013-08-09 Merge pull request #4738 from fnkr/patch-1
da06edb 2013-08-08 Merge pull request #4664 from tdm00/clarify-adding-custo...
10c3f92 2013-08-08 Merge pull request #4710 from gitlabhq/contributing_guide
348e9a7 2013-08-08 Add information about the contributing process
b58eeea 2013-08-07 Merge pull request #4727 from Itxaka/master
5b28bf1 2013-08-05 Merge pull request #4705 from DarthNerdus/new-user-email
1dda34f 2013-08-02 Delete duplicate keys in migrate_keys task
b55e22e 2013-07-29 Merge pull request #4660 from jojosch/fix-typos
5e0e97e 2013-07-29 Remove reference to broken auth icon functionality
06e98c0 2013-07-26 Merge pull request #4619 from thomasbiddle/merge_request...
8aecfc3 2013-07-24 Improve grammar of label hints
94a814d 2013-07-22 Update references to 5-3-stable in install guide
707cea8 2013-07-22 Merge pull request #4600 from lukaselmer/patch-1
fcbe7a2 2013-07-19 Mention unofficial #gitlab IRC channel in README
d3e94ee 2013-07-18 Refer to recipes for nginx alternatives
aa0473d 2013-07-17 Validate fingerprint uniqueness
656d800 2013-07-17 Use for automatic cleanup
3ada8f4 2013-07-17 Remove unnecessary user from test
ae9e4a5 2013-07-04 Add cluster mode instructions to puma.rb.example
9e86f3b 2013-07-02 Warn that relative URL's are unsupported